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Weibo Big V’s Daily Entertainment Circle – Chapter 12

WBVDEC Chapter 12 – More Product Review

Regarding Jiang Yu’s refusal to sign, Bei Xiaoxiao was still unable to understand, while Jiang Yu would not tell her the truth. How could she tell Bei Xiaoxiao that she had seen too many nasty things in the entertainment industry in her previous life, so she had no interest in the entertainment industry at all?

After ignoring this episode, Jiang Yu finally finished modeling all the clothes after a tiring day. She was exposed to the sun with makeup on for a whole day, so she returned home at night with a burning pain on her face. Although she was still a young girl, she was already at the age of 20 when she needed to take good care of her skin. Besides, makeup could cause great damage to her skin. Therefore, after removing her makeup, she opened her package and took out the Su:m 37 bubble facial mask that she had just bought.

The mask was a special type. Jiang Yu applied the mask on her face, and after a few seconds, the mask began to bubble. The bubble began to appear more and more, until her face was full of bubbles. This process was very interesting. During this period, Jiang Yu had been observing the bubbles. She had used this mask many times in her previous life, and she always found it amazing. No wonder people liked this brand so much. After using the bubble mask, her cleansed skin was very refreshing and it also would not burden her young skin.

After she finished the cleansing mask, Jiang Yu took out a Taiyou (Sun Society) Hyaluronic Acid serum from Japan that she had just bought, and put it on her skin in a certain way in order to make her skin more hydrated. If later lotions and creams were also applied, the moisturizing effect would be longer.

Of course, Jiang Yu didn't forget to take pictures during the skin care process, and posted these two things on the Internet together with her selfie pictures, especially the Sun Society Hyaluronic Acid serum, which was very cost-effective and suitable for young women. Not long after she shared it, she saw a few loyal followers commenting.

——Product review again? Do you think we are not poor enough?

——I'm going to eat dirt this month!

——Right? I am a student and very poor. I can afford the hyaluronic acid, but the mask is a bit expensive.

——Wow! Blogger, you have new clothes, right? I'm still waiting to buy it!

——I also ask for clothes. I think the clothes you wear look good. I think you can take pictures better than those professional models.

——Yes, the blogger’s clothes modeling ability is very good. Her wearing clothes makes people want to follow and have the desire to buy. I feel like the blogger will also be good at style matching.

Jiang Yu closed her Weibo with a smile. After she finished her skin care routine, she quickly turned on her computer to upload the pictures. Because the pictures were very large in size, the upload was very slow. In addition to simple editing on some clothes, and typing the description, the whole process was very cumbersome and complicated.

Jiang Yu was not finished until midnight. Early the next morning, she continued to edit the Taobao page. As a result, it took all day long because her broken computer was often stuck. After she had completely edited the page, it was already night.

"Xiao Yu, when are you going to upload the clothes?" Bei Xiaoxiao asked. 

"Upload now, but wait until 8 o'clock in the evening to start selling. First release the pictures for everyone to preview."

"Only start selling at eight o'clock in the evening? Why?"

Jiang Yu smiled, "Because there are more people on Weibo at 8 o'clock in the evening, everyone will be done eating and have nothing to do. Isn't it the perfect time to browse Weibo and place orders in Taobao?"

"So treacherous!"


"Okay! Preview first before selling, so there will be a lot of people who want it. Everyone is worried that they won’t be able to get it, it will cause looting, and the scarcity will cause the price to be more expensive. When the clothes are off the shelves one after another, people who hesitate will start with panic, for fear that they can't buy any. This will make everyone buy more frantically, right?"

Jiang Yu didn't answer, she just ignored Bei Xiaoxiao.

"Hey, Xiao Yu, when you come back, do you first say whether or not…"

Jiang Yu turned on her computer with a smile, selected all drafts, and clicked one key to upload everything. She had set the time and it was not possible to buy it now. People could only start buying after 8 o'clock, so the page showed that there was 3:39:44 left before sale began. Her goods, total of more than 30 styles were all uploaded to the store.

After the upload was successful, Jiang Yu chose a few particularly good pictures, put them into a collage picture and sent a Weibo:

[Many people have been urging me to update the store, so the second batch of clothes has finally been uploaded. There are not many goods in this batch, and there will be no restock after sold out. Link: 2#KNSZoo, welcome everyone to poke! "

Jiang Yu tried her best to make her tone less serious, so that her 35-year-old soul was more in line with the manners of young people. 

As soon the Weibo was posted, the traffic on the Taobao store's backend suddenly increased. There was a lot of traffic. Everyone swarmed in, looked at each clothes one by one, selected one by one, and repeatedly compared them. They added the clothes that suits them to their shopping cart, and waited for 8 o'clock in the evening to check out.

——Jiangyu, I added 2 pieces of your clothes to the shopping cart, I hope I can buy them.

——I also added a few, I like the black hooded sweater the most.

——It was so popular. It won't be the same as last time right? Many styles get off the shelves in seconds!

——I have to set my alarm clock to grab it.

Jiang Yu didn't forget to reply to some comments to comfort everyone: "Don't worry everyone, there are at least 1,000 pieces of clothes per style, you can definitely grab it! My store is not that popular."

——Ha ha ha.

——Ha ha.

——Ha ha.

Finally, 8 o'clock arrived.

Jiang Yu looked at the time on her phone, her eyes had not been removed from the screen even for just a moment. She heard the sound of "ding" and "ding" from her computer, which was the sound of successful order.

After 3 seconds, Jiang Yu refreshed the store backend and stood up in shock. 5000 people had already placed orders!

"So fast?" Bei Xiaoxiao was really surprised. She stared wide-eyed and asked: "Xiao Yu, 5000 people in 3 seconds! Have we set a new record?"

"A record is not so easy to create, there are many people who are better than us!" Jiang Yu smiled, "You think too much! We are good, but there is still a long way to go."

At this moment, the melodious "ding-ding" sounded again, and more and more people placed orders. However, there was also regret on a few styles that everyone liked. These styles were taken off the shelves in just over 10 seconds, so many people did not manage to buy them. These people ran to Jiang Yu’s Weibo and cried and told her to restock, but all rejected by Jiang Yu.

——I didn’t buy it, so sad!

——Yeah, it feels so uncomfortable. I have already tried very hard to snatch it, but when I came back from the toilet, it was all snatched!

——So abused, I don’t feel like I am loved anymore!

More and more styles were off the shelves, but because some styles were slightly ordinary, the selling speed was not as good as the popular styles. Because of this, by the next day, there were still more than 20,000 pieces of clothes remaining.

Boss Jiang was smart this time. He had been following Jiang Yu's Weibo, and every time Jiang Yu had something, he would watch it also. After Jiang Yu released the clothes, he kept refreshing Jiang Yu’s Taobao store, but he still never expected that so many orders would come only a few seconds after 8 o’clock. 

Boss Jiang slapped his thigh and looked up. Sh*t, the world had changed. Where were those clothes going? Gone? Gone? What? Not enough stock? Was this mocking him? He was still worrying about this batch of unsold goods a week ago. He even planned to commit suicide and apologize. But Jiang Yu just wore, took photos casually, and posted it on Weibo, so many people buy it?

Oh my! Was this the legendary internet celebrity effect? He heard that the girlfriend of the son of the richest man earned more than 100 million yuan a year. Boss Jiang initially didn't believe it, but now, he found that internet celebrity sold clothes really well! It's no wonder that some internet celebrity self-made stores on Taobao had reached Golden Crown. It's not easy!

"Wife, wife…" Boss Jiang waved his hands excitedly.

"What's the matter?" Boss Jiang's wife came over.

"Quick! Quick! Get the clothes ready, Jiang Yu will definitely come over and let us ship them soon."

"What? How much did she sell this time?"

"I don't know how many items were, I only know that many clothes are already off the shelves!" After that, Boss Jiang stood up excitedly, "Wait, no, I will call Jiang Yu now."

This time, Jiang Yu had ordered the packaging gift box in advance. The sign "Jiang Yu Studio" was printed on the gift box, and Jiang Yu's Weibo and WeChat account were also printed. Although Jiang Yu currently didn’t focus on marketing through WeChat, it was always good to add more potential customers.

Jiang Yu and Bei Xiaoxiao took the computer directly to the factory. This time, the two of them didn’t hesitate to spend money and took a taxi.

The next thing happening was packing for delivery. Because of early preparations, Boss Jiang had asked dozens of workers to come to help this time. There were a lot of people so the delivery speed had also increased a lot. Shipment on the same day was not yet possible, but definitely guaranteed next day shipment.

Jiang Yu also selected a few honest and patient girls from the available workers to serve as customer service, answering customer questions for her. As a result, they managed to deliver the goods while still receiving order. On the fourth day, the batch of more than 50,000 clothes, more than 30 styles, both good-looking and not so good-looking, good-selling and bad-selling, were all sold out.

When all the clothes in the Taobao store were marked ‘sold out’, Jiang Yu was quite moved. Although this achievement was not worth mentioning for many big stores, it was the first step on her road to success.

Jiang Yu looked to the sky. She was not sure about her next step, but years of life experience tells her, starting from strengthening the feet, she could walk into the distance.

The morning sun fell on Jiang Yu's head. She, who had finally delivered the goods after staying up all night, raised her head and looked at the sunlight in this world, feeling that God really favored her. She was grateful.

At this time, Gu Shenliu was standing in his yard, also staring at the sun in the sky silently. Day after day, he could watch sunrise for hundreds of days a year. Except for rain or snow, when it was not overcast, he could watch sunrises without fail. Such a sun was obviously warm, but it could also make people feel desperate.

On Jiang Yu’s side, Bei Xiaoxiao suddenly ran out of the room holding the computer. She yelled:

"Xiao Yu, crazy! Crazy! Your Taobao reputation has been upgraded!"

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