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Interstellar Chef Raising a Baby – Chapter 163 Part 2 of 2

ICRAB – Chapter 163 Part 2

"If I get three meals a day with these kinds of dishes, I wouldn’t be afraid of any tasks anymore. I can even take first place every day." Nelson never felt that he was so jealous of others.

The look in Nelson’s faintly resentful eyes made Qiang Zi a little unable to sit down. 

"Hey, if you look at me like this, I can't eat anymore." Qiang Zi said so, but immediately put a mouthful of green beans into his mouth, chewing loudly.

Nelson swallowed and looked at Clayton on the opposite side, "Brother, give me a bite of your vegetables, I'll trade..." He lowered his head and looked at his dinner tray. He cleaned up his kung pao chicken and even the peanuts. Only a few deep-fried dried peppers were left. There was also no rice left. He hadn't eaten the fried bacon with garlic seedlings, but he didn't know how it tastes. In case it tasted good, it would be heartache to death if he used it to trade.

Clayton glanced at the few things left on Nelson’s tray, obviously disgusted. "No, my food is delicious, I like it very much." He answered bluntly, poking a sharp knife in Nelson's chest.

Nelson turned his head pitifully and looked at Warren next to him. Warren and he belonged to the same camp. The key point was that he didn't get the dishes of taro chicken and string beans today.

"Brother, give me a taste. I won't take next year's strongest soldier title. How about I give it to you?" Between bacon and glory, Nelson obviously chose to abandon glory.

This made Warren roll his eyes contemptuously, "You abandoned your dignity, Nelson. But I still can't accept your dignity. After all, it can't be used to fill my stomach, do you think I'm a fool?"

"...Warren, you have changed! Last year you almost died trying to compete with me for the Golden Soldier trophy, but today you even disliked it and said you couldn't eat it!" Nelson gripped his chest and complained painfully.

Warren stuffed a big mouthful of taro chicken in his mouth and hummed a little song as if he hadn't heard Nelson.

Nelson bit his spoon and felt broken hearted.

"Qiang Zi... brother, I want to try other dishes. Can I still go get them? It's okay even if I have to pay." Nelson was wailing to kill the Eastern soldiers before, but now he had a very good attitude.

"No. There are regulations in the cafeteria. Each person has one set meal, only rice and soup could be refilled at will. The dishes can only be two meat and two vegetables, while the noodles are only two toppings but you can add noodles. Our base is crowded. If everyone wants to have extra, it will be messy, and the cafeteria won’t be able to close on time." Qiang Zi rebuffed clearly. With the wording, he was obviously taught the same by one of the cafeteria robots.

Ren Hong looked up at Nelson, "I'll give you a little bit of mine."

"Good guy!" Nelson almost cried, wishing he could hug Ren Hong's thigh.

Ren Hong divided the dishes on his tray a bit, "Anyway, I train hard and can eat like this every day."

"..." The six men from the Western Army Group were shot at the same time. They were now seriously injured.

Nelson was heartbroken, but he was instantly healed after seeing the extra string beans on his tray. The green string bean, the skin seemed to have been ravaged by oil. It was spotty brown. The originally emerald green bean skin shrunk even more. He immediately pinched one happily. He put it under his nose and sniffed it. The pungent and the salty fragrance poured into his throat, letting all his melancholy disappear. When he carefully scooped one with a spoon and put it in his mouth, his muscles tightened.

Different from the sweet and sour feeling of the tomato scrambled eggs, the string beans looked shriveled, but after eating, it was actually a strong man who could kill any weak scum. It was full of fierceness and explosive force! It had salty and delicious flavor, slight spicy and a little bit of numbness. It was a very powerful taste attack combination. All of a sudden, Nelson felt the profound skill of the cafeteria chef.

The string beans seemed to be oily, but they were very good to eat with rice. Nelson didn't hesitate. He got up and went for his third bowl of rice. With only five or six string beans, he ate a bowl of white rice with relish. The key was that the green beans were placed on top of the rice, so that the rice grains became mixed with the oily aroma of the beans. There were also some small peppers fried together, and he ate too much without knowing it.

Nelson eating habits quickly infected other people. Appetite was sometimes inexplicable and highly contagious.

Qiang Zi and Ren Hong were obviously top soldiers in the Special Forces. They had always been in the top 10% in the training ranks. They were also in the rising period. They would rise by 1% in the ranking almost every month. They were some of the few that were eligible to step into the cafeteria every day. With this situation, after eating for several months, they had become tolerant of the food in the cafeteria. They would not easily eat themselves to the point where their stomachs almost explode.

However, when they watched Nelson gobbling down his food, they also felt as if they had returned to their first month of eating in the cafeteria immediately. At that time, everything they ate was like a gift from the gods. Everything they ate was digested in one minute, and they felt like a bottomless pit, they never felt full.

Nelson was a portrayal of their past. They were not starving, but the door to the world of delicious food had just opened, they stepped in and suddenly fell into the trap.

Under such influence, Qiang Zi ate an extra bowl of rice today, while Ren Hong silently refilled a bowl of soup and wiped out all the remnants on the lid of his yogurt bottle.

Not to mention other people from the Western Army Group. Even Rogers, who talked less, had licked his tray. He had not a bit of soup left.

Rogers was a very restrained soldier. Compared with Nelson's big appetite and Clayton's pursuit of food, he was different. He was low-key and had strong self-control. He had been listening to everyone's conversation, not only Qiang Zi, but also the discussion of the soldiers at the next table. The most praised dish by the soldiers today was the taro chicken.

Rogers obtained valuable information easily. He specially set aside the taro chicken to be eaten last as he wanted to enjoy it slowly.

Taro chicken was also a very characteristic Sichuan dish. The chicken was cut into pieces and massaged by Liu Weiwei. It was then stewed with some taro and seasoned with spicy but very fragrant traditional Sichuan bean paste. The chicken was simmered in a large pot in the cafeteria for a long time, so the meat was soft and tender. The taro was soft and sweet. Red oil and watercress wrapped around the pot full of soft chicken and taro pieces. The fiery red color looked extremely delicious.

Liu Weiwei put some crispy lettuce in the stew. Fearing that the soldiers would not be full, she also added some potatoes and mushrooms, and then stewed them together. All of these tasted delicious and refreshing.

When the cafeteria robot served out the taro chicken, it was still reliable. Each serving was a exactly a small bowl full, which was quite heavy. The main ingredients were delicious chicken and other rich ingredients. The portion was full of sincerity, and everyone could eat until they were full.

Rogers' self-control fell apart at the first bite of taro. It was waxy but there were also moments of tenderness. The lingering texture instantly turned into soft taro in his mouth, the taste was deep enough to make Rogers' forehead sweat. He was sluggish for a moment, before he took a big mouthful of rice to his mouth. The freshness of the chicken made his soldier’s brain instantly went blank. He was not even able to find a suitable adjective to describe the taste.

The taro chicken was the most delicious food Rogers had ever eaten. The taste was enough to make him remember for a lifetime. In the Eastern Army Group, where he initially didn't want to come, he had eaten such unforgettable food. It was estimated that this memory would be recalled every time he needed to live on nutrient solutions in the future.

Rogers' expression was a bit complicated. He silently ate the last bite of chicken and wiped the remaining sauce with the refreshing lettuce. Every time he felt that he had eaten the best food, he was quickly overturned by new tastes and flavors. This Eastern Army Group’s Cafeteria really... really made people couldn’t help but overeat.

"Have you finished eating?" Qiang Zi put down his chopsticks and looked at the empty trays on the table.

Ren Hong had already packed his tableware and made a good demonstration. The empty rice and soup bowls were stacked on the clean dinner tray. Used paper towels were stuffed into the empty yogurt bottle also piled on top of the dinner tray. Chopsticks and spoons were held in the other hand.

"The tableware is placed here on the collection table, the chopsticks and spoons should be separated. The bowls are placed in this disinfection bin, and the garbage is placed in the decomposition bin." Qiang Zi pointed, and followed Ren Hong to clear the table.

The six men from the Western Army Group followed the movements awkwardly. They finally finished after a big deal. When they were about to leave the cafeteria, they ran into a cafeteria robot wearing a lace apron.

"Soldiers, how was dinner today? Which one is the best dish? Does the taste of tea tree mushroom meet your liking? If the full score is 100, how much would you rate it?"

Rogers, who was not good at words, was directly stopped by the robot. He stared at the robot that was only up to his chest. At a glance, he could see that it used to be a combat robot, so under the apron were armors with extremely high defense power and its robotic arm had an ionizing cannon launching rail.

"Good. Everything is delicious. Tea tree mushroom... one hundred points." Rogers, a born soldier, still had a strong desire to live.

Sure enough, the former combat robot chuckled at once. It patted Rogers kindly and affectionately with its robotic arm that used to fire cannons. "I like you, soldier. Tomorrow at counter No. 7, I will give you one vegetable dish for free, see you tomorrow."

Rogers looked at his shoulders, his back muscles were tense just now, and he wondered if the robot would pierce his shoulders if it knew the dish was only sixty points in his heart.

"Not bad, Rogers." Qiang Zi looked at Rogers enviously, "No. 7 is in a good mood. I think it has a good performance today. Usually for people that give good score to its dishes, at most an apple will be given."

Ren Hong was obviously jealous and gritted his teeth, "No. 7's mood was too volatile. Last time I said 100 points, it judged me that I was lying and said that I cheated its feelings as a robot. This made me so scared that I avoid going to its window for three weeks."

Rogers: "..."

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