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Weibo Big V’s Daily Entertainment Circle – Chapter 30

WBVDEC Chapter 30 – Apply for Big V*

(*TN: Account verification on Weibo.)

Fu Ting’s JT brand was originally questioned by many people on the Internet. So now that something happened, the media could not let it go. The next day, many newspapers and magazines posted Jiang Yu’s Weibo and quoted Cui Lanxi’s pictures. Questioning if Fu Ting’s JT really had a problem of making customers’ face explode.

Douban, Tianya and other gossip forums had also followed up. Many people posted asking for 818 of Fu Ting’s skin care product brand. Most netizens left a message saying that Fu Ting’s JT was like MLM. Everyone was a discerning person and knew who was wrong and who was right, so most people stood on Jiang Yu’s side.

Jiang Yu didn't respond, but her Weibo followers couldn't sit still.

——Jiang Yu Dada, I will always support you.

——Don't be afraid. If you are in a lawsuit, we will pool the money for you.

——Yes, we are not afraid of Fu Ting.

The next day, as soon as Cui Lanxi went online, she wrote private message to Jiang Yu and cried: "Dada, I went to the hospital after reading what you said. The doctor said that my face was in serious condition. He told me not to use any skin care products. He also prescribed some ointment to apply. He said that in my case, it will still be difficult to get completely cured even after 1 year. It may also leave scars."

For a girl, having scars on the face was fatal. After all, Cui Lanxi bought the mask because she loves beauty.

Jiang Yu immediately replied: "Follow the doctor's advice, relax, and take a good rest."

Cui Lanxi was a little guilty: "I'm sorry, because of me this incident has caused a lot of trouble."

"It's okay." Jiang Yu knew well that Fu Ting would squeeze all soft persimmons. Fu Ting would do this to her just because she was sure Jiang Yu was still a student and had no backstage.

This matter continued to ferment, and there was so much trouble on the Internet that Fu Ting began to regret. She shouldn’t have competed with Jiang Yu.

Fu Ting’s agent was a little worried: "Sister Fu, I don't think you should file a lawsuit. Otherwise the trouble will get worse and it will not be good for us in the end."

"Don't worry. The other party is just an unknown student and won’t make a big wave." Fu Ting took a sip of tea disapprovingly. She was impatient. Seeing Jiang Yu questioning her products, she released an announcement without much thought. After all, JT was a brand she created and promoted. It had also brought her hundreds of millions of income. As for if the skin care products really problematic? Ha ha, she didn’t really care.

Fu Ting felt that the group of consumers was just hypocritical. They deliberately looked for troubles. They saw that she was a celebrity and wanted to squander her money, so she refused to let them do what they want.

The agent sighed, "This is no way to go on. The media are reporting on this matter now, and it is going crazy online. If you continue like this, it will not be good for your reputation."

"On the media side, you find someone to solve it."

"It takes a lot of money to find someone to solve it. I mean, you might as well let the customer service appease the bad-faced customer and spend a little more money to get that Jiang Yu to delete her Weibo. Naturally, a student won’t refuse money. This way we will save money compared if we deal with the media."

Fu Ting knew this was the truth, but she had said everything, so she couldn't take it back.

The agent was also a little worried, "If someone comes to investigate the matter of doing business. I'm afraid that the investigation will be endless."

Fu Ting was still hesitating, but then she saw her agent suddenly received a call. After listening to it for a while, she saw that the agent’s face became more and more serious. "What's wrong?"

The agent hung up the phone and said anxiously: "Sister Fu, it's not good. Dozens customers with bad faces have filed a lawsuit against our brand." As soon as she finished speaking, she got a call from the manager in charge of Taobao sales.

"Sister Fu, many customers on Taobao demanded inspection reports saying that our products have problems. Taobao has already intervened in the investigation."

When Fu Ting heard this, she was so anxious that she said angrily: "I'm tired enough, but there are still more idiotic customers!"

"Sister Fu, please be calm and not irritable. This is not a time to play your temper. I think you should leave this matter to the public relations department to deal with!"

On the Internet, there were many people whose faces were as serious as Cui Lanxi's. They had red sores and yellow pus. Previously they didn’t even dare to see other people at all. 

Just like Cui Lanxi, they had the desire to die when looking in the mirror. JT was full of lies and the sales didn’t admit it. She was always informed that she was detoxifying and they advised her to continue to use the mask. 

Cui Lanxi was exhausted and had no intention of dealing with this group of people anymore. She had already had the idea of giving up her tears and just wanted to treat her face well. But at this moment, a lawyer suddenly contacted her:

"Ms. Cui, hello, I am Lawyer Yang Yong. I have paid attention to your matter and I am deeply sympathetic to you. I want to offer to provide you with legal help for free."

Cui Lanxi was taken aback and asked incredulously: "Really free? How could such a good thing happen?"

"Well, we have a foundation program where wealthy businessmen donate money regularly every year. This is to help people in need." Yang Yong read out of the words that he had prepared for a long time.

Cui Lanxi face was already disfigured, she couldn't work and live normally now. So even if the culprit JT didn't compensate her, she would let more people know the true face of JT. She couldn’t let more sisters suffer. Thinking of this, she hurriedly agreed.

At the same time, several other severely disfigured victims had also received private messages from Yang Yong. Since it was free, who would be an idiot and refuse? Even if they wouldn’t get anything, they still should prosecute. At worst, they would get justice and apology. At best, there might still be compensation.

As a result, everyone set up a WeChat group with more than 1,000 victims. These people filed their lawsuit and issued a statement of the lawsuit at the same time. Because their faces were terrible and terrifying, coupled with Fu Ting's reputation, their Weibo was posted on hot searches as soon as they were released. This also attracted the attention of @People’s Daily.

It was said that there was power in a lot of people. Cui Lanxi and a group of people were collecting evidence in the WeChat group. These evidences made Fu Ting and JT both afraid.

But Fu Ting still insisted: "Let them sue if they have the ability. My goods are fine. They are the one that are problematic." She was well aware that she must not admit that it was her own product problem. Otherwise, the JT brand would be obsolete and it would be equivalent to throwing money into the water.

At this moment, someone found out that the JT brand was actually a three no product.

It’s not accurate to say that it’s three no. It’s just that many JT’s products were sold on WeChat without label. JT’s advertisements had always claimed that JT was developed by a famous research institute so it's safe and reliable, but when everyone asked on Weibo where this institute was? JT couldn't answer at all.

At this moment, someone reported that hormone in JT products were exceeding the standard.

Under every piece of JT’s negative news, there were tens of thousands of fans reporting negative news about JT. These fans were coming fiercely, so Fu Ting had no room to talk back. Even if she wanted to defend herself, she was alone. You couldn’t open her mouth as she would likely give swear words.

For a time, Fu Ting was very busy. Her agent was confused, she felt that the progress of the issue was unusual.

"Sister Fu, why do I feel that this incident was deliberately planned? How can ordinary fans unite in a short period of time and do so many things?"

"Planned?" Fu Ting had been in the entertainment circle for so many years, so of course she noticed something was wrong. The wind direction had turned too fast. Yesterday everyone stood with her but today they scolded her and said that Jiang Yu was pioneer in the fight against counterfeiting. "Has that Jiang Yu hired navy to f*ck us?" (TN: Navy here means paid commenter.)

The agent thought for a moment, then shook her head: "It's not likely. Even if the girl has money, she won’t be so professional. These methods seem to be made by people in the circle."

"People in the circle?"

Fu Ting thought for a long time. Although she loved money, she had always been generous to people in her circle. To get other celebrities to promote her, she never missed in giving the benefit in return. So, who would deliberately act against her?

At this moment, a message was posted on the Internet. Someone from JT Company claimed that JT had been evading taxes.

[JT’s WeChat advertisement claims that it has sold 100 million products last year. So, the question is, have you paid the taxes for so many products sold? @Fu Ting come out and tell us about it, is this false propaganda or tax evasion?]

After reading this news, Fu Ting became completely anxious. Speaking of which, none of the celebrities that started a company this year were clean in terms of accounting. Reasonable tax evasion was a matter of everyone’s tacit understanding.  Fu Ting’s company was no exception.

 The talk about one hundred million products sold, it was obviously a propaganda method for WeChat business. Which skin care product on WeChat didn’t say that they have sold products enough to circle the earth? The 100 million was fabricated, but now some people even got serious and wanted to pursue her. If she admits that the number is fake, then she would be slapping herself in the face, if she didn’t admit, then how about the tax evasion thing?

Fu Ting was so angry that she threw her cup on the ground and cursed, "This is caused by that bitch named Jiang Yu!"

The agent hurriedly said: "Whether it is her or not, we have to think of a way now. Otherwise, if we continue like this, it will be over!"

When Jiang Yu opened Weibo again, the world had changed. She hadn't been able to figure out what happened in just one day. She had changed from yesterday’s ordinary student into a counterfeit fighter in everyone's hearts.

——Dada, don't be afraid. If Fu Ting dares to ask an assassin to deal with you, we will go to your house to protect you.

——These years, Jiang Yu is one of the few people in the entertainment industry who will always tell the truth. Look at other actresses. They obviously never use the yeast masks but they still help promote JT. Don’t they have a conscience?

——We must protect those who dare to speak the truth. Don’t worry Jiang Yu, if you really want to go to court, we will help you. From today on, we are all Jiang Yu’s family.

Jiang Yu: "..." What? What were they talking about? What did she do? How could she be praised so high? Who could tell her what's going on? How did netizens make up a big show themselves? Also, all Weibo netizens were afraid of her being murdered by Fu Ting. Why did everyone sympathize with her, comfort her, and protect her?

Jiang Yu didn't understand the world more and more... How did things happen as if she hire navy to make a hype?! But she didn't do anything at all!

At this moment, Jiang Yu received an unfamiliar call and picked it up. It was from Fu Ting's agent.

"Miss Jiang, let's open the skylight and talk brightly. The words that Sister Fu said on Weibo before were angry words. I hope you will treat it as if this hasn't happened. Let's shake hands and make peace. If we continue, things will be no good for both you and us. "

"Oh?" Jiang Yu raised her lips and smiled lightly. "How do you want to make peace?"

Seeing that Jiang Yu was still calm, the agent suddenly became relaxed: "I hope you delete the related Weibo and send an apology Weibo. Of course, we have also prepared the Weibo content for you. I hope you admit that you are in wrong for posting that Weibo without evidence and are sorry for the loss you caused. Of course, in order to compensate you, we will give you 500,000 yuan as compensation." 500,000 yuan for a student was a huge sum of money. The agent expected Jiang Yu to definitely agree.

Unexpectedly, Jiang Yu curled up her lips and said with a smile: "Sorry, I can't agree."

The agent's face changed, and he asked coldly, "What does Jiang Yu mean?"

"I don’t mean anything." Jiang Yu smiled lightly: "Everyone likes money, but money without conscience can't be earned. I didn't deliberately target you. If it wasn't for your own problematic facial mask, the fire would not burn you. I would advise Ms. Fu to save the 500,000 yuan and use it to compensate the customers. In this way, I think Miss Fu’s reputation might be restored a little bit."

The agent was furious and was about to talk, but he heard a beep and the phone was hung up. After that she changed her strategy. She contacted Lawyer Yang Yong, intending to learn from his side who was behind the scenes. However she only got Yang Yong to say: "Sorry, my boss has no plans to settle."

Yang Yong's voice was low: "My boss asked me to tell you, Miss Fu can't be kind, so naturally he also can't be kind."

Fu Ting was not a fool. She pondered for a long time before she realized that the other party was planning this series of things because she wanted to deal with Jiang Yu. She suddenly understood that she had kicked the iron this time. But who was that person? Jiang Yu, a girl with no money and no power, who had been protecting her from behind?

JT's negative news came one by one and almost drowned Fu Ting. Fu Ting suddenly understood that this time, she really wasn’t treated with kind!

But all this had nothing to do with Jiang Yu. She was immersed in her designs regardless of things happening on Weibo. But Fu Ting's arrogance reminded her of one thing. She should’ve applied for Weibo Big V certification earlier.

Thinking of this, Jiang Yu clicked on Weibo and fumbled to apply for Big V certification. After filling in the information, she only needed to wait 17 days and Sina would review it.

At this time, Durres called. "Taro."


"Can you accept custom clothes?"

Jiang Yu just put down the paintbrush in her hand. She pondered for a moment and said: "I can. But my brand hasn't been registered yet so I'm afraid that customers will not trust me."

"No need to be afraid, the other party doesn't care about this. They just wanted the designer that designed Su Mang's dress to come." Durres snorted again: "Then we make an appointment to come there tomorrow?"

Jiang Yu currently didn’t have a decent working place so there was nothing wrong with on-site service. "It's okay to come to their place, but just be aware, my price is not cheap."

"Don't worry, they don't worry about money."

"Give me the address?"

"I'll send you the address later." Durres said in a weird tone: "Take it in mind, the other party's last name is Gu!"


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