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Weibo Big V’s Daily Entertainment Circle – Chapter 14

WBVDEC Chapter 14 – Like*

(TN: 点赞 / diǎn zàn = to like an online post on Weibo, Facebook, etc)

"Shenliu, I have inquired about that little girl's account." Gao Jing sat down on the sofa with his computer and said excitedly: "Look, this is her Weibo, and there are pictures of her on it!"

Gu Shenliu frowned slightly before leaning towards computer. @Stylist Jiang Yu, yes, her classmates did call her Jiang Yu that day. He scrolled down with the mouse in his hand. 

Jiang Yu's Weibo was very clean. There were only a few posts as if she had just registered the account, but these few Weibo post had all exploded. Among them, the post that identified brand-name bags had even been reposted by nearly 100,000 people. This Weibo had been very popular recently and had also been reported in the news. Even people like Gu Shenliu who had never been keen on Weibo knew it. He just didn’t know that the creator of this post was her.

Gu Shenliu was a little surprised. Last time Jiang Yu's classmate clearly said that she was a rural girl, if that was correct, then her family conditions should be very ordinary. How could a person who had never used a brand-name bag give such a professional informative post?

Gu Shenliu pulled the mouse and clicked on the makeup photo released by Jiang Yu. Seeing Jiang Yu's dress in the photo, it seemed that it was taken on the day of his first meeting with her. The young girl painted a youthful and beautiful makeup with unlimited vitality.

"How is it?" Gao Jing asked with a smile.

"Not bad!" Gu Shenliu kept staring at the photos of Jiang Yu.

Gao Jing laughed and said: "It's rare to hear your praise. I also think I am amazing. The little girl who I have only met once, unexpectedly even the Weibo account and background have been dug out by me."

Knowing Gao Jing misunderstanding, Gu Shenliu didn't say anything but: "Are you going to investigate her?"

"What investigation! Don't say it like it’s something bad. I just think this little girl is very suitable to debut, and because of your business, I also paid attention to her a little more." After Gao Jing finished speaking, he threw a bunch of information in front of Gu Shenliu. "Look at it for yourself! The little girl is also pretty good. She is a professional fashion designer who sets up her own store. She is a fashion designer, so no wonder she doesn't want to be a star."

Gu Shenliu took the information and glanced at it a few times. He then threw the pile of information away. "Don't do such boring things in the future."

"Boring?" Gao Jing was splashed with cold water, and said: "You are too unconscionable to say this. Who am I doing this for?"

Gu Shenliu picked up the computer and stood up, took another cup of coffee from the table, and said as he walked, "You don't need to worry about my business." He went back to his bedroom.

After drinking a cup of coffee, Gu Shenliu returned to the computer and moved the mouse with his slender finger. He looked through the Weibo page very carefully. Suddenly, the page got stuck, his fingers slid under Jiang Yu's first brand-name bag post, and clicked a thumbs-up.

Gu Shenliu's body stagnated, and then he took a bunch of cotton from the side to plug his ears.

One minute later, Gao Jing's curse came from downstairs: "Gu Shenliu! What are you doing! You liked a woman's Weibo! Do you want to die from gossip?"

Gu Shenliu turned a deaf ear. He stared back at the Weibo page very seriously and thought, which button was ‘Silent Follow’? (TN: Weibo has a feature called Silent Follow (悄悄关注) which enables people to follow an account without it appearing on their following list.)

Gu Shenliu’s action caused a great uproar on the Internet. For nothing else, it was because Gu Shenliu might not even post three Weibo in a year. He had more than 60 million followers. But even if every follower asked him to post something, he still didn’t.

So when Gu Shenliu liked Jiang Yu's Weibo, Gu Shenliu's followers rushed to Jiangyu's Weibo frantically and left a comment:

——What's the matter? How can my male god give this internet celebrity’s post a like?

——Isn't it normal? Since ancient times, male stars have loved internet celebrities, can Gu Shenliu do without this routine?

——What's the matter with internet celebrity? Is an internet celebrity shorter than anyone else? They use their own ability to make money, and they didn't steal or snatch, so why can't they attract actors?

——Only I think that Gu Shenliu simply liked the Weibo because of the content?

——There is only one truth – Gu Shenliu wants to buy brand-name bags!

——Are you kidding? Gu Shenliu is the Asian spokesperson for many luxury brands.

As a result, the Internet broke. Jiang Yu’s followers also came to her Weibo to ask what happened. Many media outlets wrote press releases about this. In short, because of Gu Shenliu’s like, Jiang Yu became completely famous.

In just one day, Jiang Yu's Weibo followers had grown more than 300,000.

However, Jiang Yu knew nothing about all this on the Internet, because she was focusing on designing the next batch of clothes and preparing for her upcoming school. Although she was getting along nicely with Bei Xiaoxiao, it didn’t mean that there was no one in her class will be the same. In case someone found out that she was not the original owner, it would cause a lot of trouble. Therefore, Jiang Yu checked every classmate's name to get acquainted for a while. It was to prevent her from not being able to call the other person's name.

At night, Jiang Yu sat in front of the big windows and made clothes drawings. As a designer, when she saw any piece of clothing, she would look at it with the eyes of a designer. She had to know what kind of clothes customers like, what kind of clothes were in line with the market and the trend, what kind of clothes were suitable for branding, what kind of clothes were suitable for making and recommending to a small number of high-end customers, what kind of clothes were suitable to wear to attend fashion shows in Paris, she had to master all these.

Jiang Yu had her own clothing brand in her previous life. Therefore, when she was reborn, she initially planned to use the same designs to sell on Taobao. But the hot sale of previous batch of clothes made Jiang Yu realize a fact. There was no shortage of customers and people looking for clothes on Taobao. But the crux of the problem was how she could accurately grasp the psychology of customers and made them pay.

In just one day, the transaction volume of Jiang Yu store was equal to the transaction volume of an offline brand in one year. She originally planned to take the high-end route, but the high-end price was definitely not suitable for Taobao. There should be a more precise model for online sales.

In the past, Jiang Yu’s thinking was that selling clothes had to be ‘make design – produce ready-to-wear – sales – clearance discount’, but the Taobao experience in the past few days had changed her mind. Since her goal was clear, to make money. Then, she definitely couldn't expect to open an expensive high-end shop on Taobao, which one piece of clothing could cost tens of thousands of yuan.

Taobao’s customers were mostly people that could accept clothes under one thousand yuan. Among them, student groups would think that under 300 yuan was a good price. Then, if Jiang Yu wanted her clothes to sell well, customers had to help her choose styles, and customers could choose their favorite styles. In other words, her sales thinking should be changed.

Just like Zara, its motto was ‘fast, small quantity, many styles’. Diversity in styles made it operate quickly, made customers highly loyal to the brand, and the brand could also know the best-selling products through the styles sold every day in the store. Once it was determined that a certain product was good for sale, the store would send the style number to the headquarters. And then the design department in the headquarters would create similar design in high speed and put them on the market again to cater to consumers.

This inspired Jiang Yu. She now had the resource from her many followers on Weibo. Maybe she should not design clothes to sell, but design clothes and put them on Weibo so that her followers could choose. With this interaction, she could then listen to everyone's opinions, modify the design if needed or add new ones, and then pre-sell. This process would make her intuitively knew what her buyers like more, and could also reduce inventory as much as possible.

Of course, some people might think it was a depravity for a stylist like Jiang Yu to let customers choose their styles. But she thought nothing of this. She was only 20 years old, she still had many time to be a stylist. When she became more popular in the future, she could completely re-establish her brand for high-end customization. As long as she was rich and famous, everything would not be a problem. Now, in order to be rich, she needed a cheap brand that everyone could wear.

With this plan, Jiang Yu designed dozens of sets of clothes and brought them to Boss Jiang. She tailored them, produced samples, photographed the production process of each piece of clothing, put on the clothes herself, and then took photos from all angles. In this way, it took 4 days to make all the clothes styles.

These past few days, Jiang Yi had been so busy that she naturally had no time to read Weibo. So, when she clicked on her Weibo to took a look, she was taken aback by the numbers in front of her. 79,829 unread messages?

What the..?

Jiang Yu clicked to open her private message and saw that many people asked her:

-Are you Jiang Yu? What is your relationship with Gu Shenliu?

-Do you know Gu Shenliu? Why does Gu Shenliu like your Weibo?

-Hello Jiang Yu, did Gu Shenliu have an appointment with you?

Jiang Yu frowned, Gu Shenliu? Why did everyone ask her about Gu Shenliu? She clicked on her Weibo and read the comments, only to realize that Gu Shenliu had liked her Weibo.

Gu Shenliu? His deep eyes appeared in Jiang Yu's eyes.

Jiang Yu frowned, the last time Gu Shenliu saw her, his eyes were a bit unusual. She wouldn't pretend to be naive and think that Gu Shenliu was in love with her, but she didn't offend Gu Shenliu either! But then why Gu Shenliu liked her Weibo? Was it possible that his hand slipped?

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  1. thanks! haha lady, his hand really did slip! the route of making moneyyy! i like that she chooses to let people decide what to buy, it also reduces waste!


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