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Interstellar Chef Raising a Baby – Chapter 135 Part 2

ICRAB – Chapter 135 Part 2

Bear children were difficult to educate. After having a brief chat with the mother, Liu Weiwei felt even more headache. The conditions of this family were very ordinary. The husband and wife had divorced, which caused the children to felt extremely insecure when they were young and growing up.

In order to let the boy succeed in the future, his parents saved for him and sent him to a private school. However, after the divorce, the boy could no longer study in the expensive private school with his mother’s support alone, so the boy was transferred to another school. Even so, this mother herself already had to do two jobs every day. She also had to do part-time job as a customer service online when she came home.

Most of the children’s in private schools were very rich, even if they were not super rich, occasionally taking their children to other planets for vacation, buying some brand-name clothes, going to some expensive cram schools, and going to star-rated restaurants several times, were normal things. Being in such environment overtime, the boy found that he had nothing. Being forced to transfer to another school was equivalent to exposing the poverty of his family in front of all his friends. Moreover, he soon discovered that he was also discriminated against in the new school. This kind of discrimination caused a great personality distortion during his rebellious period.

To put it bluntly, in fact, most of them were caused by low self-esteem. The more children had a low self-esteem, the more they had self-righteous dignity. They felt that they needed to prove that they live better than others, had snacks that others didn’t have, toys that others didn’t, clothes and books that others didn’t have, and so on. His parents could not create better conditions for him, but they wanted to send him to such a private school, which made him resist and hate slowly.

After transferring to another school, he almost put all the contempt and ridicule he had received to the divorced mother who took him with her. And the mother didn’t know how to reverse the character of her child. Her son was her only support. She believed that she had to create the best conditions for him and save him delicious food, but she went further and further on the road of condoning drowning. 

Over time, the bad attitudes and values of this bear kid slowly formed. The criticisms and accusations made by everyone in the shop today, he obviously blamed them entirely on his mother who insisted to eat in the shop.

Such a bear boy... even if he was kindly persuaded, Liu Weiwei was afraid that he wouldn’t be able to change in the short term.

Liu Weiwei sighed. She didn't bring the Little Bun today, just because she was afraid that she would not be able to take care of him in the first day of business. She also didn’t want him to smell the fumes. Now when she thought about it, if the Little Bun became such an unreasonable, annoying, and improper bear child in the future, she would really be pissed off.

After the five hundred guests had finished eating, the three soldiers quickly cleaned the dining hall and the back kitchen. When the shop closed, everyone was tired and almost paralyzed. They had undergone intensive and high-load training in the early morning. Meanwhile, the lacking exercise military sisters had just experienced being so busy that they didn’t even have time to drink nutrient solutions.

Liu Weiwei's face was also unbearably tired. When she left the shop, she checked the remaining ingredients for today. She added the ingredients needed for the recipe tomorrow on the list, and then said goodbye to everyone at the gate of the barracks and returned to the dormitory. Although the dishes were simple and the table turned quickly, it was still late. When she came home, Qin Mo had already finished bathing the Little Bun and was feeding him a fragrant white steamed bun.

"Not going well today?" Qin Mo saw Liu Weiwei's expression at a glance. She usually liked cooking new recipes, watching everyone eat, and collect compliments the most. Cooking outside, according to his understanding, she should have had proud face now. She normally wouldn’t be able to wait to tell him what new and good things she had made today. But today, she obviously was super decadent.

Liu Weiwei threw her body weakly into the sofa, raised her eyes, and looked at the obediently suckling Little Bun. She then sighed. "You imagine, what if the Little Bun grows up and becomes disobedient in the future?" She felt that the major at home was still more reliable than her in the big event of educating children.

Hearing this, Qin Mo raised his eyebrows and glanced at the white caterpillar-like bun in his arms. "Bun?" The meat-stuffed cabbage buns and char siu buns from the cafeteria suddenly appeared in his mind. White, fat, and wrinkled, there was a dent mark when pressed. 

Qin Mo looked at the child again. He resisted the urge to reach out and press the little guy who was trying to squeeze the milk bottle. His heart suddenly became soft.

"Uh, nickname." Liu Weiwei was embarrassed.

Qin Mo nodded, his eyes were soft, "Then call him Meat Bun, it's the best." 

Liu Weiwei: "..." Poor Qin Bei was just sold.

It was obviously useless to complain about it in the future. Because big fisted Qin Mo’s liked to eat meat buns, there was no discussion about this matter anymore. Of course, the point was that Liu Weiwei also liked to eat meat.

"You just said that you were afraid that Meat Bun would grow up and be disobedient?" Qin Mo was not bypassed by his nickname.

Liu Weiwei sighed again with a frown. "Children's education is really important." She didn't feel it before, but since becoming a mother, she had experienced it firsthand. Although the child was still young and was not enough to remember, she also studied the baby’s diet every day. She also consulted with Doctor Bu on the child’s nutrient absorption, followed by massage and swimming. But by raising him in this way, could they ensure that his character wouldn’t get crooked?

After Liu Weiwei saw the negative example today, she suddenly lost all confidence. If she was in the family’s position, she really couldn’t guarantee that she could be more selfless and stronger than the mother, but it depended on her how the boy became.

"Many unconscious behaviors of parents may have a profound impact on their children. Over time, it is difficult to repair." Liu Weiwei was still muttering, worrying about her Little Bun while also worrying about the system task.

"Perhaps inadvertently, we might raise the bun crookedly." Liu Weiwei said, and glanced at the muscular Qin Mo on her side.

Qin Mo immediately felt a cold on his body. He felt embarrassed by being discovered by others. He glanced at Xiao Bai lying on the ground next to him, sound asleep. His first reaction was, his act to let the rabbit raise the child… er… the Meat Bun was discovered. Every time the little thing wanted to make a noise and cry, he would throw the rabbit into the crib, or let them go into the water together.

Liu Weiwei was very busy every day and needed enough sleep at night. But no matter how tired she was, as long as the baby cried or howled, she would wake up, and she would unconsciously reached out to the crib.

Qin Mo thought that the action of him throwing Xiao Bai was already very fast, and he thought he could already control the cry within a second or two. When Liu Weiwei was woken up by the first cry, but not hearing more crying after, she would fall back asleep.

Was it discovered?

Qin Mo touched his nose and glanced at the silly pacifier in his hand. His ears were rarely red. "He won't be crooked." He had observed the furry rabbit for a long time. It had a high IQ. It usually put away its sharp claws when playing, including when playing with the baby at night. Moreover, according to his analysis, it also liked the Little Meat Bun quite a bit. During the day, it liked to use its paws to step on the fat on the Bun’s legs in the crib.

Since getting close to the rabbit, Little Bun’s dynamic vision, muscle fiber strength, and bone development had all improved faster than ordinary children. Qin Mo was still very careful in monitoring these aspects. As for being disobedient…

"When he grow up and make you angry, I'll beat him." Qin Mo pressed his lips tightly, implying that he would not be soft at all.

Liu Weiwei glared at Qin Mo severely. She snatched back the milk-worn bun in his hand, and patted him gently, "Violence can't solve the problem. We oppose domestic violence."

Qin Mo twitched the corners of his mouth, "If the boy is itchy, it’s just fit for a beating."

"Has it also been beaten, your..." Liu Weiwei instantly raised her head curiously, her eyes gleaming, "Ass?"

Qin Mo retreated instantly. This topic shouldn’t be discussed at all. It involved the dignity of the head of the family. But until the next morning, he still found his little wife a little unhappy. "No matter what kind of stubborn head comes to the army, there is no one who will come out disobedient. If you are really worried, send him to the training ground. When he grew up in the army, he can't be crooked."

It was completely meaningless to worry about the future, but Qin Mo still gave very pertinent advice. Being crooked? Not afraid. As long as he was sent to the army, every thorn head would soon be better than a quail. After some education, there were no ignorant soldiers. Iron-bloodedness, righteousness, cessation of words and deeds, and collective interests as the priority, there would not be a single man who goes out of the army without these!

Liu Weiwei blinked, got up, and went to the kitchen to make breakfast. But before long, when she brought out the freshly made pancakes and soy milk, she found that there was already a circle of army ‘stubborn heads’ sitting on the dining room table in the living room.

"Wow, sister-in-law is early. Today is the smooth and fragrant black sesame milk. It quenches thirst, refreshes, and warms up the body. It's so delicious, I can drink one liter in one breath~"

"Multi-grain pancakes, two eggs, thank you sister-in-law."

"I want to add fritters, it's soft, crunchy and chewy!"

"The omelets are also delicious. The soft and tender omelets yesterday made me doubt my life."

"Soy milk is my natal drink, silky and smooth, like a lover's touch."

"Red bean milk, sesame milk, original soy milk, chocolate soy milk... what will happen if I add other nutrient flavors?"

Qin Mo, who was sitting at the top of the dining table, had a dark face. Those who ate free meals were here again. They came to eat breakfast with allowances and gifts, but as the chief, of course, he would not accept anything from his subordinates. But just now, he went to change the diaper of the Bun, when washed his hands and came back, half of the pancakes on his plate were gone!

"I thought the boss didn't like to eat."

"Well, I also thought that it was going to be cold, and the boss will have a bad appetite."

"Nonsense, the boss clearly understands us and wants to feed us more, but he is embarrassed to speak up."

"Boss, we will follow you all our lives! Good leader!"

The fork in Qin Mo's hand was almost deformed.

Liu Weiwei sat down with a smile, and looked at the major whose face was slapped loudly. She was in an unexpectedly good mood, "There are no soldiers in the army who are disobedient, right~"


Liu Weiwei finished eating quickly and left the cleaning work to the group of soldiers. She herself took a box and went to feed another problematic young man.

"Before eating breakfast, you need to answer a question."

"How did ancient nobleman taught his children not to grow crooked? Mr. Saibandes."

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