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Weibo Big V’s Daily Entertainment Circle – Chapter 23 Part 2 of 2

WBVDEC Chapter 23 – Fiery Temper (2)

At this time, a boy named Zhou Zhou stood up. He looked at Yao Yiyi and said: "Three days ago, Jiang Yu already gave me the scholarship. Why? You live so close in the dormitory, she didn't tell you about it?"

Yao Yiyi's face turned pale and she almost couldn't stand firmly. She had single-handedly provoked the matter in the post. Several classmates were also instigated by her to target Jiang Yu, but now they told her that it was purely a mistake. Didn't this mean hitting her in the face? How could she mix with her classmates in the future?

And...Yao Yiyi glanced at Jiang Yu. Jiang Yu always looked out of the way. Before, she thought that the other party was afraid to speak for herself, but now Yao Yiyi suddenly understood. Why would Jiang Yu stay so calm? because it was a mistake. She had clearly grasped the opportunity a long time ago. But Jiang Yu just watched her jump like this, made her showed all ugliness in front of her classmates.

Yao Yiyi's nails were pinched into her flesh, her eyes fixed on Jiang Yu.

But Jiang Yu didn't know this. She put down her pencil and the corners of her lips twitched. Then she looked around the noisy class lazily, as if she had only heard their noise. She looked at Yao Yiyi and smiled harmlessly: "Classmate Yiyi, are you finished?"

Papapa! Across a few tables, Yao Yiyi seemed to hear a face slap. Jiang Yu obviously didn't say anything cruel, but she felt a burning pain on her face. What was the highest state of murder?! It was invisible killing! Even Yao Yiyi admired Jiang Yu's skill.

After Jiang Yu finished speaking, she smiled and looked at the girls in the class. "Since Yiyi has finished speaking, let us continue the class? After all, I paid to come to school to listen to the class, not to listen to Yiyi's speech."

Papapa! Yao Yiyi felt countless slaps in the air.

There was a snicker underneath. There were not many boys in the Fashion Department, but everyone didn't like Yao Yiyi's approach. There was a lot of impatience on the male classmates’ faces, while most of the girls had the mentality of watching the excitement.

Jiang Yu yawned and said rather impatiently: "Teacher, hurry up to class! Our time is precious. Don't waste everyone's time just because one individual is picking things up." Her words resonated with the boys, and everyone said:

"Yao Yiyi, if you want to pick something up, you can go to the teacher after class is done. We still have to go to class!"

Yao Yiyi blushed and turned pale when she heard these words. 

Teacher Zhou, who had been waiting outside the door a long time ago, came in. He looked at the many students below and thought about it in his heart. Having been a teacher for many years, he naturally knew better than anyone else that school was a place where there were many struggles. There would always be struggles between teachers and also between classmates who got along day and night. He also saw more about isolating classmates, and had long heard that the girl called Jiang Yu was isolated. He didn't have a deep impression of Jiang Yu before. He only remembered that the girl was a bit introvert. But seeing Jiang Yu's expression today, he took this girl to his heart. Being slandered but not paying attention at all, not even looking at the other person, as if not taking the provocation seriously at all, this kind of mentality was a big deal.

Teacher Zhou suddenly thought that when he was young, he had a good classmate who committed suicide by jumping off the building because of campus violence, and he felt he liked Jiang Yu even more. It suddenly occurred to him that an old classmate from a TV station contacted him and asked him to recommend a protégé student to participate in a fashion design show. Maybe he could consider Jiang Yu? It was an opportunity to test her strength!

Teacher Zhou turned on the computer while thinking about this.

Jiang Yu didn't take this little episode to heart. That night, when she walked into the door of the dormitory, the noisy dormitory suddenly quieted down.

When Jiang Yu walked to the table and was about to turn on her laptop, her phone rang. It was from Zeng Yanan. It's strange, why was Zeng Yanan calling so late?

Jiang Yu answered the phone, only to hear Zeng Yanan say excitedly on the other end: "Jiang Yu, I have good news for you!"

Jiang Yu was a little puzzled, what kind of good news could make editor Zeng Yanan so excited?

"What's wrong, Sister Zeng?"

Zeng Yanan smiled from ear to ear, she said: "Jiang Yu, thank you very much, thank you for recommending our magazine's Taobao store on Weibo. Because of your recommendation, all the items in our flagship store are sold out. Even the set of 12 magazines that cost 180 yuan from last year have sold more than 5,000 copies. All the items are sold out within a day and the magazine with you as the cover is sold out within 10 minutes. Your fans are very urging, and they all ask when it will be restocked to our customer service. I have initially allocated some goods for online sales, but who knew that our magazine was even in short supply! It just went to check on the market today, in the whole city, all bookstores and newsstands were sold out. They called to order more magazines via phone, but where did we get them? This issue originally printed 100,000 copies, but we didn’t expect it to still be not enough."

Hearing that Zeng Yanan was happy, Jiang Yu walked to the balcony with her mobile phone. She smiled and said, "Congratulations to Sister Zeng!"

"Thank you Jiang Yu." Zeng Yanan said with some emotion: "Sister really wants to thank you. Actually, our magazine hasn't had such sales for many years."

Jiang Yu was stunned. Indeed, in the prevailing environment of e-books, the road of paper media was getting harder and harder.

"Now that e-books are prevalent, magazines have closed down one after another. Many magazines can’t even pay wages and have been in arrears in author fees. <Weiwei> was able to survive because of the large number of advertisements involved since the early stage, but it can barely be maintained. Magazines have also begun to figure out the way to do e-books. To be honest, I have been in the business for more than 20 years and watched the paper media go downhill day by day. I feel that the burden on my body is getting heavier and heavier. I insist on reading paper books. I don’t want my children in the future to read books only at the computer, but it’s useless and the circulation of magazines can’t increase.”

After hearing these words, Jiang Yu's mood also became heavier. Indeed, the road for paper media was getting narrower and narrower. "I seem to have heard that the circulation of <Weiwei> has always been good?" She checked it before, and the circulation was quite large.

"That's before." Zeng Yanan laughed at herself: "In order to get advertisers to invest money, the published circulation of the magazine has been very imaginary. Some magazines actually have a circulation of less than 2%, almost in bankruptcy." Zeng Yanan's heart became heavy when she said this.

Upon hearing this, Jiang Yu smiled and said, "Sister, it's obviously happy news, why are you feeling sad?"

Zeng Yanan was happy again and said: "That's right, I should be happy! Jiang Yu, the demand for this issue of magazine is high. According to preliminary statistics, there are at least 200,000 copies already demanded by many vendors, so our magazine decided to print another 300,000 copies to the market. It is sold online, and some of it will be sold on flagship stores and other platforms."

"This is good. I hope Weiwei will get better."

"This is thanks to you!" Zeng Yanan loves Jiang Yu to death. "By the way, Jiang Yu, we will also depend on you for the next manuscript!"

"Ah..." Jiang Yu wanted to say that she was really busy.

"Jiang Yu, sister depends on you. Do you want to watch our magazine go bankrupt?"

Jiang Yu swallowed and smiled helplessly: "It seems that I have a heavy responsibility!"

"No, you are my lucky star!"

In the end, Zeng Yanan sent a private message to Jiang Yu, saying that this issue of the magazine eventually printed 300,000 copies. They would be used to fill up the demands from vendors and the rest would be put to online sales.

Because of Jiang Yu's recommendation, the flagship store's sales exceeded 2 million that day. The magazine’s management was so excited that it praised Zeng Yanan and instructed her to hold Jiang Yu's big leg tightly.

Jiang Yu, who heard the news from Durres, couldn't decide whether to laugh or cry. Were her legs that big?

At the same time, Out of Bath Makeup was really on fire.

At the beginning, Jiang Yu only knew that magazines were selling hot, but when Jiang Yu and Durres were taking photos on the street, she realized that many girls on the street were wearing out of bath makeup. Many people also leave messages online:

——Jiang Yu Dada, I read the magazine. It's really beautiful, but I don't quite understand the two steps of bath makeup. Can you please give me an answer?

——Dada, can you do live broadcast to teach out of bath makeup directly?

——Jiang Yu Dada, do you dare to open a live broadcast? Do you dare? Do you dare? Will you die by seeing the light?

Jiang Yu seriously thought about their suggestion, live broadcast? Yes, instead of working so hard to make a long Weibo, it’s better to start a live broadcast to save trouble. The most important thing was that in this life, she really wanted to promote out of bath makeup. If she taught makeup on the live broadcast, she could add fire to the out of bath makeup again. 

Thinking of this, Jiang Yu purchased professional live broadcast equipment online. 

Some people might wonder, live broadcast also needed equipment? Wasn’t it enough to use mobile phone directly? Then Jiang Yu would tell them that they were wrong. Some Internet celebrities were mini-type during the live broadcast, but fans almost cry to death when they saw the real look. How did their mini anchor become a plus? How did the tiny legs become elephant legs? Why did the fair skin become pockmarked? How did the high nose become a protruding nose? These were all thanks to professional makeup techniques and professional video equipment.

In terms of makeup, Jiang Yu was already professional, so as long as she got the video equipment, it would be OK.

Some people would say that Jiang Yu looked so beautiful, why she still needed to engage in these fakes? But Jiang Yu thought, would everyone think that she was too beautiful?

Therefore, Jiang Yu made a special search on the Internet and finally added a beautifying light and a professional tripod to her shopping cart. The beautifying light was round and could be clipped to the phone. This way, it would make her look better. Her face would become softer and looked like it had Photoshop effect. The importance of lighting didn’t need to be explained. People could see the difference directly. The tripod allowed Jiang Yu to free her hands for makeup.

After placing the order, Jiang Yu consulted the seller. Although it was delivered from the same city, it would not arrive until tomorrow.

Jiang Yu returned to the rental apartment after receiving the goods. Before going to bed, she flipped through Weibo again, only to see a netizen with the name of @Red Team waiting for Deng to Post asked:

[Dada, this summer I went to the beach to play and I was severely tanned. I am a student and I don’t have much money, can you tell me which whitening products are easy to use? Can I whiten the skin by sticking cucumbers? Or, should I just go straight for a whitening injection?]

The following group of people seconded and asked Jiang Yu to introduce whitening products.

Jiang Yu realized that many girls in China wanted whitening. She thought about it seriously. Whitening and weight loss were indeed the big plans of many girls. So she started editing Weibo:

[Many people think that cucumber can whiten the skin when in fact, cucumber paste is not only difficult to achieve the effect of hydrating and whitening, but it can easily dry out the skin. I also don't recommend whitening injections. Although the whitening injections’ result can easily be seen, the side effects are even more obvious. For whitening, in addition to food supplements, the best way is to apply whitening skin care products. Below are my evaluations on several whitening skin care products on the market:

1. SK-II small light bulb essence claimed to brighten the skin like a flash of lightning. To say lightning is a bit exaggerated, but it is still possible to become a small electric light bulb. Persistent use can make the facial skin at least as white as the inner thighs, or even whiter. It can also reduce acne marks, but there will be occasional tingling sensation when used. People with sensitive skin should use with caution.

2. Shiseido has several whitening essences. Among them, Vital-Perfection essence is better than the newly released whitening product. It moisturizes, brighten, and does not dry out, but there will be a feeling of hate when it is all used up.

3. Daiso whitening essence. This whitening essence is just the price of cabbage. Daiso is known as a 10 yuan store from Japan, so you can buy a small bottle of for just around 10 yuan. What's awesome is that the whitening effect is still very good. If you want, you can even directly use it to coat your entire body. At this price, it won't hurt even if you slather yourself in it.

In addition to the above whitening products for external use, the whitening pills from POLA, FANCL, Be Blanche, and other brands are relatively safe, but the effect is slow. If I really have to recommend one, maybe I would recommend Be Blanche. The price is moderate and the effect is good, but still needs to be used with caution.]

After posting this Weibo, Jiang Yu took advantage of this review being reposted frantically, and then reposted the Weibo with another message:

[Dear friends, many people don't know how to apply out of bath makeup, so Jiang Yu decided to teach you how to on the live broadcast. I will see you at 8 o'clock tomorrow night.]

After the announcement was finished, Jiang Yu washed and went to bed.

Jiang Yu was sleeping, but Gu Shenliu, who couldn't sleep, was scanning Weibo on his laptop. As soon as he refreshed the page, Jiang Yu had posted two new Weibo posts.

Gu Shenliu clicked to take a look. Live makeup tutorial tomorrow night at 8 o'clock? He pondered for a moment, picked up his phone and edited a message.

Soon, Gao Jing received a WeChat message from Gu Shenliu: [Cancel tomorrow night's event.]

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