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Interstellar Chef Raising a Baby – Chapter 143

 ICRAB – Chapter 143

It was not until the next day that Liu Weiwei was on her way to the cafeteria in the morning that she understood the bear child mother’s request. The Youth Summer Camp had officially started. Because of curiosity, she looked from a distance and found acquaintances.

"Huh? Isn't that the bear kid?" Xu Hui next to Liu Weiwei also found out. "No wonder she suddenly said something about us taking care of her child. She decided to let him suffer, but she didn't want it to be dangerous."

Liu Weiwei looked at the task bar that was not progressing and suddenly heaved a sigh of relief. In fact, two days ago, she suggested the mother to bring her son to the shop again. If the mother agreed, the child could even be allowed to study in the shop. The mother said she would think about it, but there was no more news.

Originally, Liu Weiwei thought that the task would be stagnating for a short time, so she didn't expect that there would be a turnaround so soon.

"It just happens that their school is cooperating with our base?" Tang Yingqian hugged Xiao Bai. "It’s normal. There are only a dozen elementary schools on our planet. Recently, the birth rate is getting lower and lower, so it's not unusual to run into him coincidentally." 

Tang Yingqian and Xu Hui came to visit Liu Weiwei early in the morning. Recently, they learned steamed eggs and fried vegetables which made them very interested in cooking, so they wanted to follow Liu Weiwei to the cafeteria. Even if they couldn’t study, they could join in the fun.

After hearing this, Liu Weiwei nodded straight away. Her eyes were shining and she wondered how to use the opportunity of serving food to teach the bear boy. As she walked to the cafeteria, she thought and repeatedly wrote or drew on her light brain.

The three meals in the summer camp needed to meet the nutritional intake needs of children, and they also had to be interesting. If they wanted to be educational, then ordinary dishes wuld definitely not work. Liu Weiwei almost scratched the hair on her head. After much deliberation, she said hello to Yang Likun and went directly to see the children's training arrangements. She then designed a more complete menu in line with the schedule. But as soon as she went, she found that something was wrong.

Originally, Liu Weiwei planned to observe in silence, not to disturb the instructor and the children. But who thought it happened to meet the break time and she heard a bunch of instructors talking as soon as she passed by.

"That kid seems to be in your class. Xiao Wang, don't forget the boss's instructions."

"Well, of course. I also don't want to be beaten, so I can only beat that kid."

"Wow, this is the funniest order I have ever received."

"Sympathize with that bear kid. It's already not good to provoke adult, but he even provoked the big devil."

"Be quiet, don't be heard by the children."

"Don't worry, I will not target anyone. I train everyone else properly in class."

Liu Weiwei was stunned, not knowing whether to go in and say hello or stop at the door. But in just such a few seconds, her mind went around a few times.


Bad boy…

As there were a lot of soldiers, Liu Weiwei couldn’t recognize them one by one, but there are a few individuals who looked and sounded familiar. Two of the people who were speaking sounded like the soldiers under her Major at home.

Liu Weiwei stared instantly. A few days ago, that person vowed to keep secrets about tasks and said that she couldn't discuss them casually, even not to him. But he actually knew it a long time ago, even enough to make arrangement? No, how did he know the name of the bear kid? This summer camp wouldn’t be something that he advocated, right?

Thinking of Qin Mo's resolute and grim face, Liu Weiwei just squeezed out a cold sweat for the bear kid.

"Sister in law!"

When Liu Weiwei was in a daze, several instructors had already seen her with their sharp eyes.

Liu Weiwei nodded back at them, "I am taking a look at the situation. I have been tasked to provide meals and want to ask your opinions."

"Hey, don't bother, sister-in-law. You don’t need to prepare a meal on the first day. Later, we will take them to a run. After running, they will be hungry and then we can give a little nutrient. You don’t need to be too busy lest your body broke."

"Yes, the food from the cafeteria was not included in our training program for the first three days. These children must first collect their bones. They can't be fed so easily!"

"Yes, they are spoiled at home, so I just want to teach them a lesson when they come to the army!"

Liu Weiwei: …

"Ah, sister-in-law, the break is over, we should go to back to training."

"Oh, okay." Liu Weiwei watched them go out. But then she walked to the corner of the training room silently, lay on the edge of the glass, and peeked on the field. She felt that her worries had inspired some attributes on her Major and made him develop in a terrible direction. This... had affected so many children.

There were a group of mixed little peas, including plump boys and girls with poor physical strength, gentle and weak ones who wear glasses at a young age, and ones who look like they had ADHD because they couldn’t stop their hands and feet even for a moment. As for the bear boy named Zhang Zhang, he was standing in the last row at the moment. He was looking at the instructor in front, his small eyes were fierce.

Well, let them train. Liu Weiwei sighed. Too loving mothers and lost children, both of them were not fuel-efficient lamps.

"Stand up all!"

"Don't move. Punishement if you move!"

"The one in blue striped clothes over there, did you call to report? Didn't I tell you what to do?"

The thick voice of the instructor leaked out of the glass without difficulty. Fortunately, they were fairly well-measured, knowing that the children were young and lacking physical strength, the instructors did not force the children to stand for too long in the outdoor training ground.

Now everyone was in constant temperature room, which could be said to be a very comfortable training environment.

Liu Weiwei swallowed. Thinking of her military training life back then, she cast a sympathetic look at these half-grown children.

[Comrade Major, be honest, have you been planning for a long time?]

Fearing to disturb Qin Mo’s work, Liu Weiwei silently sent a message instead of phone call. But she got the reply very quickly.

[Just some clean up. You don't have to worry about it, okay? Good girl*.] (TN: the word used is 乖/Guāi, meaning obedient/well-behaved child. But this word can also be used as an endearment of some sort.)

Liu Weiwei immediately covered her light brain and looked around. Even if she knew that others couldn’t see it, but she was still a little guilty and shy. This was the first time Qin Mo had used such endearment. She felt like she was also a big baby like the Little Bun. But although she was asked to leave the matter alone, it was impossible to stay completely out of it. It was her system task to influence the bear child with food. Although it was difficult, it still needed to be completed.

Liu Weiwei thought about it, opened a blank document, and started writing. She waited until the second break before sending this document to the instructor who came out.

The other party was obviously taken aback, "Sister-in-law?"

"Let everyone fill in the form in their rest time. I'll trouble you." Liu Weiwei said this and leave directly.

Several instructors got together to see the document.

"<Diet Survey Questionnaire>?"

"What is your favorite food? What is the most annoying food? Is there any food you don't want to share with others? If you can only choose one dish, what would it be?..."

The instructors looked at a few of the questions and then looked at each other.

Liu Weiwei, who returned to the canteen, received the answer to the questionnaire soon. After studying it carefully, she couldn't help laughing.

Liu Weiwei walked in and someone arrived soon. Coincidentally, it was not someone else, but two older problematic youths.

After taking a look, Saibandes's handsome face twitched, "Is that what you said, the exercise camp?"

"Hmm." Mu Ming touched his profile and admired his reflection on the glass for a long time. "You see, for those who are not in the military camp, we are still merciful. You can't die when you experience life. Brother, don’t the people in your circle like the pursuit of excitement and adventure the most?"


A sharp scream sounded, and instantly took back the question from Saibandes' lips. He saw in the glass training room a little boy was passing out. He was directly carried to an electronic seat by the instructor and an electrode was placed on him. The boy was trembling and struggling. His face turned white and his whole body convulsed in pain.

"You are abusing minors!?" Saibandes glared, "You are too brave, aren't you? This is just nonsense! Hurry up, you ask them to stop right away!"

"Oh brother, you now have some spare time to care about others? Don't worry, they will end the children’s training soon and you will be the next one."


"Brother, to persuade your friends to experience life, you must experience it first, right?" Mu Ming slapped his blond bangs, "It's nothing cruel, don't worry. This electric shock chair comes with a polygraph. Those who are punished have justified reason. And now those minors are only given up to level three pain, which is done with the approval of psychologists. If it were you, it will probably be adjusted to level 15… After all, you are not afraid of dying, right?"

Saibandes snorted coldly, "Stop! I don't want to die now, do you have to always say this every other time?" But Mu Ming turned around and left, ignoring him completely.

Saibandes turned his head and looked in the glass again. His goose bumps were about to come out.

Fortunately, after the child came down, a doctor came up for an examination and indicated that he was OK. The instructor was not choosing the next child to try, but the expressions of all the children became very nervous and anxious.

"After this, let's go. I need to go back to have lunch." Saibandes face was dark, but at this time, there was a strong fragrance floating in from outside.

Saibandes' fleeing legs suddenly stopped. He saw an acquaintance – the cafeteria robot.

[ I now announce the dining rules in this youth training camp.]

[Labor is glorious and parasites are shameful. Study hard, keep fit, and strive for all-round development in morality, intelligence, physical fitness, and art!]

[During camp, all food can be exchanged with training points.]

[Get a good praise from the instructor once, get 100 points; complete a training task, get 10 points; help anyone once, get 50 points; complete the dormitory cleaning duty alone, get 20 points...]

[Every day the meal of the day can be changed with accumulated points. Today's pea cod porridge 100 points; beef potato cake 50 points; shrimp and eggs 100 points; fried chicken steak 200 points... 10 points for ordinary nutrient solutions. Points that are not used for the day will be added to next day’s points.]

The robot quickly broadcasted this rule during the break. Not only the children, but even the instructors were a little stunned.

Saibandes on the side licked his lower lip, "Shrimp and eggs? Fried chicken steak?" Hmm... It seems that this experience camp is not that unacceptable.

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