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Interstellar Chef Raising a Baby – Chapter 141

ICRAB – Chapter 141

However, when Saibandes was discussing with his younger brother, he never thought that Anna, who had been thinking about him and did not reply to him, had been addicted to eating Chinese delicacies these days and had no time to control him.

Eat full in the morning, eat less at noon, run in the afternoon to queue, enjoy a delicious dinner, and then run a circle back to the hotel outside the breezy military base. Anna planned very well. In fact, she also wanted to reply to her boss's text message, but she wrote and delete, wrote and delete again, such as – 

[Sorry, boss, I have never eaten such delicious civilian food.]

It's too naive, delete!

[You finally know your stupidity. I have endured you for at least eight years. I have long wanted to put a pot of fried rice on your head.]

For fear that the other party would commit suicide again, delete!

[If you beg me, I'll buy you delicious civilian food...]

She obviously had found a new job. She just came to this planet on vacation. There was no need to care about this person anymore or buy him food, delete!

[You'd better find another secretary, don't send me any more messages.]

Why couldn't I press the send button... it stayed in the deposit box... Anna almost scratched her beautiful brown hair. She has fallen very badly recently.

"Miss, the boiled pork set meal you ordered, please eat slowly."

Until a tall and slender figure in military uniform cast a shadow on Anna’s head. She shuddered and deleted the message in the deposit box.

"Thank you." Anna's face flushed.

One of the male waiter in the shop was really handsome and a little too much. He was just like a walking hormone transmitter.

Anna was a mature woman who had never been in love. She couldn't stand this kind of masculine and tangy little meat. The most important thing was there were three military uniformed brothers in the shop, all with different styles. 

The second one had tanned skin and shy smiles that were like wheat bread sandwiched with meat. In the turmoil, his voice was hearty, and from time to time, he helped open the door or carry things for the customers. He was like honey bread with bacon and fresh meat.

And the last one, his facial features were sharper and had some vicissitudes, but in fact there was a dimple. This one got embarrassed every time he faced the opposite sex, just like a baguette wrapped in meat.

Anna gave a light cough and then glanced at the girls at the next table who were secretly taking pictures. She also couldn't help but secretly pressed the shutter when the handsome guy turned and passed in front of her. Before eating, she went to her personal Skynet space, wanting to show the back photos of the fresh meat brother, which could be regarded as a promotion for the shop. She didn't photograph the other party's front face, so it still protected the privacy of the army brother.

Anna thought about uploading with excitement. But as soon as she wanted to upload, she saw her pig head boss also uploaded a new log. She clicked in and saw that it turned out to be a very touching bowl of noodles. The log was sent in the morning, and there had been thousands of comments, all of which were the cordial greetings and concerns of some rich or aristocratic ladies, all in a very intimate tone.

Anna felt uncomfortable suddenly. Some people didn’t need her reply, nor did they need her care, and their lives were still very moist. She obviously only had ten annual leave days, but she used them all in just one month after she started to work. Not only did she not go out to play, but she went to this military base planet instead, which was definitely not a holiday resort.

What the hell! Was she got infected by something and her brain got sick? She knew how many women want to be his secretary. There was no need for her! Angrily, Anna immediately lowered her head to take a picture of the set meal in front of her.

Today, when the set meal Anna ordered was brought up, there were three white porcelain bowls and a super large bowl. She lifted the lid of the bowls one by one. Every time she lifted one, she almost uttered a surprise cry. Until the big bowl’s lid was lifted, revealing blood red soup, she was directly stimulated by the spicy fragrance. She choked, coughing again and again.

Westerners had very weak resistance to spicy food. Years of evolution had not changed this. Anna went to restaurants with her father several times since she was in elementary school, and later followed Saibandes to various high-end hotel restaurants, but it was the first time that she smelled such an offensive smell.

The dish was as bright as fire, and there was a thick layer of chili dots stacked in the large bowl, which was really shocking.

"Miss, do you need water?"

"Yes please. Thank you." Anna covered her mouth, very embarrassed. Fortunately, she got used to the smell soon. She had to say that the bright red color with milky white tableware, a small green vegetable dish on the side, snow-white plump rice, and a clear golden corn soup, were visual contrast she enjoyed a lot. She quickly took a picture.

Even if Anna had a hunch that she would be so spicy today that it would be painful. She still uploaded to her network. The photo was accompanied by an exaggerated expression of excitement. [Life needs a powerful change! On days when you don’t need to be ordered here and there, even food looks so beautiful and inviting~]

After Anna posted it, she quickly withdrew from Skynet. Her unhappiness didn't alleviate a little bit, instead she felt a deeper sadness. She couldn't tell why. "Tomorrow, I will book a plane ticket to go back to work, what kind of vacation is this?!"

Anna picked up the chopsticks angrily and directly plunged into the boiled pork slices with hot peppers. She smashed them angrily, only to pick out a slice of meat that was already cooked and stained with a layer of chili oil. Because of the high temperature, the meat slice which was only about one or two millimeters thick, had some distortion. It curled up and shrunk.

Anna imagined the face of a certain idiot, angrily threw the piece of meat into her mouth, and bite it hard, like she was chewing the meat of that bastard. "Cough……"

Anna almost squirted the meat back out. Too spicy. This was the hottest food she had ever tasted. Her tongue was so hot that she felt like vomiting it out, but after spending so many years with Saibandes, she knew very well what the etiquette at the table should be like. She tried to chew a few times and then reluctantly swallowed the meat into her stomach. The extremely irritating spicy taste could even be felt from the mouth all the way to the esophagus. It was no exaggeration to say that she was too hot now! Her lips felt a little red, swollen, and painful. Her stomach was hot...

However, Anna drank a sip of tea and wanted to beckon the waiter to order another set meal. When she swallowed the meat, she felt the fresh and spicy taste. It was like drinking a high-quality wine, from the throat and the whole mouth the taste breed inside. Spicy, but the fragrance was so refreshing that she didn’t want to give up.

Anna's eyes were red, and her breathing was a little difficult, but she moved her chopsticks the second time. 

It wasn't until the second bite that Anna felt the unusual tenderness of the sliced meat, which was not lost to her idiot boss's high-priced steak.

At the entrance of a hotel——

"Hey, is it here? I shouldn't find another mistake, am I?" At the crossroads in the scorching sun, a somewhat slender man was wearing an extremely sloppy bright yellow long trench coat and a pair of sunglasses. He had been roaming around the place for at least half an hour, and even Sheriff Jack, who was on the roadside to maintain safety and order, had paid attention to this improperly dressed young man for a long time.

"Do you need any help?" Sheriff Jack couldn't help himself anymore. The next sentence he was preparing to say was asking to check the bar code of the guy's brain.

The young man took off his sunglasses and was moved, "Uncle Police, it's really nice to meet you. Excuse me, where is the second cafeteria of the military department?"

Sheriff Jack's mouth twitched, and he looked at him with a crazy look, "Just... behind you."

"What?!" The young man turned around, took a big step back, and then looked up.

"So that's the case. No wonder it took half an hour to look for it, the signboard is really too small."

Sheriff Jack: ... obviously there was a problem with the eyes.

The young man thanked Sheriff Jack politely, and quickly walked into the restaurant that had a long line, muttering as he walked, "I was just thinking why there are so many people lining up here." He said silly things, but didn't get into the queue. He pushed the door and strode in.

Cheng Ligang, who had been observing the situation at the door, noticed this guy who did not follow the rules for the first time. "Sir, you need to queue and wait for the call."

The young man looked at the arm muscles that lay in front of him. They might be thicker than his thigh so he immediately raised his hands.

Cheng Ligang frowned, his whole body tensed and was ready for defensive action, but he didn't expect his hands to be grasped!

"Comrade! I finally found you. I finally found the organization!"

"I was wandering in the universe with nothing to eat for four days, I also walked on this street for an hour and a half, but I finally found it!"

Cheng Ligang looked at his embraced hand, wishing to pinch the opponent to death, "...Who are you?" F*ck! But in the next second, he saw the abnormal guy rushing into the kitchen like a colorful butterfly.

"Master, I'm looking for you! Do you recognize me?!"

Liu Weiwei, who was busy in the back kitchen, couldn't believe it when she heard the voice. She came out with a pot and spatula. She recognized the man at a glance. The terrible style of clothing was an artist's taste that most people couldn’t appreciate.

Unexpectedly, something already that exaggerated in Skynet, in reality it would be exaggerated a hundred times more!


As soon as Liu Weiwei came out, her thigh was tightly hugged.

"Woo, Master, you finally opened a physical store... I want to cry, I want to shed tears! The taste in the shop is so delicious, it is indeed the taste of the Master!"

Before Liu Weiwei had time to speak, Zhen Nuli was dragged away by the nearest Yuan Zongwei without any words. "What are you doing? Stand well and keep your distance!"

Zhen Nuli looked up at the violent muscular man in military uniform. He was obviously in his thirties, but he showed an expression that he was about to cry, "Master, have you taken so many apprentices? And a fierce one at that!"

Liu Weiwei: ...

Almost all the guests in the restaurant were amused by this sudden scene.

Even Anna who was sweating and had teary eyes was also amused by this weird man. But after she laughed for a while, her face stiffened. "Why is this person a little... familiar? Zhen... Nuli...?"

Anna soon couldn't laugh at all, and opened her mouth in astonishment, "It's him!"

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