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Weibo Big V’s Daily Entertainment Circle – Chapter 22 Part 2 of 3

WBVDEC Chapter 22 – Flame (2)

In the first week of school, studies were not busy, and there were no important things. Therefore, as soon as the class was over on Friday afternoon, Jiang Yu made an appointment with Durres to go to <Weiwei> studio to take a cover photo.

At that time, Zeng Yanan was worrying. Although Jiang Yu was willing to shoot the cover, and she was very happy, but the next issue of the magazine didn’t have a particularly creative manuscript. Speaking of which, <Weiwei> magazine had been running for so many years, and in this rampant era of e-book and internet articles, the magazine survived precisely because of the high requirements of her as an editor-in-chief on the manuscripts. In the past, she required the magazine to have a main manuscript every week.

With these manuscripts, Zeng Yanan had popularized makeup looks such as sunburn makeup, drunk makeup, and smokey makeup. She had implanted many new concepts into women's hearts. However, there were fewer and fewer people who could write manuscripts. And Editors were also a bit exhausted as there was really no good concept worth publishing. Coupled with the impact of the Internet, the sales of <Weiwei> had been declining in the past few years. If this continued, she was afraid that <Weiwei> would become the next magazine to close down.

Sunburn Makeup

Drunk Makeup

Smokey Makeup

Zeng Yanan was worried and she heard the assistant say: "Editor in chief, Durres and Jiang Yu have already gone to the studio to take pictures."

"Got it." Zeng Yanan stood up and walked to the studio.

"What's up? My chief editor!" As soon as Zeng Yanan entered the studio, Durres, who was very sloppy, twisted his waist and walked to her. "Headache?"

The two have known each other for many years, and naturally they were familiar. Zeng Yanan didn't hide it from Durress, sighed and said: "Yes, there are fewer and fewer good manuscripts now, and I don't know what to do with this issue!"

"Isn't it easy?" Durres snorted and looked at Zeng Yanan, "A lot of things are not as difficult as you think!"

"Huh?" Zeng Yanan looked up at Durress and saw that he had a good idea, as if he had a countermeasure. She couldn't help but asked curiously: "What do you mean by this? Is it possible that you have a good way?"

Durres hummed softly: "Of course! You forgot. You still have a magic weapon in this issue!" His eyes fell on Jiang Yu.

Zeng Yanan was startled, "I know Jiang Yu agreed to take a cover photo, but what does this have to do with the manuscript? Although the cover girl of each issue will have a routine interview to teach some simple skin care and beauty common sense, this is not enough to be main manuscript."

Durres smiled, put his arm around Jiang Yu's neck, and said with a smile: "Ah Nan, you are too small for Jiang Yu. Look at our Xiao Yu. She looks like this, are they not enough for the main manuscript? Don't you know that her styling for Gu Shenliu has won the praise of many netizens? She is very popular on the Internet, with more than two million followers."

Seeing Zeng Yanan still didn't understand what he meant. Durres pointed to the air with his fingers: "Oh! Ah Nan, you are really elm-headed. I mean, this manuscript, you let Xiao Yu think about the content. Since she has the ability to style Gu Shenliu, it should be a trivial thing to come up with a main manuscript."

Zeng Yanan was suddenly enlightened. Right! Jiang Yu was a stylist herself. Although she was not well-known, she had many fans. The styling she made for Gu Shenliu were also very good and well received. It should not be difficult for people like her to come up with a publish worthy theme!

Zeng Yanan was suddenly happy. She pulled Jiang Yu and smiled amiably: "Jiang Yu, do you have any good suggestions for today's makeup and outfits?"

Jiang Yu laughed. Zeng Yanan was smashed by Durres.

Seeing Jiang Yu did not speak, Zeng Yanan continued: "As long as you do this for Sister, if you need Sister's help in the future, you can speak directly!"

Zeng Yanan was a well-known editor-in-chief in the industry. She had been in this industry for so many years and had a wide network of contacts. It would be only good for Jiang Yu to be able to make friends with her. Besides, Jiang Yu had done many special columns for fashion magazines in her previous life. The subject with gimmick was really simple for her.

Thinking of this, Jiang Yu took out a popular makeup theme invented by her in her previous life. "Sister Zeng, I have the idea. It's better if I match my makeup and costumes by myself in this issue. I’ll ask Durres to take pictures of the makeup process, and then let the editor write a manuscript for me to be the main recommendation of the next issue. "Jiang Yu smiled, When she smiled, and the whole room seemed to brighten up.

Who didn't like beautiful things? Zeng Yanan liked Jiang Yu looks and temperament very much, and immediately asked: "What are you going to use as the subject?"

Jiang Yu blinked and smiled mysteriously: "You'll know later."

After speaking, Jiang Yu began to apply make up for herself. During the period, Durres took photos of everything, while Zeng Yanan called a text editor to record what Jiang Yu said from beginning to end.

At the beginning, Zeng Yanan was very worried. She was afraid that Jiang Yu would not be able to do it well, but then she would not be able to refuse because of her affection. However, she did not expect that at the end of the makeup look, just a "surprise" wouldn’t be enough to describe her expression.

Zeng Yanan saw Jiang Yu skin through the mirror looked crystal clear, and her cheeks were pink like peach blossoms. The strange thing was that there seemed to be a few drops of steam and dew on her face, but it also didn’t seem to be. After putting on makeup, she looked like she just came out to welcome the guests after taking a shower.

"Jiang Yu, your makeup…" Zeng Yanan was stunned.

Jiang Yu explained with a smile: "This is my newly invented makeup. It's called out of bath makeup."

"Out of bath makeup?"

In Jiang Yu’s previous life, this out of bath makeup invented by her led the trend and was liked by many Chinese girls. For a long time, people could see this makeup on the faces of girls on the streets and alleys, and celebrities also loved it very much. Some actresses even wore bath makeup and night gowns to the fashion week’s catwalks. Its popularity was evident!

The out of bath makeup established Jiang Yu's position in the fashion circle. In this life, she hopes that bath makeup could also bring good luck.

Jiang Yu explained with a smile: "As we all know, when we just wash our face, take a shower, or go out of the bath, we are the most beautiful. At this time, our skin is like a shelled boiled egg, which looked smooth and tender. With the heat, our cheeks will be naturally red and tender, and the skin will look like a young girl. I believe that this is the perfect state that everyone desired. This is the reason why I invented this makeup."

After talking, Jiang Yu folded her hands and said in deep thought: "Sunburn makeup and drunk makeup have been popular before, but such makeup is not suitable for Chinese girls. In addition, such makeup is too exaggerated and does not conform to the implicit beauty pursued by Chinese girls. Chinese girls pursue clear skin, so as long as the primer is good, and at the same time use blush and contouring to make the cheeks look soft and tender, as if they just came out of the bath, was very good. Matched with suitable eye makeup, this out of bath makeup is very glamorous, it seems innocent but seductive. It suits the minds of girls."

That sounded right? The makeup looked very matte and tender as a whole, not to mention the pink lip gloss. Jiang Yu’s cheeks in the mirror looked like peaches ready to be picked. This state was perfect to make people crazy.

Zeng Yanan had been an editor-in-chief for many years. Naturally, she knew that Chinese girls like clean looks. They obviously liked make-up but were afraid of others saying that they used make up. They wanted everyone to praise their natural good base. So this out of bath makeup was undoubtedly very suitable for Chinese girls. Not to mention, this makeup looked very good.

In order to match the makeup, Jiang Yu specially equipped himself with a pink nightgown. This nightgown was rose red, the color was eye catching, and the chest part was slightly open, which made people had unlimited reverie. The hem reached to the base of the thigh and with Jiang Yu's out of bath makeup, it itched people's heart.

Even as a woman, Zeng Yanan couldn't help swallowing. Oh my! Jiang Yu was simply a little fairy, if a man saw her, he wouldn’t be able to go back!

When Durres saw the shape of Jiang Yu, his fingers pointed and he hummed: "You little fairy, isn't it clear that you are here to steal a man from me?!"

Jiang Yu smiled and flipped her hair. "Don't worry, I'll give him to you. I don't want any!"

Durres nodded his head and said with a smile: "I'm joking. However, you suddenly inspired me…" After speaking, he quickly picked up his camera, and immediately entered a working state. After adjusting it the setting and angle, he began to click and click.

Zeng Yanan, who was originally worried about Jiang Yu’s inexperience and planned to give advice, found that she was useless after all. She suddenly felt that a person like herself who had experienced the world, in front of the little girl Jiang Yu, didn’t look like a world-renowned person. She couldn’t help but be surprised. Who would have thought that Jiang Yu, a person who had never taken professional photos, was actually better at posing than professional models?

In fact, Jiang Yu had indeed never taken this kind of photos, but she often contacted models in her previous life, so she naturally knew a little bit.

On this day, Zeng Yanan and Durres, who had planned to work overtime, ended their work early.

Jiang Yu was really doing so well alone. Some models always needed pointers but still, in the end, they still needed to retouch the pictures so that the photos could be used. However, Jiang Yu gave Durres inspiration, so he took many satisfactory photos.

"Okay, I'll go back to fix the picture, and send it to your assistant after." Durres said to Zeng Yanan.

"Okay, I rely on you for the sales of this issue!"

Durres hugged Jiang Yu. He smiled and said, "Well, I'm useless. You have to rely on my Xiao Yu!" After speaking, he smiled slyly: "Xiao Yu, let’s go, brother invite you to dinner!"

Jiang Yu said: "Dinner? Sorry, my schedule is very full today. You should have made an appointment earlier."

Durres patted Jiang Yu and laughed angrily: "What is it?! What schedule could a single dog have?"

The two talked and laughed, and walked to the newly opened restaurant.

That night, Jiang Yu opened her Taobao store backend. After a week, almost all the clothes sold before were confirmed by the customers. 

Looking at the money in her Alipay balance, Jiang Yu counted the zero for a long time, for fear of making a mistake. She had a good memory, so she quickly figured out how much money should be given to Boss Jiang, and how much she owed the gift box factory. The remaining money left on the balance belonged to her alone.

Jiang Yu smiled. It was not a small sum. The money was even enough for her to buy a house in this city. If it were her previous life, she would definitely take the money to buy a house without hesitation, but in this life, she knew that there was a more important mission waiting for her to complete.

Her dream! Jiang Yu needed to start her dream from scratch. She couldn’t wait, couldn’t wait even for a moment! As for buying a house, buying a car… they were all not worth mentioning in front of her dreams. Furthermore, if Jack Ma bought a house with his venture capital back then, would there be Taobao now?

Soon, Jiang Yu decided to use the money to set up her own company and her own professional team.

And Bei Xiaoxiao… Jiang Yu had been thinking about how to pay her recently. Although the other party didn't mention it, as a friend, she made money so she couldn't let her friends suffer. But the amount to give was difficult to grasp. After all, if she gave too much, it was inevitable that the other party would become greedy. When the time came, the relationship between the two would easily deteriorate due to money, which was not what she wanted to see. But if she didn’t give it, she felt unkind. She made a lot of money, but her closest friend didn’t even get a splash. She couldn’t justify it.

After thinking about it for a long time, Jiang Yu looked at Bei Xiaoxiao who was taking a bath. She picked up Bei Xiaoxiao's bank card from the drawer and put money into it.

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