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Interstellar Chef Raising a Baby – Chapter 126 Part 2

ICRAB – Chapter 126 Part 2

In Interstellar era, there were many high technology methods for cultivating meat, and the upper-class people in this era seldom eat chicken entrails, necks, and claws. In their opinion, this was simply vulgar and terrible food. The black plate contained no less than five chicken feet. The crystal clear skin on the paws looked distinct, covering fine bones with layers, and each one was bent like fingers.

Zhao Linshuang didn't even dare to use chopsticks to pick it up. After staring at it for a long time, she still didn't dare to move. Even if the chicken feet were very clean after treatment, where even the sharp nails of the chicken were cut off, but it was too realistic and too similar to the shape of human hands, so it still made her shudder! After eating this, she was afraid that she would have a nightmare at night. There used to be a horror movie that kept showing blood paw prints…

Zhao Linshuang shrank and rubbed against Zhao Minggen.

Zhao Minggen was much more courageous than his daughter. After all, he had served in the army and fought. He had seen corpse of a beast, a chicken claw was nothing! He wasn't scared at all, but he was somewhat hesitant. "Then I will try first."

This time, Zhao Minggen came to talk about business, so he naturally couldn't retreat. He took one of the chicken feet with his chopsticks in pain. If he looked at it up close, he could see that there was not much meat on the chicken feet at all, only a layer of skin. What should he eat? Was this delicious?

Zhao Minggen just finished the meal in the ship and was also one of the fans of vegetarian duck. He still had confidence in the boss's cooking skills, but he strongly doubted her commercial sensitivity. This ugly thing wouldn’t be easy to promote in the wealthy circle. It might be able to be pushed among civilians, but the price would be very low. After all, it's too ugly and there's also not much meat to eat!

Zhao Minggen sighed in his heart. He first tentatively sniffed the smell and a pungent spicy scent immediately rushed towards him! If snack like vegetarian duck was like a gentle gentleman, then these chicken feet were simply an extremely aggressive devil. A stimulating pungency choked into his mouth and nose for a moment.

"Cough…" Zhao Minggen was hit by the smell and coughed hard.

"Dad!" Zhao Linshuang was a little surprised, but at the same time, she also smelled the magical spicy smell coming from the chicken feet. In order to experience Skynet’s delicacies, she didn’t even dine offline before logging in. She came to Skynet with a moderately comfortable feeling of being half full. 

Zhao Linshuang just ate up a whole set meal. The legendary delicious enjoyment brought by her tongue made her spiritually satisfied, so she shouldn’t feel hungry for a while. However, when the smell poured into the tip of her nose, she could not help but drool. She dared not eat, but it did not prevent her from watching her father eat. She was very curious about the taste of the chicken feet.

Sitting on the opposite side, Liu Weiwei saw Zhao Linshuang's resistance and found Zhao Minggen's disapproval. She couldn't help but smile, but she didn't speak. Chicken feet were indeed not acceptable to everyone. Some people were determined not to eat it, but there were also others who regard it as an indispensable daily snack. It could only be said that radish and greens had their own lovers. As a chef, she wouldn’t force diners to change their preferences, nor would she force others to get rid of their taboos. She picked up the tea cup next to her and took a sip calmly.

Zhao Minggen finally suppressed his coughing, put the chicken feet in his mouth, and bit down. He held the thought of vomiting, so he did not chew immediately. However, he completely underestimated the classic dish Liu Weiwei had picked out of thousands of snacks. The strong spicy flavor was mixed with salty fragrance, almost like a spark of fire, it could start a prairie fire, and the momentum quickly spread from the tip of his tongue to his whole mouth. His tooth had not had time to bite and taste, but all his oral cells had been covered by fire. It was extremely hot and irritating. It sprayed from the root of his tongue just like a mouthful of flame…

Zhao Minggen's old face flushed instantly. This chicken claw in the mouth was far more terrifying than chewing it right away. Its every cell was so spicy that it was on fire! He immediately gnawed vigorously with his teeth. The flesh attached to the chicken feet was only a thin layer, but it was unexpectedly tough, sweet and not bad. It tasted so hot and sour that he wanted to stand up and roar!

Every time Zhao Minggen chewed, it seemed that the spicy flavor burst out of the chicken feet. Even when the bones were bitten down, it seemed that he could taste the hidden deliciousness and the extremely hot and spicy gravy. After gnawing one, he spit out a few small pieces of crystal clear bones, and with dingling sound they landed on the plate. He let out a long sigh, feeling that his breath was full of refreshing and pungent smell.

Zhao Minggen quickly put the next chicken feet in his mouth, bit down a bit hard, and chewed with a blushing face. Boom boom boom, it was as if he wanted to eat all the bones and never letting go.

Zhao Linshuang's eyes turned round when she saw her father. These chicken feet, her father seemed to resist at first, but now it looked like he… couldn't stop? Was it so delicious? The drool in her mouth rolled back and forth on her tongue again.

"Dad, is it delicious?" Zhao Linshuang blurted out involuntarily.

Zhao Minggen couldn't even bother to educate his daughter and was not polite. He kept his chopsticks were empty for a while, spit out the last few bones, turned his head, and looked at his delicate daughter. "Shuangshuang, if you dare not eat it, dad will eat it for you."


Zhao Linshuang never thought that her father, who has always loved her the most, would say this to protect his food. "Dad, I initially didn't want to eat it. But if you want, you can eat most of it and give me a piece only, okay?"

Zhao Minggen turned his head to clear his throat, "Dad won’t fight with you. You can try eat it." As he spoke, he brought a piece to his girl. The thick paw pads were clearly visible, that was, a live paw that had been cooked.

Zhao Linshuang wanted to refuse, but as soon as she looked up, she saw two handsome guys and a beautiful woman looking at her. She blushed and she could only swallow her drool. She barely watched the vicious paw fell on her plate.

"What's the name of this dish if it's sold?" Zhao Minggen poured a glass of water frantically. He felt a bit spicy and painful in his lips, but he was very excited when he remembered the point. He seemed to see endless business opportunities!

"These chicken feet are usually something that no one wants, so the cost price is very cheap. If the seasoning is also not complicated, it is very suitable for promotion to ordinary families!" Zhao Minggen was too excited.

Liu Weiwei put her tea cup down, smiled, and looked at Zhao Linshuang who was entangled, "Chopped Pepper Phoenix Claws." (TN: 剁椒凤爪/Duò jiāo fèng zhuǎ. fèng zhuǎ means both chicken feet and phoenix talons.)

"Phoenix claws?" Zhao Minggen was taken aback, his eyes lit up, "Wow! This name is good, Phoenix claws, noble phoenix claws, those who are rich will be excited when they hear the name, hahaha!"

This was simply a surprise. Zhao Minggen originally thought that this kind of rough thing would not be able to break into the upper class. But with the arrogant and elegant name of Phoenix Claw, it immediately became different!

Liu Weiwei smiled, her face was proud. This was the wisdom of gourmet, she did not tamper with her name, but the wisdom of the people was indeed immeasurable.

"Tired and sleepy, hungry and upset, bored and lonely, take out a pack of chicken feet with chopped peppers, everything will look brand new!" Liu Weiwei even thought of the advertising slogan.

Zhao Minggen was very excited, "Yes, you can!"

"I even got the packaging design drawings. I drew a super cool fighting chicken, a combination of a phoenix bird and a pheasant." Zhen Nuli was eager to add more.

An Hao kept gnawing on the chicken feet on the side, exhaling his breath due to spiciness.

Meanwhile Zhao Linshuang was also encouraged by An Hao's eyes on the opposite side. Inspired by trying new things, she bit down the chicken feet in a small bite.

"Well!" Zhao Linshuang exclaimed instantly and covered her mouth. Her little face instantly turned red!

Phoenix Claw… The phoenix, the king of birds, the phoenix in ancient mythology that would rebirth through burning flames. This dish, these chicken feet, really burned in the mouth!

Zhao Linshuang clearly and deeply felt the tip of her tongue burning. She felt like she was about to breathe fire. This kind of spicy and domineering abuse reminded her of the chopped pepper fish head that she had eaten previously. It's just that the freshly tender fish had turned into very chewy chicken feet. When trying to gnaw the meat attached to the bones, the overbearing spiciness seemed to erupt from the bones of the chicken and raged past in her mouth! This was no ordinary snack!

Zhao Linshuang stared, and instantly remembered the food review she wrote for the vegetarian duck. She drank hurriedly and finally suppressed the fire in her mouth. She thought she could put down her chopsticks, but her body did not follow the instructions of her brain. It did not follow the instructions at all, and she couldn't help but bit down the second time.


Zhao Linshuang took a breath, but slowly began to chew. The more she chewed, the more delicious the fragrance was, and the more she chewed, the spicier it became. Just like an eight-level whirlwind, a huge vortex was created in the sky. It formed and could no longer be easily stopped. In her mind, a large number of words appeared instantly. It was descriptive, emotional, narrative, and argumentative. All of them jumped and emerged from her brain. She couldn’t wait to enter to write a post reviewing her feeling after eating these chicken feet.

"How is it?" Liu Weiwei blinked at Zhao Linshuang, "Is it delicious enough to make you want to mail me a box again?"

Zhao Linshuang's ears were hot. Her heart was ashamed but excited. She had the same expression as her old father beside her, but it was not exactly the same. "It's delicious!" Her eyes shone brightly, "These chicken feet is completely different from the vegetarian duck. The former is tyrannical and the latter is gentle. If eaten together…" As she said this, her saliva dripped. "Eat sweet after eating spicy, eat spicy after eating sweet, ah, ah, I'm stuck in the endless loop of snack town!"

Zhao Minggen couldn't help but patted his daughter, "Pay attention to your image and restrain yourself."

Zhao Linshuang blushed immediately and sat back down. 

"For these chicken feet with chopped pepper, I am going to pack it 100 grams per serving. After the cost price is compiled with the second phase of the research institute's seasoning research, I will report it to you. This time, I hope that the final price increase will not exceed 30% of the cost." Liu Weiwei looked at Zhao Minggen. "My goal is not to make money, I want everyone to know the taste of real food!"

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