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Weibo Big V’s Daily Entertainment Circle – Chapter 31

WBVDEC Chapter 31 – Measure

It's been a long time since Jiang Yu made custom clothes for someone. She had even forgotten how she had a difficult start in her previous life. The reason why she did not let this high-end customer go was because even for a big brand like Chanel, there were only two to three thousand people in the world who could afford high-end clothes. Their goals were to keep these big customers. Every year in Paris Fashion Week, many celebrities and socialites were invited to join in. Did people think these front seated celebrities were the first goal of major brands?

Wrong! It was the wealthy ladies, as many of them only wear high-end fashion. According to the current market conditions, there were almost no high-end custom clothes went below 200,000. These ladies spent tens of millions on clothes a year. The goals of big brand names were these wealthy women. Brand names kneel and hope that these ladies would go to Paris Fashion Week, point their fingers, and let them make millions. On the other hand, most of the celebrities were just foils.

Jiang Yu packed up the tools she needed and then opened Weibo to reply to fan messages. Fu Ting's sue was a blessing in disguise. Not only it did not reduce her reputation, but instead it increased her followers by 1 million. Now she had 6 million followers, which was surprising.

At this moment, a follower @Duo Duo's cat who often left messages for Jiang Yu said:

[Jiang Yu Dada, I also follow the method you taught me to make up, but I always feel that the makeup I draw is dirty, and it feels like my face is not clean. What is going on?]

Jiang Yu thought about it and replied, "Do you have fine hairs and beards on your face?"

@Duo Duo's cat quickly replied: "Yes! Everyone calls me Sister Beard and I really don't like it!"

Jiang Yu reposted Duo Duo's cat’s Weibo and typed on her keyboard:

[After putting on makeup, some people always feel that their makeup looks dirty. This is because some people have a lot of facial hair. People who pay more attention to appearance may choose permanent hair removal. However, this type of hair removal method is painful and unbearably expensive, so it was not an option for everyone. I recommend you to use Sally Hansen bleaching agent for small pieces of hair. This can improve the look of dirty facial hair. This product can also bleach your eyebrows, but you need to pay attention on the time properly. Generally speaking, to lighten the eyebrows to brown, five minutes is enough. It is not necessary to bleach them into a transparent color.]

——This is so timely. I was about to go to the beauty salon to get hair removal.

——I always thought why my face looked dirty every time I put on makeup.

——Dada, I support you! You are the only clear stream in the Internet celebrity world!

——I already went to Taobao to place an order. This bleaching agent is so cheap. It’s almost the price of cabbage!

After posting her Weibo, Jiang Yu went to wash up. When she came back, she saw a bunch of people commenting on her Weibo, screaming with anger:

"Dada, all bleaching agent of this brand is out of stock in Taobao!"

"Yeah! Can't buy it!"

"The KIKO lipsticks that are highly recommended are also out. The sellers said that the 4 series and 9 series were sold in seconds. They also said that they don’t know why, recently many Chinese like it. The Italian merchant has been robbed by Chinese purchasing agents."

Jiang Yu read this comment and was a little bit dumbfounded. She didn't know that her influence was so great.

Su Xiaoqi was one of many Taobao purchasers but now being a purchasing agent was unpalatable! If she sold expensively, people would go to buy fakes. If she sold it cheaper, people would suspect she was selling fakes. 

Su Xiaoqi had a lot of facial hair, so she had been selling Sally Hansen bleaching agent since a few years ago. But because of the price competition on Taobao and the high cost of purchasing the products, she was selling without much profit for many years. Last time, she purchased several big boxes of Sally Hansen facial hair bleaching agent, thinking that because summer was coming people would pay more attention to hair removal, right? She couldn’t let opportunity to make money passed by. But who knew that she didn't even sell dozens of products in one summer, which caused her to have more than two hundred items left to sell. Even recently, very few people consulted on Taobao. It seemed that Chinese girls didn’t really pay much attention to facial hair and removal.

Su Xiaoqi was so worried about the two hundred boxes of goods! She didn’t know when she would finish selling them all.

On this day, Su Xiaoqi brought a bowl of rice, before she finished eating, she came to her computer to respond to some customer's messages. Unexpectedly, her online store that rarely made a sound suddenly rang like crazy. At the same time, more than 20 people were consulting on Taobao, and all they sent were links to the bleaching agents.

What was this? Happiness came so fast, Su Xiaoqi couldn't hold it anymore, she asked incredulously: "Do you all want bleaching agent? Yes, yes! In stock! There are more than two hundred boxes!" Soon, the sound of completed order kept coming and the inventory was decreasing at an extremely fast speed. After 10 minutes, the Sally Hansen bleaching agent that she was worried about was sold out already! 

Did a pie from the sky fall on her head? Su Xiaoqi was puzzled. After chasing customers and asking, she realized that these people buy the product because of recommendation by an internet celebrity.

Su Xiaoqi went to search Jiang Yu's Weibo and clicked Follow. She flipped through all Jiang Yu's Weibo, only to find out that she was not a typical internet celebrity! The girl looked very good, well-educated, kind, not money worshipping, and not kitsch. The things recommended were not advertisements even some were relatively niche brands. 

Su Xiaoqi searched on Taobao and found that all the brands recommended by Jiang Yu were out of stock on Taobao. She suddenly had a bold idea. Since Jiang Yu’s recommendation was so popular and fans agreed so much. Proven with just 10 minutes after the Weibo was released more than 200 boxes of stock could be sold out of stock, then could she just sell the the products recommended by Jiang Yu?

Like KIKO lipstick, bleaching agent, sunscreen, Daiso whitening liquid... Although these goods were not easy to purchase, they were selling well! Su Xiaoqi suddenly had a feeling – if she tightly held Jiang Yu's thigh, there would be meat to eat!

Therefore, Su Xiaoqi quickly contacted her friends who were responsible for purchasing abroad and told them to stop purchasing her other products, she changed the orders to the products on Jiang Yu’s Weibo!

Jiang Yu naturally didn’t know these things. After responding to a few comments, she took the sketchbook and went to her bedroom on the second floor. She lay on the bed and started drawing. She went to bed early at 10:00 to prepare for the next day’s work.

Early the next morning, Jiang Yu took a taxi to the address given by Durres.

Half an hour later, Jiang Yu stood at the gate of the community. At first glance, the villa area where the wealthy lived was in line with Jiang Yu's vision. The greenery here was very similar to a forest oxygen bar. Viewed from the outside, the apartment layout was also very good. She carried her tool and rang the doorbell. Soon the door opened automatically.

Gao Jing's face appeared in front of Jiang Yu. Jiang Yu was startled, before she could react, she heard him shout:

"Oh! School girl! Are you here? Our ancestor is waiting for you!"

Jiang Yu frowned slightly, and then realized that the customer named Gu was Gu Shenliu.

There was the sound of footsteps going downstairs, Jiang Yu looked up subconsciously and crashed into a pair of deep eyes. It's Gu Shenliu!

Gu Shenliu seemed as surprised as Jiang Yu, but after a moment his expression came back to calm as usual, his complexion faint.

"Shenliu, the school girl is here!" Gao Jing shouted from the side.

Gu Shenliu said nothing but poured Jiang Yu a cup of tea.

Jiang Yu took a sip carefully, fearing that her lipstick would get on other people's cups.

At this time, Gao Jing smiled and said: "School senior, school girl, it's a coincidence! There should be endless topics between you? Then you talk, I'll go buy something..."

With such a botched excuse, Jiang Yu would be a blind man not to see that Gao Jing and Durres partnered to make things happen today.

The room was quiet.

Gu Shenliu's mobile phone reminder sound was amplified. He moved his finger, clicked to open and saw Gao Jing sent a message:

"Enjoy the clothes measuring or something... Oops! I'm dirty!"

Gu Shenliu didn't smile, his face was obviously impatient, his mobile phone moved slightly, and he only responded roughly with three words: "Processing capital!" He raised his head again, his expression still cold, and the corners of hismouth curled into an indifferent arc. He clicked his finger on the armrest before he whispered: "You can just ignore Gao Jing."

"Huh?" Jiang Yu's eyes were full of puzzlement.

Gu Shenliu pointed to his head: "He is a bit abnormal here."

Jiang Yu smiled. She never expected that a serious person like Gu Shenliu would still make jokes. She took a sip of tea and asked: "So, do you really want to measure clothes today?"

"Indeed. I will participate in an important event next month."

"Then let’s measure the size?"


When Gu Shenliu got up from the sofa, Jiang Yu realized that the other party was a head taller than her.

Looking around Gu Shenliu's figure, Jiang Yu didn’t think that Gu Shenliu needs to buy so-called high-end suits. What's would be the difference on clothes worn by a figure like him?

Jiang Yu took a measuring tape and measured Gu Shenliu’s body. Gu Shenliu didn't look fat and he was quite healthy. Through the shirt, Jiang Yu could see the force of his muscles.

On the other hand, Gu Shenliu felt a cold hand around... touching him? 

Jiang Yu wanted to measure Gu Shenliu’s lower body, so she bent over and squatted on the ground. All these things in her previous life were done by a dedicated staff. She picked up the tape measurement again after a long time and suddenly felt that her posture was rather wretched.

Jiang Yu lowered her head and measured the length of Gu Shenliu's legs.

Gu Shenliu’s legs were much longer than an average male star. That’s why his figure gave people a good visual effect. In addition, he had a stylish body so it also gave with an elongated effect. He would look good wearing anything, natural hanger.

From the angle Jiang Yu couldn't see, Gu Shenliu curled his lips and smiled meaningfully. In fact, the moment Jiang Yu approached, the noise in his mind disappeared. Hearing noises all the year round made his hearing very sensitive to capturing other sounds. For example, at this moment, when Jiang Yu measured his lower body size, the sound of her cramped breathing made him feel inexplicably good. Her hand quickly came to his waist. It seemed to be carrying an electric current, which made him feel numb.

From Gu Shenliu's perspective, he could even smell the sea salt perfume radiating from Jiang Yu’s body.

Soon, Jiang Yu raised her head and added some details. "I have measured the size. I wonder if you have a preference for fabrics, buttons, and styles?" Jiang Yu looked up at Gu Shenliu.

"Anything." Gu Shenliu said concisely and concisely.

After hearing the words, Jiang Yu thought for a moment and then said: "Scabal fabrics, British suit patterns, horn buttons?"

"You decide."

Jiang Yu nodded, wrote and drew on the sketchbook, and noted the agreement on horn buttons. In fact, in high-end suits, customized brands pursuing quality would choose buttons made of ground animal horns instead of resin. This was a quality that symbolizes luxury. Although this was time-consuming and laborious to do, she thought it would be worthwhile.

Jiang Yu looked at Gu Shenliu again and improved her design based on Gu Shenliu's body characteristics. After a while, she passed the design to Gu Shenliu: "Look, if it's okay, I'll customize it based on this drawing."

When Gu Shenliu accepted the painting, a hint of surprise flashed in his heart. Jiang Yu was more talented than he thought. The design drawings drawn only with a few strokes made her whole design appear on paper. The image of a handsome and handsome man in a suit was outlined. 

What really surprised Gu Shenliu was when he moved his gaze to the face of the model wearing a gentleman hat. Although the brim of the hat covered the eyebrows and eyes and he couldn’t see specific appearance the appearance was unexpectedly vivid. She painted him. It turned out he was like this in her heart.

Gu Shenliu had no opinion. In fact, his whole mind was not on clothing, but it was a pity that the other party didn't know it.

After communicating the basic situation, Jiang Yu was about to get up to say goodbye, but suddenly her eyes went dark and she almost fell over.

"Be careful!" Fortunately, Gu Shenliu held Jiang Yu in time. His brows frowned slightly and his voice was low: "Low blood sugar?"

"Well, no problem, I'm leaving now."

"How did you come?"

"Taking a taxi."

"I’ll send you back."

"No trouble, I'll go back by myself."

"Don't object." Gu Shenliu glanced at Jiang Yu, smiling but not smiling, "Our Shen University’s man is not so ungentlemanly."

Jiang Yu smiled and didn't object any more. 

When the car quickly slipped into the road, the two of them were speechless. When they were approaching Jiang Yu's residence, Gu Shenliu suddenly spoke: "I heard that Fu Ting is going to sue you. Has this matter been resolved?"

Jiang Yu didn't expect that Gu Shenliu was paying attention to this matter, so she said: "It was settled. She asked me to delete Weibo and wanted to give me money, but I refused."

Gu Shenliu nodded and said, "You are right. If a newcomer is bought so easily, fans will look down upon it."

"I think so too. Besides, there should always a bottom line as a human being." After speaking, Jiang Yu was really puzzled: "I just don't know who is helping me behind the scenes. After all, those things on the Internet are obviously the operation of a hired navy."

Gu Shenliu looked calm as usual: "You think too much. Fu Ting did this because she was stingy. Her little fame would probably be overdrawn by this negative news."

"Yes, she should have been too greedy. If she solved the customer problem since the beginning, she won't be what she is today."

While talking, the car stopped at the entrance of Lu Yuan Community. Jiang Yu got out of the car carrying her toolbox. The weather was fine and close to noon. The sun was dazzling so she couldn't help squinting, looking at Gu Shenliu in the driver's seat. "Thank you, when the clothes are shaped, I will bring them to you to try."


Gu Shenliu drove away quickly.

Along the way, the buildings outside the window kept flashing, Gu Shenliu frowned, but his mind was empty. All his brain cells fell on the woman just now, and the tip of his nose seemed to still be lingering with the smell of sea salt. He took out his cigarette case, lit a cigarette out of it and inhaled it fiercely, but the enthusiasm in his heart was not diminished. He thought of the hand that was touching him and suddenly became a little irritable. Then he realized that there was only one word difference between wanting to sleep and wanting to sleep with her, but it was not so difficult to distinguish. At the very least, the two of them were sitting opposite each other. He was too sleepy, but he didn't want to sleep at all. His evert cell was clamoring…

Sleep with her!

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