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Interstellar Chef Raising a Baby – Chapter 147

ICRAB – Chapter 147

In the end, there were 18 children who agreed to set up a stall, and one group consisted of three. When they came to the cafeteria, there was obvious tension and anxiety on their faces. They didn't know whether their choice was right or wrong, but since they were already here, they couldn't escape. Fortunately, when they saw Liu Weiwei in the cafeteria, the children breathed a sigh of relief. The female chef was more merciful than the instructors.

Yang Likun had been working in the cafeteria for several months, and he had become more and more like an uncle chef. He smiled when he saw someone coming to the cafeteria. He waited for everyone to eat every day and then received all kinds of admiration. Xu Hui was a mother, so she automatically carried a sense of intimacy on her body.

Among the eighteen children, only Zhang Congzhi became nervous. He was looking at Liu Weiwei and Xu Hui with a strange expression.

"You come to draw lots and then follow the corresponding robots to different tables to learn." Yang Likun took a step forward and asked the robots to hand out the lottery box.

Everyone quickly took their number. Military management in the past few days had obviously improved their operational efficiency a lot. They were very obedient to commands.

Liu Weiwei was in charge of dumplings, while Yang Likun was in charge of teaching wontons. Others were taken care of by the robots.

Pork and Cabbage Dumpling

Wonton Soup

However, when Liu Weiwei went to the well-divided venue, Zhang Congzhi's very unfriendly look was expected. Of the three children who got dumplings, Zhang Congzhi was fierce while the two girls were obviously more timid.

"Are you the chef from that shop outside the military area?" Zhang Congzhi was full of vigilance.

Liu Weiwei smiled, "Kid, is there any problem?"

Zhang Congzhi's expression was obviously a little frozen, but he didn't speak. He shook his head and retreated to the girl's side.

Liu Weiwei did not continue to embarrass him. "You will be responsible for the dumpling stall at the snack street. We first learn the simplest cabbage and pork dumplings. When you master it, you can learn other fillings. The main principle is the same."

"First, minced meat."

While Liu Weiwei was explaining, the robot moved a two-meter-high pork freezer to the side. She opened the freezer and took out a piece of pork inside. "In order to preserve the meat, we usually freeze them in large pieces, so we need to defrost it now. Put it in warm water or in a this machine adjusted to defrosting mode. Put the pork in the basin for a minute or two. "

The basic equipment of the military cafeteria was quite complete. Liu Weiwei demonstrated the operation of the defrosting machine and took out tender pork strips. "Pork for dumpling stuffing shouldn’t be too fat, refined meat is better. This piece of meat still had the pig skin, so we need to cut it off first, but don’t throw it away. Later, we can use this for the roasted pig skin. It is crispy and fragrant. It could also be used to make lard for other dishes." She moved very fluently. With a single cut, the arm's length pork strips were separated from the skin and the flesh. The knife edge was clear and smooth. These hands could even surprise ordinary adults, not to mention children who had only eaten a few real dishes before.

All three children looked up at Liu Weiwei. The faces of the two little girls were clearly shocked, and Zhang Congzhi's stern face also had a trace of cracks.

Liu Weiwei thought for many days, but she still didn't know what best way to educate bear children. She found that everyone had different ways of educating children because of their different backgrounds. For example, Dr. Bu was more to theories and talks, but if he was really asked to take care of a child, he could even deal with the crying Meat Bun.

While Qin Mo and Li Sanpang who grew up in the barracks felt that the use of force could correct a crooked child.

But yesterday Liu Weiwei met Zhen Nuli, An Hao, and Liang Kai’an. At that time, Xu Hui kept looking at her with admiring eyes and even wanted to study with her in the back kitchen.

Liu Weiwei suddenly had an idea. Perhaps for a child, the more she wanted to educate him, the more rebellious he would be. But if she could make the other party admire her as soon as she made a move, it would be different. Children always liked to imitate, especially the objects they admired. This was why many educational theories say that parents should be role models for their children. This was because unconsciously children would learn from those close to them and those they looked up to.

Liu Weiwei was holding a knife and suddenly felt full of confidence. If it was before, she would definitely choose to put the meat strips in the cooking machine and grind them directly into minced meat. But today, she showed off her knife skills without hesitation!

"To make meat filling, you must first chop the meat into minced meat. There are many ways. The most convenient is to put it in a food processor, but the machine will generally destroy the fibrous tissue of the meat. Using knife can maintain more flavor of the pork and I will show it to everyone." As Liu Weiwei said this, she put the meat just now on the chopping board.

The height of the three children was just a tad higher than the chopping board. From their perspective, Liu Weiwei's cutting action in one go was even more shocking. Seeing her hand holding the knife, she cut diagonally towards the pork strips, keeping a forty-five-degree angle, moving wildly and quickly towards the other end, each time the thin strips of pork that were cut out were on completely consistent width, thinner than the smallest finger. A long strip of pork was cut from the beginning to the end in only a dozen seconds. Her movements were so fast that only afterimages remained in the eyes of the children.

Looking at the meat on the chopping board for a while, watching Liu Weiwei’s reflection on the flesh-colored knife surface, and watching her dexterous wrist, the children couldn't bear to even blink.

"The meat, the meat is not broken!" The little girl in the center suddenly exclaimed.

Liu Weiwei stopped, causing the girl to cover her mouth timidly. "Report... I shouldn't speak."

Liu Weiwei couldn't help but laughed, "It's okay. It's not training time, speaking is fine as long as you don't spray your saliva on the meat." She pointed to the mask she was wearing on her face.

The girl nodded shyly.

"You're right, the meat is not broken. I tilted the knife face and cut into the meat at an angle, but I only cut to two-thirds of the position each time, and didn't cut it completely." Liu Weiwei picked up the meat and showed it to the three small beans.

Even Zhang Congzhi who was very alert at the beginning, was a little surprised. The piece of meat was still a whole without cracking.

"Next, let's change its direction and cut diagonally on the other side, made them into a cross."

"Ah, then the thin strips of meat would be cut into small squares." Another girl spoke.

Liu Weiwei gave the girl an admiring look, "Smart, this way of cutting minced meat is the fastest." After she finished speaking, she moved again without stopping. Her fast and effortless movements were pleasing to the eye, but they were still so meticulous that they couldn’t be replicated even if they were observed by others.

When Liu Weiwei stopped the knife, the three small beans had completely held their breath. Even Xu Hui, who was going to check the venue to maintain order, came behind her unknowingly, watching with full attention. 

They didn't even blink their eyes, for fear of missing any of Liu Weiwei's movements. However, even if they saw everything clearly from beginning to end, they still didn’t know how she did it.

"How can it be cut like this?"

"It's exactly the same size, crossed horizontally and vertically, but the meat hasn't broken yet."


When Liu Weiwei heard the compliment, the corners of her mouth cocked. She then turned the meat on the chopping board, leaving one-third of the uncut adhesion on the back side, and placed it on the top of the chopping board with the cross pattern facing down. She then repeated the same actions. Pressing the meat with the left hand and holding the knife in the right, falling without a trace of hesitation, the sound of chopping knives instantly sounded, with an extremely regular rhythm, maintaining a constant speed from beginning to end.

This time the meat slices were completely cut off, and they became shredded meat, each about two millimeters thick.

"Change direction." Liu Weiwei cut to the end, with the knife in her right hand, took up all the meat on the chopping board, changed the direction, and threw them back on the chopping board. Still from right to left, her knife fell off the meat. It was still the principle of cutting a cross, the meat strips were cut into pieces or to be more precise called mince meat. It's just that the mince meat was almost all of the same shape. "After cutting it like this, we are almost done, but it still needs to be chopped more."

"Now just go straight down."

Holding the knife in the hand, Liu Weiwei’s wrist looked extremely slender. However, she made it looked effortless when she was moving the knife. The knife rushed down and it was almost impossible to see the extent of the swing of her wrist with naked eye. The knife skill was breathtaking.

"The last cut." Liu Weiwei snapped and slashed her knife heavily into the cutting board. The minced meat on the chopping board turned out to be even and meticulous as if it were chopped by a machine. If looked carefully, the meat mince cut by hand was cleaner and neater than the one cut with a machine. It wouldn’t clump or looked muddy.

"After practicing, you can also make handmade minced meat." Liu Weiwei completely suppressed the children.

At first, everyone might still have some doubts, fears, or hesitations. It was the natural tension and distrust that children had when facing adults, but now these emotions have completely disappeared from their faces.

For a moment, Liu Weiwei even noticed Zhang Congzhi's adoring gaze.

"Next will be seasoning. Put in salt." Liu Weiwei took out the can of salt, without looking, she quickly spilled a spoonful of it to the meat. "Give water to the meat filling, so that the dumplings will taste tender and juicy. It will also help the meat from drying."

"We put water in several times, and each time we wait for the minced meat to absorb the moisture, and then put down a portion of water again. Put it while stirring and be careful not to make the minced meat too wet. If there is a ready-made broth, you can also add a little."

"Then add light soy sauce and sesame oil. This will help remove fishy taste and increase the delicious taste. The sesame oil can also lock the moisture we put in."

Everyone listened very carefully, and the two little girls even took out their notebooks from their spaces. 

Zhang Congzhi contemptuously wanted to laugh at them, but he curled his lips and said nothing, instead, he kept a close eye on Liu Weiwei's next move. The facts proved that he was right. When the two girls lowered their heads desperately to take notes, Liu Weiwei picked up the knife again. This time, she was faster.

The huge gratifying cabbage on the chopping board soon became a neatly chopped cabbage.



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