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Interstellar Chef Raising a Baby – Chapter 163 Part 1 of 2

ICRAB – Chapter 163 Part 1

The intelligence of the cafeteria robots should not be underestimated. They were in a competitive relationship, and underachieving robots were constantly being eliminated. If they didn’t want to be replaced or piled up in the warehouse to rust, then they had to work hard.

Each robot now had its own special dishes, and some robots had high autonomous actions. With this, they would also ask the soldiers how they feel after eating and ask them to comment on their dishes.

Liu Weiwei hadn't noticed this at first. Most of her role with the robots was just to assign precise cooking steps so that they could handle the assembly line. But later when she gave birth to Qin Bei and was in confinement, Yang Likun was in charge of the cafeteria. He allowed the robot to learn the complete recipes of some dishes, and even let them complete the cooking independently.

Two months after when Liu Weiwei was out of confinement, she discovered that each robot had several specialties, and they also learned to sell their personal dishes to the soldiers intelligently.

Qiang Zi had obviously been fooled before, "I thought at the beginning that what the robot said was set in the cafeteria, but later I found that I was wrong. Each robot recommended different dishes."

"Lessons drawn from experience." Ren Hong also looked sad, "I believed them for a full month, and then I learned the truth."

Qiang Zi nodded, "But the taste is still okay. You guys taste it."

Clayton and the others were all horrified and speechless. Nowadays, many restaurants also had robots working in the back kitchen, but the important part of the seasoning was still done by a chef. They did not expect that the character of the chef in the first cafeteria in the Eastern Army Group to be so open. They had no intention to keep the recipes secret.

After Clayton was done being surprised, he quickly picked up his spoon.

But Nelson was still very entangled. "So, the kung pao chicken, bacon, and tomato scrambled eggs I ordered are all masterpieces of the robot?" He was the first to listen to the robot’s recommendation and ordered these dishes.

Nelson was holding his spoon and had already seen Clayton on the opposite side biting his spoon with vigor. He didn't know whether it was enjoyment or what, but it looked painful and happy. He couldn't help feeling nervous. He took a deep breath and then scooped a spoonful of scrambled tomato eggs into his mouth.

The tomatoes had been peeled and cut into eight standard slices. Because it was stir fried a long time in a big pot, the original shape could hardly be seen, but the rich tomato juice was completely forced out by the temperature when cooking. Even the golden egg was dyed red. The red and yellow colors were like red jade and broken gold falling on the white porcelain plate. A few pieces of emerald colored green onions were also sprinkled on top, really beautiful.

Nelson chose to taste this dish first because he was attracted by the bright colors, his eyes almost stuck to the plate. When the spoon was put to his mouth and the refreshing sweet sour smell penetrated the tip of his nose, only then he slightly recovered. When it was delivered to the mouth, the scrambled eggs were soft and tender, as if they were formed into pieces of golden clouds. The moment he bit down, the eggs were elastic and rich. After being soaked in the soft and sour tomato sauce, it became more delicious and appetizing.

Nelson was so tired that he couldn't even walk properly before. The muscles of his two arms were sore and numb. This was the result of him running back and forth with hundreds of kilograms weight on his back and dodging bullets all the afternoon. However, the slightly sour and sweet scent made him feel that he has been rejuvenated. The dish was like a physical repair agent. A spit of breath was slowly exhaled from his chest and the muscle cells all over his body started to loosen.

Nelson’s two old knees that ran for four hours in a row still had a slight pain just now. He had been holding back, preparing to go back to the dormitory and then take out the spray medicine from his space, but now they seemed to not hurt anymore. At this moment, he seemed to be stepping on a soft golden scrambled egg, as if just by slightly bending his knees, he would be able to bounce up and touch the sky!

This was simply amazing! The tomato scrambled egg was almost like a potion!

Nelson was so touched that he couldn't speak. Seen by the people around him, he looked like a crazy person. He picked up the plate of tomato scrambled eggs and almost licked it. He didn’t waste even the last tomato sauce. He poured all on the white rice, picked up his spoon, and started to stuff everything into his mouth. It was as if he was afraid someone would rob him, afraid that it would be gone if he was slower.

"Eat slowly, brother." Qiang Zi felt pitiful looking at Nelson. He looked at Lu Qingheng at the next table and secretly lowered his voice, "According to the battalion commander, you can eat in the cafeteria during your exchange here, which is considered as us taking care of you. So don't worry, eat slowly, don't choke."

Ren Hong also nodded. At first he was not pleased to see the Western Army Group, but now he had eased a lot. This group of big men looked pitiful. "If you were in our army, you will definitely get top results and get to have delicious food every day." He couldn't help but sigh. This was really because not everyone could be a skilled soldier. "Here we have better luck and good welfare. I will treat you tomorrow, so you don’t have to pay any money."

Soldiers of this era have their heads pinned to their waistbands. They usually looked okay, but they had to fight against terrorism, fight space turbulence, rescue natural disasters and man-made disasters, and when beast wave erupts, they also had to be on the front line. Their fist was not as hard as the beasts, so the human soldiers would be stationed on the rear. The mecha team lead the combat up front.

They were so lucky to be able to eat such delicacies every day. In the past, everyone drank nutrient solutions. It would be nice if their one-year allowance was enough go to a five-star restaurant even just once.

Nelson put down his empty rice bowl. His chest was hot, "Company Commander Ren, you are such a good person, um... this scrambled egg is so delicious, I want to add more rice!"

"Go, go, it's by the wall, and you can also add soup yourself."

Nelson cheered and rushed over like a cannonball. Warren next to him also took the empty bowl in his hand, "I'm going to add more, too."

There were a total of six people from the Western Army Group. Sitting at the same table with Qiang Zi and Ren Hong, now they had finished their first bowl of rice. They stood up embarrassedly and went to the corner to add rice with a shy face.

Qiang Zi glanced at his half full bowl of rice, and then at the empty seats on the table. He was dumbfounded, "Company Commander Ren, we were also like this at the beginning. But after eating and vomiting a few times, we finally have restraint now. Now I can eat five bowls of rice every day and train without vomiting."

Ren Hong coughed, "You were the only one vomited in the whole regiment, don't pull me in."

Qiang Zi chuckled and said, "You can only eat vegetables the next day after vomiting. If you have indigestion, you have to go to the clinic to get digestive tablets. You think I don't know?"

When the two were talking, Liu Weiwei happened to wear a mask and came down to check the situation. She didn't expect to hear such breaking news and her face went dark. At first, she was in a mess just trying to handle the cafeteria. She was so busy in the back kitchen and had no time to listen to public opinion. She didn't know that everyone vomited after eating and even had to go to the clinic to get digestive medicine.

"How's the food taste tonight?" Liu Weiwei slid over and decided to communicate with the soldiers more in the future.

"Sister-in-law, it's delicious! Is the dried string beans made by my sister-in-law? It can't be more perfect!"

"The taro chicken is also super amazing! I eat an extra bowl of rice today~"

The corner of Liu Weiwei's mouth bent and she couldn’t help but smile, "You guys, it's the healthiest to eat only until 80% full, you know? Don’t eat too much food at night. This is bad for your stomach in the long run."

Qiang Zi immediately patted his chest and promised, "No food will accumulate! We have to train at night. There could be sudden tasks or training, so we should eat more to last the night!"

Ren Hong nodded in agreement as if he had a strong digestive ability, "I was hungry when I open my eyes in the morning."

Liu Weiwei: "..."

When the people from the Western Army Group came back, Liu Weiwei saw that their small bowls were hilled high with white rice. She almost suspected the rice would roll out with just slight touch. All six of them looked content and radiant. She couldn't see the sluggishness and fatigue she saw when they first entered the cafeteria.

"Chef, everything is delicious!" Bill gave a thumbs up as he came back.

Nelson took a bite of white rice in his mouth, "Delicious, even the rice is delicious! I can eat a bowl of just white rice when I have nothing to eat!"

"Conscience Cafeteria." Rogers, who had been very silent, also spoke.

Liu Weiwei smiled and accepted the praise, but she still expressed concern, "Don't force yourself when you are full."

"Won’t force it, won't force it!"

"I have to pay back what I haven’t eaten for the past 20 years!"

"We can only eat for seven days, it's okay. We have steel stomach, we are not afraid of anything!"

"I've eaten a whole cow before. It didn’t even take 30 days!"

Liu Weiwei deeply felt that she couldn't talk anymore. She could only silently let the robots pay attention. She could not let these people mess around with their health. But before she took two steps, she heard an exclamation behind her.

"Oh God! This is called Kung Pao Chicken? It's so smooth and tender. Why does the chicken have such a smooth and watery taste? What are the grains in it?"


"God, soft chicken with crispy peanuts, is like a fight in my mouth~ These peanuts are spicy and slightly sweet. Is it my illusion? The entrance is slightly spicy, even numbing, but after biting into the diced chicken and peanuts, a bite of sweetness burst out. Add another bite of rice, the taste in the mouth became profoundly delicious again!"

"Why is it so delicious? It's shocking!"

Liu Weiwei stayed in the footsteps. Kung Pao Chicken was a representative of Sichuan cuisine. It was not only suitable for the tastes of Chinese people, but was also very popular with foreigners when it went international. ‘Red but not spicy, spicy but not fierce, soft meat crispy peanut, spicy and crispy in the mouth’, these were the characteristic of Kung Pao Chicken.

"I massaged the chicken before marinating. I pounded the chicken breasts and added egg whites to make the meat relax, ensuring its tenderness and elasticity. When frying, I also paid attention to the heat to ensure no moisture is lost," Liu Weiwei curled her lips, "We are not an ordinary cafeteria."

The spoon in Nelson's hand instantly clenched. After Liu Weiwei turned and left, he glanced aside bitterly. He glared at Qiang Zi and Ren Hong with envy.

"This is heaven, not... not a cafeteria at all."

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