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Interstellar Chef Raising a Baby – Chapter 131 Part 2

ICRAB – Chapter 131 Part 2

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Sweet? The white porridge was… sweet!

Saibandes forgot to put down the spoon in his hand, and he was shocked for a while. In his life, he had eaten high-quality seafood porridge, noble sea urchin and lobster meat porridge, also high-quality 5A beef porridge, and even eaten gold leaf rice porridge. There had never been a bowl such ordinary white porridge, and he had never tasted the boring rice porridge that in the end have a sweet fragrant.

Saibandes was a little surprised. This feeling was hard to describe. Just like he occasionally got interested, bought a civilian lottery, and finally won 5 million prize, there was some unexpected consternation and small surprises. He hadn't eaten for many days, but due to his strong mental power and physical fitness this did not make him fall. Even he thought he would have no problem eating big fish and meat. But after eating this bowl of white porridge, he realized that his mouth was already faint. There was even a hint of numbness in his mouth.

The long-term fasting, without any taste bud stimulation, made Saibandes mouth and taste buds fall into a deep sleep, until this spoonful of warm and gentle white rice porridge calmly awakened them. This sweetness was not as strong as yesterday's smell, it was just like clear water flowing gently over the tip of his tongue, sliding into his body from the mouth, a silent baptism.

Saibandes closed his thin lips tightly. In the moment he had just mobilized most of his mental power, he felt the delicate sweetness in his mouth with all his heart and soul. It was faint, as if the breeze was blowing on his face, as if it would disappear if he didn’t paying attention.

The porridge that looked like grains of rice could hardly be seen in the bowl. It was as smooth as a simple liquid, there was no need to chew. The moment it flowed into the throat, the most primitive rice fragrance spread from the inside to the outside. 

Saibandes closed his eyes and squeezed the spoon in his hand, feeling the extreme warmth of this bowl of porridge. But after a while, the spoon moved quickly. The heat that was locked and tightly wrapped in the bowl, the uninterrupted entrance, the bursts of shallow sweetness in the mouth, completely awakening of his hunger!

Saibandes belly began to scream inelegantly, and his brain consciousness was safely controlled by his hand holding the spoon. Eat, eat, he had to eat!

Until the spoon was dug to the bottom of the bowl and there was a crisp sound of porcelain collision, that Saibandes stopped. He seemed to have escaped from a fierce battle. He was sweating profusely, his pale cheeks turned red, and even his eyes became sharp and terrifying. He stood up! "Mental power… slowly recovered."

The spoon fell on the table. In the bowl, there was nothing left, not even a grain of rice.

Saibandes took a heavy breath and fell on the back of the chair. The pale walls of the clinic seemed to be colored in his eyes. [You know her! Who is she? Is she a cook in the military region? I want to… hire her with a high salary!] He struggled to send this message to his brother.

Liu Weiwei had already returned to the cafeteria. The task reminded her that she had completed 1/14 progress, indicating that the porridge had played a role, and the acceptance of billionaires was still quite high.


"Teacher, what's the matter?" Yang Likun saw a smile on Liu Weiwei’s mouth with a little goose bumps.

"It's nothing, but suddenly I feel that some people are really cheap."

"Huh?" Yang Likun immediately took the knife in his hand.

"If they eat good high-end cuisine, they wanted to die. Now eating a sweetened porridge makes them feel very happy, don't you think it's a bit cheap?"

"Uh, it seems to be a bit. The sweetened white porridge is delicious, but…" Yang Likun shook his head, "I still like other dishes."

Liu Weiwei nodded.

The cafeteria had been in operation for a while, and the soldiers who often go to eat had continuously improved their acceptance of food and their dimension of happiness. A bowl of white rice porridge with simple sugar seasoning couldn't really stimulate the happiness of the resident soldiers anymore. But billionaires found it new.

Liu Weiwei shook her head. The second she saw this task, she made up her mind to teach the guy severely. She wouldn't cook any real dishes for him before he loose 20 – 30 pounds.

This trouble maker! Every year, many people die from accidents and violence. They had no choice. Death from poverty, starvation, emotional injury, also suicide due to emotional pain and depression, these things happened every day. But not wanting to live just because of running out of fun things to do, what kind of hypocrite!

Liu Weiwei glanced at Yang Likun's situation, and helped to fry the big pot of dishes. She also pointed out a few words. Turning around, she turned on her light brain and sent a message to An Hao and Zhen Nuli. She was ready to open a physical shop!

The evil rich people made Liu Weiwei feel that they didn't cherish food while on the other side there were still so many people in the world that they couldn't eat real food due to its unavailability and high price. This kind of contrast had seriously stimulated her. She originally wanted to wait a little longer, but now she decided to put it on the agenda immediately.

Her shop would even refuse entry for the rich. Billionaire friendship was not needed!

Just when Liu Weiwei was secretly trying to starve Saibandes, he also received a letter from his brother.

Very simple, four words.

[Don't even think about it.]

As soon as Saibandes saw the reply, he had already guessed the identity of Liu Weiwei. She was a cook in the cafeteria of the military area, without a doubt. No soldier, including his brother, wanted her to leave. But how could such a delicacy be sealed in such a small area? It should spread throughout the universe, on his table, on the table of every one of his friends.

Saibandes' eyes changed completely.

In the evening, Saibandes received a dinner made by Liu Weiwei, which was still porridge. But this time it was accompanied by something else, fermented bean curd. The robot that came to deliver the food gave him the food box and entered a waiting sleep state. Obviously, it had to take back the dinner plate he finished later.

Saibandes did not rush the robot to leave. He took the porridge bowl out and took a deep breath. Well, it's as delicious.

Saibandes had admitted that even the white rice porridge was fragrant, but it was not so rich, just like an elegant lady who inadvertently drop a handkerchief stained with fragrance on the side of the road. although it was just a small gesture, but a considerate gentleman would find out. 

There was an extremely satisfied look on Saibandes’ face. When he looked for the spoon in the box, he didn't notice a small green light suddenly lit up on the head of the robot next to him, and it went out soon after. He didn't know that when he couldn't wait to taste the porridge, a close-up pictures of his face had been transmitted to the research office of the Military Science Research Bureau…

"This rich man, you sure it’s not a brain disease? To a bowl of porridge, he showed a wretched expression like finding his sweetheart, so scary." Li Sanpang hugged himself directly with a face of disgust.

Scientists around Li Sanpang were watching the report data that pops up from time to time, "His heartbeat has increased, his blood pressure has risen somewhat, and his adrenaline has also increased."

Another man in a white coat also squeezed over, "Has he eaten fermented bean curd?"

"Not yet." Li Sanpang rolled his eyes, "This guy is even greedier than me. When he sees the rice porridge, his heartbeat speeds up and he can't stand it! Has the doctor been contacted? When he eats the god-level delicious fermented bean curd later. I really guess that his blood vessels will burst."

"Well, I communicated with the chief military doctor."

Saibandes would not have guessed that he had been monitored since the day he was sent to the military area clinic for observation. Now, not only his vital signs were monitored, but his eating response was also completely treated as a test mouse. Of course, they were not trying to kill him with poison or anything.

Mu Ming suggested this test. Treating Saibandes like the lab mouse. After all, Liu Weiwei's cooking enhanced mental power and was only useful for 7 Stars and above. An 8 Stars man lying idle in the military area was of course the most suitable test subject.

Saibandes was sold by his irrational brother.

The scientists naturally joined the second experimental project – fermented bean curd with peace of mind.

The scientists of the seasoning production team were all crowded in front of the big screen at this moment, excited to see what their latest project of making fermented bean curd would bring to the test subject.

The fermented bean curd was a recipe given by Liu Weiwei two days ago.

After the research of scientists, fermented bean curd with mold fermentation was found to make the protein digestion and absorption rate higher, and the vitamin content would be richer. At the same time, it would also make minerals such as iron and zinc more easily absorbed by the body.

They tried to restore Liu Weiwei's formula during the past two days, and tried different ratios of 136 different materials, which increased the trace elements that guide the spirit, and under the verification of Li Sanpang, they completed the perfect imitation of the taste. But apart from the scientists who tested it by themselves, no one else had tried the product.

This time, it happened to be delivered with Liu Weiwei's porridge.

The scientists looked up and saw Saibandes taking a bite of white porridge, and frowned immediately when they found his status changing.

"The indicators have fallen, and his heartbeat has begun to return to normal."

"There is no fluctuation in mental power."

"He looks disappointed."

Scientists felt a little strange. According to Major Mu Ming, the mental power should have been improving, but it did not.

But soon Saibandes tentatively scooped a small spoonful of fermented bean curd and placed it in front of his eyes to observe. The moment it was delivered to his mouth, the scientists couldn't help but exclaim.

"His pupils dilated! His heartbeat has accelerated again!"


The scientist said nothing, and instantly got stuck in his throat, because all the data monitoring curves on the screen at this moment all rose sharply!

In the picture, the blue eyes of Saibandes had already stared out, a rare ungentlemanly action. He was throwing the fermented bean curd into the white porridge at a rapid speed, and the gorgeous rosy red instantly bloomed in the milky white bowl. It was magnificent. He picked up the spoon again, this time with awe and surprise on his face. He took a big mouthful at a crazy speed, sucking the whole bowl of porridge into his mouth gruntingly.

In the laboratory, Li Sanpang touched his chin and fell into thought. "Mental power has risen? Neither the white porridge alone nor the fermented bean curd produced any changes in the experimental body. But when the two were eaten together, it rose?"


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