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Weibo Big V’s Daily Entertainment Circle – Chapter 26 Part 2 of 2

WBVDEC Chapter 26 – WeChat (2)

Jiang Yu quickly called Jiang Chao.

"Hello, Jiang Yu? Are you on holiday?" Jiang Chao asked.

Jiang Yu frowned, suppressed the fire in her heart, and asked calmly: "Boss Jiang, why are the two sleeves of A1394 windbreaker not on the same length?"

Hearing this question, Jiang Chao stagnated for a while. He hesitated for a long time without speaking. Regardless of Jiang Yu's young age, he just felt her words were very oppressive. This matter was his fault, and he didn't know which step was wrong. 

After the clothes were made, the two sleeves were actually different. This was not a trivial matter! The fabrics of this batch of goods were imported from the United Kingdom. They were fabrics supplied by a large manufacturer specializing in windbreakers. The price was very expensive. The cost of the fabric alone was more than two hundred. With 3,000 pieces already made, that was to say, if Jiang Chao redid it from scratch, he would lose at least 700,000 yuan.

Because Jiang Yu asked the factory to ship the goods directly, Jiang Chao wanted to suppress the matter and still shipped the windbreaker with one long sleeve and one short sleeve. "Sister, this matter is brother’s fault, but brother couldn't help it. At that time, the urging was too tight and I couldn't spend so much money to make up the vacancy. Besides, I also think about you. Double Eleven is about to arrive, and raw materials are on the rise. If I redo it for you, where can you get such good fabrics again?"

The irresponsible words of the other party made Jiang Yu full of anger. However, after a thousand thoughts, she knew that it would not be good for her to tear her face with Jiang Chao. Double Eleven was approaching and all factories were slow to ship. Jiang Chao’s factory only made clothes for her store, so for her initial stage, there was no better choice. If they fell out now, she wouldn’t be able to find another factory and wouldn't be able to cope with the upcoming Double Eleven.

However, things could be forgotten, the something that deserved a beating still had to be beaten. Thinking of this, Jiang Yu said sternly.

"Boss Jiang, we have been working together for so long and I always thought that we were on the same front. If there was a problem with my clothes, you should at least tell me. Instead you suppressed the problem and made me very passive. Now many people come to me and ask for refund because they want to return the goods. I have lost a lot..." Jiang Yu deliberately made the matter a little serious.

Listening to Jiang Yu saying this, Jiang Chao felt a little guilty in his heart. "Sorry, sister, there will be no such thing next time!"

The 35-year-old Jiang Yu would not be overthrown by this little accident. The mass production of garments had always been full of problems. She had also encountered many similar things in her previous life. For example, adult jeans had become children's size, shirt sleeves being too short, irregular seams or serious fabric color differences, etc., but in her previous life, she was working as a team. There was a special quality inspection team that could keep in touch with the factory and supervise the production. Therefore, it was almost impossible to find errors after selling.

This kind of unpleasant thing hadn’t been encountered directly by Jiang Yu for a long time. She pondered for a moment and said: "Boss Jiang, I am afraid that I have to contact the customers directly to settle the refund, which will cost me a lot."

Jiang Chao laughed: "Sister, you are richer than this brother so this should be nothing to you. You only need to take a few photos to make money back."

Jiang Yu took a deep breath and forced herself not to be angry. Jiang Chao's words made Jiang Yu completely disgusted with him. She said coldly: "Boss Jiang, how much money I make is my business. This should not be the reason you gave me defective goods! Even if I want to throw my money into the river, I should be the one throwing it away, not you! And you have to know, once I follow up through legal channels for this matter, the loss you have to compensate is more than just a few hundred thousand!"

"Well!" Jiang Chao was a little displeased by what Jiang Yu said, so he said: "Things already happened, we have no other way."

Jiang Yu knew that Jiang Chao thought she was young and that she wouldn’t be able to find a good cooperative factory so she wouldn’t dare to get into trouble with him. 

People change so fast. 

A month ago, Boss Jiang was so grateful to Jiang Yu for saving his factory, but he now gradually changed after he got out of the crisis. The only trace of friendship in the past, after what he said today, dissipated without a trace.

Jiang Yu guessed that the other party might have an opinion on her because she refused to increase the number of productions every time. After a moment of silence, Jiang Yu only said, "Boss Jiang, I hope that this will not happen next time."

After hanging up the phone, Jiang Yu reflected on her performance during this period of time. She was busy designing, shipping, supervising, attending classes… she was like a spinning top, without a break for a moment. But she was only one person, she wouldn’t be able to take care of everything. Today, such an unreasonable thing happened that made her realize she shouldn't have left the shipment to the factory.

Jiang Yu, who had lived to be 35 years old, knew for a long time that no one in this world could do exactly what she expected. The perfection she envisioned didn’t exist. When dealing with these cunning producers, she should be on guard at all times and reduced losses.

Thinking of this, Jiang Yu felt it was imperative to recruit people, but what she had to do now was to come up with a solution to the problem. How to solve it? Return the goods to the customer? No, this was the last solution. Explain and ask for forgiveness then negotiate a partial refund? No, this would only make customers doubt her professionalism.

Thinking of countermeasures in his heart, Jiang Yu's eyes suddenly fell on the phone screen.

When Gu Shenliu saw Jiang Yu’s message in his spare time during filming commercials, he realized that Jiang Yu regarded himself as a girl. He did not correct her, but said: "I am here."

Jiang Yu immediately replied: "Thank you for your reward. I don't know how old you are this year. Did you use your parents' money? If so, I can return the money to your parents."

"No, it's my own money."

Jiang Yu was relieved now. But she was anxious still because of her clothes. "Well, anyway, if you want a refund, you can contact me at any time. I have something to do, so I won't talk to you for now."

Seeing this reply, Gu Shenliu thought for a moment and immediately felt something wrong with Jiang Yu. He tentatively asked: "Encountered something?"

Jiang Yu had no one to talk to, so she somehow told Gu Shenliu what happened.

At that time, Gu Shenliu was lying on the sofa. After hearing what happened, he thought for a moment and said: "Since there is an obvious problem with the sleeves of the clothes, why has no one asked you until now? It is impossible that no one will notice after a whole week."

After reading this, Jiang Yu was slightly surprised. Yes, the clothes were sent out as early as Monday, and they could be received on Tuesday for customers in Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shanghai and Anhui area. In the past few days, no one on Taobao's backend even asked about the length of the sleeves. How could this happen?

After the reminder of Gu Shenliu 121, Jiang Yu took out her own design drawings. She then realized that in her design drawings, the length of the left arm of the jacket appeared shorter than the right arm because of the bending of the model's arm.

Jiang Yu opened the design’s Taobao photo page again. On that day, she wore the jacket to make a dress for Su Mang. During the whole process, she bent her arms either to make patterns or to cut fabric. As a result, in the pictures taken, the cuffs of her left sleeve always appeared to be shorter than her right sleeve. 
It was no wondered that only one person had enquire about this so far. It turned out that on the design drawing and the real clothes sample, the left and right sleeve lengths were already coincidentally look different. In other words, the customers who received the clothes assumed that they were designed this way.

Jiang Yu was overjoyed.

"How?" Gu Shenliu 121 replied.

Jiang Yu told the result of the matter and said, "Thank you. I know what to do now."

In her previous life, Jiang Yu had never encountered such a problem. Even if there were problems in the production, where the clothes did not match expectations, as long as it did not affect the style and appearance, she could only try her best to turn the mistake into profit. Thinking of this, Jiang Yu sorted out the wording in her mind and replied on the customer’s private message:

"Hello Dear, I'm sorry because I haven't hired customer service yet so I didn't respond to you in time. I just saw the picture you sent and I want to tell you that it is normal for the left and right sleeves to be different because this is how the jacket is designed! You can also take a look at my design drawings and clothes sample photos."

After speaking, Jiang Yu took a screenshot and marked the cuff with a sign.

"The left and right arms in these photos are also different. The reason for this design is that the left cuff of the windbreaker is decorated with colored threads, while the right arm is nailed with a circle of colored beads. The cuffs with the threads naturally look longer, so in order to smooth the two cuffs visually, I made the left and right sleeves have different lengths. In this way, a balance is achieved, so that many pros with obsessive-compulsive disorder will not feel uncomfortable." 
Upon hearing this, the customer immediately became happy:

"Thank you for your reply. I have been tangled up for a few days after receiving the goods, and thought it was a product quality problem. Since it was specially designed in this way, then I can rest assured. To be honest, when I think about it this way, the difference in length is really special. Because this cuff is relatively loose, it doesn’t feel uncomfortable even with different lengths. Jiang Yu’s design is amazing! I will wear this jacket tomorrow to attend my girlfriend’s wedding."

As a designer, Jiang Yu was the happiest when seeing everyone wearing her clothes and went out beautifully. She smiled back: "Congratulations to your girlfriend."

"I will also use the out of bath makeup (*^__^*)."

Upon seeing the response, Jiang Yu knew that the matter was solved this time. She turned off her laptop and let out a long sigh. She had also encountered some public relations incidents in her previous life. Regardless of the matter, as long as the incident could be turned to her own benefit, it was a good publication. The incident this time might seem small, but it could affect the trust of customers towards the brand if not handled well.

Thinking of this, Jiang Yu looked at the screen of her phone. She originally thought that Gu Shenliu 121 was a student, but the other party's calmness in facing a problem made her 35-year-old self felt ashamed. She smiled and replied to the WeChat: "Thank you, the matter is resolved."

When Jiang Yu came out of the shower, it was already 12 o'clock. Seeing that Gu Shenliu 121 hadn't replied, she expected that the other party was probably asleep. So she put her phone away and started to follow her design drawings to make patterns with the fabrics she just bought.

Pattern-making was a very important part of costume design and production. In her past life, Jiang Yu’s company had a special pattern-making master. This master had done pattern making all his life and he was very professional. As soon as the design draft was done, he knew what she wanted and the version given was fully in line with her expectations.

Now Jiang Yu didn’t have a company yet. She was worried about handing over the pattern-making to the factory's master, so she planned to make all the clothes by herself and handed it over to the factory. This way, there would be less trouble.

On Double Eleven, the usual method used by merchants was to increase prices and the gave big discounts. For example a piece of clothing would normally be sold for 100 yuan, but the merchant would raise the price to 200, and then place a 50% discount to attract customers. When customers saw the big discount, they would have more desire to buy the item, Even thought everyone mostly knew what they bought may not be a good deal at all.

Since her rebirth, Jiang Yu had been cared by customers and had achieved great results. This time on Double Eleven, she planned to have a real low price so that her customers could buy the most affordable things at the lowest price!

This time, Jiang Yu has handed over part of the Double Eleven batch to Jiang Chao for overnight production. There was no limit. The minimum stock quantity was 10,000 pieces per one design. On Double Eleven, she would ship as much as she sell, there would no upper limit. This was a starting important battle for her brand, so she should only win! Anything couldn’t go wrong at all!

To be able to do this, the factory had to have strong production capabilities. Therefore, Jiang Yu had planned to not release any new design starting from the week before Double Eleven. This was to let the factory focus on catching up with the goods production. 

However, because Jiang Yu would still have to go to class, she wouldn’t be able to stare at the factory, so she needed to recruit reliable quality inspectors. Moreover, the double eleven shipments were large, so the customer service and delivery also had to keep up. Therefore, she intended to release recruitment notices during the National Day*. (TN: National Day on Oct 1st.)

Also, Jiang Yu certainly couldn't deal with so many applicants alone. Moreover, she planned to register her trademark and company earlier. So, she would definitely need a professional person to help her recruit people. Thinking of this, Jiang Yu first issued the signboard to recruit HR professional. This process kept her awake until 3:30 AM.

Jiang Yu rubbed her eyes and was about to rest when she heard her phone vibrate. 

Gu Shenliu 121 sent a message: "It is good that you solve it."

Jiang Yu was slightly startled. It was 3:30, the other party hasn't slept yet? "You haven't slept yet?"

"Yeah." There was a pause. "Why did you also stay up until now?"

Jiang Yu said truthfully: "I want to set up a company and recruit a professional staff team. I just released a notice to hire a HR professional. I hope to recruit reliable people, otherwise I really won’t be able to cope with the upcoming Double Eleven."

Gu Shenliu was reading a book. When he saw this, he was silent for a while. He tapped his fingers on the armrest of the sofa a few times before replying: "It will be recruited."

Early the next morning, Gu Shenliu went straight to the company after his morning run.

At the same time, Gu Linlu called Gao Jing. 

At the last dinner, Gu Linlu had drunk too much and was also called away by someone halfway through talking to Gao Jing. Last night he dreamed and remembered the conversation in a trance. That day, Gao Jing seemed to have said that Gu Shenliu had something strange recently, and he also seemed to mention a girl.

"Hey, Gao Jing..."

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