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Interstellar Chef Raising a Baby – Chapter 133

ICRAB – Chapter 133

Saibandes gained two laps. After all, he had only been lying down these days, walking two laps in the base clinic at most. There was no exercise at all, but he ate obviously more than before. Since he fell in love with fermented bean curd that day, he wanted to eat this magical little dish almost every meal. But the female chef seemed to be deliberately never served it to him again.

Saibandes was a little irritable, but he couldn't resist. Except for the doctors and nurses, he never saw the female chef again. Every time he wanted to lose his temper and protested seriously once he found out that there was no fermented bean curd, he wanted to let the robot take away the lunch box with righteous indignation. But the robots that came out of the cafeteria didn't heed him at all. The door even slammed faster than anyone else. When he angrily tried to throw away the lunch box, he took a bite with a fork and licked it. Then... there was no more.

In the end, the white porridge in the entire lunch box was eaten cleanly. Even the small box of crisp, salty, refreshing, and spicy root-like brown things was wiped out.

Saibandes didn't know what the dish was. He didn't know what the crunchy and delicious bar-shaped thing was. He fell deeply into self-doubt. It was just like his three views were being refreshed, all his cognitions were broken one by one. He thought he had enough life before? Was he stupid, or was the world crazy?

Saibandes struggled and entangled, finally letting go of his arrogant self-esteem. He reluctantly knocked on the attending doctor's office, made a lot of psychological preparation, and then asked embarrassingly, "Excuse me, what is the name of the dish I ate today?" He had rudely taken off the doctor’s glasses a few days ago and stepped them on the ground.

Saibandes blushed for the first time.

"Don't you know?" Bu Zhongxin looked up from a pile of medical data reports. He pushed his new glasses on the bridge of his nose. "Mr. Sai, aren’t you omniscient and omnipotent? Didn’t you have eaten all the food and watch the world, until you can’t even find the meaning of life? Why do you still ask me questions like this?"

Saibandes was hit back a hundred times.

"I'm just a small military doctor. I stay in the clinic every day. How do I know the answers to questions that even Mr. Sai doesn't know?"

"…The female chef?" The damage bounced back too quickly.

"Everyone has to work. We don’t have Mr. Sai's good life, where you can make money lying down. Oh, yes, the cafeteria has sent the reminder to pay the meal together with the medical expenses."


Saibandes was very depressed. He thought he was omnipotent before. As a result, he entered the military area, and he felt like his hands and feet were tied. He needed the principal if he wanted to make money, and he wanted to contact the bank, but he also needed his fingerprints. He couldn't get out, nor could people from the bank get in. He wanted to remotely do facial scan, electronically sign, and went through the loan procedures, but his d*mn old self had never approved these procedure before. If he wanted to open loan, he had to go to the bank to handle it directly, or asked the bank staff to come to the clinic.

Because Saibandes was too rich, where the assets he had under his name could buy several planets, the people in the bank didn't dare to give him online permissions at will. What if someone kidnapped him, stripped his fingerprints, or even held a gun against him to make him perform facial scan? The bank staff insisted on on-site authentication.

However, this was simply impossible. Banks couldn't enter the military region at all!

Saibandes had never cared before and felt that all remote functions were useless. As long as he was willing, no matter which planet the bank was on, they would respectfully visit his house, personally came to his company or his home, or served him at the hotel if he was on a business trip. Where would he needed remote access? Unexpectedly, the slap came so quickly.

Even Saibandes’ secretary Anna was unwilling to help. The other subordinates said that the bank wanted fingerprints, and when he then asked them to loan money, they thought his light brain had been stolen, because it was impossible for the great Saibandes to ask civilians to borrow money. He was so angry that he wanted to vomit blood.

As for Saibandes’ friends in the circle, he found out that they had all been invited by the Interstellar Alliance government to have tea recently. They talked about his recent problems to proof that they did not instigate or participate in his suicide. Now when they heard that he wanted to borrow money, they were afraid to give it to him, for fear that he would use them to buy new gold to swallow again.

Simply – F.*.C.K!

Saibandes accepted the so-called cafeteria bill with a sullen face, and when he returned to the ward, he thumped out of bed and yelled. However, halfway through the beat, his blue eyes suddenly lit up. He opened the bill while sitting on the edge of the bed. Looking at the list line by line, his handsome appearance appeared radiant.

[Sweet porridge x 1 price 9,000]

[White porridge x 1 price 5,000]

[Fermented Bean Curd x 3 price 6,000]

[Mustard pickles x 6 price 6,000]

"Mustard pickles... fermented bean curd..." Saibandes had a gigantic smile on his face when he got the treasure. "They turned out to be called this name." He didn't think the price was high at all, but rather cheap. He had hardly seen a bill with such a small number of digits. They were delicious, never eaten before, and it could also boost mental power. In his opinion, this price was equivalent to a free gift. "The salty aroma of mustard tuber, the transparent color similar to yellow sapphire,... such a low-priced artwork." If he had something he want to eat, it would be easier to order the dish if he knew the name.

Of course, Saibandes had not forgotten that he had no money now. Even if it was sold online, he didn’t know the clinic’s address. Second, it was unknown whether the takeaway could enter or not. Third, he didn’t have the money to place an order. He was wise and gave up external procurement directly. When the next food delivery robot came, he would be ready to order!

The great warrior of Aldwych ancient family would never fail lightly.

Of course, Saibandes didn't know that when he had the idea of ordering food, he would fall into the quagmire of Chinese cuisine step by step and could no longer extricate himself.

On the other hand, Liu Weiwei just finished a video call with Zhen Nuli and showed him the on-site decoration of the physical restaurant. After communicating the places that needed improvement, she heard the system prompt unexpectedly.

[The main mission is released!]

[As the head of a food school in the future, how can you not own an excellent physical restaurant? Congratulations, you finally have the courage to take the first step.]

[New mission: A gourmet restaurant that belong to civilians.]

[Task requirements: Obtain five-star evaluations from 1,000 civilians on the physical restaurant. The diners needed to voluntarily leave a message on the blank wall of the restaurant (the owner cannot prompt or use discounts as a temptation, otherwise it will be regarded as a violation, and the difficulty of the task will be multiplied.)]

[Task rewards: Three free store promotion; +3 points for apprentice talent; 100 free points for military freedom.]

"Free points?" Liu Weiwei raised her eyebrows.

[The host needs to explore on her own.]

Liu Weiwei gritted her teeth, this cheap system… But she also guessed most of it herself. For example, when she was preparing to open this time, she felt the strong restrictions imposed on her by her military status. If it weren't for her status as a military wife or a cooking soldier, she would definitely put the store in the center of the bustling area. She would definitely not put it at the gate of the military area base. Not to mention, although she felt lucky to be able to open a shop. She always felt that she could not leave the military area.

Trust points sounded vague, but it probably meant that in the future Liu Weiwei could break the regulations and restrictions of the military area. If so, then this freedom point was very important.

"Weiwei, are you sure you are going to start if the decoration is finished today?" Xu Hui watched in shock as she moved the cooking table out and placed it in front of the shop.

"Yeah." Liu Weiwei returned to her senses. She turned around and told the construction robot to leave a white wall before moving out a big bucket. Interstellar technology was developed and decoration had almost zero pollution. Xu Hui held the Little Bun, Tang Yingqian held Xiao Bai, and Xiao Hei was squatting at her feet.

"Anyway, we are idle. We will treat this as a market survey." Liu Weiwei had made a report today, so it couldn’t be wasted. When she opened the bucket and wrote the selling price, Xu Hui and Tang Yingqian were stunned. Xiao Bai and Xiao Hei began to scream, and the half asleep Little Bun also screamed.

A kind of tangy fragrance, mixed with a strong tea smell, came out from the bucket!

It was a smell they had never smelled before. It was completely different from sweet fragrance, refreshing spicy fragrance, or attractive meaty fragrance. The current fragrance was a bit high, but it attracted people's attention. Looking into the bucket, the greedy worm in their stomach was about to crawl out.

"Tea eggs? Only fifty credit per piece? So cheap!" Xu Hui exclaimed.

Liu Weiwei nodded. It's actually quite expensive, but there was no reliable source of tea at present. Interstellar’s high-quality tea was not cheap. Today, the boiled eggs were made with tea exchanged with points in the system mall, and they were basically sold at cost prices.

This fragrance attracted a lot of soldiers from the military area going to work, and also attracted residents who normally would never walk to this street.

"It smells so good, do you smell it?"

"The fresh and refreshing aroma of tea is amazing!"

It didn't take long for everyone to see the small restaurant, which was not fully open yet. They also saw the placard of the Military.

"Is it really tea? Give me three to try, it's cheap!"

"One for me, boss."

"Two for me!"

"The military department has opened a restaurant. If it tastes good and also so cheap, I must come to eat it!"

In Liu Weiwei’s bucket, there were about 80 tea eggs. They were all sold out in less than ten minutes.

Even Liang Kai'an, who had been preparing to help for a long time, only saw a big bucket with only marinade left. Also Egg shells that were constantly being slapped into the trash can.

Liang Kai'an smelled the scent, and at the moment he came back to his senses, "Teacher." He bowed his head respectfully, but his gaze could not help but drifted to the big bucket. He really wanted to eat the food his teacher made herself. He had never eaten it!

"I leave one for you."

Liang Kai'an raised his head instantly and saw a brown egg that was so fragrant and dazzling in the sun! Each eggshell was stained with rich brown color of black tea. It had some thin cracks on it, as if from these lines, the egg inside was slowly stained with the refreshing fragrance of tea. "Thank you, teacher." He grinned his dry lips and took the egg with both hands religiously.

An egg was nothing precious, but after cooking, its value had doubled.

Liang Kai'an peeled off the egg shell carefully, took a deep breath, and took a bite on the smooth, brownish-yellow egg after a moment of intoxication.

Hot! The hot egg slide from his mouth to the throat, along the esophagus, all the way into his stomach. The simple egg whites gave Liang Kai'an a rich and charming tea, sauce, and egg fragrances! The egg not only had no fishy smell, but every bite was delicious and tender. Even the egg yolk, which was most likely to become unpalatable and dry, had a delicate fragrance, which was delicious and pleasant.

Liang Kai'an watched a video last night, learning about pulled noodles until three o'clock in the morning, and got up again at six o'clock this morning to continue. He only slept for three hours, but his aching brain was lightened instantly. He didn't know if the refreshing effect of the tea leaves worked, or the excellent egg fragrance and hot egg yolk made him instantly full of energy.

"Delicious!" Liang Kai'an was full of admiration.


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