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Weibo Big V’s Daily Entertainment Circle – Chapter 22 Part 3 of 3

WBVDEC Chapter 22 – Flame (3)

After Bei Xiaoxiao came out, she heard the mobile phone text message reminder, looked at it, and said: "Where did this money come from?" After a pause, she realized that this was from Jiang Yu. "Oh my God! Xiao Yu, why would you give me money?"

Jiang Yu smiled and said: "I made money, so it doesn't make sense that your wallet is still flat. You should keep it first. We are all friends, so don't be polite."

When Bei Xiaoxiao heard this, she was so touched. She hugged Jiang Yu and said, "Xiao Yu, you are the best to me."

"All right!" Jiang Yu couldn't stand Bei Xiaoxiao hugging her at every moment anymore. "Keep the money. When I make a lot of money in the future, I will definitely make your wallet bulge."

Bei Xiaoxiao was content, she said happily: "No, after 20,000 yuan is stuffed in, my wallet is already big enough."

Jiang Yu laughed. 20,000 yuan was not too much or too little. For a college student, 20,000 yuan was not a small sum, but Jiang Yu thanked Bei Xiaoxiao from the bottom of her heart for the help at the beginning of her rebirth.

If people asked who the most popular internet celebrity on Weibo was, it had to be Jiang Yu.

Most Internet celebrities were popular because of one incident. After the incident, if there were no new incidents, people would gradually forget this person. But Jiang Yu was a peculiar among them. The face slapping incident became an instant hit. This incident not only caused a sensation among the people, but also caused the country to pay more attention to the purchase of luxury goods and increased their efforts to combat counterfeiting. 

After that, Jiang Yu released evaluation for skin essences, recommended useful skin care products, and taught everyone to make-up… These series of events had made her fans steadily increase, and her popularity had also increased. And her styling for Gu Shenliu made her popular on another level. Since then, Gu Shenliu's 60 million followers on Weibo had remembered this girl named Jiang Yu.

Thanks to this incident, Jiang Yu’s essence review post was once again reposted wildly. As a result, all Weibo posted by Jiang Yu had exceeded 100,000 reposts, which was an amazing number!

Jiang Yu seized this opportunity and took clothes pictures more seriously. She and Durres communicated the style, and the two hit off. The shooting process went very smoothly. After all, professional was professional. For clothes that usually could only be done photographed in a day by Bei Xiaoxiao, with Durres they ended the shooting in the afternoon.

"Xiao Yu, everything is done. I will process the photos and send them to you later."

"Okay, Old Du, a professional is indeed different!" Jiang Yu gave thumbs up.

Durres rolled his eyes, "I’m not that old! What is Old Du? I'm only 28! Younger than your Gu Shenliu."

Jiang Yu couldn't laugh anymore. She snorted, and said seriously: "What is my Gu Shenliu? I don't know him at all."

"Even if you are a stranger, you will become familiar after sleeping together. You remember what brother said, between a man and a woman, you might be a stranger in the first second, but you can roll on the bed in the next second. Some things are faster and simpler than you think." Durres said in a looming voice.

Jiang Yu sighed… Since the like and mention on Weibo, everyone liked to associate her with Gu Shenliu, but only she knew that both of them obviously hadn't even said very many words. She suddenly understood Gu Shenliu's sinister intentions. "When will the photo be ready?"

Durres knew that Jiang Yu was becoming popular recently. He thought about it, and said in deep thought: "I will stay up tonight to help you. I will try to give it to you tomorrow so that you can also launch this batch of clothes while your topic is still hot."

Durres was really good, so Jiang Yu only said: "When this period is over, let's drink together."

"Okay, brother is waiting for you to invite me!" Durres flipped through the photos on the camera and looked at the jade inside. He sighed and said sincerely: "It's been a long time since I saw a model that suits my appetite. Really, Jiang Yu, you might as well accept Gao Jing's proposal and become a star!"

After hearing this, Jiang Yu thought for a while, and then said seriously: "I don’t have much interest in being a celebrity, plus I plan to establish my own company and clothing brand. I also have classes. People’s energy is limited, I can’t do everything."

Seeing that Jiang Yu was very sensible, Durres felt that he had underestimated her. To have this calmness at a young age, the future of this girl was boundless. "Okay, consider it for yourself. Even if you are not a star, with your ability, you can still eat well in the fashion circle!"

Durres was very helpful. Knowing that Jiang Yu was going to class on Monday, he processed the photos and sent it to Jiang Yu during the weekend.

Jiang Yu and Bei Xiaoxiao posted the photos to Taobao together with the edited descriptions and details. At the same time, Boss Jiang also wrote a letter saying that all the clothes from the first batch were ready.

Jiang Yu and Bei Xiaoxiao edited all the treasures and stored them in the background.

At 8 o'clock that night, Jiang Yu forwarded the Weibo that she had released previously detailing the new batch of clothing, leaving a message:

[Finally, all the clothes designed and made by me are finished. The quantity is not large, so it is recommended to place an order if you fancy it. Otherwise, don't cry for me if it is out of stock. Click here to buy: 34DS#IWU21.]

Unlike before, there were many Gu Shenliu fans on Jiang Yu’s Weibo now. Women always looked at other women with a critical eye. So when everyone saw Jiang Yu posting this Weibo that soled clothes, they smiled and thought:

"Since ancient times, Internet celebrity routine had been deep, and this Jiang Yu had also begun to sell clothes?"

"The so-called design of Chinese Internet celebrities was mostly just imitating the pattern of foreign big names. To put it bluntly, it was plagiarism." 

"Jiang Yu was just using Gu Shenliu's reputation to swindle money. Just a student like her, what good clothes could be designed?"

Everyone clicked into Taobao with such a feeling, but:

"Wow! Is this a dress designed by Jiang Yu? It doesn't seem to be plagiarizing the big-name designs."

"These clothes are very beautiful and very special. There are small ingenuities in the details." 

"Wow! Jiang Yu looks good on these clothes, I really want to buy it, and the photos are so compelling..."

"Oh my God! Don’t you want to buy one?"

Ever since, many fans who questioned Jiang Yu, hesitated and put the clothes in their shopping cart. But who knew, when they were then ready to place an order, they were shocked. Because they couldn’t buy it!

Everyone refreshed and saw the notice, [The item you are going to purchase has been removed from the shelf.]

"Not available? Well, it's possible that the best-selling styles would be off the shelves. Then buy another one. Try to get the next best thing." 

But they didn't expect to get another notification that the clothes were off the shelf again!

In this way, everyone refreshed and saw that in less than half an hour, all the 12 styles that were on the shelves in the Jiang Yu store were sold out! As a result, a bunch of new fans clamored on Jiang Yu's Weibo: 

——We will never come to your store to buy again next time!"

——What's this! We just want to buy something, what's the reason for it to be removed from the shelves in a blink of an eye.

The old fans laughed, and said:

——Buy it directly if you like, if you don’t then don’t buy it. It’s hard to buy Jiang Yu clothes. Isn’t this well-known already? Why, these people don't know yet?

The old fans were not cool, but fortunately they moved fast and was able to grab some clothes. Otherwise, they would be unhappy for a long time!

In fact, this speed far exceeded Jiang Yu's expectations.

After all, the big reason why the previous batch of goods sold well was because they were cheap. Good quality and good style clothes were less than 100 yuan and also got free shipping, so it was reasonable for everyone to join in. But for Jiang Yu designed clothes, the price was relatively medium. Ordinary jackets were around 300, pants and skirts were 200. They were not particularly expensive, but also not particularly cheap. The raincoat-style windbreaker inspired by the custard bun, because of the special material that were imported from South Korea, were sold at a price of 499.

Because of this Jiang Yu didn't expect that everyone would still be so enthusiastic. The clothes were off the shelves almost instantly.

"Jiang Yu, I was scared! If you knew it would be this way, we should’ve made more clothes. You can also make more money." Bei Xiaoxiao said.

Jiang Yu smiled, in this matter, she had her own persistence.

For the clothes, fans had a high degree of praise:

——The photos taken this time are very good. It feels like a blockbuster, which makes people very interested in buying. It also makes Xiao Yu looks very beautiful!

——The photographer in this issue is Durres? I watched him update these photos on Weibo. Isn't he a special photographer for fashion magazines? How could he take Taobao photos of Jiang Yu?

——I bought the clothes. I hope the quality is good! Looking forward to it!

——It's so good. Some of the items I selected are actually new style I have never seen before. I have bought them all, looking forward to the next time!"

Jiang Yu smiled and replied to some messages. Because her interaction with her followers was good, the number of Jiang Yu's Weibo followers had been increasing.

Because of school, the delivery could only be handed over to Boss Jiang. Fortunately, because of the cooperation, he also gladly wanted to continue to cooperate with Jiang Yu. He was very careful about the delivery and had hired a lot of workers to help.

Near the middle of the night, Jiang Yu's mobile phone WeChat rang. When she opened it, she saw Boss Jiang sent a small video of several workers that were still delivering the goods.

The workers worked hard, and Jiang Yu was very grateful. But after all, they were not professional. They were not as careful as she would like. Thinking of this, she was firm in her idea of establishing a company.

Lying on the upper bunk, watching her roommates silently spread messages with their brows and eyes, Jiang Yu felt that this group of girls could be spies instead. Studying at the Fashion Department simply buried their talent.

Jiang Yu was lying on the bed, closing her eyes and thinking about the Double Eleven events. Double Eleven seemed to be far away, but in fact it was slowly approaching. It should be prepared earlier. The annual Double Eleven would determine whether she would eat soil or meat this year.

Jiang Yu intended to tidy up the designs from her previous life in the near future to prepare for this double eleven. With such thoughts, she soon fell asleep.

The next day, Jiang Yu received a call from Boss Jiang, saying that the shipment was completed and all the orders for this batch were sent out.

Seeing that all orders in the Taobao backend became "shipped", Jiang Yu smiled, bought breakfast, and went to the classroom with Bei Xiaoxiao.

Jiang Yu was already familiar with the names of her classmates. Shen University was worthy of being a 985 school. The professors were very good. Not only were they rich in theoretical knowledge, they were also very thoughtful. Many times in class, they mentioned similar views on the status quo of the clothing industry and these resonated with Jiang Yu. At the same time, the class helped her review her basic knowledge again and made her design skills more solid.

In this atmosphere, Jiang Yu's self-made brand had ushered in their second Taobao launch.

At the same time, the issue of <Weiwei> magazine on which Jiang Yu shot the cover was also on the market.

In early autumn, the air was breezy. Gu Shenliu wore sports clothes and ran along the river.

"Mr. Gu, you are so early today?" Uncle Feng from the newsstand on the riverside asked.

Gu Shenliu stopped and nodded: "I can't sleep, so I just get up early to exercise."

Uncle Feng had lived in the area for five years. In these five years, he knew that as long as Gu Shenliu was at home, he would definitely get up early to exercise. Gu Shenliu was already sweaty, so he would usually came from home by the time Uncle Feng opened his newsstand. It could be seen that Gu Shenliu got up very early.

It was okay in summer, at least it would be bright already at five o'clock. But in winter this would not work. Sometimes Uncle Feng arrived late because of the cold, but he saw Gu Shenliu running back and forth a few times already. Uncle Feng speculated that Gu Shenliu's sleep was not very good. This was why he often told people: "It's not easy to be a star!"

Uncle Feng said seriously: "You, you have too many troubles. When you reach my age, you will know that it is hard to buy good health!"

Gu Shenliu raised his lips and smiled lightly. "You are right."

In the past, as long as Uncle Feng opened his business, Gu Shenliu always came to buy a magazine. Therefore, Uncle Feng took the new magazine and said: "Buy one?"

Gu Shenliu picked up the technology magazine he often bought, and was about to pay, but his eyes fell on a beauty magazine. He saw a familiar figure printed on the cover of this magazine named <Weiwei>.

White and slender thighs dangled Gu Shenliu's eyes, and he couldn't help but look away.

Gu Shenliu, who had just finished running, only felt that there was a flame in his heart, which was blazing higher and higher.

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