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Interstellar Chef Raising a Baby – Chapter 144

ICRAB – Chapter 144

Saibandes looked at the robot, almost showing an expression of envy. After completing the training, the children could exchange points for food. He also had never heard of these dishes. He had eaten steaks and chicken steaks, but he had never heard of Chicken Cordon Bleu. He had also eaten the most classic tomato scrambled eggs in Chinese food, but what was shrimp egg? The more he thought about it, the more saliva he secreted...

Saibandes could see the children in the glass window who were still very disobedient before, now had stubborn expressions to the robot. They were staring like they hadn't eaten for many days. He understood, he understood! The things from the cafeteria simply made a devil become an angel, made the devil willing to give everything just because of the temptation of a delicious bite.

Saibandes glanced sympathetically at the newly-born gourmet slaves. At this moment, he seemed to have found his compatriots and felt empathy. Those little kids who were still trying to be stubborn, they would be a good child as long as they ate something once.


This training camp was really suffocating people’s lifeblood and made people had no other choice beside to obey.

"When will the adult training camp start? I am honored to be able to introduce to my friends where they can learn how to resist the beast wave and increase the precious training of crisis prevention awareness." Saibandes soon couldn’t wait to find his younger brother.

"Can I sign up for the first place now? Will my dormitory be with you? If I do your work also, will I get double points? Being friendly and respectful, will it be counted as points? I can also teach these children how to rely on themselves during training and be a great man with a strong heart. Can this be exchanged for points?"

Mu Ming directly pushed the crazy man away. He couldn't listen anymore. "A quota of 10 million should be paid for military expenses and donated to welfare institutions."

"Where should I sign now?"

"..." Mu Ming twitched the corner of his mouth. He soon sent a message to the Marshal, the one who gave the secret order.

[Mission finished.]

Mu Ming was an arrogant man in his bones, just like his older brother. To be honest, he looked down on his older brother a little bit now. There was no dignity at all when ordering food, which was simply an embarrassment to the family. However, his brother was still excited, as if he was greedy for a big deal.

"No loss, no loss." Saibandes not only went into the water by himself, but also tried to convince his brother, "Do you know how much these dishes were if sold outside? You can't buy it if you have money!" It could also improve mental power, which was simply a big bonus.

Mu Ming shook his head, not wanting to look at Saibandes anymore. Had it not been for him to know that the army, one that did not seem to be short of rations or funds was in fact having big holes, he would not be this initiative to pimp his older brother.

Many of the veterans who were disabled and discharged from the military every year couldn’t find normal jobs, so the military still had provide allowances to feed their family. Aldwych Family, other nobles, and big merchant families also donate money to the government and the army all the year round, but these still couldn't solve everyone's problems. 

No one should live a lifetime of charity. If this hole was not resolved, the employment problem of the disabled and discharged veterans would not be resolved. This would cause more and more difficulties, so it could only be solved by making money! The marshal was right!

This was also something that inspired the youth training. It came up temporarily. In the future, veterans could help train men of all ages from all walks of life in society. This would create employment opportunities for them.

"Okay, then I want the girl painting by Mitterrans." Mu Ming stretched out a finger, "I will report and you will help me deal with the copywriting work of this rich man's strengthening project. If you agree, I will help you sign up for it. Training points can be exchanged for food in the second cafeteria."


Mu Ming seldom rolled his eyes, "That's also a limited supply, you don’t want?"

"…Want!" Saibandes quickly squeezed a word from his teeth.

When Liu Weiwei's task of training billionaire was completed, Saibandes had been forced to pack up and was driven out from the military base. She was rewarded for the task, got a good impression and the opportunity to enter the rich circle – a bronze business card that was sprayed with pine eau de toilette.

Saibandes still retained the etiquette of ancient nobility.

[Beautiful and lovely female chef, see you next time.]

[If you encounter any difficulties, you can dial my light brain number above.]

The handwriting Saibandes left was elegant and gentle, but he was obviously sorry he couldn't give the card to her personally.

"If there is a chance, I will ask her to eat delicious western food on a sunny beach as a payback." Saibandes raised his teacup and sighed at the gate of the military area. He was wearing a mask at the moment. 

Mu Ming who was sending Saibandes out snorted coldly when he heard these words. His handsome face was full of disdain, "Go to the golden beach and find your Anna first!"

"...Well, see you next time, my dear brother." 

Without a secretary, the older problematic man who was unable to move forward said goodbye to the barracks and embarked on a journey to find a secretary.

Meanwhile, today's military area cafeteria ushered in a second wave of unusual guests, the young group.

After visiting the barracks, experiencing militarized training in person, watching actual combat exercises, and even watching the fiercest combat records of the past ten years, the expressions of the bear children had become solemn. Their spirits and features had been reborn.

"Disband, find a robot, and redeem today's dinner by yourself."

"Meal time: 60 minutes."

The requirements had obviously been reduced a lot for the children. Taking into account their weak intestines and stomach, the speed requirements was more relaxed. But even after listening to the dissemination of opinions, the children did not dare to speak and shout. Instead, in the empty but scented cafeteria, one by one watched the instructors go to a table in the distance.

It was not until the instructors began to communicate and even started to eat the food delivered by the robots that the children slowly relaxed and began to get together while whispering.

"I have fifty points and can only eat potato cakes, how about you?"

"I'm almost forty points."

"Sixty points."

"Hey, everyone is still far from a hundred points. I want to eat that porridge."

The robot was holding a dinner plate and quickly moved past them.

"What is that!? Golden, like the pudding I saw on TV!"

"No, it's soft like cotton candy!"

"Obviously like golden clouds~

"I saw shrimp. This should be shrimp eggs!"

The children gritted their teeth. Turning on their light brain, they looked at their points that were less than three digits and suddenly felt sad.

"It's okay, we can eat it tomorrow."

"Yes, forbearance."

The children swallowed. But at this time, a silent boy who had always been ignored in the corner suddenly walked out. "According to the dormitory group of four people, if the points are combined, you can buy the most expensive chicken cordon bleu that cost 200 points. If two dormitories are combined, you can buy all of today’s food that cost 400 points. You can buy still buy nutrient solutions with the surplus to ensure you are full."

"Zhang Congzhi, everyone's points are different. Isn't it uneconomical if someone has a high score? Do you want to take the opportunity to be lazy?"

The accused silent boy returned to the corner again, "Then no one can eat. The dishes might be different every day. If you miss today, you may not have another chance."

The children present were all taken aback.

The robot quickly gave a positive confirmation, "Yes, the daily menus in the cafeteria are different in order to balance the nutrition and increase the richness of flavors."

"Zhang Congzhi, I will put my points with you." Another boy who was standing far away stood up a little bit ashamed. With the first, there was the second.

"Wait, I am Zhang Congzhi's roommate, I want to be together!"

"I also want!"

"Is that enough? I'll join too, I want to eat~"

The fat boy who was the first to accuse gritted his teeth, snorted, and looked back to his roommate.

"We want to group our points!" Shouted the children who quickly occupied the largest eight seats.

"So are we! Also add three nutrients!"

"Here also~"

"Zhang Congzhi, you are quite clever." The thin boy smiled, "I am from the next class, your roommate, Song Shumin." He glanced at the pots of food that he hadn't seen before, and swallowed abruptly.

Zhang Congzhi didn't speak, he just picked up the chopsticks.

When other people saw the food, they quickly picked up their spoons and forks. There were various small bowls and the people at the table felt very hungry now.

Shrimp eggs. The soft scrambled egg was lying in the bowl. It could be seen that it almost melted and was layered on top of each other like gauze. The shelled shrimps curled up as if floating in layers of wavy sea water. They were like gifts from heaven hidden in the depths of the desert, just waiting for someone to find them out.

One by one spoons fell madly.

This dish was very particular, first marinate the shrimp and blanch it until half cooked. Mixed the half-cooked shrimp to beaten egg liquid, and then add starch water. Pour the egg shrimp mixture to hot frying pan, lower the heat, and use the spatula to draw circles to prevent the eggs from solidifying prematurely. Finally when most of the eggs liquid to solidified, turn off the heat immediately. Heat control was essential to make scrambled eggs that were not overcooked and hard.

The soft texture of the scrambled egg was full fragrance and didn’t lose moisture. They were just like the clouds and marshmallows mentioned by children, gentle and charming. There were almost no children who didn't like eggs. The taste of shrimp added to the fresh fragrance of scrambled eggs. The ingredients were rich in protein, which also made the dishes more vivid and full of temptation.

A plate of scrambled eggs was quickly wiped out and the children rushed to the next dish before they had time to mourn. They realized that they were eating together, so the chicken cordon bleu was reasonably cut into eight wide strips.

The peculiar smell of deep-frying quickly rose to become the children’s first favorite. After one bite, there was a crackling crispy skin on the outside, and taut chicken directly bounced between their teeth. It was delicious and chewy and attacked them unexpectedly. And, the most surprising was…

"It's bursting, it's really bursting, it's flowing out..." (TN: The Chinese name of Chicken Cordon Bleu is 爆浆鸡排/Bào jiāng jī pái which literally mean exploding chicken cutlet.)

"Hot sauce, it's milky!"

"Milk... No, it's cheese!"

The children argued directly, but the war soon ended. One piece for one person, the plate was quickly emptied. They ate happily, but there was a faint sob from the next table.

A hundred people, one group every two bedrooms, all seemed to be perfectly distributed, but there were fatal injuries—there were four girls who were alone.

"Xiaomi, don't cry, there may be something more delicious tomorrow, we should work hard to earn points~"

"Buuutt, we will definitely still eat two less dishes tomorrow..."

Almost all of the four girls bowed their heads. If they couldn’t combine with other people, their daily points combined would be at most 200. Didn’t this mean they couldn’t eat all the dishes? Their mood was extremely low, until a shadow cast on them.

"Take this."

A lonely piece of chicken chop was placed on a small dish and delivered to them.


"Don't thank me, I just want to earn 50 points by helping others. Anyway, one-eighth of chicken cordon bleu only worth 25 points."


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