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Weibo Big V’s Daily Entertainment Circle – Chapter 20

WBVDEC Chapter 20

Women often use intrigue in their daily lives, while men use intrigue in their careers. This was probably the difference between women and men.

Jiang Yu looked at the rubbish on her table and bed. This situation could only be described as horrible! She didn’t know if the piles of toilet paper lying on her bed were toilet paper used for wiping nose or others, but there were also piles of sanitary napkins. The underside of her chair was full of fruit peels and dust. 

It was summer and there was no air conditioner in the dormitory, so the rubbish was smelly and people could smell its odor even from a distance. Jiang Yu's face went dark. She shouldn’t have to take the provocations of these young people to heart, but a lazy person like her could not tolerate others trampling on the fruits of her labor!

The dormitory was still silent, and the other three girls, one was listening to a song, one was watching a movie, and the other was playing on her mobile phone. It was as if no one had seen Jiang Yu at all.

Jiang Yu sneered. In her memory, the original owner was often isolated and received cold violence by her classmates. However, the original owner was cowardly. After being bullied, she couldn’t defend herself directly. She had told her class teacher about this matter but was replied coldly: "Why don't they bully others and only bully you? You should find the reason in yourself." Because of this, the original owner had always had low self-esteem, and even thought about committing suicide.

Although Jiang Yu didn't want to be hostile to others, she was not easy to bully. If she was bullied, she couldn't just leave it alone. Thinking for a moment, she suddenly smiled. These people were you bullying her? Let’s let these people know how good she was.

Thinking of this, Jiang Yu took out her phone directly, snapped a few photos, and did not forget to edit the pictures to highlight the disgusting color of the garbage.

The sound of the camera finally caught the attention of the other three girls. They looked and winked at each other. Then the girl named Ji Wen who lived on the opposite side of Jiang Yu frowned. She said: "What are you doing?"

Jiang Yu didn't speak. She continued to take pictures from multiple angles.

After all, Ji Wen was still young, so she was anxious at the moment. She jumped out of her bed and asked: "Jiang Yu, I am asking you something! What are you doing?!"

Jiang Yu seemed to have just heard her voice, but she only looked at Ji Wen coldly. She raised her lips and smiled: "Your name is Ji Wen, right? Since when did you care about me so much? I only took a few photos of my own table and my bed, why did you have to jump out and ask me what I am doing?! What's wrong? Is your heart feeling guilty? Or you are afraid of me posting this photo on the Internet and let people see your face clearly?! Look at what virtue is behind you, a woman who pretends to be kind and innocent!"

"What nonsense are you talking about?!" Ji Wen was about to cry anxiously. She frowned and said: "Jiang Yu, how can you say that to me! I just care about you."

Jiang Yu rolled his eyes. She chose a few pictures that clearly showed the rubbish on her desk. She did not forget to give a close-up of the pads of sanitary napkins. "Care about me? I'm sorry. I don't need your kindness. I will post these pictures on the Internet for everyone to see how nice my table and bed are! By the way, I will let everyone look at these disgusting sanitary napkins, let everyone see the gloom of you people!" 

After that, Jiang Yu laughed a little ironically, "You really treat this girls’ dormitory as an ancient palace fighting scene! Only 4 people, you can isolate me and I won’t care. But you dare to buckle your trash can on my desk while I am out and make my bed dirtier than the toilet, in this case, don’t think about it! I remember Shen University is a 985 school*! It’s not easy for your parents to provide you tuition to attend this university! I don’t know if your parents know that you have a virtue like this in school, or whether the principal knows that the future leaders of the country are no better than toilets, just hateful maggots!" (TN: The number 985 has a special meaning in China. It originally referred to a project that started on May 1998 intended to build a world-class higher education system. The term later became the shorthand expression for the nation's elite universities.)

After speaking, Jiang Yu began to edit the caption, intending to post it on her Weibo.

"Jiang Yu, don't be like this…" Ji Wen's tears were about to come out.

Jiang Yu glanced at the three girls calmly, and saw that Ji Wen was really anxious. She was obviously either the mastermind or the accomplice. Although the other two also looked uncomfortable and a little embarrassed, they were not as anxious as Ji Wen, so they were probably just bystander.

Ji Wen was really going to cry, how did she know that Jiang Yu would become so different? Her memory of Jiang Yu still stayed before the summer vacation. She and the other two girls had agreed during the summer vacation that after school started, everyone would continue to isolate Jiang Yu. She hadn't noticed that Jiang Yu seemed to be a different person. She had a different aura and temperament after just one summer vacation! At this time, Jiang Yu exuded a dazzling light, which made people unable to ignore her.

Ji Wen shouldn’t have provoked such a person! If Jiang Yu posted the photos on the Internet, then she would be finished! 

Ji Wen stomped her feet with anger!

"Jiang Yu, everyone is a classmate, you must not post this on the Internet." Weibo's communication power was not so powerful, but if it really made a big noise, she might be expelled from school.

"Classmate?" Jiang Yu smiled, and she squinted at Ji Wen, "You learned how to bully classmates so early? Didn't your mother teach you to be friendly and kind to your classmates?"

Ji Wen gritted her teeth and looked humiliated. She looked at the other two girls uncomfortably. She was scolded like this by Jiang Yu, but her roommates who were also involved didn’t even dare to say a word. She gritted her teeth and finally said: "I'm telling you Jiang Yu, I didn't do this alone. Yao Yiyi, she was the mastermind. She came to our dormitory just now and proposed the idea to do this."

Yao Yiyi? A figure flashed in Jiang Yu's mind, and her smile remained unchanged: "Don't push things on Yao Yiyi. After all, you are also not a good thing!"

After she finished speaking, regardless of Ji Wen's pale face, Jiang Yu pointed to her bed and said with a smile: "You have to tidy up my bed."

Ji Wen felt humiliated, and her tears flowed down.

To be honest, Ji Wen looked good. She had the face of a kind girl that was quiet and gentle. She had a desirable innocent face and such a girl was always popular. Now she was wiping the tears on her big innocent eyes, which if someone to come, they might think that Jiang Yu had bullied her.

It was so ridiculous.

Jiang Yu was so patient and she emphasized it again, "Please put my bed and table back to their original state, otherwise, as I don't have a bed today, I can only sleep on your bed!"

Ji Wen hesitated again and again. She finally picked up the trash basket, lowered her head, and threw back all the trash into the trash can. From start to finish, the other two girls stayed out, just as they had treated Jiang Yu before.

After a few minutes, all the garbage was cleaned up. Ji Wen also cleaned up Jiang Yu's sheets. While crying, she took the sheets to the sink and washed them.

Jiang Yu smiled. She picked up the trash basket still with her usual indifferent face, but her eyes went cold. Now, it's time for her to clean up the mastermind of this matter.

Holding a trash basket, Jiang Yu hummed a small tune, and walked towards the dormitory next door without rush. Yao Yiyi stayed there.

Jiang Yu heard Yao Yiyi’s excited voice from the door: "Haha, when Jiang Yu comes back, she will definitely collapse when she sees that mess! I am so excited when I think about it!" 

"Come on! Come and help me see, which color lipstick is good for me? My idol is coming and I must let him notice me. Come and see, which color is the most conspicuous?" Yao Yiyi was really excited. Gu Shenliu being her idol was fake, but she indeed wanted to climb high branches through Gu Shenliu. She rarely had the opportunity to see celebrities, so when she finally got the chance to get close to one, shouldn’t she seize the opportunity? In case Gu Shenliu's agent thought she had the potential to be a star, or if Gu Shenliu saw her as beautiful and was interested to her, then she wouldn't need to struggle anymore. There was also no need to be a designer!

Everyone thought that a fashion designer was a very glamorous profession, but they didn't know that this profession was very difficult. Some people couldn’t make a career in this profession for a lifetime. In that case, why couldn’t she find a shortcut? Yao Yiyi took a full hand of lipstick and decided to choose the best color. She asked excitedly: "Which color suits me best?"

"Dior 999 is good!" Suddenly, Jiang Yu's voice came in.

Yao Yiyi's face changed, and the smile on her lips went stagnant. She looked at Jiang Yu with a defensive face: "Jiang Yu, what are you doing in our dormitory?! You are not welcome here!"

"I'm not welcome?" Jiang Yu smiled. Her expression relaxed, "Our dormitory doesn't welcome you also, yet don't you still go to our dormitory to be a demon? Okay, didn't you ask which lipstick color is suitable for you? Then I'll tell you that you, Yao Yiyi, fits better with this basket of garbage!" After speaking, Jiang Yu buckled the trash can on Yao Yiyi’s face with a smile.

Yao Yiyi was petrified. A basket of rubbish was dumped on her. There were used tissues, sanitary napkins, dust… These things were collected by her to deal with Jiang Yu, but now, these things were falling on her own head.

Yao Yiyi was furious! She had just taken a shower. Her makeup was impeccably painted and she was about to meet Gu Shenliu, but Jiang Yu ruined everything! She cursed grimly: "Jiang Yu, are you crazy? I’ll end you!"

Jiang Yu picked her ears, as if disliked Yao Yiyi for being noisy. She let out a little chuckle: "Yao Yiyi, this is just a small warning for you! As I said before, don't mess with me casually. Do you think I'm still the old me you used to bully? I'm sorry, you are wrong. I am a person that doesn’t have much patience. Next time you dare to do this to me, it won’t be as simple as dumping a trash can, I will post your affairs on the Internet and make you famous!"

"You dare!" Yao Yiyi brushed the rubbish on her body. It was so dirty! Yao Yiyi had never suffered this kind of humiliation!

"You can try and see!" Jiang Yu smiled like an angel, brilliant and harmless.

The more Jiang Yu laughed, the more Yao Yiyi wanted to rush to tear her face.

At this time, there was a knock on the door and the president of the Student Union, Su Jingyi, walked in. She glanced at Yao Yiyi's dirty look and couldn't help but frown. "Yao Yiyi, how could you be like this? I asked you to receive such a big person like Gu Shenliu, but you haven't finished getting ready yet!"

Yao Yiyi couldn't care of her own image. She hurriedly pulled Su Jingyi and said: "President, give me another half an hour. I'll be ready right away."

Su Jingyi shook Yao Yiyi’s arm away and stood aside in disgust. "Half an hour? Gu Shenliu will be here in ten minutes. We have to go and pick him up now."

Gu Shenliu was an outstanding alumnus of Shen University. He was a top student. This time he proposed to give the opening speech as a senior, which really surprised the principal. Therefore, the principal urgently issued an order to ask the student council to find a girl to come receive him. After Yao Yiyi knew about this, she was very enthusiastic. She was a good-looking person and dressed well, so Su Jingyi gave her this opportunity. Who knew that she wouldn’t even be ready yet by the time they needed to go.

Su Jingyi was a little anxious, "What should I do? Gu Shenliu is coming soon. Now I am the only one to welcome him. Where can I find the other?"

Jiang Yu was about to leave but after a thought she suddenly turned around and smiled at Su Jingyi: "What do you think about me?" She smiled brightly, and the curvature of her lips when she smiled made people feel that the whole world was alive. 

Su Jingyi was taken aback to see the appearance of Jiang Yu that she didn’t get back to her senses for a moment. Su Jingyi had been enrolled for three years and she thought she knew all the attractive girls in the Fashion Department, but she had no impression of the girl in front of her. She was even better than Yao Yiyi. "You also belong to the Fashion Department?"

"Yes." Jiang Yu still smiled.

"You are so beautiful, can I say no?" Su Jingyi dragged Jiang Yu and walked out: "Let's meet Gu Shenliu now."

Before leaving, Jiang Yu turned around, smiled at Yao Yiyi who was already angry, and said very happily: "Yiyi, I'm going to meet Gu Shenliu instead of you, don't be unhappy! We are all classmates, it's the same whether it was you or me! You stay in the dormitory and clean yourself up. Don't make your body so smelly in such a hot day. It won't be good if you attract flies and mosquitoes!" After speaking, she pursed her red lips and turned to leave.

Ten minutes later, Jiang Yu and Su Jingyi, who had changed their clothes, stood at the gate with several leaders to greet Gu Shenliu.

A black car slowly stopped in front of the school. The car door opened, and a man in black short sleeved shirt got out of the car. 

Jiang Yu looked at him for a moment, only to think that Gu Shenliu was very strange. His temperament was cold and he was different from all the stars she had seen before. His temperament was not like a star, but like a domineering company president.

Gu Shenliu greeted the headmaster and shook his hands. After a while, his eyes fell on Jiang Yu.

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