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Weibo Big V’s Daily Entertainment Circle – Chapter 26 Part 1 of 2

WBVDEC Chapter 26 – WeChat (1)

Jiang Yu was packing her things when she heard the live broadcast app reminding her that there was a reply. She opened the app and saw that Gu Shenliu 121 was online. He had replied to her private message.

After all, it was a reward of 1 million, not a small amount. Jiang Yu only hesitated for a moment, and then told him her personal WeChat account. After a while, her WeChat received a request, she clicked to agree, and soon became a WeChat friend with Gu Shenliu 121.

"Jiang Yu, have you completed your CAD homework?" Bei Xiaoxiao suddenly walked into Jiang Yu's dormitory.

"It's done." Jiang Yu put down her phone.

"Ah? You are too good! This homework is so difficult!" Bei Xiaoxiao lamented: "I haven't finished it yet. My mother told me to go home today. To be honest, I don't want to go back to deal with those aunties."

"It's already fortunate to have a home." Jiang Yu said with a smile.

When Bei Xiaoxiao heard this, she couldn't help but look at Jiang Yu's expression. When she saw Jiang Yu's complexion was calm as usual, she asked carefully: "Taro balls, you also won't go home this time?"

"No." Speaking of this, Jiang Yu was a little puzzled. The original owner’s parents didn’t even call her, so she didn't know what the situation on the family was. She would only cause trouble for herself if she went back rashly, so it's better to stay and drew sketches for Double Eleven.

"Then you have to be careful when you live alone." Bei Xiaoxiao said, "Remember to close the windows at night!"

"I know!" Jiang Yu said with a smile: "Go back quickly or you won't be able to catch up with the car!"

"Hug!" Bei Xiaoxiao hugged Jiang Yu.

Sending away Bei Xiaoxiao, Jiang Yu took a taxi back to Lu Yuan Community. When she got in the taxi, she freed her hands to send a WeChat message to Gu Shenliu 121: "Is the girl here?" After she finished sending it, she waited a long time for a reply. After not receiving response, she turned off her phone.

Jiang Yu returned home and just turned on her laptop when a small box popped up in her browser. It was a titled [The Journey of Chinese Internet Celebrities at the Opening Ceremony of an International Film Festival.]

Film Festival?

Jiang Yu clicked in and found photos of various internet celebrities in the report. She flipped down and saw Su Mang’s photos placed below. The editor’s evaluation of Su Mang was very positive, saying that the dress she was wearing looked immortal, beautiful, and tasteful.

Su Mang was also a sensible person. At the moment, with the help of Durres, she found a professional hype team. The next day, she turned herself into the protagonist of the news. By the second day, the headline of major media magazines had become her. The article featured headlines of foreign websites and magazines. Su Mang was praised by foreign media because of her dress, and they praised her as a once-in-a-millennium beauty of China!

Su Mang's team hyped the concept of "once-in-a-millennium beauty", making Su Mang's style almost a slaughter effect.

In contrast, the internet celebrity wearing the national flag was blocked by netizens. Seeing this result, Su Mang secretly patted her chest. Fortunately, after listening to Jiang Yu and Durres, she did not wear that gaudy national flag outfit. Otherwise, she would now be the one boycotted and blocked by netizens!

Zhong Tingxuan was a Ph.D student studying in Japan. She liked to go to beauty forums in Japan. After all, there were really many things to learn from Japan in terms of makeup. One Saturday, she went online in her dormitory and accidentally discovered a post in a Japanese forum [Out of Bath Makeup is Viral! The once-in-a-millennium beauty of China!] China's once-in-a-millennium beauty? Who was that? Why didn't she know?

Zhong Tingxuan clicked the post and took a look. The post said that Su Mang was the number one beauty in China, and she also had beautiful makeup. The poster enlarged Su Mang's facial picture and analyzed how to recreate out of bath makeup based on her many years of makeup experience. This post was serialized for two days and gained a lot of traffic.

Zhong Tingxuan was taken aback for a moment. The Japanese were very demanding on makeup, and they usually looked down on Chinese beauty and fashion. Today, this was a rare change. They actually praised China? However, out of bath makeup... why was this familiar?

Right! Zhong Tingxuan suddenly remembered that when her sister from China was video calling with her a few days ago, she said that the popular out of bath makeup in China seemed to be invented by a young woman named Jiang Yu...

Zhong Tingxuan hurriedly searched on Weibo to see Jiang Yu's Weibo posts teaching makeup and also her live videos.

Jiang Yu's makeup process made Zhong Tingxuan more excited. Her level could completely kill many beauty makeup artists here in Japan. Thinking of this, Zhong Tingxuan translated the video into Japanese overnight and by the way also explained the one million rewards. After that she posted the video to the forum by replying the post:

[Poster, you have worked so hard to analyze the recreation of out of bath makeup, but in fact, the blogger who invented bath makeup has already made video tutorials.] After speaking, Zhong Tingxuan posted the video.

The post was already watched by tens of thousands of people and after two days of chasing, everyone had roughly learned how to draw out of bath makeup. But who knew a video suddenly appeared and everyone that opened the video suddenly couldn’t stop...

After watching the video, everyone watched back the analysis tutorial of the original poster. One step was wrong! Jiang Yu’s part was not done like this at all! No wonder there was a difference in result! Thus everyone started to learn from Jiang Yu's video.

They found it good-looking and recommended it to their classmates, classmates to relatives, and relatives to colleagues. With the popularity of "China's once-in-a-millennium beauty", out of bath makeup unexpectedly also became popular in Japan.

However, Japanese netizens were very confused:

——Why do I think this girl named Jiang Yu is more beautiful than Su Mang?

——I think so too. Shouldn't it be Jiang Yu be the one titled once-in-a-millennium beauty?

——I like Jiang Yu so much. I have gone over the wall to follow her on Weibo.

——I can’t go over the wall. Who can post Jiang Yu's Weibo content?

So, at the request of the majority of netizens, Zhong Tingxuan began to translate Jiang Yu’s Weibo for Japanese fans to read.

When Zeng Yanan found Jiang Yu, Jiang Yu's head was still blind.

"It becomes popular in Japan?" Jiang Yu was a little surprised. Although her out of bath makeup was popular in her previous life, it was only within the scope of China. But in this life it had gone to Japan?

"Correct! Thanks to you, our magazine is also mentioned in major forums in Japan. Your cover photo is collected by many otakus as a goddess!"

"Huh?" Jiang Yu still couldn't believe it.

"It's true! Your makeup video was sent to Japan. It is very popular on Japanese forums. So, when you do the next issue, let’s also give us an exclusive interview by the way." Zeng Yanan said.

Jiang Yu couldn't decide to laugh or cry, "I see!"

Afterwards, several reporters sent Jiang Yu message privately requesting to interview her, but Jiang Yu refused.

At the same time, all netizens were wondering, which brand’s couture was Su Mang's clothes?

At this moment, Su Mang posted a Weibo:

[Everyone is asking me, which high-end brand was my dress on the red carpet at the film festival? Actually, this dress was designed by a beautiful designer for me, and she is @Stylist Jiang Yu, thank you Jiang Yu for designing me such beautiful dress. She was only 20 years old. When I was 20 years old, I was just playing crazy with my friends every day, but when she was 20 years old, she had invented out of bath makeup, can also make high-end dresses, and even has her own clothing brand. I just want to Say, why is there such a big difference between people?!]

For a while, everyone was in an uproar because everyone thought that the dress was made by a big brand. After all, sometimes big brand dresses made for some customers were the only one in the world. Such dresses were not sold on the market. But they didn't expect that such big-crand looking dress actually came from a 20-year-old girl from Shen University.

As a result, netizens flooded Jiang Yu's Weibo. Some were envious, full of praises, and jealous. Someone even called the fashion department of Shen University to interview Jiang Yu.

Teacher Zhou received an interview request via call in the middle of the night. It turned out that Jiang Yu didn't accept the interview, so the reporters had no choice but to interview Jiang Yu's teacher.

Teacher Zhou couldn't decide to laugh or cry. He didn't expect that after being in the fashion industry for a lifetime, he finally became popular because of his students.

Just three days later, a beauty veteran posted a Weibo:

[@Stylist Jiang Yu really has given face for Chinese people. In the past, most of the makeup styles in China were coming from Japan and South Korea. Not to mention picking up people’s teeth, it also made the beauty industry in China never have its own style and looked down upon. Now Jiang Yu's bath makeup has become popular in Japan, and it has made Japanese people pay attention to China's beauty trend. It is really a joy!]

This kind of Weibo was undoubtedly provocative. After only one day of posting, 40,000 people had reposted it. At the same time, there had also been a wave on Weibo on everyone talking about Jiang Yu, a 20 year old girl.

Saying Jiang Yu was an internet celebrity? But her design had gone international. Saying Jiang Yu was young? But she was the creator of out of bath makeup. Saying Jiang Yu was just a low ranked seller on Taobao? Sorry, her low ranked Taobao store had been crowned, and each time it launched new clothes, it would gain at least millions of yuan in sales. If this could even be considered low, how much was the high?

This trend had also caused Jiang Yu's Weibo followers to grow to 5 million in a short period of time.

Good looking tree would be more likely to be chopped down, this Jiang Yu knew very well. If a person succeeded, few people would truly cheer, not even all relatives and friends would sincerely be happy. Therefore, all she could do was lower her head to design. She wouldn’t hear the things outside the window, and would ignore the Internet troubles.

The last photo taken with the theme of "Designer's Day" allowed fans to see the real life of a designer. Because the shooting was natural and life-like, it won praise from fans, and the clothes were selling well as always.

In the third batch of sales, Jiang Yu gained nearly 5 million yuan revenue to her account. In the eyes of ordinary people, this might be a lot of money, but in her eyes, this money was still too little, because she still had a lot to do.

Just as Jiang Yu was preparing for the next batch’s product shooting, she saw a private message on Weibo.

"Jiang Yu Dada, are you there?"

Jiang Yu went back smoothly: "Yes."

"Hello Dada. I looked for the customer service on Taobao several times, but no one came back. It’s just, the windbreaker I bought last time has two sleeves different in length. I want to ask, is this something you deliberately design or is the quality of the goods in question?"

After reading the message, Jiang Yu suddenly stood up from her chair. Her brows furrowed. When she recalled the clothes she designed, she immediately understood which one the customer was talking about. 

The item was the main windbreaker jacket of the previous batch. The weather had gradually become cold, so thin windbreaker jacket was very popular. The details of the jacket were well done. The left cuff was decorated with a circle of colored woolen yarn, and the right was nailed with strings of beads. It was liked so the style went sold out just a few minutes after they were put on the shelves. 

During this period of time, Jiang Yu had also been urged by netizens to re-stock this jacket. But she remembered that the two sleeves of this dress should be the same. How could one be longer than the other?

Jiang Yu didn't dare to delay. She frowned and walked into the warehouse to find the samples sent from the factory. She put the two sleeves together, compared them, and then her heart sank. She saw the difference between the two sleeves was a full 5 cm!

How could this happen?! The reason why clothing needed to be measured with a ruler was because even a 1 cm error would make the clothes became uncomfortable to wear, moreover a full 5 cm error!

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