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Interstellar Chef Raising a Baby – Chapter 130 Part 1

ICRAB – Chapter 130 Part 1

Even if there was no one next door, it wouldn’t solve the problem. Saibandes quickly realized this, but what's the use?

Ten minutes later.

"I don't need an examination, you can go out." Saibandes lied on the bed, wishing to call his butler. However, before he committed suicide, he had already dismissed his bodyguards and servants. The robot butler was also set to sleep mode and mailed to his younger brother. He also wrote a code that only allowed younger brother of the same noble blood to reopen it. How, he found that he had shot himself in the foot!

The doctor in front of Saibandes, the doctor had gold-framed glasses in the morning but they had been broken so could not be worn. But the guy still stood tenaciously in front of Saibandes’s window, and his whole body exuded a d*mn broiler scent!

The d*mn scent, for Saibandes that had tasted the world's delicacies, was the unique fragrance that could only be emitted from roasted chicken. However, even if he had eaten roasted chicken worth 100,000 credits, golden chicken worth millions, and had been to thousands of high-end restaurants, he never thought that the fragrance of chicken could be so overwhelming that he could smell the incisive and refreshing taste of meat…

Saibandes was really annoyed

"Mr. Sai, based on the blood draw results in the morning, I suggest that you receive D39F injection today to help sleep, improve protein repair, and give a certain mental calming effect." 

The doctor with the smell of broiler opened and closed his mouth, so all the irritating fragrance blowing towards Saibandes’s head. He had a headache. "My last name is not Sai, you ignorant doctor. My last name is a continuation of the ancient family of honor, Aldwych. My full name is…"

"If you refuse to inject medicine, all patients in our clinic are able to receive meals…"

Saibandes instantly turned over on the hospital bed, "Don't attack me with those despicable food smells. Do you think that if I smell such a fragrance, I will fall in love with it and want to eat? Oh, so naive!"

Bu Zhongxin stepped back, avoiding the saliva sprayed from the front, "Mr. Sai, you think too much. I just wanted to say that our clinic does not provide meal for free. So we will not provide you with meals. After all, this is a military district and benefits are only open to soldiers."

Saibandes stared.

"If you want to eat, I am afraid that you will be billed accordingly. We will help order the takeaway for you, and you can settle the bill together with your hospitalization, diagnosis, treatment expenses."

"Let Aldwych Saiban Muming come over! I want to leave the hospital, leave this base, and return to…"

"Unfortunately Major Mu Ming has gone for training. Before leaving, he entrusted you with full authority to us. He also left the unsettled bills of his last hospitalization to you. Please settle the bills together."

Saibandes: "…" 

When Saibandes took over the 123-page list of treatment items and medicines from the medical robot, he almost fainted with anger due to his biological brother, who was eight years younger than him. "It's just 210,000 credits. Did he not have any money? He even owed the hospital some treatment bills? Sure I can pay for him..." He said halfway, his whole body stiff. He had no money.

Saibandes blushed for a while. He was clamoring just now that he wanted to donate 100 million, but when he got the electronic bill and was about to pay, he got the cruel reminder that the balance in his personal fund account was insufficient. When he was dealing with his funeral affairs early on, he transferred all his assets to the name of his only younger brother. So now only Mu Ming had the full authority to move the fund.

Now Saibandes was penniless!

"Mr. Sai, the base clinic will not put a patient to death just because of arrears in consultation fee. We accept credit payment, but we hope it won’t be in arrears for too long, otherwise the clinic’s lack of funds will lead to difficulties in the subsequent medical services provided." Bu Zhongxin subconsciously made a move to push up his glasses, although it was no longer there. "By the way, your brother also said that he wanted to buy me a thousand pairs of glasses as a gift." He turned his head, "I think he is too polite so I only picked a hundred pairs. I will put the shopping list together later and send it to you."

Saibandes: …

The door to the ward was closed and Saibandes was about to explode with headache. For him, the world had no challenges. As long as he could get everything he wanted without any effort, his life was only left to pursue the ultimate peace in the spiritual world. He wanted to die. Not as an escape, but another way for him to survive. 

But the only thing Saibandes was worried about was his younger brother who joined the army early. At the age of 12, his brother went to a full-time boarding school and came back only three or four days a year. After stubbornly enlisting in the army, he went home only once or twice in two or three years. Their feelings were weak except the fact that they were blood related. There was hardly any communication.

Of course, this was the family character inherited from the ancient and noble Aldwych surname. Every Aldwych male was destined to be an independent and brave lone eagle soaring in the sky. He would live his own life when he grew out the nest.

Saibandes glanced at the stack of electronic bills again and his heart ached. That d*amn brother get all his assets but still wanted him to pay for the medical expenses? The feeling of depression that belonged to an eldest brother, or a father, surged into his heart like never before!

After Saibandes rubbed his chest, feeling the tangled heartache, he couldn't help frowning deeply with the faint trace of inexplicable joy. After his younger brother left home at the age of 12, he never asked Saibandes to pay any bills, and he never even said what he wanted for birthday present. Was his younger brother finally dependent on him now? But why now when he had no money?

No No No! It couldn’t be like this! Saibandes immediately sat up. He couldn't disappoint his brother who rarely asked for help before he died. 

His younger brother loved money and was reluctant to spend money. If he wanted this elder brother to pay, of course Saibandes had to do it for his younger brother. Wasn't it only 210,000?

Saibandes pressed his eyebrows. He worked hard to open his light brain, and sent an application to restore his address book. Make money, he needed to make money to pay off debts of his brother!

Saibandes pushed all his blond hair behind his head and revealed his handsome forehead with strong willpower!

"Oh? He still doesn’t want to eat?" Liu Weiwei didn't feel surprised when she heard Bu Zhongxin's latest report. People who were not steadfast in their minds couldn’t become such a young billionaire, and there was also the title of vice president of human development. The man not only had high mental power and high IQ, but also had extremely strong mobility and extremely high self-control. Even if he was not born in the army, people could tell from his achievements when he was only in his early forties.

"It's okay, let's continue." Liu Weiwei was not disappointed. She waved to Bu Zhongxin with a smile, "Doctor Bu, please investigate what kind of food the inpatients want to eat. And please also list what kind of food to eat according to their current physical conditions. I will prepare and come back tomorrow."

Bu Zhongxin was a little stunned, but soon understood Liu Weiwei’s intentions.

Sure enough, the next day, Liu Weiwei once again brought in Xiao Bai, Xiao Hei, and Qin Mo who were worried at home.

The number of on-the-job medical staff in the clinic, plus inpatients and daily rehabilitation training patients, totaled to 83. Liu Weiwei was well prepared and very confident. When she came in the morning, she opened the window of the empty ward.

Xiao Bai and Xiao Hei squatted on the ground, looking at Liu Weiwei with dazzling eyes.

Qin Mo carried a baby-care bag on his chest, held the Little Bun on his hands, and took out the nanny robot from his space.

Liu Weiwei took out the cooking table and started cooking. 

Qin Mo put the Little Bun into the mini pool set by the robot, watched the Little Bun plop inside, and from time to time corrected the bun’s swimming movements with his big hands.

Soon, meal boxes were sent to various wards and offices one by one. Food fragrances once again filled the air of the base clinic. 

All the new ventilation fans were just as malfunctioning. Almost anyone who stepped into the clinic could smell the fragrance instantly, and the people in it were happily surrounded by the sweet smell. Of course, only one person was unhappy.

Saibandes suffered from insomnia all night. Throughout the night, he was repeatedly tortured by hunger and the excitement plus anxiety for his brother. He was unable to sleep for a long time and kept counting all kinds of lambs until dawn. In the morning, he finally got some sleepiness, but he was attacked by the sweet smell coming from outside!

Saibandes couldn’t sleep. His whole brain was tired, but his stomach was hungry. He was really annoyed.

Saibandes covered his head with a quilt and glanced at the huge address book that had been slowly recovered from his underlying resource database. The progress was now 24%. He closed his eyes and decided to continue to hypnotize himself. He wouldn’t eat!

"Wow, so sweet and soft~ hot, sweet and fluffy, I am so happy to eat this kind of food in the morning~"

"Clerk Liu, are you an angel sent by God? Oh, please come every day."

"It has a soft texture like marshmallows, sweet like the feeling of love! In every bite, I feel so happy. I think I can do a hundred sutures for patients today without getting tired!"

"Wow, the whole clinic is fragrant, and I feel so warm. This feeling is like soaking in hot tub after get off work. All my pores are open and can breathe…"

"Clerk Liu, what is this hot and sweet thing called?"

Saibandes moved his throat with difficulty. He silently pulled down the quilt that buried his head and raised his ears. Good mental strength equal good hearing. It's not that he wanted to listen, but these people next door were talking too loudly!

Saibandes hypnotized himself while holding his breath. However, the noisy sound next door was calm for a while, and after a short period of indistinct sound, it became lively again.

"Ah, it turned out to be it!"

"I actually have drunk a nutrient solution with this flavor."

"Oh my God! What I used to eat was fake and shoddy, why is it completely different from what Clerk Liu cooks?!"

"One smells like heaven, just like with Christmas music in my ears, whiile the other is a mass-produced nutrient solution which purpose was to fill the stomach. It's completely different."

"Clerk Liu, can I eat more… a smaller one?"

"I want more too!"

Saibandes frowned. So, what was this charming… no, what d*mn civilian food had this smell?!

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