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Weibo Big V’s Daily Entertainment Circle – Chapter 28

WBVDEC Chapter 28 – War

Seeing WeChat, Jiang Yu was taken aback, and said in surprise: "How did you know that I have hired HR personnel?"

Gu Shenliu 121: "Just ask casually, really recruited? How about the person?"

Jiang Yu: "She looks pretty good, I'm satisfied in all aspects. She also looks very experienced, I hope to get along."

The position of HR in the company was very important. Jiang Yu hoped that Bi Peijun would be a person who match her temperament and knew how to measure. Otherwise, a more senior HR would inevitably underestimate her as a younger boss.

Jiang Yu asked again: "You didn't go out to date during the holiday?"

Gu Shenliu 121: "I am one who has chosen to follow a solitary path
(can also be an indirect way of referring to an unmarried person)."

"So miserable?"

"It's not!"

"No one you like?" Jiang Yu asked casually as the other party was a girl. She held the phone in one hand and the key in the other to open the door.

Gu Shenliu thought for a moment and then typed: "Not sure."

"Not sure? What's with this answer?"

Gu Shenliu 121: "I still have some doubts that I don't understand."


"The Chinese language is broad and profound. Although there is only one word difference, I was still wondering whether I just ‘want to sleep’ or do I ‘want to sleep with her’."

Jiang Yu didn't understand, so she turned on her laptop to read Weibo data. She joked: "If you want to sleep, just sleep as long as you want. Don't need to worry."

Reading these words, Gu Shenliu only felt that blood was surging in his brain and his breathing gradually became cramped. In terms of provocation, Jiang Yu was a good player. Just sleep as long as he wanted? Well, it's a good idea.

A long time later, Gu Shenliu, who always obeyed his wife, practiced the principle of "sleep as long as you want". The cries of Jiang Yu sounded all the time.

Jiang Yu then knew that she could sleep in disorder, but she could not talk in disorder.

Seeing that she didn’t receive a reply, Jiang Yu watched Weibo intently. But she saw that there were a bunch of unread private messages on her Weibo and a bunch of mentions.

Because the styling for Gu Shenliu and Su Mang caused a sensation, Jiang Yu became popular on the Internet at an extremely fast speed. Her number of fans even surpassed many famous celebrities. What's more rare was that her fans were active. Their interactions were very high. This was fundamentally different from those celebrities who were recommended by Sina to get their fans rising.

Many of Jiang Yu’s followers had a good impression of her. After all, her Taobao clothes were not over abundant, were designed by herself, and the price was not expensive. For the followers, Jiang Yu was undoubtedly fundamentally different from other Internet celebrities. She also invented out of bath makeup, so her followers felt from the bottom of their hearts that Jiang Yu was like a very precious jade.

——Dada, when will the next batch of clothes be released?

——I want to buy also. There will be windbreakers and leggings in this issue, right? I have no clothes to wear.

——I finally have a holiday and I am planning to buy some clothes to wear to school. Will there be a new one today?

The new batch preview had been released long ago and fans had responded very well as always. Jiang Yu replied:

[Today the clothes will be updated on time and the picture selection will be released tomorrow.]

——Dada, I set the alarm clock to grab it.

——Thinking that I and Su Mang are wearing clothes designed by the same designer, I want to shout, ahhhhh! The clothes my sister wore were made by famous designers.

There had been more than 50,000 messages on Weibo on the preview, and most of them were urging Jiang Yu to update on the National Day.

Jiang Yu reposted some selected comment with a smile, and said: "The looting will start at 8 o'clock tonight, grab it fast!"

There were 12 new items in this batch, two of which were designs that Jiang Yu liked especially. One was a white knit sweater with rainbow detail woven with colored threads from the hem, to the chest, to the other hem. The style of this sweater was quite satisfactory. The color match was surprisingly harmonious and the varied color made people feel good.

The other was a pink-purple bathrobe coat. Because of the viral out of bath makeup, a bunch of fans were looking for clothes to match the makeup. The bathrobe-style windbreaker coat unexpectedly became popular, so Jiang Yu made it. For this coat, the color of the fabric had to be well grasped. As long as the color was good, half the battle was done. The loose bathrobe coat was tied with a belt, so it perfectly showed the waist. This was in line with everyone's requirements.

These clothes seemed simple, but the pattern was very laborious. Therefore, Jiang Yu only produced 2,000 pieces. This amount was like mosquito legs, too thin and too little meat to those who were waiting for them! Therefore, if someone managed to grab this piece of clothing, then she really earned it, and the other could only ask for more blessings if they didn’t manage to grab any.

Taking advantage of the time before 8 o’clock, Jiang Yu perfected the details of the clothes, and set 8 o’clock to release everything. But at this moment, one comment caught her attention.

During this period of time, Jiang Yu’s Weibo was mostly for girls who wanted to learn how to do make up and dress up. Many people commented on Weibo and asked Jiang Yu to answer their questions. Generally speaking, Jiang Yu would pick some top comments to answer occasionally.

Now, the most liked comment on Weibo is this:

[Jiang Yu Dada, thank you for so many good informative posts you have done. I am an unmarried girl who has bad skin and is approaching the 30s. I have been paying attention to my skin every day and have bought the skin care and whitening products recommended by you, but I still need some anti-wrinkle items. Recently, collagen skin creams are very popular on the internet, what do you think?]

After reading this comment, Jiang Yu suddenly felt that her responsibility was heavy. In this era, there were still people who believe that applying collagen could make skin better?

Jiang Yu thought for a moment, and immediately typed on the keyboard:

[#Break the lie of collagen# Human skin has 7 layers of cells. We rub skin care products on the surface of the skin to moisturize these layers. Although the effect is small, the skin can at least absorb it. But if we rub collagen to fight aging, this is very difficult to achieve! Human skin elasticity is determined by elastic fibers. What you rub on the outside of the skin cannot enter the innermost part of the skin. Simply put, rubbing collagen is useless.]

In Jiang Yu’s past life, many people tried every means to resist aging. Many people even went to get skin grafts at the age of 50. Buying young skin from others and planting them on themselves, maintaining the myth of being immortal, but such people were rare after all. Most people were not willing to get injections or do face lifts, etc. If rubbing collagen was effective to fight aging, weren’t this the same as judging the people who get skin grafts to be stupid?

Jiang Yu edited the Weibo and clicked send, but she did not expect that her Weibo would cause an uproar.

After the Weibo was sent, it turned crazy as usual. The answer on Jiang Yu's Weibo was exactly the most frequently asked question from the netizen. 

The moment the commenter saw Jiang Yu's Weibo, she almost cried with joy. "I was replied?" She couldn't believe it and immediately forwarded Jiang Yu's Weibo. She said excitedly: 

——Oh oh oh oh! You replied to me! So, collagen is really useless? D*mn! How much will this Weibo save me?

——A magical and money-saving Weibo.

——It turns out that not only recommending products, but also responsible in preventing useless buys!

—— It has been forwarded. Everyone, come see it, this Weibo will save you a lot of money!

However, it was this Weibo that offended an actress named Fu Ting.

Fu Ting was over 40 years old and was a very popular actress more than ten years ago. Many TV dramas starring in her were in the memories of young people’s childhood. After she got married, she retired to take care of her family. Who knew that she suddenly came back a few years ago and started to make skin care products. Her brand followed the path of media promotion, to put it bluntly, it was a micro business.

Fu Ting's skin care product brand was called <Jiaoting (JT)>. JT had been very popular since it was launched. First, dozens of celebrities on Weibo rushed to use it and took photos for publicity. Then several celebrities joined JT and invested together. For promotion, Fu Ting set up a professional team to promote on Weibo and WeChat, but focusing more on WeChat.

Everyone knew that the principle of WeChat promotion was ‘short, flat, fast’, that was, no matter what the situation was, the money should be scammed first so that they could earn money in one month. That's why, the originally popular WeChat business products usually withdrew quickly from people’s attention.

JT was very popular on Weibo and WeChat, and there were hundreds of thousands of sales history on Taobao. At the beginning, because of everyone’s good impression of Fu Ting, they trusted her very much, and confidently spent hundreds of yuan on the brand’s signature collagen cream and yeast mask. Price of hundreds of yuan a bottle was even enough to buy big brands like Estee Lauder

Cui Lanxi was a loyal fan of JT. She fantasized that she would be as beautiful as Fu Ting after she used the product. But who knew, after using the cream and mask a few times, her face suddenly started to explode. She found that many people on the Internet were also in the same situation. She consulted JT customer service and the customer service said that the acne was only a phase of detoxification and asked her to continue using the products so that the toxins could be completely discharged.

Cui Lanxi noted this infor but she was getting more and more serious. Now her face was like a hornet's nest, and she also experienced very serious diarrhea. She even collapsed in bed and had no power to stand up. Only then she suspected that her idol Fu Ting made a problematic brand! At this moment, she saw the Weibo sent by Jiang Yu and knew rubbing collagen was useless.

Cui Lanxi couldn't sit still anymore. She immediately mentioned Jiang Yu’s Weibo, took a picture of her face, and asked:

[Jiang Yu Dada, I want to consult you. My face has started to rot after using JT active yeast mask and collagen cream. I want to ask, can active yeast really fight aging? They said that my face become like this is because of detoxification, is this true?]

Jiang Yu was waiting for 8 o'clock to arrive. When she was bored, she saw the girl asking for help’s mention as soon as she refreshed her Weibo. Jiang Yu clicked on the picture and took a look. The photo was of a girl with pimples and pus. The photo caused Jiang Yu to shiver.

Jiang Yu was angry at the girl’s ignorance and replied angrily:

[Your face is your own. Your face is already like this but you didn't go to the hospital and just mentioned me on Weibo asking for help. Girl, you have to know that your face may not even be cured even if you go to the hospital for treatment if it’s already like that! 

You want me to confirm if this is detoxification? Please take out the person who said this to you and let her face also detoxify! 

Who told you that skin care products can contain active yeast? Yeast can only be used if it has been deactivated, if not the yeast will multiply quickly. In other words, if there is active yeast in your skin care products, then the microorganisms would definitely exceed the standard and shouldn’t be used! 

If it is not real active yeast, it can only be suspected that the brand is doing false advertising.]

Cui Lanxi felt cold when she saw Jiang Yu's reply. She didn't dare to delay anymore. She grabbed her purse and ran to the hospital.

——The blogger is talking about Fu Ting’s active yeast mask, right? They were said to be sold out every day on WeChat moments.

——Gosh! I'm using it too, won't I get bad face too?

——@JT General Agent Xiaoxiao: Our active yeast is doing detoxification. Acne phase proves that our facial mask is effective. If it is not effective, how can toxins be expelled from the face?

Unexpectedly, as soon as this Weibo was posted, around 2,000 people posted photos of their own acne filled faces. They complained that there was a problem with JT yeast mask, which made their skin worse.

Jiang Yu clicked on some photos and frowned as she looked at them. 

There were always people who believed that there were hormones in brand-name products, and the price was expensive because they wanted a lot of profit. They believed that WeChat was full of panacea and they believed that they could get the same results with these products. Little do they know that these unverified skin care products, diapers, and food might be very harmful.

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