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Weibo Big V’s Daily Entertainment Circle – Chapter 29

WBVDEC Chapter 29 – Filming

Jiang Yu felt that she needed to attract everyone's attention, so she reposted Cui Lanxi's Weibo, and said:

[I want to correct everyone’s notion. First of all, if our skin has a problem that means the skin is sick. Just like a human being sick, you should go to the doctor to solve it, instead of going to a beauty salon or a micro-business in order to save trouble. If you save trouble like this, the skin problem may not even be cured. In the end, not only the money is spent, but the skin may also get worse and worse. Moreover, merchants pay more attention to profit, so don't listen to false propaganda. It is best to buy skin care products from brands that have been tested. You also have to acknowledge that for big brands that have been available for decades or even hundreds of years, at least hundreds of millions of products would have been sold. There are so many people before you who have used the products, don’t you feel more relieved?]

——Sincere Jiang Yu, an immortal among mortal.

——Dada, you are a clear stream in the Internet celebrity world. I hope that you will not be like other Internet celebrities that become a small advertising expert.

——Dada’s words are very relevant. I used to go through detours and my face exploded for a whole year. Fortunately, I went to a doctor and it still can be solved.

At this time, it was 8 o'clock and Jiang Yu couldn't respond to everyone's comments. She quickly opened Taobao and check on the sales.

Ding Ding Ding... The sound of transactions kept ringing, and the Taobao backend was a bit stuck.

Jiang Yu was not able to open the shop for a long time. She pressed F5 and was about to refresh the page, but she then saw Taobao pop up a reminder.

[The pink-purple windbreaker bathrobe coat is off the shelf.]

Jiang Yu was taken aback. She clicked on the picture and saw that 2000 pieces of coats were sold out already. She quickly checked the time, still 20:00, so, in less than 1 minute, the pink coat had been sold out.

 The coat had luxurious fabrics and fine workmanship, but was sold in factory price. At a specialty store it could be sold for at least 3,000 yuan, but Jiang Yu’s Taobao store didn’t strive for profit, so it was sold at a price of 899 yuan. And now it was sold out almost instantly.

Immediately afterwards, sold-out reminders popped up one by one. Within half an hour, all the styles in Jiang Yu’s store were off the shelves. 12 styles with nearly 40,000 pieces of clothes were all sold out in half an hour. This was a sales volume that many physical stores couldn’t even reach in a year.

Jiang Yu had to sigh for the charm of Internet and was grateful to the fans. With the operation mode of previewing the sample before producing, the final styles selected were all that everyone would like to buy. This made her clothing production more targeted and also reduce inventory.

If someone ask why not just do pre-order? With pre-order operation, production would be based on sales volume. Wouldn’t this be more risk-free?

Although there was no risk in pre-order, there were still many problems. For example, the factory only had a production capacity of 5,000 pieces, but for some reason, the pre-ordered clothes came at 10,000 pieces. As a result, the factory would have delayed shipment and buyers would be full of grievances because they couldn’t wait that long. This situation could lead to many after-sales problems, many buyers cancelled their pre-order half way, etc. Furthermore, it was difficult to control the volume. In case the item received many orders, it might seem to make a lot of money, but with the factory delayed delivery, the after-sales problem would be a nightmare.

Before she had her own factory, Jiang Yu would not consider the pre-order sales model. Facts have proved that direct sale kept her Taobao store's reputation high. Although there would still be people who give bad reviews, Jiang Yu had a good attitude and proceeded to call these people to solve the problem. Finally everyone would change the bad reviews.

As a result, even thought Jiang Yu’s store had one crown credibility, but her praise rate was still 100%. This was rare on Taobao.

Jiang Yu took a look at the amount of praise in the backend and found she was very close to getting two crowns. Jiang Yu set a goal to reach the credibility of 3 crowns by the end of the year, which needed 100,000 points.

On the other hand, Bi Peijun also discovered the grand sale of Jiang Yu’s Taobao store. She originally wanted to buy the pink-purple bathrobe coat, but unexpectedly the page showed the coat was sold out as soon as she opened it. Then, all the items on the store quickly changed from ‘available’ to ‘sold out’.

Bi Peijun felt a bit regretful. As a senior buyer, seeing a coat with sufficient material only sold for 899, she thought it was way too cheap? The coat was not an item that could be found in thousands of other clothing stores. Besides, the pink-purple color was hard to found. Generally, most of the coats on the market were either just pink or rose red.

Bi Peijun made a rough calculation and found that although Jiang Yu’s products were not large each time, its sales were considerable. Her monthly profit should be at least 5 million yuan. In this way, Jiang Yu had only opened a Taobao store, but her profit was larger than most large companies.

Bi Peijun sent a WeChat message to Jiang Yu, crying: "I wanted to grab the coat, but it ended up being taken off the shelf."

Jiang Yu smiled back: "I will leave one for you if I have cancelled order."

"Okay." After Bi Peijun finished speaking, she said again: "I asked some fellow sisters and found one Taobao business company where one sister worked has closed down. Many employees there are looking for jobs. If you want, I will ask her to introduce some diligent customer service and delivery staffs."

Jiang Yu was overjoyed. Recruiting employees was already a hassle, so it would be great if there were experienced workers who could get started immediately.


"Then I will call them tomorrow. I will check them first and then you can have a look again?" Bi Peijun asked Jiang Yu.

Jiang Yu refused: "You can completely decide for this kind of entry level employee interview. Recruit people who are diligent, dutiful, and friendly. For the salary, you can increase the commission a little bit compared to their original company?"

"I don’t think the salary needs to be changed. I have calculated it based on the back-end sales. Although they all received commissions, our company’s sales are very large so the commissions are actually doubled. In this way, each of them would have at least additional 3,000 yuan from commissions on top of their salary. Moreover, our store has another advantage. Basically, their service won’t be needed when the items are sold out. Taking these into account, I think the entry salary of four to five thousand a month is sufficient for customer service. Of course, if you are generous, you can give red envelopes at the end of the year or give quarterly award."

Bi Peijun was thoughtful and Jiang Yu was also relieved. She smiled: "In short, establish a good corporate culture, don't be too harsh on employees, and reduce employee turn over."


The next day, Bi Peijun signed up a few girls after the interview. Now, Jiang Yu's company already had 4 customer service staffs and Bi Peijun also recruited 4 shipping workers.

"Customer service will help deliver goods when they are not busy. So this should be enough people."


Because the new office had not yet been renovated, Jiang Yu temporarily rented a loft-style apartment next door. She also rented two large garages on the ground floor for delivery of goods. In this way, the delivery and customer service staffs were all recruited, so Jiang Yu could also spend less time handling these duties.

At this moment, Jiang Chao called. He smiled and said, "Sister, the new batch are sold out, should I deliver the goods from here as usual?"

"No need, Boss Jiang." Jiang Yu's tone remained as usual. She smiled lightly: "I have hired customer service and delivery workers at my place. I will let them go over and pick up the goods later."

Jiang Chao was slightly startled. Although Jiang Yu had been talking about hiring people, at this juncture Jiang Chao felt the change was because of the defective goods issue.

"Sister, that…"

"Boss Jiang, have the Double Eleven goods been made already?"

"I'm doing it." Jiang Chao had a faintly unreliable feeling. He asked again: "There is no limit on quantity for goods on Double Eleven?"

"Yes, I will have an event on the day the goods are put on the shelves. I'm afraid that the sales will explode by then so I hope you will give me as many goods as possible while ensuring the quality."

"Okay." Jiang Chao smiled: "There will be no problems this time."

It took two full days for the National Day batch to be sent out. The new workers were very efficient. In addition, they knew that there was no sales pressure from Jiang Yu, so the customer service girls were very diligent and expressed their desire to stay. Jiang Yu’s newly rented loft apartment had three rooms, so the girls asked Bi Peijun to check if they could live in.

"If they live there, you can find someone in time if you have something to do urgently. Besides, they can also check WeChat for urgent cases even after work hours."

Jiang Yu was not a demanding boss. She smiled and said, "Of course they can live in. It is also a waste to let the rooms stay empty."

At this moment, Jiang Yu's WeChat sounded suddenly. She opened and see that it was from Durres.

"Taro balls, are you there?"


Durres’ voice came quickly: "Yuan Yuan*, I saw the Weibo posted by JT and I support you from the inside out! However that Fu Ting old woman, today she said she wants to ban you on WeChat, saying that you deliberately broke her business, that you are talking nonsense. Everyone is using collagen, but you said collagen is useless. This way who will buy her products in the future? She said to dare to support you is to be an enemy of her, so I advise..."

Halfway through the conversation, the voice was cut off, but Durres soon came back:

"You must be careful. Fu Ting is also a veteran actress. Once she completely bans you, most people in the circle will sell her some face. If you want to enter this circle in the future, it will be even more difficult!"

Durres was worried about Jiang Yu from his heart. People said that newborn calf was not afraid of tigers. The girl said that rubbing collagen was useless, then wouldn’t this be bad for many people making money? Like Fu Ting’s micro-business brand. Although everyone in the circle was promoting it, it’s was just like MLM, brainwashing on WeChat every day. It also made a lot of money. People could do anything for money, they might not care about other things.

Jiang Yu laughed. She had no excuse if the bad guys' wealth was in contradiction with her way of life. She had tried to never offend people, but if someone’s product made the faces of thousands of customers explode but still saying that it was safe, even ghosts wouldn’t believe it. Jiang Yu was indeed a stylist, but first of all, she was a person with her own principle. She would only tell the truth.

"I originally posted that Weibo just to answer questions from Weibo netizens, and didn’t mean to lead a fight. I didn’t know that Fu Ting’s JT had so many problems. Everything was a coincidence, but if after knowing the wrong I still close my eyes and tell nonsense, I can't do it."

"Anyway, I just want to remind you." Durres still grumbled and said: "That Fu Ting is crazy for money. You should be careful of getting revenge from her."

"I'll pay attention." After chatting with Durres a few more words, Jiang Yu went to WeChat.

Durres was right. At the moment, Jiang Yu found a lot of mention on Weibo. She opened some and saw that Fu Ting posted a Weibo, naming and scolding her:

[Some outsiders think after they read basic fashion magazines they could call themselves stylists. I want to ask @Stylist Jiang Yu, you are not a Weibo big V, you don’t have your own studio or company, and you don’t have the qualifications to establish a brand. Can you claim to be a stylist? You slandered my product as problematic and I almost fainted with anger. After getting infusion in the hospital for two days, I will now retain my rights and let my lawyer sue you. Here I want to tell everyone, JT is my painstaking effort. I love this brand and all JT products are developed by the famous American Institute of Biology. They are very safe and reliable so you can rest assured to use them. As for the phenomenon of some people getting acne, it is just a way of detoxification. Besides, eating spicy and staying up late can also cause acne. Is there any evidence that the acne is related to JT?]

Fu Ting had tens of millions of followers. As soon as this Weibo was posted, many people commented.

——I have spent a lot of money in this matter, Fu Ting shouldn’t make money from my ignorance.

——Even if Jiang Yu is not a big V and no certification, it does not mean she is not capable.

——Yes, we have all seen Jiang Yu's design. She is very talented and sincere in doing things. She is much better than you.

——I support Goddess Fu. I have used JT and my skin has improved. Maybe everyone's skin is different.

Fu Ting was very good at selling pity. This Weibo specially posted news of her getting infusion in hospital, suggesting that she was angry with Jiang Yu. Therefore, many Fu Ting fans immediately went to Jiang Yu's Weibo to scold.

Suddenly, many people who had invested in JT reposted Fu Ting's Weibo and JT's micro-business people also reposted it. It didn't take long for this matter to be trending on the Internet. Netizens were being used as guns and the scolding was hard to hear.

Jiang Yu didn’t care about the swear words, but she did not expect that Fu Ting soon posted a letter prepared by her studio on Weibo. The letter clearly stated that she would sue Jiang Yu.

Generally speaking, suing a person required the real name of the other party. The usual practice should be Fu Ting first asked Weibo side for help, but Weibo would definitely not reveal Jiang Yu’s personal data, so Fu Ting should sue Weibo first. After she won, only then she would receive Jiang Yu's information from Weibo and proceed to sue.

But Jiang Yu suffered a disadvantage because she was a student of Shen University, which everyone knew. Also, her real name was the same as her Weibo username, so it was so easy to get her personal information.

Soon, Fu Ting put the matter into action. She hired a good lawyer, planning to wait for the court to open to submit a lawsuit.

"This thing can't be good!"

Gao Jing was drinking tea. He clicked on Weibo and saw Fu Ting said that she would sue Jiang Yu. He spouted the tea, coughed, pointed to the phone screen, and shouted: "Shenliu, it’s not good! Jiang Yu is about to be sued!"

On the other side, Gu Shenliu was filming a swimming scene. As he got wet, the charm of a mature man made him look like a walking hormone. He had wide shoulders, narrow buttocks, and long legs. Every muscle on his body was evenly distributed and upright. The stylish figure made him show a different kind of male charm.

The people on the set stared at Gu Shenliu. Even the lead actress also took a few more glances.

Gu Shenliu wiped his body with a bath towel. After hearing Gao Jing’s shout, he frowned and looked at the screen.

"Shenliu, School Girl Jiang Yu is in trouble. Look at you. We should have signed Jiang Yu. With Gu Shenliu as her senior brother, who would dare to embarrass her?"

Gu Shenliu flipped the phone while putting on his jacket. He quickly understood what happened.

Recently, Gu Shenliu joined a movie crew. Unlike actors who use substitutes for at least half of the scenes, he rarely used substitutes. Almost all shots were done by himself. As a result, his reputation in the industry was very good and his movies’ box office was always high.

Gu Shenliu was busy filming, so he naturally didn't have time to exchange WeChat with Jiang Yu. So he didn't know that she was scolded by so many people on the Internet.

Gu Shenliu frowned coldly. He stared at the phone screen with deep eyes, not hiding the cold glare. He had to protect his things. He couldn't bear his person to be bullied by others. Since Fu Ting didn’t intend to be kind, he couldn’t just leave it alone. It’s not Gu Shenliu’s style.

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