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Weibo Big V’s Daily Entertainment Circle – Chapter 25 Part 1 of 2

WBVDEC Chapter 25 – Red Carpet (1)

Fans in the live broadcast room watched @Gushenliu121's rewards, but didn't react for a long time.

Bei Xiaoxiao, who was also watching the live broadcast, grabbed and asked: "Gu Shenliu 121? Are you also a fan of my Gu Shenliu? A local fan?"

——Is this real? The anchor got a million rewards for the first live broadcast?

——Why don't I believe it? So loyal?

——Why don't you believe it? Even Cao Dayi who is like a snake spirit can get a reward of 100,000, but my family can't have a million?

——Look at the name Gu Shenliu 121, this fan must also be a fan of Gu Shenliu.

——Upstairs, who are you?

Gu Shenliu drank some alcohol and was a little drunk. Looking at the question flashing on the screen, he directly typed: "I am Gu Shenliu."

——Are you Gu Shenliu? Damn! This person is a stupid man and has a lot of money, right? If you were Gu Shenliu, I would be Brigitte Lin*! (TN: A Taiwanese actress.)

——Maggie Cheung* here. (TN: Actress)

——Na Ying* is here too. (TN: Singer)

——Na Ying, this is Faye Wong*, are you going to play cards at my house tonight? (TN: Also Singer)

——You are really too much! He says he is Gu Shenliu, don't you think about the possibility that he is really Gu Shenliu himself?

——Ha ha ha.

——Hehe, my idol never watches live video, okay? Do you think he has the free time to watch this kind of small live broadcast?

——I remember that Gu Shenliu gave Jiang Yu a compliment...

——Wow, are you bragging?

The world was like this. Sometimes you told people the truth, but they didn't believe it.

Seeing the funny comments flashing past on the screen, Gu Shenliu pinched his eyebrows, only to feel that his eyes hurt. This was the first time he watched a live video broadcast, so he didn't know that a live broadcast would be so noisy.

Gu Shenliu was impatient. He directly logged out of the account and deleted the live streaming app. But he didn't expect that the 500 blue enchantresses he threw casually would cause uproar on the Internet.

A local tyrant gave rewards worth 1 million. When netizens heard this news, their first feeling was that Jiang Yu was doing hype!

But was it possible? The rule of the video website was that rewards would be divided by the platform and the anchor. They would get 5:5 shares. In other words, if Jiang Yu was doing hype, it was equivalent to giving 500,000 to the platform for nothing. Normal people would not bear to waste so much money if they were not stupid. On the other scenario, everyone suspected that the platform was the one hyping, but the platform already had many very popular anchor, so it would not hype a new anchor.

In short, as soon as this incident came out, Tianya published a post <Millions of rewards given! 818* of the internet celebrity who has broken the sky recently!> (TN: *818 is an internet slang often used in headlines of online articles. The English equivalent should be ‘All you need to know about…’ or something similar.)

Tianya was a forum with the most local traffic. Over the years, Tianya had published a lot of classic posts. Although Tianya was no longer in its heyday, most people who like gossip gathered here. Plus the title of the post was very sensational, therefore, as soon as this post was posted, netizens who were browsing were bombed out one after another.

——A million rewards? Hype, right?

——It must have been done by post-90s person. Now the post-90s...

——Upstairs, did we post-90s offend you?

——Sell melon seeds, buy some melon seeds and watch the landlord peel the news!

Most netizens had a bad impression on Internet celebrities, unless they were those who rely on their strength to speak. Most really didn’t like those girls who sold clothes online, relying on excessive plastic surgery and Photoshop pictures. Everyone at first thought Jiang Yu would be another one of snake faced internet celebrity, but they did not expect that when the host posted a photo of Jiang Yu, she would be a clear stream in the Internet celebrity world.

——This internet celebrity shouldn’t have plastic surgery, right? If she still had it done, I just want to say… please tell me the doctor's contact information!"

——Jiang Yu is pretty enough to attract the eye, but it's a pity... she turns out to be an internet celebrity!

Because of the gimmick of the 1 million rewards, everyone went to the live broadcast platform to watch the video replay with a curious mind. Originally, they all waited to find out how hot eyes were this anchor called Jiang Yu to be able to deceive the audience. But after they watched for a long time they were shocked. 

——Huh? No breast flashing? No babbling? No dancing and flirting with men? No silly face? Just teach makeup?!

Watching the replay, everyone was getting more and more fascinated. Jiang Yu's makeup skills were good. 

——Oops! Didn’t I usually not pay attention to makeup? It turned out that doing makeup like this can do magical things, bravo! Ah, a lipstick should be used like this?

After watching for half an hour, everyone had followed Jiang Yu's tutorial with great enthusiasm and said that out of bath makeup was so beautiful. They would like to try tomorrow! But then they realized:

——Wait... there seems to be something wrong! I seemed to come to see the 1 million rewards!

Fortunately, Jiang Yu's persona was more positive, so this set the tone for netizens' comments.

The next day, major newspapers and media also published this news. For a time, public opinion was in an uproar. Everyone couldn't understand what kind of anchor could make people reward millions, and they didn’t know what kind of brain-disabled fans would smash one million to an anchor.

Quite a few people wanted to know who this Gu Shenliu 121 was, but they didn't expect that this account was a trumpet. It was only used for the first time and there was no information at all. 

Meanwhile Gu Shenliu, a remnant fan among the population, looked at the boiling netizens’ comments and snorted expressionlessly. He had told everyone that he was Gu Shenliu, but no one believed him. Who could understand the loneliness of an actor!

Under Bei Xiaoxiao's reminder, Jiang Yu realized that her live broadcast had receive an income of 530,000 yuan.

"Taro balls, there is so much money. Quickly withdraw it all! If someone hacks your account, it will be troublesome."

"It makes sense." Jiang Yu opened the live broadcast platform and planned to withdraw the 530,000 yuan. But after thinking about it for a long time, she still felt uneasy. "Xiaoxiao, are you sure this person who gave me 1 million rewards is not a student? What if he stole his parents' money to give rewards?"

"What can you do even if it is stolen? Is it possible to return the money?"

Jiang Yu wanted to say that she really wanted to return it back.

"Don't be silly, people should be responsible for their actions. Besides, how do you know that he is not rich?"

The money was not a small sum, and Jiang Yu would be uneasy if a family was ruined. After thinking about it, she clicked into Gu Shenliu 121’s account and left a message: "Are you there? Are you using your own money for the reward?"

After the message was sent, there was no reply for a long time, so Jiang Yu quit the app.

Jiang Yu had been busy working on Su Mang’s red carpet dress during the weekend, and she didn’t even pay attention to the new batch of clothes in her store. She asked Bei Xiaoxiao to input the details. However, others might be able to be omitted, but Jiang Yu still had to take pictures on her own, otherwise she would definitely delay the new release.

But, the red carpet of the film festival was imminent, and Su Mang's dress needed to be made. If she went out to take pictures, Jiang Yu would definitely not be able to complete the dress as scheduled.

What should she do? Jiang Yu was a little worried.

Durres thought for a while and then suddenly said: "I have an idea."

"Huh?" Jiang Yu raised her eyes to look at Durres.

"Anyway, your clothes are designed by yourself, so fans must be curious about how you usually design your clothes. It would be better if you kept changing your clothes during the production of Su Mang dresses while I directly photographed these scenes. With text, it will form a mode similar to a drama."

Jiang Yu understood what Durres meant after a little thought. "You mean, when I go to select fabrics, make patterns, cut... during the whole process, I should change to different clothes, you will take photos, and finally add text descriptions?"

"Bingo!" Durres snapped his fingers.

"This is a good idea..." Jiang Yu pondered for a moment, and then smiled again: "Then let's directly set a theme for this period of clothes – A Fashion Designer's Day. When the time comes, we will integrate all the photos into one. With dialogue and psychological narration, it will be similar to that of a magazine."

"Heroes see the same thing!" Durres smiled and stretched out his hand.

The two high-five and start to work with a smile.

Once they were in the working state, Jiang Yu and Durres looked more serious than ever. Jiang Yu was a character of excellence. She changed her clothes, entered the fabric market, and began to carefully select fabrics. In the process, she completely forgot she was taking pictures, she was just doing her work as per normal.

And Durres also did not ask Jiang Yu to pose for the photo. He encouraged her by saying that this state was the most natural.

Therefore, the two took pictures and found the fabric for Su Mang's dress. In fact, normal fabric was not difficult to find, but it was not easy to find lace fabrics that could highlight the curves of a figure. Ordinary lace materials would appear cheap, and Jiang Yu wanted high-end lace fabrics. She repeatedly selected them and finally found what she wanted in a supplier of imported fabrics. She took the fabric back to her place with satisfaction, and then started making the dress.

Jiang Yu hung the design drawings on the side and she picked up some fabric scissors. At this moment, she was like a cook that had just picked up a spatula, a samurai that had taken up a sword, or a painter that had picked up a paintbrush. The world was in her hands. As long as she moved her scissors, she could create a new world.

In fact, in the past, when making clothes, people had to choose fabrics and accessories by themselves, and then they would go to a tailor, wait for the tailor to make the clothes. They had to wait a long time before they could put on the new clothes. However, since the beginning of the 19th century, people began to sell ready-made clothes, shortening the waiting time. 

Time had allowed people to buy clothes directly from the store. Ready-made clothing sales had become the mainstream, but at the same time, customized clothing had gradually become a special treatment that could only be enjoyed by wealthy people.

Today, most big brands had advanced customization services, such as Valentino, Dior, and Versace. Although couture clothing was expensive, it really took time and effort. For big brands, couture’s profitability was not optimistic. Many brands continued to lose money, but this practice could increase publicity significance and could cultivate customer loyalty.

Because Jiang Yu hadn’t yet set up her own company and didn’t have high-end qualifications, the clothes she made were quite different from the real ‘high-end’. But for her, all she had to do was let the dress she made overwhelm other brands on the red carpet. Her dress was not couture, it had to be better than couture.

Jiang Yu raised her lips and felt an unprecedented excitement in her heart. For a designer like her, Taobao clothes were not challenging. After all, the budget was too small to play. But high-end routes were not the same. If a designer made a well-designed high-prestige piece that was eye-catching, she might get famous for it.

Thinking of this, Jiang Yu began to make the dress. The dress she designed was divided into two parts, the inner skirt and lace overlay. High-end clothes were slightly different from ordinary clothes. Normal clothes were usually made in a shorter time, but high-end clothes were generally reserved a head of time because some parts that contain special crafts could even take dozens of craftsmen several months to complete.

Jiang Yu didn’t have so much time, so she could only do her best to make her clothes as perfect as she could. She continued to lower her head and worked.

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