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Weibo Big V’s Daily Entertainment Circle – Chapter 19

WBVDEC Chapter 19 – Start

——Dada, are you really going to let me eat dirt this month?

——Another wave of product review. I was greatly moved by those who never bought lipstick.

——Dada, is this lipstick really easy to use? Is it expensive? I am a student and can't afford too expensive ones.

——I went to Taobao to see, and many of them were out of stock. It can be said that in the moment, the ones in stock were all sold out. The seller said that the items were bought due to review by someone named Jiang Yu!

Jiang Yu was amused by these lovely netizens. She replied to a few comments and then closed her Weibo page. She took out her sketchbook and started designing the next batch of clothing.

In the morning of the next day, Jiang Yu packed her bag and brought some money. She planned to go directly to the school to reregister and paid for tuitiont after seeing Durres.

Early in the morning, Bei Xiaoxiao’s family came to take her to school, saying that they would help her clean up the dormitory bed. Only then Jiang Yu realized that since she was reborn, the original owner’s family hadn’t even made one phone call. 

In Jiang Yu’s memory, the original owner was not an orphan. But how could normal parents let their daughter work for two months and live outside without calling at all? They didn't even ask the daughter if she had enough money to pay for school tuition. But, she actually felt relieved that the original owner’s parents didn't look for her.

Jiang Yu’s appointment time with Durres was nine o'clock in the morning, and the location was the coffee shop at the gate of her community. She went to the coffee shop to wait for him early.

At nine o’clock exactly, Jiang Yu was reading a fashion magazine when suddenly, the smell of Jo Malone’s sea salt cologne came. Jiang Yu was taken aback. When she looked up, she saw a short haired man wearing mint green tights, white floral T-shirt, and a scarf stood in front of her.

To be honest, the man was handsome and tall, but he liked to twist his waist when he walked and squinted his eyes when watching people. The glamorous puff on his body was rushing towards people’s face, which made it hard to ignore.

"Jiang Yu, is it?" The man snorted softly and sat down in front of Jiang Yu proudly.

Jiang Yu smiled, opened the menu and handed it to the man, "I don't know how I should call you?"



Jiang Yu was slightly surprised, and almost sprayed out a mouthful of water. She couldn't believe it and asked, "Pardon?"

"Durres!" Durres frowned and glanced at Jiang Yu in disgust, "Why, my name is so bad?"

"No, No. That’s not the case." Jiang Yu reacted quickly and smiled: "A nice name."

It was the first time Durres heard someone commented on his name like this, but he didn't let Jiang Yu go and deliberately asked the reason. "Oh? Nice? Tell me, in which way it was a nice name!"

Jiang Yu was still calm. She tapped her fingers on the table and squinted her eyes. "How can I say it, compared to Okamoto, Jissbon, Trojan, Dulux… I think Durres is obviously both a unique and suitable name." (TN: Durres name is written 杜雷斯/Dù léi sī which is Durex, a condom brand. I spelled it as Durres because it was better looking .)(TN: Okamoto, Jissbon, Trojan are all condom brand, while Dulux is paint brand.)

Durres was amused. He looked carefully at Jiang Yu for a moment, then nodded and said, "You are a good seed."

"Thank you." Jiang Yu blinked.

"Oh! I don't see it. You have a thick face!" Durres smiled.

"I'm taking it as a compliment." Jiang Yu had many gay friends in her previous life. She was very kind when she met Durres and asked with a smile: "How about it? Do you agree to be my special photographer? You know, I don’t like that many photographers! After all, my vision is high. The people I like are a symbol of class and strength."

"Certainly! Don't put a hat on me." Durres was convinced by Jiang Yu. He thought she was a very cautious little girl, but she had good communication skills. However, this temperament suited his taste very well. Durres instantly decided to classify Jiang Yu as his best friend. 

Thinking of the information on Jiang Yu he found on the Internet, Durres suddenly became interested in gossip. He mysteriously hooked his finger, and whispered to the nearby Jiang Yu: "If I remember correctly, Gu Shenliu liked your Weibo."

Jiang Yu nodded, "Yes."

"Yes? That's it?" Durres smiled angrily with his hands on his hips. He had an expression of hating iron for not being steel. "I said Jiang Yu, a man like Gu Shenliu, regardless of appearance or family background, is the best of the best. This man is clean and climbed up on his own. He was neither nurtured by a rich woman nor relied on his genitals. He is Diamond! He is known as the ancestor of the abstinence system. Even when such a man likes your post on Weibo, don't you have any other ideas?"

After hearing this, Jiang Yu realized with hindsight that according to the normal routine, she really should have an expectation. She thought about it for a moment. "What should a normal person do?"

"What to do?" Durres taught Jiang Yu one by one, "Normal people will try to get close to him."

Jiang Yu didn't agree with this, she was really puzzled, "Why? Why should I approach him? He just gave me like, that's all!"

"Why? You still don't think a like is enough?" Durres was a bit puzzled by Jiang Yu uncivilized mind. He rolled his eyes and hummed, "With my understanding of Gu Shenliu, if he can like your post, then that's enough! Maybe he is now hiding behind the computer and peeking at all your Weibo."

"How do you know?" Jiang Yu really felt that there was no such possibility. She was not a teenage girl that would blush for a long time after a handsome man smiled at her.

"How do I know?" Durres cut and continued to roll his eyes. He pointed himself and said: "I, Durres, have slept with more men than you!"

Jiang Yu was petrified, so… Durres wouldn’t be wrong!

Durress didn’t know why. Although it’s the first time they met, he felt so close already with Jiang Yu. After training Jiang Yu for a long time, he coughed, straightened the silk scarf around his neck, and said: "Okay, let’s get down to business. You know, a photographer of my level has downgrade himself to help you shoot for Taobao. This is an insult to me, but you suit my taste very well so I still want to make friends with you. Yes, let’s do this, I can promise to be your photographer, but you also promise me one condition."

Jiang Yu smiled. She sat back on the sofa to look at Durres. "Um?"

Durres clicked on Zeng Yanan’s Weibo private message and showed Jiang Yu, "See it for yourself! Zeng Yanan knew that you were looking for me to take pictures, and sent me hundreds of private messages, asking me to convince you to take pictures for <Weiwei> magazine. If you are a cover girl, I think that my Durres level won’t be downgraded too low. So if you want me to take Taobao photos for you, you have to let me take your photo as the cover of <Weiwei>. It is also to improve your style!"

Jiang Yu didn’t agree to Zeng Yanan because she was too busy, but in fact, being able to be in a magazine like <Weiwei> could help her attract many young fans and also helped her improve her reputation. Now that she was a bit free, the request was not unreasonable. She could try. Moreover, a photographer like Durres was a rare find. Thinking of this, Jiang Yu smiled and nodded: "Okay! I agree." After speaking, she stretched out her hand: "Happy cooperation!"

At the same time, Gao Jing opened the door of Gu Shenliu's house. He walked into the room and smelled a choking smoke. A figure was standing in front of the heavy curtains of the French windows. "Shenliu?"

Gu Shenliu was standing in front of the floor-to-ceiling window, holding a cup of coffee in his right hand and a cigarette in his left. He didn't make a sound. He just stared silently at the sun.

"You can’t slept again last night?" Gao Jing walked to Gu Shenliu with a worried expression.


"Should… Should I ask for a leave for you? You've been tired for so many days. It's not good to continue like this."

"No." Gu Shenliu frowned and refused, "I'll wash up. Let’s go to the crew together later."

Listening to the sound of water in the bathroom, Gao Jing picked up a few bottles on the ground. It was melatonin and sleeping pills bottles. He counted the number of sleeping pills inside and found it was seven less than yesterday. Gao Jing's heart tightened. As a friend, he really couldn't bear to watch Gu Shenliu consume his life this way every day.

However, all doctors had no solution… Wait, No, there was another way! Thinking of what Gu Shenliu had said, Jiang Yu flashed before Gao Jing's eyes.

There was a glimmer of hope in Gao Jing. Thinking that Shen University had sent a letter to Gu Shenliu, inviting him to give a speech at the school opening ceremony representing successful alumnus, Gao Jing suddenly had an idea. He quickly picked up the phone: "Hello, Principal Sun…"

Although Jiang Yu from the previous life was not beautiful, she was very popular and got along with everyone. It was probably because she was ordinary and not threatening that everyone wanted to be friends with her. 

Now, Jiang Yu had never felt such a strange atmosphere like this where she became too Popular everywhere.

After paying the tuition, Jiang Yu entered her dormitory. The originally noisy dormitory became silent because of her sudden entry. Except for her, all the roommates raised their eyebrows and silently conveyed information. Everyone reached an unprecedented tacit understanding. Everyone seemed to agree to not talk to Jiang Yu, didn't look at her, and ignored her like a transparent person.

Even verbal sarcasm was better than this. Jiang Yu felt that everyone treated her as a fool. Everyone laugh, whisper, and speak ill of her silently. This was disgusting. Cold violence didn’t leave any evidence but still devastating for young girls!

Cold violence!

This word flashed in Jiang Yu's heart. Perhaps it was because she had seen some posts about students being squeezed out in her previous life, she especially didn't like to engage in this act among dormitory members.

Jiang Yu lowered his head and walked to the empty bed. After she was sure it was her own bed, she fetched water and started to wipe her table. The dormitory conditions of Shen University Fashion Department’s were pretty good. There were only four people in a dormitory. Each had their own bed. The beds were on the upper bunk and the lower bunk was a closet plus desk. There were only a few very earthy clothes in Jiangyu’s closet. On the desk, there were only some reference books. 

Jiang Yu simply cleaned her things and took her kettle to fetch hot water downstairs. She intended to iron her towels with hot water. But who knew, after she came back, she saw some strange things piled on her desk upon entrance. She frowned and approached, but when she saw those things, her face completely sank.

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