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Weibo Big V’s Daily Entertainment Circle – Chapter 16

WBVDEC Chapter 16 – Trial

In the current Internet model, bloggers had to learn to interact with fans. Only by interacting frequently, increasing intimacy, and cultivating loyalty, could followers be willing to follow a blogger in the long run. 

Jiang Yu knew this well, so she paid attention to the comments as soon as the new designs preview was released. This time she previewed the new designs in great detail. From the moment she drew the design to when the garment was made, the whole process was recorded in detail. Her followers could clearly see the production process of a piece of clothing through the post.

Jiang Yu even put the design drawing on it. She compared the design drawing with the photo of her in the ready-made clothes. Letting her followers choose where they would spend their money was a trial by her!

As soon as the Weibo post was released, followers were screaming with excitement.

——Jiang Yu, is this dress your own design?

Jiang Yu: "Yes, I designed it."

——You also design clothes? Oh my! So talented!

——The clothes are well designed. I am also majoring in fashion design. The design drawings you draw can be regarded as textbook templates, which are better than those drawn by our professor.

Jiang Yu: "Thank you!"

——Design your own clothes? Is it reliable? Can the quality be guaranteed?

Jiang Yu: "Quality Assured!"

——I like 2, 4, 5, very beautiful!

Jiang Yu: "Okay, (*^__^*)"

Followers expressed their opinions and left messages about their favorite styles.

Jiang Yu found that among them 1, 4, and 5 were very popular. These clothes were all basic styles. Picture 1 was a shirt. The reason why the design was liked by so many people was because of its neckline and shoulder design that were quite special. Unlike the general strapless design which would prevent slightly conservative Chinese women from wearing it to go to work or school, Jiang Yu only hollowed out the right shoulder. The design was sexy and simple. It was very suitable for mix and match. It was normal for everyone to like it.

The fourth design was a black knitted sweater. The design had pinstripes above the chest and special feature in the cuffs. The cuffs were similar to the sleeves of Beijing opera clothes, which were nearly 20 cm longer than ordinary clothes. Even if pull the sleeves down on the wrists, because the material of the clothes was soft, it didn’t feel strange.

The fifth piece was a windbreaker and raincoat designed by Jiang Yu based on the custard bun.

Jiang Yu followers liked these three clothes the most, and they asked for it the most. Judging from the reaction of Weibo, there were at least a few thousand people asking for it.

Other clothes were also liked. But there were a few designs that Jiang Yu thought very unique and she was very satisfied with, after making them, only few people liked them. This was not a big deal. No matter how powerful a designer was, she couldn’t guarantee that everything she made would be liked. Many brands also had unsold stocks. Being unsold didn’t mean that the clothes were not good or beautiful, it could only be said that they were still waiting for people that could appreciate themselves.

As for these clothes, Jiang Yu planned to produce less or even not produce them. It could be said that this trial selection was very successful. It allowed her to face her potential customers for the first time and asked them what kind of clothes they liked. This process allowed her to adjust her designs or entirely changed the style with ample time.

So that night, Jiang Yu compiled a production list and sent them to Boss Jiang. 

Boss Jiang opened it and was taken aback. He called Jiang Yu in disbelief: "Jiang Yu. I read your Weibo and saw so many people want the clothes, so why did you only make 3000 pieces each? Isn't it too few?" He felt that according to the current situation, even if they produced 30,000 pieces, they might not have any left.

"It’s enough!" Jiang Yu said with certainty.

"Then what if not everyone can get it?"

Jiang Yu thought for a while and said, "Let me put it this way. If clothes in a store can never be sold out, as long as you want to buy them it would be there, would you put them in your eyes? The clothes in my store are designed by myself. I wanted to keep the style stable and win the word of mouth since the beginning, so I didn't make too many each design."

Boss Jiang was stunned, "You mean hunger marketing?"

"Not really. I just want to set a label to my store, to make everyone an impression – Jiang Yu customized clothes was not easy to grab!" Jiang Yu thought for a while and said, "Furthermore. I will release new designs every week, so I can’t make too many to keep up with the update speed.”

Although Boss Jiang didn’t completely agree as in his opinion it’s better to make money quickly, but Jiang Yu’s performance over the past time had made him realize that the girl was not simple. Her thinking was always ahead of him, even not comparable sometimes. Therefore, he still responded. "Okay, it's up to you!" Although 3,000 pieces were less than usual for the factory, it was not too small. He could still make a lot of money.

It’s just that Boss Jiang still didn’t agree with Jiang Yu’s approach. In his opinion, when there was an opportunity to make more money, it should be used as much as possible. There was no need to engage in hunger marketing. Otherwise, wouldn’t it be silly to let the money drifting past?

Jiang Yu handed the new models to the factory. She felt that Jiang Chao’s brains were at least not stupid, and he was still honest. As they had cooperated before, they became more comfortable in getting along with each other.

Jiang Chao’s factory was actually not that big, but as Jiang Chao himself said, many of his equipment were newly bought, and it could handle general designs, so Jiang Yu didn’t want to change partners. As long as Jiang Chao didn’t make a mistake here, she would continue to cooperate with him. She could make him earn big money, but it depended on whether Jiang Chao had the determination and ability to earn them.

After all, it was not the first time that Jiang Yu was cooperating with a factory. She was already used to seeing the twists and turns during business. She couldn’t yet completely trust Jiang Chao, so this cooperation could be regarded as a test!

School would start in two days, so when Jiang Yu was not particularly busy, she took the time to go to Kafan with Bei Xiaoxiao. After half a month, Kafan was still the same as before. Like other high-end shopping stores in this city, it was neat and clean. It gave people a sense of superiority.

"Jiang Yu, we didn't come to work, why didn't the manager fire us?" Bei Xiaoxiao asked worriedly. Although she felt that it didn't matter if she came to work part-time or not, she was still a bit afraid of the manager.

Jiang Yu didn't tell Bei Xiaoxiao about the manager calling her. So she only said: "Anyway, we are going to start school soon, isn't it just right for her to fire us?" After speaking, she smiled and opened Kafan’s door.

"Welcome…" A few sales persons were about to say hello, but from a distance they saw Bei Xiaoxiao pulling in a tall and beautiful girl. Thegirl had a refined temperament, not like a girl born from ordinary family but like a celebrity who had seen the world. Strange, how did Bei Xiaoxiao knew such an elegant woman?

The sales persons were overjoyed. They thought that Bei Xiaoxiao was bringing customers to them!

"Xiaoxiao, you are here…" One sales person smiled and asked, "Is this your friend?"

Bei Xiaoxiao was taken aback for a moment, only then realized that they didn’t recognize Jiang Yu. After thinking about it, she was relieved again. It was no wonder. Since fighting with Chen Bixiang, Jiang Yu seemed to be a different in both personality and appearance. The old Jiang Yu was dressed very old fashion style, had no temperament, had a hunched back when walking, and her personality was non-committal, which made people feel very bad. But the current Jiang Yu was very confident and always held her head high. Her shorter hair made her beautiful facial features stand out more, and her exquisite makeup enhanced her appearance a lot. Jiang Yu’s whole person was indeed very different! No wonder they didn't recognize it.

Bei Xiaoxiao smiled and said: "She is indeed my friend, but you all know her too."

They knew each other too? The sales person was stunned for a moment, and then looked at Jiang Yu carefully. After looking, many were surprised. They couldn't believe their eyes. "Jiang Yu?"

Jiang Yu smiled, "Hello."

Everyone was shocked, how could it be possible! How could a person change so much in just a few days! Some people's appearance and dress changes would maybe make people feel they looked different, but what about temperament? The kind of self-confidence exuded from the inside out made Jiang Yu’s whole person looked very dazzling. This couldn’t be changed by makeup or styling!

At this time, the sound of high-heeled shoes came. Jiang Yu and Bei Xiaoxiao looked together, and saw the manager coming over, she asked from a distance: "Is Jiang Yu here?"

The manager came in a hurry and looked from a distance only to think that Bei Xiaoxiao had brought a very beautiful girl. When she approached and took a closer look, she couldn't hold her expression. She couldn't believe her own eyes. She blurted out: "Jiang Yu?"

Jiang Yu smiled faintly, "Manager."

The manager noticed her unsightly expression, and quickly saved it with a smile: "You changed a lot with your makeup, I almost didn't recognize you."

"Thank you, I take it as a compliment."

The manager hurriedly let Jiang Yu and Bei Xiaoxiao to her office with enthusiasm. She handed two red packets from her drawer to them. "This is the wages for your part-time job this month." The manager finished speaking and said with a smile: "I have applied to the boss so that you can be promoted into full time worker in advance."

"Full time?" Bei Xiaoxiao asked in surprise. If it was Bei Xiaoxiao half a month ago, she would be excited by the news. But now she had experienced the grand occasion of selling 5,000 clothes in 3 seconds, so she was a person who had seen the world. She no longer had any interest in this job, too much stress.

Jiang Yu smiled, and then pondered: "Thank you for the manager's kindness, but I am really busy and can't work full-time."

Seeing the manager panicked, Jiang Yu said again: "As you know, I will start school right away, and I also recently open a Taobao. I really don't have time!"

"I know I know!" In fact, the manager knew about Jiang Yu’s opening Taobao, and she also reported this to the boss as the boss had been paying attention to Jiang Yu since Chen Bixiang’s incident. The Boss also knew that Jiang Yu had created a great sales event in Taobao, her future was limitless, and the manager was instructed that she had to retain Jiang Yu at all costs.

"Even if Jiang Yu didn’t come to work and only occasionally visit Kafan, we will pay her five insurances and one housing fund every month!" These were the original words of the boss. The manager dared not refuse, anyway, this company was not hers, the boss could raise whoever.

The manager hurriedly pulled Jiang Yu to sit in front of her, and said very kindly: "Sister Jiang Yu, I know all of this! You are a capable person and I know you are busy, so I applied for you with the boss. The boss has already agreed. You don't need to go to work but our Kafan will still pay your five social insurances and one housing fund."

Seeing that both Bei Xiaoxiao and Jiang Yu were surprised, the manager smiled again: "Of course, if you can come to Kafan's store occasionally to show your face, it will be much better."

After hearing this, Jiang Yu laughed in her heart. Of course she knew that the manager was just talking nicely and wanted to sell her favors. In fact, the person who decided this must be the boss of Kafan. The boss of Kafan wanted to raise her for nothing but wanted to put her name on Kafan. She didn't know whether to say the boss was shrewd, or to thank the person for appreciating her worth.

Jiang Yu couldn't refuse. She didn't actually care about the five social insurances and one housing fund, she just thought that since the original owner chose this job, she must have liked it very much, right? Jiang Yu didn't want to remove all the things that the original owner liked from her.

"It seems that I have no reason to refuse!" Jiang Yu said with a smile.

The manager was overjoyed and was about to speak, but she saw Kafan's door opened again. She saw a woman in her thirties came in.

"Hello." A sales person greeted enthusiastically.

The woman nodded and came to the manager with her bag. She pointed to a LV old flower bag sadly and said: "Manager, I don't know if you remember me? Many years ago, you were an ordinary clerk of Kafan, and I bought this LV bag with you."

The manager was stunned for a moment, but then her eyes suddenly lit up. She remembered this customer!

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