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Weibo Big V’s Daily Entertainment Circle – Chapter 21

WBVDEC Chapter 21 – Putting Make Up

Jiang Yu and Gu Shenliu’s eyes met, the two looked at each other, and then turned their heads away.

Gao Jing walked to the edge of Jiang Yu and said enthusiastically: "What a coincidence, Jiang Yu?"

Su Jingyi and Principal Wen stared at Jiang Yu in disbelief, with obvious shock in their eyes. Jiang Yu actually knew Gao Jing? In other words, she should also be involved with Gu Shenliu? Was this... possible? Jiang Yu was an ordinary college student, how could she know the movie emperor?

Most of the alumni of Shen University went home during the holiday. After returning home, they would visit relatives and friends. In short, the students were very busy. There was no time to go to Weibo at all. Therefore, few people in Shen University know about Jiang Yu’s fame on the Internet. Besides, even if they knew, they didn’t dare to recognize Jiang Yu. After all, Jiang Yu was very inconspicuous in reality. She and Jiang Yu, the dazzling stylist on the Internet, had nothing in common.

Facing the enthusiasm of Gao Jing, Jiang Yu smiled and nodded in greeting: "Hello, we meet again."

"We have met several times in just a few days. With such a fate, if you don't sign up to be my artist, you can't justify it!" Gao Jing hadn't forgotten this. He blinked at Jiang Yu and tried his best to persuade: "How about it? Be my artist! Brother will be very good to you. Gu Shenliu will also take care of you. You can eat and live with Gu Shenliu, and you can even take a peek at Gu Shenliu's at the bath or whatever. In short, there are so many benefits!"

Jiang Yu laughed. She was not a pervert, why would she want to take a peek of Shenliu showering? Even if Gao Jing wanted her to sign a contract, he didn't have to seduce her like this. However, everyone's attention was different from her. 

Sign up? Gao Jing was trying to sign Jiang Yu?

Even the well-informed principal Wen was shocked. With Gao Jing’s status today, if Jiang Yu signed the contract, she would become Gu Shenliu’s junior. According to the rules of the entertainment industry, Gu Shenliu would definitely lead her on her debut. In this way, there was no way Jiang Yu wouldn’t be popular. If that was the case, the Shen University might have another outstanding alumnus.

Everyone waited for Jiang Yu to nod and agree, but who knew Jiang Yu didn't move at all, "Sorry, I'm not free."

She refused so simply and completely! Everyone fell down and looked at Jiang Yu like she was an idiot.

Gao Jing wanted to sign her, but she didn’t agree? How big a face that she had? She actually refused to be Gu Shenliu's little junior sister?! Everyone wanted to catch Jiang Yu and shook her to see if there was water in her head!

Gao Jing smiled and touched Gu Shenliu with his arm, teasing: "It's over! She refused me again! My heart hurts! Shenliu, it seems that your charm is not working. The little junior girl doesn't even want to watch you take a bath!"

Gu Shenliu didn't bother to care about Gao Jing at all. He only said, "If you omitted a few words, maybe she will change her mind." After he finished speaking, he glanced at Jiang Yu and said in a deep voice, "It's hot. Go in and talk!"

Shen University was a well-known 985 University in the city. The school was difficult to enter. Even locals needed considerable scores. In recent years, Shen University had become famous throughout the country, and many outstanding graduates were trying to go to Shen University. However, most of them were girls. There was no other reason, just because Gu Shenliu was an outstanding alumnus of this university. 

Gu Shenliu was not a movie related major graduate. Before entering the entertainment industry, he was a schoolmaster. When he became popular, it was very positive, so because of this, Shen University was willing to invite him to give a speech. Gu Shenliu had refused several times before because of his busy work. But Principal Wen did not expect Gao Jing to call in the morning saying that Gu Shenliu specially pushed all his activities to come to the school to give a speech.

Principal Wen was very happy. He had a personal relationship with the Gu family, which was equivalent to him watching Gu Shenliu grew up. He knew the strength of Gu Shenliu. If such a person could come to the school to give a speech, he would definitely set a good example for the younger students. When the video of the speech got circulated later, it would also have a good publicity effect for the school.

At first, Jiang Yu thought that she was studying in an underdeveloped fashion department. After all, most of the domestic fashion departments were on colleges. She didn't expect that it turned out to be a fashion department in a comprehensive university.

Jiang Yu wore the same dress as Su Jingyi, a red cheongsam. Su Jingyi’s role was to host the speech. That was, to let everyone know what would be done next. Jiang Yu was in charge of etiquette. Checking the microphone, guiding down the guest, and so on.

"Jiang Yu, as you know Gu Shenliu, why don't you go backstage and see if he is comfortable?" Su Jingyi was a little nervous and kept sighing deeply.

Jiang Yu paused, nodded and said, "Okay, I'll go take a look." As soon as she walked backstage, she heard Gao Jing cursing.

"Xiao Zhuang, how did you become an assistant?! You haven’t contacted the make-up artist until now? Do you want Shenliu to speak on stage with no makeup?" Not knowing what was said over the phone, Gao Jing was so angry that he threw the phone on the table.

Sitting on the chair, Gu Shenliu frowned, "It is a small occasion. No makeup is needed."

"That's not the point." Gao Jing said with air: "This Xiao Zhuang is too unreliable. I will scold him tomorrow! Although it is a small occasion, this kind of occasion is actually the easiest to attract fans. When you give a speech today, if nothing goes wrong, the speech will definitely be watched by fans many times. The effect will be no worse than receiving an award."

Gao Jing made sense. Now fans were easy to be attracted by some cute details, such as beautiful hands and domineering voice. Once the video of today's speech was widely spread, a good make-up and styling would definitely give Gu Shenliu extra points.

Gu Shenliu was silent for a moment, and said, "I will do it simply by myself."

"But you still need to do your hair!" Gao Jing was still very angry.

Jiang Yu, who heard these conversations, entered the lounge. Although the two really needed help, and fighting fires was also the responsibility of a stylist, she actually really didn't want to take care of this problem.

Seeing Jiang Yu entered the room, Gao Jing was stunned for a moment. But then the corners of his lips rose, revealing a smirk. "Liitle sister, I remember you are good at makeup and styling?"

Jiang Yu paused and smiled harmlessly, "Actually, my make-up skill is very ordinary."

"Really? But I clearly remember that your Weibo authentication name is @Stylist Jiang Yu. Since you are a stylist, it should be possible to makeup our Shenliu, right?"

"I am very busy."

"It seems that I have to go and talk to Headmaster Wen in person..."

Jiang Yu: "…" 

Was actor’s agent so unreasonable these days? But, should she really need to wait for the principal to give instructions? Jiang Yu sighed and resignedly fetched her cosmetic bag from outside. "Count what I owe you in my last life!"

Gao Jing kept snickering, "Little Junior Sister, we are very fortunate to have you!"

Jiang Yu snorted and opened her makeup bag. Inside were the tools she brought to make up for herself. Since her rebirth, Jiang Yu had only done styling for herself. It had been a long time since she picked up makeup tools and applied them on other people’s faces. 

Now, when Jiang Yu picked up the cotton pad, she just felt as if she had returned to her previous life. That she was still the popular stylist who was praised by many celebrities.

Jiang Yu poured some toner and picked up a cotton pad to help Gu Shenliu clean his skin. Only with clean skin, makeup would be applied perfectly. This was her habit for many years.

At this distance, Jiang Yu realized that Gu Shenliu’s skin was very fair. It was not a problem if he used a foundation with the same color number as her. Speaking of which, Gu Shenliu’s skin was very good. Even after wearing makeup for so many years, his skin was flawless. There were no pores, no acne, and no wrinkles.

Many celebrities looked good on camera, but privately they were not as good as ordinary people. Most celebrities had a lot of flaws on their faces because they wore thick makeup for a long period of time every day. People like Gu Shenliu were extraordinary.

Jiang Yu carefully pressed and wiped Gu Shenliu's face. 

During the whole process, Gu Shenliu kept his eyes closed. In fact, when Jiang Yu approached, the sound of the train in his ears directly disappeared. At this moment, he heard many small sounds, and even the girls’s breathing could be heard. Her breathing was very smooth, not the slightest bit cramped. There was no tension of doing something for him for the first time.

When Jiang Yu's hand touched his skin, Gu Shenliu only felt a cold touch crawling on him a little bit, and a scent of sea salt was passed over. The girl's hands were very soft and flexible, so when they move on his face, they didn’t make him feel uncomfortable.

If he hadn't known that the girl was a sophomore student, Gu Shenliu would have thought that she was a professional makeup artist. Jiang Yu's hands were very slender. She looked like she was engaged in artistic creation with makeup tools. As if she was thinking about what kind of masterpiece she could make on his face.

After a while, Jiang Yu began to unscrew the bottles and containers and started smearing them on Gu Shenliu’s face. Although it seemed that there were a lot of processes, in fact she only applied simple primer after skin care, and then gave him a good touch up. 

Gu Shenliu's natural exquisite contours were already perfect. They highlighted his facial features, especially his eyes… From a stylist's point of view, Gu Shenliu's eyes were very deep, and cameras would definitely closed up on his eyes when he spoke. A bit of makeup that couldn’t be seen but could highlight the deepness of his eyes would suit him.

In this way, in less than 3 minutes, Jiang Yu was done with Gu Shenliu's makeup. And then she used a hairdryer to blow Gu Shenliu's hair. Gu Shenliu's looks and temperament were not suitable for casual dressing. So Jiang Yu directly combed his hair to reveal the beauty of his forehead. However, this kind of hair would be slightly too formal. It would make people have a sense of distance, not suitable for occasions like today. A competent senior alumnus should be both elegant in demeanor, but also friendly. Far enough away that people couldn't reach, but still close like big brother next door.

Jiang Yu grasped this point well, so she messed up the neatly combed hair again. In this way, the style had been finalized. Gu Shenliu would look much easier to get along with. This style also matched Gu Shenliu's casual suit.

Jiang Yu did everything in ten minutes.

"Done so quick?" Gao Jing walked in with a smile. When he saw Gu Shenliu's style in the mirror, he was taken aback for a while. He then said: "Did you do this?"

Gao Jing intentionally asked Jiang Yu to help Gu Shenliu for makeup and hair, but he was also selfish. He originally wanted to make Gu Shenliu’s voice disappear and postponed the speech until the real makeup artist arrive. He didn’t expect Jiang Yu to really do good styling. After all, he was in the entertainment industry for so many years, which good stylist he hadn't seen? At his level, there were very few things that could make him stop in admiration. So he didn’t expect to feel shocked seeing Gu Shenliu in front of him.

How should he said, no matter how handsome a person was, if looked every day, there would still be aesthetic fatigue. Gao Jing looked at Gu Shenliu's face every day, so he rarely paid attention to it anymore. However, Gu Shenliu this time seemed to be wearing makeup but also seemed not. It was just his silhouette became obviously more perfect than usual. With today's look, Gu Shenliu was simply a rich man, especially suitable for the occasion!

Not to mention, with the changed style, Gu Shenliu at this moment looked like a person that had read all the books in the world, so knowledgeable! Gao Jing's surprise was beyond words: "Is this really done by you?"

Jiang Yu glanced at Gao Jing. This man was rare and weird! Such a simple shape was worth his surprise? "If not? You did it?"

Gao Jing choked and then praised: "Not bad, Jiang Yu. With your skill, it's more than enough to open a studio!"

"Thank you for the compliment." Jiang Yu's complexion was calm, as if she was used to the compliment. She also began to pack her makeup tools. She was about to leave with her cosmetic bag when she suddenly felt a pain in her wrist. As soon as she turned her head, she saw Gu Shenliu leaning on the back of her hand.

Gao Jing was also taken aback.

Gu Shenliu’s eyes were closed. He was breathing smoothly, apparently deep asleep. Jiang Yu picked up her makeup brush and tapped on the back of Gu Shenliu’s head. "Hey, wake up!"

Gao Jing almost fainted and quickly walked over to stop Jiang Yu, "My little ancestor! Don't wake him up, let him sleep. He hadn’t sleep for many days."

Jiang Yu frowned, thinking about the authenticity of what Gao Jing said. In fact, even if what he said was true, it didn't really matter to her. But, somehow, when Jiang Yu saw the extremely peaceful Gu Shenliu, she couldn't help but stop pulling back her hand. 

When Jiang Yu applied make-up on Gu Shenliu, she noticed the black green circles under his eyes. It should have been a really long time since he rested, right? In any industry, people who could reach the top of the pyramid were really not ordinary people, and actors should be the same. To be able to stand where he was today, Gu Shenliu would have given many efforts.

Thinking of this, Jiang Yu sighed and stood still. Although it only took a few minutes, the man behind her completely leaned on her, pressing down like a mountain.

At this moment, Jiang Yu felt that her arm was about to fall. But suddenly Gu Shenliu moved. Jiang Yu saw through the mirror when his narrow and deep eyes suddenly opened. A sense of oppression suddenly struck, and being held down by him like this, the first time she was so close to a man, Jiang Yu felt a little uncomfortable.

Gu Shenliu immediately realized what had happened. He let go of Jiang Yu, his voice dull: "Sorry."

Jiang Yu shrugged. The other party was so polite so she couldn't say anything. "The time is up. Get ready to speak on stage!"

"Yeah." Gu Shenliu replied.

When Jiang Yu went out, Gao Jing came over jokingly: "How about it? Sleep feels good in her arms, right?"

Gu Shenliu frowned, "What nonsense!"

"Nonsense? Why is this nonsense? You have a cleanliness addiction and everyone knows that. Which girl usually uses perfume that smells a little bit stronger can be distinguished by you, and you also know it. Until now, I have never seen a girl you have had physical contact with, but you actually slept with Jiang Yu for so long just now. You still dare to say that you have no crooked thoughts about others?!"

Gu Shenliu was about to plead, but saw Gao Jing smile wickedly. "You want to sleep when you get close to her. Of course your ears would be one of the reasons, but holding her to sleep makes it an entirely different thing."

Seeing Gu Shenliu thinking hard and frowning, Gao Jing patted him on the shoulder and said: "Be glad for this blessing! The little girl is not easy to deal with, but I can offer you a plan."

Gu Shenliu was silent.

Gao Jing leaned on Gu Shenliu ears, and smiled, "I'm ready to strip off everything and seduce her. Success guaranteed!"

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