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Weibo Big V’s Daily Entertainment Circle – Chapter 24 Part 2 of 2

WBVDEC Chapter 24 – Live Streaming (2)

——Dada, I remembered it!

——Dada, you are responsible for my wallet deflation!

——If you don't have money, you won't be worthy being Dada’s fans. After all, there is a kind of sadness called I can’t afford something Dada recommend

While Jiang Yu was talking, there was a frantic flash of rewards on the screen. Although there were a lot of rewards, because she had mostly female fans, and because she was not a professional anchor, she didn’t act cute with the viewers. She didn’t whisper something like ‘I love you~’ or others. Therefore, most of her rewards were one or two yuan. Occasionally there would be reward worth hundreds of yuan, but they were not particularly often.

Jiang Yu liked this. She was not short of money and didn’t expect live broadcast rewards to support her life. Instead, too many rewards would make her feel guilty and burdened.

Jiang Yu smiled and picked up a toner. "Everyone must moisturize before putting on makeup. If your skin is dry and you have a date the next day, you can apply a sleeping mask the night before and then apply a moisturizing mask the next morning. As a result, it will be easier to apply makeup to your skin. Okay, now I’m done moisturizing, let’s start makeup. In fact, the essence of bath makeup lies in this primer. The application method I invented is different from other people…"

Because of Jiang Yu's recent fame on the Internet, more and more people had poured into her live broadcast room.

Jiang Yu explained and put on makeup. During the process, she also answered questions from the barrage. Because she acted professional, she was especially liked by everyone.

For example, @Little Demon asks: "Jiang Yu, my makeup brush is dirty and can't be cleaned, what should I do?"

Jiang Yu smiled and replied: "In fact, it is very easy to solve. Go to Taobao and search for the keyword #Makeup brush biochemical cotton#. You can buy this item for cleaning makeup brushes for a few yuan. This thing is very good for washing brushes and can be used endlessly, very cost-effective." (TN: Makeup brush biochemical cotton = 妆刷生化棉)

After speaking, Jiang Yu took a box from the table and opened it: "See, it looks like this. You can buy one and try it. It is only a few yuan but very useful."

——I'll go and buy.

——I am too.

——You are simply the conscience of the industry.

In this way, by the time the live broadcast passed 15 minutes, the number of viewers in the room had exceeded 1 million. In addition, the live broadcast room had always been very harmonious. Everyone was happily discussing the issue of makeup and skin care, but unexpectedly, a discordant voice flashed through.

——Foolish anchor! Where did this viewer count come from! 1 million? Who do you think you are! Why are you overwhelming my Cao Dayi!"

Jiang Yu happened to see this comment and wondered: "Who is Cao Dayi?"

——Dada, you don’t know Cao Dayi? Cao Dayi is the hottest live broadcast anchor for teaching makeup on this platform. Every time her live broadcast is opened, millions of people watch it at the same time. This person is probably a fan of Cao Dayi, so don't bother.

——Her fans must be a little unhappy when they see what they like being underneath you!

After everyone's explanation, Jiang Yu learned that the platform she used was different from other platforms. People could see the live broadcast ranking of the anchors all the time. That was to say, she ranked first and this person named Cao Dayi was pressed below. Therefore, Cao Dayi fans were not happy.

The man returned soon:

——Stupid anchor! She looks really ugly! She is not as pretty as my Cao Dayi, and your fans not even give you gifts, huh! How can my Cao Dayi be suppressed by someone like you!"

After that, Jiang Yu's ranking dropped one place.

——Jiang Yu Dada, this person gave Cao Dayi 100,000 yuan! You are now pressed underneath.

"Huh?" Jiang Yu looked confused, didn't this person feel bad for so much money? "Oh…"

Jiang Yu didn't feel anything. When she was pressed, then so be it. She didn't feel so serious about gains and losses, so Jiang Yu continued to teach makeup: "When drawing out of bath makeup, you must pay attention to the choice of blush..." However, even though she didn’t care, but her fans got angry at this person.  Jiang Yu broadcasted well and ranked higher only meant that his Cao Dayi was not good enough. Why should he blame their anchor? He had money, but did he think we have no money?

Fans exclaimed: 

——I will reward the anchor with 100! Crush him to death!

——I don't have any money, I will give 10 yuan to the anchor to help out!

——I am a student, I’ll give 20! Although 20 is not much, this is my pocket money!

Everyone was madly rewarding, but even so, it was still smaller than Cao Dayi’d. After all, Cao Dayi's room had just received a reward of 100,000 yuan!

Jiang Yu smiled and calmed everyone: "Don't get upset! You don't need to keep giving me rewards! Keep the money and use it yourself!"

Gu family.

In recent years, Gu’s family had rarely held banquets. This time, the eldest young master Gu Linlu organized a banquet on a whim and asked Gu Shenliu to attend. In addition to regain communication with friends and colleagues, he also had a selfish heart—to find a partner for Gu Shenliu.

 Gu Linlu had deeply felt over the years that his younger brother had grown up and ignored his words as an older brother. He had asked him to find someone, but after so many years, he never brought a woman to come back. Now the Gu family's requirements for Gu Shenliu’s partner were so low that they only needed the person to be a woman. (TN: Not like there is nothing wrong if it is a man  - MD)

"Gao Jing, where's Shenliu?" Gu Linlu followed his brother out of the house.

Gao Jing looked around and shook his head: "I didn't see him, wasn't he with you just now?"

Gu Linlu sighed, knowing that Gu Shenliu had deliberately avoided them, he laughed mockingly: "He thought I was annoying, so he avoided me too. How can he do a blind date with this temperament?"

Gao Jing also sighed, saying that there were many secrets in a wealthy family, but Gu family was a peculiar one. 

When other rich families with multiple young masters were all full of intrigues, the Gu family’s brothers was unexpectedly harmonious. At one time, Father Gu, Gu Changming, wanted to make a will and called his three sons back to discuss.

Eldest Young Master Gu said, "Give them to someone you love, I don't want your property!" Father Gu was half dead with anger!

Second Young Master Gu said: "Give them to whoever wants it, I don't want your property!" Father Gu was on the verge of death.

Seeing the two brothers doing this, Gu Shenliu said to Father Gu, "Why do they throw things that they don't want to me?"

At that time, Father Gu was so angry that he almost fell to the ground. He was very pleased that all his three sons have the ability, but it was also a problem to push him around like this.

When Gao Jing saw this scene, he almost didn't believe his eyes. He looked angry and shouted in his heart: "Come on, hurt each other! If you all don’t want it, give me the property!"

As the contact with Gu family increased, Gao Jing learned that Gu Shenliu's two older brothers knew about Gu Shenliu's sleep problen since they were young. They loved their younger brother and were determined to give Gu's property to Gu Shenliu since they were young. This way, the two elder brothers worked hard for the younger brother, and they made great achievements. The company founded by Eldest Young Master Gu was listed when he was only 25 years old. The Second Young Master Gu was a genius. He was working in a research institute and was obsessed all day long. Because of a polymer structure, he couldn’t extricate myself, and he had no interest in the family business at all.

Gu Linlu looked at Gao Jing and said, "Is there any situation with Shenliu recently?"

"Huh?" Gao Jing shook his head: "No!"

"Really? Maybe I think too much."

Gu Linlu took a sip of wine, Grenache wine from the Mediterranean region, with its unique spicy aroma.

Gao Jing didn't know what he thought of, and suddenly said, "However, something strange happened recently..."

The lights were dazzling and the evening breeze was blowing.

Gu Shenliu drank a few glasses of wine. Under the influence of the alcohol, he only felt that it was extremely hot today, so he could not help but pull his tie off, letting the tie sag around his neck slantingly. He stood under the tree with a glass of red wine to enjoy the cool air.

Gu Linlu threatened to ‘throw Xiao Q to him if he didn't come’, so he had to come to the banquet. To dealt with a bunch of uncles and aunts, to tactfully expressed that he was not worthy of the other's daughter, but also to not offend the other party, these were not a normal physical exhaustion. Now, he finally had time to rest.

Gu Shenliu stretched out his left hand to look at his watch. It was already 8:25. The live broadcast, would it be over already? He turned on the live broadcast device, but saw that Jiang Yu's live broadcast room was noisy. He watched for a while, and finally understood the cause of the matter.

The fans of Cao Dayi ran over to scold Jiang Yu, and deliberately threw poo emojis on the screen, making Jiang Yu's live broadcast room a mess!

Cao Dayi’s fans clamored: "You are so poor, you are destined to be pushed down by our Dayi for the rest of your life."

Pushed down? Gu Shenliu furrowed his thick eyebrows, he didn't like this word for some reason.

Since then, Jiang Yu’s fans had been throwing rewards, but they were still smaller than Cao Dayi’s fans, and the ranking had been kept below.

Jiang Yu really felt that it didn't matter. She didn't rely on this for food, and she also wouldn't die even if she was pressed. It's just that her fans continued to be emotional and felt that Jiang Yu was really wronged.

Jiang Yu continued to put on makeup while soothing her fans. When Jiang Yu carefully taught the last step of the makeup, she smiled: "Okay, I'm done drawing my bath makeup! I hope everyone can learn to paint beautiful out of bath makeup and your peach blossom luck will become better and better!"

After Jiang Yu finished speaking, she was about to close the live broadcast. But she suddenly saw a blue love and flower pattern flashing on the screen. Before Jiang Yu recovered, she read the text flashed by the system:

[@GuShenliu121 sends the anchor 500 Blue Enchantress.]

Blue enchantress? Jiang Yu wondered: "What kind of prop is blue enchantress?"

——Wow! I also don't know! There is no reason! I want to say, if you don't know, just give it to me! lolol

——I can actually meet a local tyrant in my lifetime!

——D*mn! Am I blind? Did I read it right? 500 blue enchantress?

——Dada, one blue enchantress is equivalent to RMB 2,000!

Before Jiang Yu could react, she heard that Bei Xiaoxiao on the side suddenly entered in disorder: "D*mn! 500 blue enchantress? Isn't that 1 million? I'm not mistaken, right?! Taro balls, someone gave you a reward of 1 million!"

1 million? Jiang Yu was shocked. She then touched her chin. This was something big!

Gu Shenliu looked at his phone screen blankly and snorted coldly. Push Jiang Yu down? Is it someone else's turn to do this?

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