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Weibo Big V’s Daily Entertainment Circle – Chapter 17

WBVDEC Chapter 17 – Deconstruct

The manager pointed to the woman very enthusiastically and smiled: "You are Miss Kong Jiayu! I remember you!"


"Long time no see." The manager really smiled. The manager remembered this woman because she was the first customer in her career when she was only in her twenties. She graduated from college and came to Kafan as a saleswoman and served this woman named Kong Jiayu. And the reason why she remembered it so clearly was also because that day was Kong Jiayu’s birthday. Kong Jiayu’s boyfriend named Zhou Fan came to the store and asked the manager to serve his girlfriend well.

When Zhou Fan brought Kong Jiayu to the store, Kong Jiayu’s sight was caught an LV Neverfull bag. Because the bag was her dream bag, she especially liked it. When Zhou Fan saw this, he asked the manager to bring the bag to Kong Jiayu. At that time Kong Jiayu planned to buy it herself after trying the bag and seeing it in person closer. Unexpectedly, Zhou Fan smiled and swiped his card, saying it was his birthday present for her.

Kong Jiayu was a little surprised. She reluctantly opened the zipper of the inner bag, but when she opened it, she saw a red square box in the bag. Kong Jiayu opened the box and was pleasantly surprised to find that there was a ring inside. It turned out that Zhou Fan came early and asked the manager, who was only a new saleswoman at the time, to cooperate with him. They both pretended to not know anything so Zhou Fan could propose to his girlfriend. After that, the manager put out the prepared cakes and roses together, and the whole store celebrated Kong Jiayu’s birthday. That moment was so impressive that the manager remembered clearly as soon as she saw Kong Jiayu.

The manager was stunned for a moment, and withdrew from her memory. She looked at Kong Jiayu in front of her in disbelief. She hadn't seen Kong Jiayu for many years. Kong Jiayu's changes were not big, her facial features were more distinct and her temperament became more mature.

Kong Jiayu nodded with a smile, lowered her head and carried her LV bag to the counter. She also pulled out an old invoice from her wallet.

Jiang Yu has been staring at Kong Jiayu during the whole process. For some reason, although Kong Jiayu was smiling all the time, Jiang Yu felt that the woman had a strange heaviness when she smiled. This kind of heaviness made her look like she had no hope on life, like she had just been emptied.

Jiang Yu subconsciously shifted her attention to the bag that Kong Jiayu took out. It was entry-level model of LV Neverfull bag. The bag was large and simple, had no zipper, and was relatively cheap. It could be said that it was the first choice for many people buying LV bag.

Kong Jiayu smoothed out the crumpled invoice, handed it to the manager, and said with a smile: "Unexpectedly, you still remember me. This is the invoice for the bag. I want to ask if cleaning services could be provided here."

The manager was stunned for a moment. Without receiving the invoice, she took the bag and turned it around. Only then did she notice that there was a brown stain around ten centimeters long on the front of the bag.

Jiang Yu looked at the stain, and her brows slightly frowned. The stain had been soaking the bag for a long time, causing the bag to change color, and there were also stains on the strap of the bag. The overall bag was very dirty, there were even some tooth marks of different shades.

Jiang Yu rarely saw such a badly damaged brand name bag. Although the main fabric of LV bags were canvas and PVC, not leather, the quality of its products was still quite good, especially the presbyopia, which shouldn’t be damaged even after many years of use. Many young people would buy the bag as every day item, and many young mothers would also buy it as a mommy bag. This bag was very load-bearing and not easy to break, but most people still took good care of it and keep it clean. Yes, although this LV bag was not considered the most expensive luxury goods, still the bag at this price shouldn’t be used as a plastic bag, right?

The manager obviously had the same idea as Jiang Yu. She glanced at Kong Jiayu and shook her head: "Miss Kong, forgive me for being straightforward. I think even if your bag is cleaned, the stain wouldn’t come off. Besides, the stain on your bag is very difficult to repair."

In order to improve their bag sales, Kafan had also established brand-name bag cleaning after-sales service, which could help customers clean simple stains, carry out bag renovations, etc. But generally, customers who buy luxury goods would protect their items well, and it had been a few years since they received cleaning request.

The manager didn't deliberately shirk, she was merely stating fact.

Kong Jiayu understood. She warmly said: "I know that. I asked a lot of professional shops that put on high prices, but they gave the same answer – this bag is too damaged."

The manager was a little surprised. To want to clean a bag that was not particularly expensive at all costs… When the manager thought of the past, she understood and smiled: "Because this bag has a special meaning to Miss Kong? I can understand your feelings. After all, this bag is used by Mr. Zhou to propose to you. It is natural for you to cherish it, but... this bag is indeed very difficult to clean up, because the stain has changed the color of the bag. You need to pay a lot of money to clean and repair it. Why not use the money to buy a new bag and just keep this at home?" The manager gave advice.

Who knows, after hearing this, Kong Jiayu insisted a little anxiously: "No, I must clean up this bag, I hope this bag can accompany me all the time!"

Kong Jiayu’s emotional changes were too obvious. Everyone noticed that something was wrong with her. Upon seeing this, the manager couldn’t help asking: "Miss Kong, can I ask why? Is it because this is a gift from Mr. Zhou?"

Kong Jiayu lowered her head, and then choked up for a long time: "My… my husband passed away 2 years ago…"

After hearing this, the manager was stunned for a while before returning to her senses. She was a little surprised, trying to make her question not appear presumptuous: "Passed away? Mr. Zhou, he…"

Kong Jiayu lowered her head and tried smile. After trying to make her expression more calm, she said: "After he proposed, we quickly got a marriage certificate, and I also became pregnant 2 months after the marriage. Who knew that when I was 4 months pregnant, Zhou Fan was diagnosed with advanced lymphoma. In the following years, Zhou Fan has been cooperating with the doctor for treatment. He is optimistic, but can't let go of the child and me. He fought the disease for more than 2 years and originally thought the cancer had been brought under control, but it relapsed."

"At that time, after Zhou Fan received his first chemotherapy, I brought some Chinese medicine for him. One time, the dog at home overturned the Chinese medicine inside the bag and it soaked for a long time. In addition, the dog was also biting the bag and stepped on it. It caused serious damage to the bag, but because I still had to take care of Zhou Fan and also pregnant, I didn’t care about this. After Zhou Fan left, I realized that the bag had been too badly damaged. This bag is special to me, I hope I can carry this bag every day, and let it stay with me…"

After hearing this, everyone was silent.

Finally, the manager opened her mouth and said: "Miss Kong, this bag is really too damaged, and our workers here are not able to repair it."

"Then there is no other way?" Kong Jiayu asked with tears in his eyes.

The manager shook his head silently. "I’m sorry…"

"Who said no?" Jiang Yu, who had been standing by and watching, suddenly spoke. She smiled and picked up the bag in front of her, and said to the manager: "Manager, there is actually another way to meet Miss Kong's demands."

"What are you talking about!" The manager pulled Jiang Yu, frowning anxiously: "Jiang Yu, what are you talking about? You should also understand, we really can’t do it here." After the manager finished speaking, she felt a little unhappy in her heart. After working in the store for so long, she had already learned how to not trouble herself. The bag was very important to the customer, and the requirements were also high. So she would never take such thankless work, This Jiang Yu, just because of she received some fame, she thought the sky was not so high? She even dared to say that she could meet Miss Kong's requirements. She was really bluffing!

The manager's thoughts were all written on her face and Jiang Yu chuckled in her heart when she saw it. She believed in fate, and Miss Kong's affairs made her really want to help.

"Miss Kong." Jiang Yu picked up the bag with a smile, "This bag is damaged and has been gnawed many times by dogs. There are not only teeth marks but also hairline cracks in many places. Plus, there are stains from the traditional Chinese medicine. If you want to repair it until it was usable, it is probably not realistic. Unless Miss Kong doesn't mind everyone watching you carry a patched bag, but…"

"But what?" Kong Jiayu pulled Jiang Yu with an anxious look, and urged: "But what? Little girl, don't say anything halfway…."

Jiang Yu smiled and said, "Since Miss Kong just wants to remember Mr. Zhou, and this bag cannot be kept intact, I suggest that you take this bag apart to make bag pendants and other accessories that you can use at any time. These pendants will keep Mr. Zhou's love for you by your side at any time, and you could take them out to watch at any time."

Kong Jiayu was stunned for a moment, as if she didn't expect things to develop like this, she said suspiciously: "Pendants?"

"Yes…" Jiang Yu pointed to the bag and said, "This bag still has a large undamaged area so it is easy to make accessories. You can make keychains, bag pendants, toys, etc. With the quality of LV bag, these accessories won’t be broken even after many years, and you can make a lot of them. In this way, you can use it one by one slowly. If one is broken, use the other. In fact, I strongly suggest you make the bag into a pendant. After all, a bag will be broken over time from use no matter how you try to protect it. Can you guarantee that the bag can still be used when you are old? Or if the bag was stolen or you lost it, won’t you feel more distressed? It won’t be the same if it’s made to accessories."

Jiang Yu's words were very logical, and Kong Jiayu was instantly tempted. Yes, a bag might be lost or broken, but if it was made into accessories, she could make many of them and kept them to use slowly. "Then can I do it here?"

The manager was already dumbfounded. She was about to say that they couldn't do it, but then she heard Jiang Yu smiled and said, "Yes!"

"Jiang Yu, you…" The manager wanted to stop her. It's not that she looked down on Jiang Yu, but it's really difficult to do this thing. Jiang Yu represented Kafan, if it was not done well, it would also embarrass Kafan.

Of course Jiang Yu knew what the manager thought, so she smiled and said, "Manager, don't worry, leave it to me! I won't embarrass Kafan!"

Kong Jiayu heard this and immediately said happily: "Then can you do it for me now?"

In fact, Jiang Yu still had something to do, but she couldn’t refuse a tearful woman who missed her deceased husband. Thinking of this, she smiled and nodded: "Yes! But I need some time."

"It's okay, I can wait!"

"I just have one request…"

With Kong Jiayu’s approval, Jiang Yu planned to record all the process of her deconstructing the bag. She asked Bei Xiaoxiao to take photos of herself, took photos of the bag, and described that the deconstruction was to turn the bag into accessories. All this was posted on Weibo:

[Deconstruction begins!]

Ever since, loyal fans who were waiting for Jiang Yu to post on Weibo were screaming with excitement.

——The Great God is about to have a new work again!

——Such a poignant love story, I was crying, I really want to comfort Miss Kong, and, Xiao Yu, you are really great! I hope you can help Miss Kong make exquisite accessories!

——Gosh! I also have a bag that I don’t use. I also want to turn it into accessories when I see this!

——look forward to the result!

Seeing these messages, Jiang Yu smiled. She took the tools and started to work.

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