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Weibo Big V’s Daily Entertainment Circle – Chapter 27

WBVDEC Chapter 27 – Recruitment

"Shenliu, where are you going?" Early in the morning, Gao Jing brought breakfast into the villa where Gu Shenliu lived but saw Gu Shenliu walking out with his car key.


"Company?" Gao Jing was obviously surprised. Was this the moment the sun would rise from the west? A person who didn’t go to the company even once a year still remembered that he have a company? "Why are you going to the company? Private visit? I bought you breakfast!"

Gu Shenliu drove the car out of the garage, rolled down the window, and said in a cold voice: "Breakfast is for you. Remember to clean up the garbage after eating."

"I, you…"

Without waiting for Gao Jing to say one more word, the black car immediately sank into the morning light.

Gao Jing shook his head helplessly and sighed: "A good Scorpio actually infected by Virgo's stinky disease! Amitabha, it is terrible to suffer from cleanliness!"

Gu Linlu's call came right at this moment.

Gu Linlu asked with his hands covering his face: "Gao Jing, I remember at the dinner that day, you seem to have said how Shenliu changed? You also mentioned a girl called..."

"Jiang Yu!" After Gao Jing finished speaking, he entered Gu Shenliu's villa and slandered the Gu family’s young masters in his heart. Early in the morning, they took turns giving things to do for him.

"Jiang Yu?" Gu Linlu touched his chin and said, "This name is a bit familiar."

"Yes, she is on fire recently. A 20-year-old girl that can design clothes and style, she's quite capable." Gao Jing saw Jiang Yu’s recent news about inventing out of bath make-up and it went viral in Japan. This was something that many others wouldn’t even be able to do. Furthermore, Jiang Yu’s ability to design red carpet dress was amazing. People in the entertainment industry would step through her door in the future.

"What about this girl and Shenliu?"

Gao Jing said seriously: "Didn’t Shenliu tell you? The sound in his ears will disappear if he meets Jiang Yu. The only time he fell asleep within the last one and a half months was at Shen University’s alumni speech event. The stylist didn't show up on that day, so I asked Jiang Yu to help with styling. It was also at that time that Shenliu was able to rest for a while."

"What are you talking about?!" Hearing this, Gu Linlu, who was always calm, also let out a shout. He jumped up from his bed and confirmed again: "You mean, Shenliu’s problem is gone when he touches that girl?"

"It can be said like this!"

After hearing this, Gu Linlu fell silent. As a family member, no one knew better than him how the train sound tortured Gu Shenliu was. It had to be very painful, but Gu Shenliu had strong self-control and was firm enough to endure more than ordinary people. If it was others, they might have committed suicide a long time ago. According to one psychologist, there was a similar case in the past. A woman was committing suicide by lying on a rail before she was 20 years old. She died horribly.

Over the years, the Gu family privately sought medical treatment for Gu Shenliu at all costs. They did not expect that such a strange thing would happen just when they had given up.

Gu Linlu suddenly remembered that he seemed to have seen this name in a certain report. He didn't delay anymore and immediately searched for the girl’s name on Weibo. Sure enough, @Stylist Jiang Yu, there was such a girl!

Jiang Yu was beautiful, had a good figure, and more importantly, Gu Shenliu actually gave Jiang Yu a compliment!

Early in the morning, Gu Linlu with a stubborn face touched his chin and made a click to like one post. Not like Gu Shenliu's style, but as if his hands were slippery. This was a Weibo that his brother liked, which was worth thinking about.

"Papa..." Plump Xiao Q crawled over the bed and got into Gu Linlu's arms. Gu Linlu picked up Xiao Q in one hand and walked out with a smile: "QQ, your uncle is in love! Our Gu's family is about to add another baby!"

Xiao Q nestled in his Papa's arms, blinking his eyes. Huh? There seems to be something wrong...

At the same time, Gu Shenliu drove to his company. When he first became famous, he established a financial company just like a little joke. He did not expect it to scale up where it now had more than 300 employees.

At exactly 9 o'clock, the employees were all working. Seeing Gu Shenliu entering the door, all the employees looked at him curiously and secretly.

Gu Shenliu dressed in black reached a new height. When he came through the gate, it was as if he was walking on a red carpet. He brought a spot of starlight. He wore sunglasses and went directly to the human resources department.

HR Manager Bi Peijun stood up in shock.

Gu Shenliu? Why was he here? Although this was Gu Shenliu's company, he rarely showed up personally. For management issue, things were more often helped by Gu Linlu.

"Boss?" Bi Peijun asked in surprise.


Bi Peijun was found by Gu Linlu. She was a reliable person. She had helped the company a lot over the years. Being a few years older than Gu Shenliu, Gu Shenliu had always been very polite to her. "Sister Bi."

Bi Peijun was flattered. "Is there anything you need, Boss?"

Gu Shenliu was straightforward: "A friend wants to set up a company. I want you to help her."

"Huh?" Gu Shenliu's company was mature, so there were not many things to handle in normal times. With the addition of other colleagues in the HR department, Bi Peijun could indeed walk away. After thinking about it, she asked: "I don't know what company the other party is?"


Bi Peijun was a little surprised. She then realized that Gu Shenliu's request was not because of no reason. He would’ve known that she had worked as an HR in a clothing company for 5 years before going to Gu Linlu’s Company and then came to his. What kind of friend that could make Gu Shenliu help this way?

"The address of the company..." After a pause, Bi Peijun smiled: "After all, you also know that I still have children."

"The company hasn't been established yet, but it should be in Dongcheng District. It is closer to your home than here."

Bi Peijun was surprised, Gu Shenliu took everything into consideration.

"Okay, since you spoke up, I will definitely help build the company."

Gu Shenliu glanced at Bi Peijun again, his eyes serious: "I have a request."


"The fact that I am sending you to this matter, don't mention it to anyone."

"..." Why did she have a sense of sight of being a spy?

"After you go, besides the salary from the other company, you can also keep the salary here."


The next day, Bi Peijun started her "spy" journey according to Gu Shenliu's instructions. She first found recruitment posts on the Internet, and then sent her resume. Who knew, when the email was sent, the other party responded immediately and asked to meet.

When Bi Peijun drove to the coffee shop designated by Jiang Yu, she was shocked that the other party turned out to be a woman! And also, Bi Peijun looked at the beautiful Jiang Yu and felt that her brain was not enough. Gu Shenliu, Jiang Yu...

In other words, Gu Shenliu had made a 180 turn, doing everything possible, preferring to let his company's HR Manager not work but instead help his friend, they were all for this so-called friend! She was not informed that this friend was a woman! A beautiful woman!

Oh~ No~ Bi Peijun’s brain burst. She smelled the sour taste of love.

With years of interview experience in previous lives, Jiang Yu quickly judged that Bi Peijun had many years of work experience. She smiled calmly and asked: "You have rich experience, why did you choose to come to my company? After all, our company didn't even have an office building."

Bi Peijun came prepared and smiled without flaws: "To rise from the ground, to take it easy!"

Bi Peijun was 13 years older than Jiang Yu. It stood to reason that Jiang Yu should call her sister, but Jiang Yu knew well that she was the boss. Once she naively put herself into a junior position, she could say that she was inferior to Bi Pei Jun, and would probably not be able to control Bi Peijun soon. Although she thought this was a little bit like a villain, but for her 20 year’s old self, she had to put an end to all possibilities of mistake. In the circle, naivety was the most terrible thing. The matter with Jiang Chao was an example.

The interview was pleasant and Jiang Yu was very satisfied with Bi Peijun. She really needed experienced HR personnel to help with recruitment and to handle many professional trivial matters.

"If you join our company, what kind of office location do you think will be the most suitable?" Jiang Yu asked with a smile.

Bi Peijun thought for a moment and immediately said: "Office buildings or abandoned factories are fine. There are many abandoned factories along Huajian Road. No one went there, but because of something, the price of that area was rising. Renting there is expensive, but the place is particularly suitable as an office of a clothing company. There is also a lot of room for decoration, so you might as well consider it."

Bi Peijun quickly took Jiang Yu to the location. It was originally a remote place, but it became popular because of an anonymous private restaurant. Jiang Yu looked around and found that there were many studios nearby, including pottery, illustrations, and embroidery. Every studio was decorated with personality and working in such an environment had a unique charm.

In the past, Jiang Yu’s company was located in an office building, but now, seeing all this, she suddenly wanted to change the environment.

The plant was very large. After renovation, at least 100 people could work at the same time. Looking out the window, there would be a river not far away. Since it was an abandoned factory building, it currently looked ugly with cement floors, wall tiles, and mottled roofs. But it was the kind of environment that made Jiang Yu's heart agitated. She wanted to set up her own studio here and decorated it like her dreams. Let herself and her employees work in a creative environment and create a working environment unique to designers.

Jiang Yu immediately made a decision. "Okay, this is it!"

"The price here is not cheap. The annual rent is 300,000 yuan…" Bi Peijun reminded: "Although 300,000 yuan is not too high for this area, but because the roof is high and the factory has been abandoned for a long time, the water and electricity line probably need to be changed. So, the cost of renovation might be a lot."

"I know it, but let's rent it still. It's hard for me to waste time on picking a place." For Jiang Yu now, time is money.

Bi Peijun liked Jiang Yu refreshing attitude, so she smiled: "Then I will contact the owner now so you can sign the contract."

"For the later renovation, I may have to trouble you to come and supervise."

"Of course." Bi Peijun smiled mildly: "Aren't you recruiting me to do these things?"

Jiang Yu had not stated clearly that Bi Peijun would be hired, but Bi Peijun had already moved. Jiang Yu liked her character. She smiled and stretched out her hand: "Welcome to my team."


"The contract will be signed after I have drafted it, you go back first!" Jiang Yu smiled lightly.

Bi Peijun was lost for a moment. She had been in the industry for more than ten years. It's not that she had never seen young and promising people, but it was the first time she had a contact with a young boss like Jiang Yu. She was only 20 years old, right? At such a young age, the rent of 300,000 yuan was agreed without thinking. Jiang Yu was like someone who had met the world. When treating senior employees like her, Jiang Yu did not appear to be narrow at all, which made Bi Peijun had a rare admiration.

That's right. Such a talent was worthy of being Bi Peijun’s boss. Jiang Yu also had the aura of making big money.

Bi Peijun smiled suddenly. She couldn't tell but Gu Shenliu was actually quite discerning.

In the way back, Jiang Yu received Gu Shenliu 121’s WeChat: "HR recruited?"

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