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Weibo Big V’s Daily Entertainment Circle – Chapter 25 Part 2 of 2

WBVDEC Chapter 25 – Red Carpet (2)

Durres, on the other hand, also did not slack off in taking photos.

Jiang Yu made the dress for two whole days without rest. Even after two days, the dress was not finished yet, so she applied for leave from school. With the help of Bei Xiaoxiao and Durres, it finally took 5 days to complete the work.

After the work was completed, Jiang Yu asked Durres to call Su Mang to try on the dress.

Su Mang was 28 years old this year. It had been a long time since she graduated. It was a pity that she hadn't got any popular work in these years. She was tepid in the entertainment circle and had no exposure. This red carpet could be considered the most important thing she had attended since her debut. She paid great attention to the occasion and originally planned to wear the eye-catching national flag, but unexpectedly Durres stopped her and asked a friend of his to help her make dress.

Although Su Mang knew that Jiang Yu was the one that invented out of bath makeup, she was still only a college student. How could she make professional dress? Not to mention that the other party didn't even have a studio and only lived in an ordinary community.

Along the way, Su Mang's heart started to sink. She felt that it was a wrong choice to agree to Durres not to wear the national flag. After all, for the unpopular her, the most important thing was for people to pay attention.

This was, Su Mang followed Durres with complicated face when entering the room.

When Jiang Yu saw Su Mang her eyes lit up. Su Mang was really beautiful. Although she was not glamorous, she was really good-looking and beautiful from all angles. Of course, Jiang Yu did not ignore the distrust on Su Mang’s face.

Jiang Yu smiled and said, "Miss Su, the dress is basically done, but you still need to try them before we make final changes."

Su Mang reluctantly twitched the corner of her mouth and said, "Thank you, Miss Jiang."

The moment she saw Jiang Yu, Su Mang's heart sank to the bottom. Jiang Yu looked so small! Also, a college student was naturally young, so what was she thinking when she let such a little girl make dress for her! Well... That's it! If it's not good-looking, then it's not good-looking! If it didn't work, she would just accidentally get the dress dirty or damaged at that time, and then change into the national flag for the red carpet!

"Miss Su, what do you think?" Jiang Yu asked with a smile.

Su Mang was slightly stunned, only then she realized that Jiang Yu had taken out the dress. She saw that the finished skirt was put on a dress form and it was...

Su Mang did not hide her surprise. She ran all the way to the dress form with a trot. 

The dress was… so beautiful and so fresh! There were so many princess dress styles, but although it looked good, it was not dazzling, but this dress was different. This dress was pure and sexy. The reason why it was pure was because the dress was made of very high-end white lace. The fitting was retro, tightly wrapping the body curve, quite an Audrey Hepburn period dress feel, but on the back was hidden a mystery.

Su Mang saw the back of the dress in disbelief. At this moment, she was even more excited. If the white lace in the front part was retro and elegant, then the back was really sexy. The back of the dress was hollowed out to the top of the hips. Jiang Yu used two white lace straps with diamonds to make a cross set from the shoulder to the butt. The part was well-fitted and was able to raise the butt higher. The dress form’s not outstanding butt was all set up like peaches. 

Most Western foreigners liked people with good curves the most. That’s why some Chinese celebrities boasted about how much attention their red carpet outfits received in foreign countries. In fact, the foreign photographers were taking pictures because of the different aesthetics. Things that were too cumbersome would appear to be too much. It was better to dress simply but curvy. It would be more suitable for the red carpet and was also good with Jiang Yu's out of bath makeup. The dress looked ordinary at first glance, but was actually very scheming.

"Jiang Yu, did you make this?" Su Mang asked carefully.

"Yes." Jiang Yu smiled.

Su Mang didn't believe it: "This is exactly the level of a big brand! You are a genius! I almost thought it was made by a big brand. So advanced and so awesome!"

This Su Mang was a quick talker, and she immediately added: "I thought you were a college student who couldn't make clothes. I didn't expect you to be so powerful..."

Jiang Yu smiled and said warmly: "I Thank you for that..."


"If it wasn't for your photos that inspired me, how could I make such a beautiful dress? After all, beautiful dress matches beautiful women."

This compliment made Su Mang immediately regard Jiang Yu as her own. Su Mang smiled crookedly. "Can I try it?"

"Of course!" Jiang Yu smiled and helped Su Mang put on the dress. 

When Su Mang looked at herself in the mirror, she couldn't believe her eyes. "Oh my God! This is me..." So advanced, so beautiful!

"It's you, baby." Jiang Yu smiled and touched Su Mang’s waist. It was very nice and tight. There was nothing that needed to be modified in the dress. It seemed that her ability to measure size with her eyes had not regressed. "Believe me, if you wear this dress to walk the red carpet, it will be much better than the national flag dress!"

Su Mang was very moved. She looked at herself in the mirror happily. Her surprise was beyond words.

But Jiang Yu didn't forget the business. She brought a design draft from the side. "I have already sketched your makeup and styling for the day. All you need to do is ask the makeup artist to put on the out of bath makeup and style your hair. After that put on this lace headgear."

Looking at Jiang Yu’s design draft, Su Mang was agitated. She suddenly felt that the young girl was not easy. In time, she would definitely become a top designer in the fashion circle, and she... She needed to hurry up and hug Jiang Yu’s thighs while she was not red yet!

That night, Su Mang flew to the film festival location. The next day, the film festival officially opened. At the same time, the domestic media were also ready to report on the actresses going to participate in the red carpet from abroad.

Netizens who were waiting for gossips also hold their small benches, eating melon seeds and planned to see these actresses and Internet celebrities made a fool of themselves.

What Su Mang didn't expect was that while she cancelled her plan to wear a national flag dress, there was actually an internet celebrity who actually wore a national flag outfit.

At this moment, Su Mang secretly breathed a sigh of relief. Fortunately she cancelled the plan, otherwise it would be embarrassing to wear the same dress.

When Su Mang finally walked onto the red carpet, no one paid attention to her at first, but when she took a few steps, several big-name foreign photographers suddenly aimed their cameras at her.

"Is she a big star in China?" A foreigner asked in English.

"I don't know, I haven't seen her before, but she is really beautiful! She has an oriental beauty characteristic, and the design of her dress is also great!"

So, click click click!

Su Mang was flattered to be the protagonist and felt the flash of foreign photographers overwhelming other Chinese actresses and Internet celebrities. She became the well-deserved queen of the red carpet that night!

Zhang Jiajia was a senior student. She had been in major fashion forums for a long time, and she often posted on the Internet. She was a well-known god on the forum. This was due to her sister who worked as a photographer abroad. The pictures taken from the streets of foreign countries were sent to her, which made her have more resources than others. This time, her sister also sent her pictures from the film festival earlier. 

Zhang Jiajia got the pictures and went to post, because she was the earliest to get the information, this made her post had a surprising number of hits shortly after being published.

[818 of those 18-line actresses and 9999-line internet celebrities who acted as monsters at this year's film festival! Making an embarrassment abroad, who gives you the qualifications!]

At the beginning of this post, an internet celebrity named Qing Qing was posted. She was wearing a national flag outfit.

[F*ck! Wear the flag on your body is fine, but it’s wrong if you wear it so ugly! Didn’t your intention was just to attract attention? But Qing Qing, ask yourself, you looked like you have short thick legs, thick waist, and dull skin, where had this bright red national flag dress help you at all?]

Netizens echoed:

——This year's Internet celebrity has spent so much money on the invitation so they have no more to spend on dress and decided to wear a national flag? Look in the mirror to see who gives you the face.

——Isn't this just trying to grab the eye? It's just pissing me off!

——I am against this internet celebrity. Let's not shop in her store in the future.

——Let’s boycott...

In the past, if someone walked on the red carpet and being an embarrassment, everyone would laugh a few times and then passed, but this time the national flag costume had caused a great rebound from netizens and everyone had resisted the Internet celebrity.

After that, Zhang Jiajia posted other photos, including those wearing duck feather outfits, glass bottles, and torn jackets from the countryside to the film festival. Netizens turned on their group mocking function and called out these people.

These embarrassing internet celebrities made Zhang Jiajia almost think that the film festival was not worth seeing. Who knew, Su Mang in plain white dress suddenly came into her sight.

At first, Zhang Jiajia thought this was a Japanese star or a Korean star. After all, she had never seen this star in her country, but when she took a closer look, something was not right... Wasn't the makeup painted by this woman the popular local out of bath makeup? This makeup was invented by Jiang Yu.

Thinking of this, Zhang Jiajia quickly copied the photos and shared them on the Internet:

[A clear stream on the red carpet! Actress Su Mang! Come and help this less-savvy host to check which big-name high-end brand made her dress?]

A bunch of people reply:

——Is it Valentino? I remember that the V family used to have a fabric with the same look. Will it be the same series?

——It's not the V family, it had a bit of Dior's style.

——It's a clear stream! This dress is scheming. It seems simple, but in fact it is very ingenious. It makes the wearer looks like they have big chest, high hips, and a thin waist. Tsk! The men can't hold their saliva!

——Huh? Isn’t this the out of bath makeup?

The well-informed fans of the fashion version noticed something was wrong. How did Su Mang paint the out of bath makeup? Then this dress...

Everyone ran to Jiangyu's Weibo and asked: 

——DaDa, do you know from which high-end brand Su Mang's dress is?

For a time, Jiang Yu's Weibo received tens of thousands of private messages.

However, Jiang Yu didn't know about these things, because, during the National Day holiday, she was packing her things and preparing to return to Lu Yuan community.

At the same time.

Gu Shenliu who was shooting an advertisement suddenly took out his mobile phone and downloaded a live streaming app. He logged into his account last time and accidentally discovered that there was a private message in it.

When he clicked it, Gu Shenliu sat up straight without realizing. It was from Jiang Yu.

"What are you watching?" Gao Jing suddenly came over and saw the icon of a live broadcast app from a distance. He couldn't help but feel happy: "Oh my God! Old Gu, you also watch live broadcast? Oh my mother! Since when did you do this? Are you so down-to-earth now? Did you also learn from young people and reward the anchor?"

Gu Shenliu frowned and put away his phone.

Seeing Gu Shenliu upset, Gao Jing snorted: "Oh! Is it because you fell in love with an anchor behind your back? It's so mysterious. I also don't want to see it!"

Gu Shenliu glanced at Gao Jing, grabbed a fake lemon prop, and stuffed it into his mouth. "Shut up!" After speaking, he went to the bathroom and opened the private message after closing the door. He read the message for a moment and only then understood Jiang Yu’s meaning.

Gu Shenliu typed a reply, thought about it for some time and deleted it, repeated this several times, and finally replied: "It's not convenient for me to use the live streaming app, is there a WeChat?"

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