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Weibo Big V’s Daily Entertainment Circle – Chapter 22 Part 1 of 3

WBVDEC Chapter 22 – Flame (1)

"Seduce?" Gu Shenliu curled the corners of his lips slightly. His deep eyes locked Gao Jing tightly. "You can try it."

Under this gaze, Gao Jing swallowed unconsciously. He knew Gu Shenliu well. His belly was very dark, and he always took his jokes literally. No matter how he thought it was wrong. Sure enough, he heard Gu Shenliu's next sentence: "Since you are so proficient, why don't you show it to me."

Gao Jing stagnated and hurriedly laughed: "Um, I will have a look at the stage." After that he slipped away very embarrassingly.

Behind Gao Jing, Gu Shenliu looked at his palm. With this hand, he had just held Liu Weiwei’s skin. Although he couldn't remember exactly what it was like, he suddenly remembered that there was a scent of sea salt on the girl’s body. That scent seemed to be left in his fingers. The touch of the skin was also wonderful, so wonderful that he felt itchy just thinking about it. This feeling was also wonderful, so wonderful that he had never experienced it before.

Gu Shenliu began to seriously think about Gao Jing's words. Sexual temptation or something, this kind of roundabout method, was bad for Gao Jing even to just imagine it!

Gu Shenliu's appearance aroused the attention of many audiences. The students of famous universities were always low-key and reserved. If the situation happened on ordinary people, they would have been screaming. But the students of Shen University were different. Everyone was sitting upright on their seats, quietly staring at the senior brother Gu Shenliu on the stage.

They were Gu Shenliu's younger brothers and younger sisters, so it would be a bit embarrassing if they couldn’t keep their manners. Furthermore, there were live media recording on the spot.

However, Gu Shenliu looked so handsome and so elegant today. Everyone told them to be reserved, and to hold back even if they wanted to scream, so only occasionally someone whispered: "Gu Shenliu looks very good today. I didn't feel him before, but today I suddenly realized that he is really handsome!"

Jiang Yu stood on the edge of the stage, watching Gu Shenliu on the stage calmly started to give his speech. After Gu Shenliu opened his mouth, she realized that this person's voice was low and magnetic. It was tickling.

While Gu Shenliu looked serious in his speech, he would also have a lot of cold humor. His humor style was not straightforward. It often made people think for a while before they realized what he was saying. The occasional jokes that pop up had a bit of American humor, coupled with the high-level content of his speech, caused the school girls underneath to be fascinated shortly after the speech began. There were many pink bubbles in the audience.

Gao Jing stood on the side proudly.

Jiang Yu pursed her lips and smiled, "This speech is well prepared. It is estimated that another group of young girls have been sucked up." She had to say that Gu Shenliu’s team was very powerful. The content of the speech ranged from finance to real estate to the current employment situation. The analysis was very professional. The speech alone sounded unclear, but Gu Shenliu was a professional actor, so his every gesture was perfect. No matter what angle people looked at his, they couldn’t find any mistakes. 

Jiang Yu who was used to seeing celebrities had to admit Gu Shenliu did have a bit of charm.

Gao Jing smiled triumphantly: "Of course! My family is a profound but highly accomplished student. How could he write a speech poorly?"

Jiang Yu was taken aback for a moment. She stared at Gao Jing incredulously, "This speech is written by himself?"

"No, that is a bit inaccurate. He never drafts the speech, he just thought ahead about what to say in his mind. But every time he gets on stage, he never forgets what to say next. His memory is that great." Gao Jing laughed.

This was the same as her, Jiang Yu thought. Her memory was also good, and because of this, in recent days, she had redrawn all the proud works she designed in her previous life. A few sketchbooks worth already, but she still hadn’t finished. If it's not for her good memory, it would be impossible to do this.

Gu Shenliu’s speech was directly broadcasted live. It was recorded by a video website and broadcasted live on their platform. Therefore, after outside fans saw the live broadcast, Gu Shenliu’s Weibo was instantly flooded.

Gao Jing logged in with Gu Shenliu's account, only to realize that not long after the opening, Gu Shenliu's fans had increased by one million. "Wow, so crazy? Let me see what they said…"

The accounts of celebrities were usually operated by teams. Jiang Yu knew this well. Many celebrity teams often posted some photos of celebrities and delicacies in order to create a ‘foodie’ image. But everyone knew, most celebrities were always on diet in order to maintain their bodies. So eating ‘foodie’ things was almost impossible.

"D*mn!" Gao Jing showed everyone's comments to Jiang Yu: "Jiang Yu, look, everyone is complimenting you."

Jiang Yu saw Gu Shenliu's fans leave a crazy message:

——Today's Gu Shenliu has reached a new height. It seems that he did not offend the stylist today!

——Give the stylist chicken legs, thank her for making our idol so handsome.

——Strange, Gu Shenliu doesn't look like he had makeup on at all, and his hair is also simple, but why did I think he is more handsome than usual?

——My God, School Master Gu Shenliu is so charming, this speech is also written so profoundly, if I didn't listen to it while looking up words in the dictionary, I wouldn't understand a thing…

——I became a fan after watching this video. It was the first time I realized that Gu Shenliu was so charming…

Jiang Yu laughed, what was going on with the fans wanting to send her chicken legs.

Gao Jing sincerely praised: "Jiang Yu, your level is so good. Given time, there would be no one else in this circle who wouldn’t know you."

"I will borrow your auspicious words." Jiang Yu smiled lightly and looked at the luminous body on the stage.

In the next few days, the hot searches and news headlines on Weibo were full of Gu Shenliu's speech, and the speech video on the Internet became wildly popular.

In addition to the content of Gu Shenliu's speech, Gu Shenliu's style had received unprecedented attention. Many people had been wondering who was styling Gu Shenliu that time. Everyone guessed that this person should be a well-known stylist in China. At least she should have been to some shows, Paris Fashion Week or something. But the thing was, several stylists who often work with Gu Shenliu say it was not them.

So, who was this stylist? People might have search for this so much that at night, #Gu Shenliu’s Stylist# was actually on the hot search.

Just as everyone was speculating, Gu Shenliu posted a photo with Principal Wen and left a message: [Returning to my alma mater. Thanks to junior sister @Stylist Jiang Yu for the styling.]

As soon as this Weibo came out, Gu Shenliu’s fans didn’t react at first. After reading the post several times, they suddenly realized that Gu Shenliu’s stylist was not a great stylist in the circle, but his junior sister in school. A girl named Jiang Yu?

So, everyone clicked on Jiang Yu’s Weibo to take a look. With this, they all felt that Jiang Yu was familiar. 

Huh? Wasn't this the little clerk who shredded fake brand-name bags purchasing agents? She had also published makeup posts and recommended some useful makeup and skin care products. It turned out that this little girl was a college student. Gu Shenliu's junior sister? Wait, if they remembered correctly, Gu Shenliu had also liked this school girl’s post before!

Was there any affairs… No! Impossible! All fans hypnotized themselves. Gu Shenliu was an abstinence icon and had never had a scandal. He probably just had an ordinary school senior junior relation with this Jiang Yu. He gave her a like up just to show support as schoolmates.

Right! It must be so!

Ever since, everyone flocked to Jiang Yu's Weibo to see what this stylist looked like. This made everyone felt sour later. So beautiful, the facial features were impeccably perfect, and she was also very good at doing makeup. How could there be such a perfect person?

For a while, Jiang Yu's Weibo was almost overwhelmed, and even her Taobao store stuck many times because of the influx of people.

On this day, Bei Xiaoxiao had been sleepwalking. She couldn't believe that she was so close to Gu Shenliu, and she was still amazed: "Jiang Yu, you are too good to be able to apply makeup on Gu Shenliu, and also do it so well."

"It's okay!" Jiang Yu turned over her school book. The courses in the Fashion Department were similar to those she had taken in her previous life. There were pattern making classes, drawing classes, history classes…

The school’s courses were quite diverse, such as the pattern-making class. On freshman class, the pattern-making class was on women's clothing. They learned professional pattern-making knowledge, some professional terms, and also simple spring and summer style production methods, such as shirts, vests, and culottes.  On sophomore class, they studied women's clothing in detail, mainly coats, cloaks and the like.

The main content of this semester was men's wear and children's wear. In fact, what Jiang Yu should learn was already taught before. In the third year, everyone would have an internship. The principles of men's and children's wear were not much different from that of women's wear, so she understood most of the core.

"Jiang Yu, did you hear what I said?" Bei Xiaoxiao pinched Jiang Yu’s ear.

Jiang Yu smiled and looked up from her book, "What did you say?"

Bei Xiaoxiao sighed, feeling a little disappointed, "I'm saying, had I known that you did etiquette yesterday, and I would ask you to help me ask for Gu Shenliu's signature."

"Next time there will be another opportunity."

"That's right." Bei Xiaoxiao thought for a while, and then whispered: "You don't know,Yao Yiyi was so angry yesterday! She yelled in the dormitory, saying that she won’t forgive you. I heard the people in the dormitory said that you took Yao Yiyi's position and got the limelight. Yao Yiyi felt that if it weren't for you, she would be the popular person now."

Jiang Yu didn't expect that Bei Xiaoxiao would be so affectionate. After thinking about it, she hummed, "Let her go!"

Bei Xiaoxiao went to search the Internet again, and when she saw the number of fans on Jiang Yu's Weibo, she jumped up in shock. "Jiang Yu, look at it!"

"What's the matter?" Jiang Yu leaned over.

"Look! Gu Shenliu mentioned you and his fans went to your Weibo. Now you have 2 million Weibo followers!"

After hearing these words, Jiang Yu stood up and checked her phone. As expected, the number of followers really exceeded two million.

Jiang Yu didn't seem too excited. In fact, she was just helping Gu Shenliu do some styling. She really didn't expect to cause such a sensation. However, it was definitely a good thing for her to have more fans. In this way, her online store would be easier to operate, and she would be one step closer to her brand's market launch.

But, what did Gu Shenliu mean? If the last time he liked the post could be hand slip, what about the mention this time? An actor of Gu Shenliu's level would not mention other people casually.

For a moment, Jiang Yu had an illusion. This person had nothing to do with her, but was doing things related to her from a distance. She felt like she couldn't get rid of his influence even if they didn’t meet each other. Why did she think that the actor did it with special meaning?

Surprisingly, Jiang Yu had a feeling of being teased. No, this was an illusion, it must be an illusion!

"Jiang Yu, look at it!" Bei Xiaoxiao excitedly pointed to the computer screen, "Look, your store has more than 100,000 collections."

Anyone who had run Taobao knew that store collections were difficult to gather. In less than half a month, Jiang Yu's store collections could exceed 100,000 was undoubtedly a very dazzling achievement.

"Oh! Jiang Yu, I am anxious for you. You see so many people enter your shop, but there is nothing in your shop. Hurry up and upload, let everyone buy it!"

However, Jiang Yu raised her red lips and said: "No hurry, I have my own plans."

Jiang Yu's styling for Gu Shenliu quickly spread in Shen University.

Shen University classmates originally liked Gu Shenliu and regarded him as a male god. Jiang Yu made Gu Shenliu’s look so good that Shen University’s reputation had become so popular recently. It had been highly praised by the society. Everyone thanked Jiang Yu from the bottom of their hearts.

These people were so fiddle minded. In the past, Jiang Yu’s classmates all gather to bully her, but these people didn’t even bat an eyelid. But now, although they still didn’t talk to Jiang Yu, no one dared to treat Jiang Yu as lightly as before. Ji Wen and Yao Yiyi had suffered a loss, and they didn’t dare to be so arrogant anymore. 

In this way, Jiang Yu only felt that the air she breathed was much better. The school was just a station in her life. The 35-year-old Jiang Yu had positioned her goal in Paris Fashion Week and the international world. She knew that she would stand at the top of the pyramid in the future and accept everyone’s worship, so she would never waste her time doing petty fights in school. It’s not her style to be entangled with the group of girls who hadn’t even grown up yet. Your opponent decides your grade, so she couldn't lower her worth.

In addition, Jiang Yu still had a wish that she has never said. She hoped that she could fulfill her dream in her previous life. She wanted to let the brand she founded go on the market and became famous internationally. She wanted her clothing to give women a self-confidence and independent personality. She wanted to become like Coco Chanel, a designer who created legends and influence the world.

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