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Weibo Big V’s Daily Entertainment Circle – Chapter 18

WBVDEC Chapter 18 – Delivery

Brands like LV could only be regarded as entry-level in luxury goods, and the price was relatively cheap. Therefore, in Jiang Yu previous life, she often deconstructed LV bags and made them into accessories for sale in her studio. These accessories would then be sold to customers to match with clothes. In fact, accessories were not uncommon in luxury goods, such as Fendi’s little monster pendant, Hermes’ pony, LV’s mobile phone case. The leather of the luxury bags was good, and the accessories were unique.

Hermes Pony Bag Charm

LV Mobile Phone Case

Fendi Monster Charm

Thinking of this, Jiang Yu used a professional tool to cut the bag apart, remove the stain-contaminated part, and keep the usable part. Finally, a long piece of LV leather was displayed in front of her. She stretched out her hand to measure the size of the leather. Because she had been dealing with fabrics and leather, so she only needed to measure it with her hand to know what it was suitable for.

Jiang Yu roughly estimated that the LV bag’s leather could be made into one small cross-body bag, three bear keychains, two pony keychains, a zipper coin purse, a watch wristband, and there would still be some odd and ends cuts left. In order to prevent waste, she directly spliced all the miscellaneous materials together and made a mobile phone case for Kong Jiayu. Although it was spliced, it looked unique with some color edging.

Jiang Yu simply drew the product design drawings, and then passed them to Kong Jiayu.

At that time, Kong Jiayu was raising her child at home. The moment she saw the Jiang Yu’s design drawings, Kong Jiayu was stunned. It was not because of the goodness of the design drawings. On the contrary, the design was very simple, just a few strokes to outline the graphics. But for some reason, Jiang Yu’s design drawings were very distinctive, only a few strokes could highlight the essence of the design, so that when people saw it, they couldn't move their eyes away. Their heart was filled with only one feeling – so beautiful!

It’s really beautiful. Let’s not talk about other things and just take a look at the small cross-body bag. The bag had a chain strap and a flap opening. It was made liked it and had a faint feeling that the bags designed by Jiang Yu were better than those sold in real LV store! How was this possible? Just a small clerk, how could the bags she designed be better than those made by a team of big-name designers who racked their brains?
Kong Jiayu felt that she was in luck, so she hurriedly contacted Jiang Yu: "Impossible!"

Seeing this evaluation, Jiang Yu smiled. She then lowered her head and began to work seriously.

In the past two days, Jiang Yu had been making the LV accessories. Bei Xiaoxiao helped her in making the clothes design details, uploading all the clothes to Taobao.

Although Jiang Yu released a preview early, but the production of the clothes takes time. So she had to made new clothes every week. 7 days passed very quickly, if the goods were not ready this time, they should start to sell the next batch of goods. She hoped to sell the third batch after the first batch of goods was completed. In this way, the factory would not be too nervous. 

Bei Xiaoxiao witnessed Kong Jiayu's incident and saw Jiang Yu making bag accessories day and night. She asked: "Jiang Yu, can you really do well? Actually, I am a little worried. After all, everyone can tell that the manager doesn't want to take the job. It must be because it is not good for her to do such a thing, but you…"

"I understand." Jiang Yu smiled. She had lived two lives, would she not even understand this kind of human sophistication? "Don't worry. I know it in my heart."

"Ok, I trust you."

Jiang Yu smiled and turned on the computer to check the evaluation of her Taobao store and the status of the money she had. Now, only a quarter of the first batch of goods sold had not been collected yet, and all other payments had been received.

For a college student, this was not a small amount. It could be seen that some Internet celebrities had a sales of several million a day and had received gold crown in just two years. With how much money such a person could make, it was no wonder that some little girls tried their best to be an Internet celebrity.

Jiang Yu checked the comments again and found that many people were saying:

——Jiang Yu Dada, your pictures are taken very well, but the presentation of the clothes is not very good. I can't see the details of some clothes when they are actually more beautiful than the pictures. I think you should change to another photographer. (TN: 大大/dà dà means The Great. Like Alexander The Great. I kept it in pinyin because it sounds weird in English >.<)

——That's it! The camera technology is too bad!

——Dada, I suggest you change to a professional photographer.

In fact, this matter had long been considered by Jiang Yu. Bei Xiaoxiao’s photography skills were limited, and she could capture good light composition. Before, she asked Bei Xiaoxiao to help take pictures because she didn’t have money. But now Jiang Yu was rich, and they would also start school soon. Bei Xiaoxiao might not have much time, Jiang Yu thought about it again and again, but still thought it was time to find a professional photographer to take pictures. So she put the matter of finding a photographer on the agenda.

It took Jiang Yu two days to finally finish Kong Jiayu's accessories. She and Kong Jiayu made an appointment to deliver the goods.

When Kong Jiayu saw the things in front of her, she looked at them with love. With tears in her eyes, she couldn't believe it, "You did this?"

"Yes." Jiang Yu's expression was calm.

"So beautiful! So exquisite! The workmanship is impeccable, and the craftsmanship looks like a genuine LV." Kong Jiayu was very excited. Jiang Yu made a lot of things for her, especially the keychains. She could carry these keychain at any time. In this way, whenever she saw the keychain, she could think of Zhou Fan's love for her.

This was undoubtedly the best compliment to Jiang Yu. In fact, she had studied for a long time in her previous life. Although she could not conquer the leather technology of LV’s Presbyopia, she was able to achieve the same routing and production process of luxury bags.

"It’s good that you like it." Jiang Yu smiled.

At this time, Jiang Yu looked at the camera bag on Kong Jiayu's body and couldn't help asking: "Miss Kong is a photographer?"

Kong Jiayu nodded and smiled: "Yes, I am a special photographer for magazine."

This surprised Jiang Yu, after all, Kong Jiayu looked gentle and indisputable, unlike a photographer. Her eyes lit up, "So, do you know any good photographer who can shoot Taobao clothes?"

"Taobao clothing?" Kong Jiayu looked at Jiang Yu for a moment. It became clear in her heart that now many young girls do Taobao, and they all do it vividly. "As far as I know, Taobao clothing is not particularly demanding in quality. Most of the clothes are Photoshopped heavily in the later stage."

"Yes, but my requirements are relatively high. I hope this photographer has considerable skills and some reputation. He shouldn’t not only take good-looking photos for the clothes, but also make the photos in my store have its own style. Of course, the price is easy to talk about…"

Kong Jiayu took a deep look at Jiang Yu, and then seriously thought about it: "Well, I really know a person, but he is pickier. He only wants to shoot model that fit in his eyes, and he is more venomous, often scolding and make models cry."

In fact, all talented people in this circle had a bit weird temperament, but it didn't matter. Jiang Yu liked talented people, and she had been getting along well with them in her previous life. So she said: "This is not a problem, as long as the camera technology is good!"

"OK!" Kong Jiayu was very refreshed, "Then I will help you contact him later. By the way, you have made so many pendants for me. I don't know how much labor cost will you charge?"

Jiang Yu looked at Kong Jiayu with a smile, "You just need to find a good photographer for me, it's already a very big help."

"That won't work. I can't take advantage of you."

"It's really not necessary. After all, I posted the bag making process on the Internet, and it helped me earn a lot of heat. If we really compare it, I should be the one to thank you for it."

Kong Jiayu didn't insist on this, so she smiled: "In the past few days, many people called me and asked if that person is me. It seems that your influence is quite big. Okay, then I won't say anything more. I will take good care of your request."

Kong Jiayu was very reliable. That night, she introduced a person to Jiang Yu. 

Jiang Yu added his WeChat account, and the other party quickly accepted her friend requests.

Jiang Yu entered his circle of friends and saw the photos taken by a man named "Durres" on WeChat. Durres's level of photography was quite good, even if an amateur model was given to him, the photos would turn out to have the quality similar to international supermodels. Durres's photos also had its own style.

Jiang Yu was ecstatic. A good photographer was like a dress that could be worn to participate in fashion week. She immediately asked Kong Jiayu to introduce this photographer to her. Kong Jiayu asked the other party's opinion and said that Durres asked to meet tomorrow.

Tomorrow was the beginning of school, so Jiang Yu calculated the time. If she met in the morning, she could still be able to go to school in the afternoon to reregister, so she agreed.

That night, Jiang Yu edited the process of her making the accessories, and copied the story of Kong Jiayu previously published. She edited a Weibo post to describe in detail the reason and process of her making the accessories, and even gave every detail. Of course, in order to also promote Kafan, she specially mentioned the manager and Kafan store.

In this way, Jiang Yu posted another long Weibo.

When posting the last Weibo, Jiang Yu only intended to share the process of deconstructing old bags into accessories, so she did not expect that as soon as her Weibo was posted, it would spread at an extremely fast speed. The complicated love story of Kong Jiayu and Zhou Fan had won the sympathy of many people. Everyone hoped that Jiang Yu could make the accessories well. 

People were waiting for Jiang Yu to send the final finished products, so when everyone saw the accessories, the post exploded.

——D*mn! It's so beautiful, I even want to buy a bag and open it to make a bag pendant.

——Miss Kong can finally remember Mr. Zhou anytime and anywhere.

——Am I the only one who suspects that this is LV's promotion? I heard from my friend that LV's sales have increased a lot these days. The bag deconstructed by Jiang Yu is no longer available at the counter and is completely out of stock. I don't believe it if it's not a paid promotion.

——Upstairs, do you think LV will support paid promotion to this kind of entry-level bag?

——Jiang Yu Dada, you are so amazing! How can you do everything?

——You haven't recommended any easy-to-use cosmetics and skin care products for many days.

When Jiang Yu saw the last comment, she was stunned. It was true that she hadn't recommended something for a long time. After thinking about it, she posted another Weibo.

[ <The Best Performed Lipstick With The Best Price>

KIKO's 4-series black square tube lipstick is the most cost-effective lipstick I have ever used. It is only the price of a cabbage. The color is bright and not easy to fade. It also won’t stick to the teeth and last for a whole day. It can be said that lipsticks that were comparable in quality to it sell for at least a few hundred yuan, while the ones that are cheaper than it would not be as easy to use. Among them, the orange color of 413 is particularly beautiful. The color numbers 412, 421, and 422 are also good choices.]

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