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Interstellar Chef Raising a Baby – Chapter 129 Part 1

ICRAB – Chapter 129 Part 1

This was the first time that she received a task from the system and real life task almost simultaneously. Liu Weiwei was a little at a loss until the end of her communication with the Marshal. It wasn't until Qin Mo also received the news, went home to pick her up, and secretly brought her to meet with Saibandes, the billionaire who had just been rescued, that she had a sense of reality.

"Why would he come to the military after rescue?" Liu Weiwei was still thinking while holding the Little Bun and stroking Xiao Bai. After receiving the mission of the Marshal, she needed to supply three meals a day for Saibandes this month, and she also had to cooperate with the doctor to treat him. If it was someone who has nothing to do with the army, how could he received such attention from the Marshal? "Does he have friendship with the marshal?"

A strange expression flashed across Qin Mo's hard face. "You will know right away." Seeing Liu Weiwei’s appearance, he was so relieved that the corners of his mouth were raised. He reached out to touch her head. "It will be like now."

"Huh?" Liu Weiwei blinked, confused.

"If you don't understand, ask. Don't just study alone." Qin Mo obviously felt good when stroking Liu Weiwei’s hair. He was addicted to the feel, and couldn’t stop.

"What study?"

Qin Mo's mouth bends, "Qin Bei's elementary school textbooks seem to be too difficult for beginners, and junior high school knowledge requires professional guidance."

Liu Weiwei stared. Since she was forced into confinement, she has developed the habit of studying interstellar knowledge every day. Up to now, she had just reached the second grade elementary material with difficulty. Many modern things were difficult for people on ancient earth to understand. The geography and customs of various planets, the various material structures of the universe, and the different laws and regulations of various alliance planets, these things caused her a headache. What she couldn’t understand, or what she couldn’t do, were all secretly asked online. Sometimes she asked Baidu, and sometimes she asked her tutor ‘Heaven Rewards the Diligent’ some small questions. She felt it was too embarrassing to ask Qin Mo what an elementary school student knew…

Liu Weiwei’s face went red. Having no culture was not terrible, the terrible thing was to be caught directly! "Nonsense! I, I just look around!"

"I'm better than the Internet…" Qin Mo smiled, bowed his head, and the heat of his thin lips sprayed into Liu Weiwei’s ears, "More reliable."

Liu Weiwei's body instantly stiffened. The hot heat flowed down from the roots of her sensitive ears all the way to the scalp of the back of her head, to the spine all the way down to the tailbone, and slipped to the soles of her feet. Her whole person was instantly numb and blushed red!

"Go, I will take you to the clinic first, Bu Zhongxin is about to cry." Qin Mo would also make jokes when he was in a good mood.

Liu Weiwei glared at Qin Mo. She looked in the mirror and rearranged her tousled shoulder-length straight hair, patted her blushing face again, and went out. "Elementary school books, I still understand." She couldn't hold back as she bent over to put on her shoes.

Qin Mo shook his chest and laughed.

Liu Weiwei: "…"

"It's okay, you still learn much faster than Xiao Bei."


When Liu Weiwei arrived at the Military Clinic, the look on her entire face was not very good. Her whole body exuded the breath of ‘don't mess with me’. On the contrary, Qin Mo next to her, who usually stayed away from strangers, had a small smile on the corners of his mouth. The corners of his eyes were also softly filtered.

The little nurse at the front desk of the base clinic was dumbfounded.

Fortunately, Bu Zhongxin looked out anxiously many times, and finally saw the life-saving couple for the first time. Mainly Liu Weiwei!

"You are finally here, Major Qin, Clerk Liu, come to my office for a meeting soon." Bu Zhongxin almost rolled out. Half of the buttons of the white coat on his body seemed to be torn off. It was crooked, revealing the ink-colored military uniform inside. The gold-framed glasses he usually wore on his face also disappeared today, and his whole face became younger because of this. He looked like a teenager who had not yet graduated.

Liu Weiwei was a little shocked. She stared at the suddenly young face of Bu Zhongxin, and then looked at Major Qin with tough facial lines beside her. She couldn't believe that they were the same age.

Major Qin stepped forward, one hand blocked Bu Zhongxin's tendency to roll towards them, "What is this unkempt clothes? Is this your dormitory?" When he became serious, no soldier was not afraid of him.

Bu Zhongxin immediately shrank back, crying, "I… I..." He wanted to speak but stopped. He could only reach out and point to the corridor behind him.

Liu Weiwei followed and looked around. She soon saw two straight soldiers standing at the door of the ward at the end.

"Let’s go." Qin Mo took Liu Weiwei directly without saying a word.

At first, Bu Zhongxin wanted to stop them, but he followed up with tears.

Before reaching the door of the ward, the three heard the voice coming from the ward.

"I want to die but I didn't die, oh, shame! Swallowing gold, there is no aesthetics at all. You should swallow the ruby left by Louis XV at home if you are determined to swallow something! I'm so far away, but you still make me lose such a beautiful thing! If you don't want to live, said it earlier, I can shot you clean! You have tainted so much pure and lovely gold! You pay me!"

The familiar voice made Liu Weiwei startled. She looked at Qin Mo in disbelief, only to see he nodded, confirming her guess.

The three stood outside for about five minutes and heard long weird curses. When the ward door opened, army boots slapped on the ground rhythmically. A military uniform exuding the fragrance of roses, and shiny golden hair with gleaming light appeared in front of them.

"Ah, I let you wait a long time." A beautiful face that was still free of pores, and the corners of a honey-colored mouth evoked an impeccable gentleman's elegant smile, "Clerk Liu, long time no see." He seemed indifferent to the harsh curse just now being heard by people. He tucked the hair in his forehead, revealing blue eyes that shone like jewels. "My poor brother is going to cause you trouble."

Liu Weiwei had already guessed a little bit, but she couldn't help being shocked! Mu Ming, although his name sounded Eastern, his hair, skin, and pupils were all of pure Western descent. Brother, billionaire sick man, strong beauty… This indescribable setting.

The corners of Liu Weiwei's mouth twitched.

"If it causes your troubles, please don't worry about starving him to death." Mu Ming smiled brightly. "All his wealth after his death will be donated to the military and the people. He can go with peace of mind. We Will always remember and appreciate his contribution."


"Well, then I'm going back to training." Mu Ming hooked his mouth and glanced at his partner who was motionless. When he reached the entrance of the clinic, his slender legs stopped again, and his white teeth appeared, "Oh yes, Xiao Bu, use the longest, thickest, and most painful needle on him. In addition, find him for compensation on your glasses. Put a hundred or so pairs on your shopping cart, and let him buy them up. This way, you can wear one pair and throw them away later, hahaha."

Bu Zhongxin pressed his temple tightly. After confirming Mu Ming’s departure, he was relieved and said in a low voice, "You come with me, I will tell you about the patient first."

Qin Mo stretched out his hand to wrap Liu Weiwei's little hand, and turned his head in a low voice in her ear, "Saibandes donates a large amount of money to the military area and the government every year. He is a first-class citizen with special honor. He wrote down when he committed suicide, his last wish was to be sent to his younger brother. He is rescued, but the organization ordered him to be transferred to our military area clinic as soon as possible, hoping that Mu Ming can arouse his desire to live again." He hugged her, who was shocked and still could not recover to Bu Zhongxin's office.

"But the effect is obviously not good." Bu Zhongxin closed the door and smiled bitterly. "After he woke up and saw Major Mu Ming, he still refused all medicines and food. According to the current situation, he can only be forced to receive infusion after being knocked off."

"His mental strength is as talented as Major Mu Ming. After no food, liquid, or injection for five days, ordinary people will be weak to the level of no thinking ability, but his consciousness is still very clear. Before you came, I was thinking about using artificial means to knock him off." But then he… was beaten by this willful patient. Bu Zhongxin's temples throbbed.

Liu Weiwei felt like listening to a story, feeling too many ups and downs. "So the reason for suicide…?"

"Haha," A flash of gnashing teeth flashed across Bu Zhongxin's face, "It was said that he had played the most beautiful girl, had done the most profitable business, and overcame the biggest problems. He had the most expensive clothes, cars, servants, jewellery, gourmet food, and even the president was on his friends list. He thought his beautiful life has no challenge anymore, so he wanted to see what hell looks like."

Liu Weiwei opened her mouth and closed it again. Sh*t, just hypocritical!

 "Clerk Liu, the Marshal thought of you for the first time and asked you to cook for him. He said that you might be able to stabilize his turbulent mental state." Bu Zhongxin scratched his head, "If not, let Major Qin help knock him of. When he is down, I will give him an infusion. We can then have silence for at least ten days."

"…Uh, okay." Liu Weiwei was also shocked. If such people survived, they could continue to create massive wealth for society. The above was so concerned, and even sent him to the military area for treatment. No matter what, there was a certain intention from the military to use his personal value. Even she could understand this motive, so the clever man should also naturally think of it, no wonder he was extremely uncooperative. He had money but still being pushed forward. He couldn’t even choose between life and death.

The more the push, the fiercer the resistance.

"I see, Doctor Bu, is there anyone in the ward next to him now? I want to borrow it for cooking."

"Oh, sure. The three wards surrounding him are empty."

"Well, besides, I have a small request. Please trouble the nurse who takes care of him to come to the empty ward to have a meal first, and then to attend to the gentleman after an hour." Liu Weiwei pursed her mouth.


"Doctor Bu will come together later." Liu Weiwei said, pulling Qin Mo into the ward next door.

Soon, the terrible aroma that was enough to wake up dying patients spread to the entire clinic!

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