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Interstellar Chef Raising a Baby – Chapter 149

ICRAB – Chapter 149

Another shy girl named Han Zisu was actually twins with Han Zizhu next to her. The two of them didn't look alike at all, but their personalities were very similar. They were a little timid, and they spoke very cautiously.

Liu Weiwei touched their heads. Such children lack self-confidence, so they needed more praise and encouragement in order to make more friends and integrate into society. The parents sent these girls to this training camp definitely to make them bolder and more cheerful.

"This is how dumplings are made. You continue to practice, your dumplings are already very good." Liu Weiwei encouraged them.

Zhang Congzhi who was on the side quickly swallowed the broken skin dumplings in his bowl in just five or six bites, completely destroying the evidence.

After Xu Hui inspected the learning situation of the entire kitchen, she soon came back and gave Liu Weiwei a thumbs up. "Your progress is the fastest."

Liu Weiwei nodded. Dumplings were easy to make in big projects, just need to pay more attention when making the filling. In the next hour, she corrected the actions of the three small beans. Seeing that their movements became more and more proficient, she safely went to the nearby study areas to watch the progress of other teams.

The teaching plan was set in advance. Although the difficulty of the six snacks was different, the basic requirements for the children were similar. These snacks had the same characteristic. The basic seasoning was the filling while the outer skins were basically completed by robots.

For example, the crystal shrimp dumplings only required the children to do the filling steps and the simple cooking process of steaming.

Liu Weiwei invited the children to participate, just to let them experience the joy of labor. Learning to cook was secondary.

Chinese cabbage pork dumplings, vegetable meat wonton, crystal shrimp dumplings, crab roe siu mai, salted egg lava buns, char siu rolled noodles, with the help of the robot instructors in each group, the children basically made some finished products that were not beautiful in appearance, but were still edible.

Char Siu Rolled Noodles

Vegetable Meat Wonton

"Well, we will stop here for our morning study. We will officially receive our first guests." Liu Weiwei looked at the time and walked to the very center. Her words made the children stop their hands in amazement.

Some boys who had just made a very ugly finished product, secretly put their hands behind their backs. Liu Weiwei noticed their little movements and couldn't help but want to laugh. "It's almost noon. We will go to the kitchen in the cafeteria. Each group needs to make a portion for 20 people. Each group will taste each other's craftsmanship and scores each other. Today, the team with the highest score will receive an additional 500 points. The team with the lowest score needs to stay to assist the robot in cleaning the cafeteria."

With this, the scene instantly boiled.

"500 points! You can exchange all the food on the menu!"

"We will only need to divide equally among us three, not the previous eight!"

"It turns out that there are point rewards. Labor is the most glorious! Zhang Congzhi is right!"

"Even if we didn't get the points, we still had the food. It wasn't me exaggerating but I just ate the salted egg lava bun and it was very delicious. I am confident to win the first place."

"Nonsense! Crystal Shrimp Dumplings are number one, the name only is already very domineering."

"Obviously they are no better than the crab roe siu mai, you'll find out later."

Suddenly, the whole cafeteria turned out to be a dispute between the children. Even so, Liu Weiwei saw from them the vigor and vitality that adults didn’t have. "Friendship first, competition second. Okay, you can start now~"

Led by the robot, Yang Likun and Liu Weiwei watched on the side for a while before devoting themselves to the busy preparations for other snack projects.

For the snack street event, the cafeteria applied for a three-day break, which was approved. But they were even busier and couldn't get away. The group of scientists from the Scientific Research Bureau kept sending in their various weird robots.

What they needed to do was to draw up the menus of the various stalls in the snack street, develop a standardized production process, let the robots learn, and then purchase ingredients in large quantities. The entire base had a tentative number of 20,000 participants.

Originally, an adult’s three meals required a calorie intake of 2,000 to 3,000 calories. But now that human genes had evolved, their muscle fibers had become more developed and the energy required had increased dramatically. The more advanced physical level of someone, the more protein and fat they needed to take in. If they didn’t consume nutrients and relied only on meals to fill their stomach, they would be able to taste a small portion of each snack multiple times. If three meals worth of calories were combined together, around ten food stalls snack portions could meet the daily needs of an adult.

On each food stall, there was only one pot. To make 20,000 portions of dumpling, even if there were only five dumplings per portions, there were already 100,000 dumplings needed to be made. The largest iron pot in the military cafeteria could fit one thousand at most, and that means the cooking process would have to be repeated a hundred times.

A robot would barely finish from making fillings to finishing cooking and loading dishes from morning to night, but it would make everyone wait a long time. Assuming 100 stalls and 20,000 people started at the same time, then a single stall would gather more than 2,000 waiting guests.

Liu Weiwei thought about it roughly and prepared to solve the problem from three perspectives. One was the assistants helping in each booth. Two or three robots could complete the complicated cooking combined with the children. Second, the large number of booths would allow the guests to be dispersed. And the third was to arrange different admission times for the participants to reduce the pressure on the scene.

Liu Weiwei thought about it, but she was taken aback when she heard Yang Likun had assigned two thousand robots provided by the Scientific Research Bureau. "Two thousand?"

"Most of them were damaged during combat and had movement functions. Some got damaged on their mechanical arms and feet. There are many more..."

Yang Likun didn't say anything, but Liu Weiwei also knew. In addition to the old, the weak and the sick, there were many people who had seen private goods of scientists before. It was mixed with many personal interests and hobbies.

"The number of stalls should be increased to two hundred, the style should be expanded, and some entertainment should also be increased." Liu Weiwei lighted her chin. "The so-called night market also needs some entertainment and games to be called eating and shopping. In addition, some daily necessities can also be sold."

"All soldiers enter the arena in three batches at different time. I will report and apply for this part. The entrance in batches will also allow the military district to change shifts and maintain basic operations."

Yang Likun nodded immediately, his eyes gleaming, "It makes sense! This is not like the Mid-Autumn Festival. Some soldiers on duty did not eat the meal that day."

Liu Weiwei also felt that it was feasible, so the pressure in her heart instantly went away.

And at the moment in the small cafeteria, many guys who were supposed to be winning have shut their mouths.

Li Sanpang who just thought that the crab roe siu mai was delicious, held a shrimp dumpling in one hand, and salted egg bun in the other. His mouth was still suspiciously flowing with the soup of char siu rolled noodles. 

The crystal skin on the outside of the shrimp dumplings, if Saibandes saw it, he would definitely treat it as a work of art. It was crystal clear, just like Cinderella's crystal shoes. The shape of this dumpling was different from traditional dumplings. It was shaped like a beautiful and small shell on the beach, but inside it locked in a large shrimp full of elasticity and delicate pink color. Like a noble princess, it was full of noble and mysterious atmosphere. However, Li Sanpang obviously didn't know how to appreciate. He threw it into his mouth with one bite. Then... his eyes widened.

The fragrant shrimps, smooth chewy bombs, and full taste, one shrimp dumpling could let people experience the full enjoyment of the whole mouth being occupied by fresh shrimps. The natural taste was simple, without any oblique expression. When bitten down, the most primitive smell of sea prawns would come out, and people could almost feel the rolling of the sea waves. The softness of the dough was not lost to other snacks and the visual beauty remained in memory. It was integrated with the umami flavor and it impressed the tip of the tongue. After dipping the shrimp dumpling in a little balsamic vinegar as a finishing touch, the whole crystal shrimp dumplings tasted even better, not too greasy nor too light, but full of umami.

"This is also delicious." Li Sanpang came to a conclusion sadly. He held the salted egg bun in his hand and looked at it in entanglement.

The golden salted egg lava bun, the whole bun's appearance was like pale gold, and it seemed to reflect a dazzling light under the shining of the sun. When Li Sanpang pressed his finger on it, a pit formed and bounced back. The original round and lovely bun was pinched by his fingerprints, which made the little fat man's heart a little bit painful inexplicably. But fortunately, the room temperature was not low, and the steamed buns were still warm. 

Li Sanpang didn't hesitate. He brought the bun to his mouth and bit it cleanly, faster than Liu Weiwei's knife. But before he took the bun away from his mouth, he started to chew and then he was taken aback. Lava… It was warm and soft, like the finest sand on the beach, flowing into his mouth. His hands froze instantly, and soon, there was even overflowing lava dripping down between his fingers.

Li Sanpang hurriedly sucked the remaining half of the bun, and licked the golden salted egg lava on his hand. Sweet and salty, the combination of the two flavors, with the soft and warm skin of the buns, had a strange magic power that could make people eat a whole basket without feeling satisfied. "This is delicious too."

After Li Sanpang finished speaking, he obviously received contempt of the same group of partners. He had said this sentence several times. But this time, no one disputed him.

The crab roe siu mai had also been well received in other groups. The fresh meat was paired with the delicious aroma of crab roe, coupled with the extremely thin skin, made them just right for one mouthful and also satisfying. Everyone was silent and recognized that they were impressed by the deliciousness of each snack.

"I want to eat it again? Taste them and vote." Li Sanpang smashed his mouth. "The dumplings were also delicious but I have forgotten the taste a bit, so I will eat one more!"

Teammates in the same group: "..."

A second later, they followed too. One person took at least three more dumplings and sent them in their stomach in minutes. They were to full to move when they were finished.

When Liu Weiwei returned to the small cafeteria, almost all the children had their stomachs bulging. Six different types of dim sum, each with a different flavor, each had its own merits, making it hard to choose. Eating each type once, or even twice, was enough for them to not be able to walk without the support of a wall. 

"Okay, everyone vote." Liu Weiwei asked the robot to count. She took a look around. The most impressive to her was the group making salted egg lava buns. The three girls were very careful, the heat and time of steaming buns and the amount of fillings were all controlled very well. This led to the effect of the salted egg lava flowing smoothly.

However, in the end, the first place was beyond her expectations.

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