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Weibo Big V’s Daily Entertainment Circle – Chapter 13

WBVDEC Chapter 13 – Moving

Jiang Yu had not paid too much attention to Taobao's reputation level, so she had no concept. She didn't know what level she should be. She vaguely remembered that she didn't have any reputation a few days ago, but later received a few little red hearts. By Bei Xiaoxiao’s reminder, she realized that the credibility of her store had become four diamonds.

Seeing the credibility illuminated by sparkling diamonds, Jiang Yu put on a rare smile. "How much volume do four diamonds represent?"

"I checked, it seems that they 5 diamonds represent 5,000 good reviews from customers, so Jiang Yu, you have to go back to ask the buyers to write reviews if you have nothing to do."


After Bei Xiaoxiao said this, she went back to chew on the crayfish: "It will take 5000 good reviews to upgrade from four diamonds to five diamonds, I think you have enough orders but many of them have not been reviewed. After the customers review them, the store should be upgraded to five diamonds. Even crown is possible!"

"Shouldn’t crown be more difficult?" Jiang Yu searched and found that crown needed 10,000 good reviews. Although her store seemed to have sold a lot of clothes, the confirmation of receipt was slow, and she had to wait for all the goods to be confirmed. If using the current speed, it was estimated to be at least one or two weeks later.

Jiang Yu listened to Bei Xiaoxiao's opinion and started to check the reviews on the store. She found that the fans from Weibo were still very friendly to her, and everyone commented very lovingly. But occasionally there would also be one or two comments like: 

[What is this store? Does Taobao take care of it? A store that has just opened for no more than a week has actually been rated four diamonds? And so many clothes are sold out, it is obviously a fake!]

But there were many customers that helped Jiang Yu speak.

——Dear, this is an internet celebrity store, the owner is a Weibo celebrity, pointing the way @Stylist Jiang Yu.

——Yes, this is Jiang Yu's store, the face-slapper sales girl who is very popular recently.

——Jiang Yu is a good person. I have been hooked by her product reviews.

——I bought her clothes last time, and after receiving it I thought it was good. I rushed to buy it again, but still didn’t get my favorite 2 styles.

Jiang Yu smiled. Being able to achieve such results in a short period of time, even she herself felt it was like a dream. Life was impermanent. She was reborn into this world for no reason. She initially thought of the big loss giving up her fame and glory in her previous life. Unexpectedly, she ushered in a new spring in her career, and she was only a 20-year-old girl in this life. She was both young and beautiful, added her experience, there were endless possibilities in the future. Let this luck continue!

That night, Jiang Yu clicked on her Taobao account balance, clicked the cash withdrawal function, and withdrew all the money to her bank card account. Because the amount was relatively large, the funds would not be available until tomorrow. 

With this amount on her bank account, Jiang Yu could be regarded as a small rich woman. Although it was still not as good as her previous life, with this money, she could at least improve her living conditions. For example, change to a more decent house.

So, the next morning, Jiang Yu got up early and dragged Bei Xiaoxiao from the bed.

"Xiao Yu, what are you doing? I want to sleep! Sleep!" Bei Xiaoxiao protested with swollen eyes.

"Xiaoxiao, get up and do business."

"What's up?"

"I saw a few rental listings on Douban*. I think those houses are pretty good, so I want to go and have a look." (TN: Chinese social networking site.)

Bei Xiaoxiao woke up all of a sudden. She swiped her bird nest hair and asked: "Rent a house?"

"Yes." Jiang Yu looked around their small room and sighed: "Do you think we can live in this house? It's dark and humid, and there are no windows. There are also bugs in the bathroom. Do you know? I heard if there is a cockroach at home, it means that there is also an innumerable litter of cockroaches in the house…"

"Ah…" Bei Xiaoxiao was so scared that she got goose bumps all over her body. She glanced at Jiang Yu guiltily, "Huh, I was scared to death by you! But, Jiang Yu, although this house’s rent is about to expire, we will also start school soon. We will live in the dormitory after school starts. So we still need to rent a new house?"

Jiang Yu smiled and said: "I've inquired. They say I can live outside in junior year, and besides, even if I live in the dormitory, to be able to ship and design things on weekends, I still need a place to stay."

"You are right." Bei Xiaoxiao got dressed.

Jiang Yu smiled and said, "Hurry and freshen up. I'll go to the snack bar downstairs and wait for you there. I will order a good breakfast."

Douban was not like*. There were relatively few real estate agents. Most of them were young people who sublet the place themselves. Jiang Yu found several units that were rented by the owner themselves. She and Bei Xiaoxiao went to the site to see a few. Although the house was good, the environment in the community was not particularly good. Such an environment was not very safe for girls. (TN: Chinese e-commerce website.)

They had just finished reading a set, and then shook their heads and walked out of the community. Who knew they had just left the gate when they saw the landlord running over, and he stopped Jiang Yu from behind: "Little girl, I actually have a house."

Jiang Yu didn't say anything, waiting for the landlord to continue.

The landlord smiled and said: "I was originally reluctant to rent the house and wanted to keep it for my daughter. But my daughter called just now and said that she is still doing a research abroad and will not return home this year, so I can rent this house to you for one year."

Jiang Yu remained calm. After thinking about it, she said, "Take us to look first?"

"Okay, let's go with my car!"

The landlord drove Jiang Yu and Bei Xiaoxiao to a community two stops away. This community obviously looked more upscale. They were all high-rise buildings. The community had good greenery and there were not many noise. The security looked very professional. Just from the outside, Jiang Yu liked it very much.

"Jiang Yu, the environment here is good!" Bei Xiaoxiao liked it also, "This kind of place is very suitable for you to concentrate making design."

"You are studying design?" The landlord seemed to be interested. As if satisfied with their profession, he smiled: "That's right, you will love this house. To be honest, I don't want to rent the house to messy people."

The house was on the 12th floor, and Jiang Yu was taken aback for a moment when she entered the door. Loft type? She saw a large floor-to-ceiling window with white curtains flying in the wind. The east wall was full with white lattice bookshelf. On the left hand side of the bookshelf was a black steel-frame staircase, which lead directly to the loft.

Jiang Yu looked at the second floor and saw that the second floor was similar to other lofts, it was open concept. She walked up and realized that the house was not small, there were at least 3 bedrooms upstairs. The decoration of the house was also very literary and simple. Although it was not luxurious, it felt very comfortable. Living in such a place, she felt she would have a good working environment and more design inspirations.

Jiang Yu was very satisfied with this house. She looked at Bei Xiaoxiao and asked for advice: "Do you like it?"

Bei Xiaoxiao nodded her head like garlic: "Of course I like it! I have liked this type of apartment since I was a child. The floor-to-ceiling windows make it feel very clean. Unlike a villa, although it has floor-to-ceiling windows, it feels very dirty and there are many mosquitoes."

After hearing this, Jiang Yu smiled. 

Seeing that they liked it, the landlord squinted and said, "Although this house is close to the subway station, it is clean and dust-free. If you want it, I can rent it to you, but you can't bring some casual people to the house."

"Don't worry." Jiang Yu smiled: "We are very busy and we don't have the time."

Then, they began to talk about the price. The landlord was considered very kind. For such a house, only 2800 yuan per month was charged. This price was almost impossible in 2017 Shanghai, let alone that this house had 3 bedrooms, with such a high ceiling in the living room, it was also so neat and clean.

"I rented it to you because you were college students, but why don't you live in the school?" The landlord asked.

Jiang Yu was afraid that the landlord would be over-hearted, so she said truthfully: "We are doing Taobao. You know that Taobao is relatively busy, and we usually need to get the goods back to pack it. It is not convenient to live in school."

"Oh, it turned out to be Taobao! The current college students do not have it easy! At a young age, you already want to make money to help lighten your family’s burden!" The landlord saw that they could make money and signed the contract with satisfaction.

According to the contract, Jiang Yu paid three months deposit and one month advance rent. She paid the money and formally got the house. She wanted to move directly!

The original owner and Bei Xiaoxiao rented their house originally only during their summer part-time work. Therefore, they didn't bring too many things. Besides, the original owner didn't have much money to buy things, so moving home was very easy. They called a taxi and quickly moved everything to their new home.

The two cleaned up the house all over again. Until the evening, looking at the clean and tidy new home, Bei Xiaoxiao said with emotion: "It's like a dream."

Wasn’t that right? It was really like a dream!

After a simple dinner, Jiang Yu took out her sketchbook and drew some designs when she saw Boss Jiang calling. "Boss Jiang."

"Jiang Yu." Boss Jiang smiled politely, "I have received the remittance from you. You are so cool, brother did not misjudge you."

Jiang Yu smiled and said nothing, waiting for Boss Jiang to continue. Sure enough, he coughed and said embarrassedly: "Jiang Yu, this brother is really almost gone when I met you. If it weren't for meeting you, my factory would have closed down. A few days ago I was still worried about my child's tuition but I received so much money today. You are really the benefactor of my family! The batch of goods available has been sold out. Do you want me to produce some more for you to sell?"

Jiang Yu smiled faintly. She had already guessed the purpose of Boss Jiang's call. However, her first pot of gold had already been earned, so she no longer needed to sell those poorly designed clothes. "No, Boss Jiang, I won't sell this kind of clothes anymore."

"Huh?" Like a basin of cold water poured from head to toe, Boss Jiang's heart fell cold. His excitement was gone. "Is it possible that you have found a better factory?" He thought of the worst.


"Then why?" Jiang Chao was a little excited. His dream of making a fortune that had just begun was cut off by Jiang Yu. "Sister, you can’t be like this. You have to bring this brother. You see, it’s destiny for us to get acquainted with each other, so we have to get rich together. Besides, what kind of clothes you want, brother’s factory can make them for you. Don’t go find someone else!"

"What kind of clothes can you make?" Jiang Yu asked back.

"Many things. In order to make this batch of goods from Japan, our factory's equipment has just been updated. It can be said that in terms of equipment and technology, our factory's level is far ahead. Besides, I also have a group of professional pattern-making masters and professional tailors on hand…"

Jiang Yu smiled, "Okay, then I will contact you after I finish my designs."

"Ah…" Jiang Chao was stunned for a while. He could not react for a while. "Designs? Do you want to make your own clothes?"

"Yes." Jiang Yu came to the floor-to-ceiling window and looked at the green trees downstairs. "I will make my own clothes!"

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