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Interstellar Chef Raising a Baby – Chapter 138

ICRAB – Chapter 138

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After Liu Weiwei fed the scientists, they stayed and asked for an appointment to discuss the next project.

"Mini hot pot as a military ration. In this field test, although it has some advantages, it still exposed some problems." Li Sanpang became serious at this time, except for the piece of egg on the corner of his mouth.

Liu Weiwei cleaned the cooking table and raised her ears.

"Eating spicy hot pot for many days caused a lot of soldiers to get upset stomach. Although it can be solved immediately with medicine, but this means that the inventory of personal medical kits should be increased, which means that cost will also increase. This kind of irritation, in addition to causing..."

The scientist next to Li Sanpang cleared his cough, "Toilet problem, whether it affects the body, whether it weakens the combat sensitivity, etc., we have asked the medical expert team of the base clinic to cooperate with us to conduct research."

Liu Weiwei touched her nose. Of course, this mini hot pot couldn’t be eaten too often. She had never heard of anyone eating spicy hot pot every day. "But didn't you also develop the clear soup hot pot? Everyone is not equipped with it?" Speaking of which, she hadn't really seen the scene of someone eating clear soup hot pot on the video broadcast before. All she seemed to see was the spicy based hot pot.

When it comes to this, the scientists look very strange.

"Equipped, each person is equipped with spicy base, clear soup, and mushroom based hot pots, 20 each. But from the statistics, except for the concentrated consumption of clear soup mushrooms in the beginning, it became intense consumption of spicy pot later. When the inventory of the spicy pot was almost exhausted, only then the consumption of other pot bottoms started again."

This was called a thousand fortunes for nothing. They did not expect that most people had no resistance to spicy hot pot. Except for the soldiers who were determined not to eat spicy, almost everyone chose to eat heavy flavors first, and then eat mushrooms and clear soup after the spicy one were consumed.

Scientists never thought of this pattern. They thought the soldiers would match up reasonably. But in the end, human beings were still dominated by their desire to eat. Many people were picky eaters and had peculiar tastes. As a result, almost fifty soldiers had developed symptoms of different severity of mouth erosion, toothache, sore throat, bleeding gums, constipation, etc in the first twenty days.

These were all strong soldiers, but they also had many symptoms of discomfort.

"According to the medical team, it may be that the long-term consumption of nutrient solution has caused maladaptation to spicy food, so it will take some time to relieve."

Liu Weiwei couldn't decide to laugh or cry. She thought that because animals had evolved, humans would also have steel stomach.

"We need to develop new rations, increase the choice of multiple styles, and control the supply of spicy flavored food in rations. This group of guys was the one that don't know about moderation!"

The scientist commented contemptuously. However, most scientists all turned their heads uncomfortably. Obviously, when they experimented with the development of hot pot, they did not eat less spicy flavors. Many people had the same symptoms as these soldiers, so they had no face to talk bad about the soldiers’ action.

Li Sanpang squeezed his chin and finished three fried noodles dishes without any pain at all. Instead, he looked at Liu Weiwei with some expectation. "Sister-in-law, is there any other food suitable for travel that contain nutritious meat and vegetables, or a large amount of protein?" He swallowed, "You can try it for us. We will handle the problem of long-term storage and compression." The expression on that face was exactly what he wanted to eat.

Liu Weiwei coughed, "I will think about it." The current marching equipment could be placed in the soldier’s personal space or stored in a capsule, which was very convenient to carry. Unlike before, in order for everyone to pack lightly, the food needed to be reduced as much as possible, and there were even compressed biscuits that were not delicious. If there was no space issue, then she had a lot of options. Like an airline meal, it was fully cooked and then packed into a lunch box. It simply needed reheating before meal.

There were also some Western foods like hamburger or hot dogs. This kind of food was also very suitable. There were similar things in the other part of the worlds, such as steamed pork buns, burritos, and savory pancakes.

Liu Weiwei thought for a while and a bright light flashed in her mind, "Since it is for rations, shouldn’t the soldiers decide for themselves? The meals in the cafeteria can be jointly voted so that everyone can have the most popular dish as their rations. At that time, I just need to trouble everyone from the Scientific Research Bureau to handle the heat preservation and also re-cooking process."

"Vote!" Li Sanpang was shocked. 

The faces of the scientists were somewhat distorted. They hadn't eaten many things in the cafeteria, which was very heartbreaking.

Liu Weiwei seemed to have noticed their wounded expressions, "The top ten foods selected in the end, I will cook them for you by then."

This finally comforted everyone to smile.

"As for the evaluation, Scientist Li, can I trouble you to report and lead the voting process?" Liu Weiwei showed a distressed expression, "I may be too busy these days. I have to deal with some headaches."

Li Sanpang rubbed his arm, "Don't call me that, hiss, I feel uncomfortable." But halfway through, he seemed to have thought of something, his eyes narrowed and he said, "Okay, I’ll take the lead, hehe." Leading the food competition, would he still be far away from food?

The other scientists also had the most powerful brains. One was smarter than the other, and they immediately associate the task with each other, all gearing up.

"I can also sign and report jointly."

"Tomorrow I can volunteer and go to the cafeteria to watch."

"Yes, if there is a need to do market research. We will do it in a reasonable manner."

"I can also buy cafeteria meals at my own expense. If I don't know the needs and preferences of the soldiers, how can I research about their food rations?"

Liu Weiwei couldn't decide to laugh or cry. She still had a lot to do, so she thanked everyone for the smart toy they gave the Little Bun, and said goodbye. But after she fed a circle of beasts, she didn't expect to meet Li Sanpang again. He came out to smoke on the side of the road.

"What's the headache?" Li Sanpang puffed a cloud of smoke. "Looking at your sad face just now, you don't even have time to care about the food voting. The second cafeteria outside has a very good business, so I shouldn’t be worrying?"

Liu Weiwei shook her head, "It's okay. It's not because of this. It's just that I recently met a bear kid with a big head." She simply said the matter. Li Sanpang was the first good person she knew in this world.

Li Sanpang puffed out another smoke cloud, which was very meaningful, "It should be better when he grows up. The society will teach him a lesson."

Liu Weiwei grumbled in distress.

In the afternoon, in the shop that was open today, Liu Weiwei had doubts about education, but the menus prepared were still two set meals.

One was stir-fried cauliflower, braised duck leg, and egg custard; the other was garlic lettuce with oyster sauce, pork slices in tomato sauce, and egg custard. The dishes looked richer than the previous day, but it’s actually easy to operate.

The custard was placed in the steamer at regular intervals, and the stewed duck legs were prepared with ready-made duck legs, which were stewed in the morning. The other was fast dishes that were not a big problem for Liu Weiwei who has cooked big pot rice in the cafeteria. They could be fried together between orders.

After yesterday's actual combat, Liu Weiwei found that when she was the only one in charge of the back kitchen, it was completely worthwhile. There were few tables in the store, and everyone would basically chat and drink tea after ordering. This meant low requirements for the speed of the back kitchen.

"What can I do for you today?" Tang Yingqian became very interested in cooking after stuffing meat and arranging dishes yesterday.

Xu Hui also came over.

"Today we will serve egg custard. This is very simple. I will teach you how to beat the eggs. This nutritious meal can be learned easily, so I will leave it to you to complete it independently. When you get home, you can make it for your children and husband." When Liu Weiwei said so, both army wives were very happy.

As the business hours approached, there was a long line outside the store. Almost all the people living nearby came as long as they had time.

The first group of guests who came in was even more exaggerated than yesterday. They lined up to get number since 3 o'clock in the afternoon. By 4 o'clock, all 500 queue numbers had been taken.

The shop opened at five o'clock on time. Many girls sitting outside with small benches walked into the store happily. They cast small eyes of admiration and shyness at the three military waiters. Their muscles almost broke through their uniform, but their hard face was still thin. The female compatriots in and outside the store couldn't help but scream inside.

Yuan Zongwei was under great pressure and his heartbeat was fast. He had never been watched by girls like this. It was the first time yesterday. He finally got used to it at night, but he didn't expect that the people in the store would get worse today. He was embarrassed to turn his head. The girl behind him never looked away from him, making him feel uncomfortable.

"Your stir-fried cauliflower and duck leg set meal." Yuan Zongwei pretended to be calm, and pulled a standard smile at the two female guests in front of him.

"Wow, he's so handsome!"


"It's not in vain that I have been in line for so long."

"This seat is good, even the chest muscles and abdominal muscles can be seen clearly."

"Wow, through the military uniform, I want to touch it~"

Yuan Zongwei: …

"Woo, good times~ Cauliflower is so tender and crunchy, a bit spicy, huhu, too hot to eat~"

"I want to eat a whole bowl of rice~"

Delicate voice sounded with fiery eyes.

Yuan Zongwei staggered. You are praising the dishes, so why do you stare at me every bite? When you say such strange things, you have to stare at him?

"Wow, the flesh on this leg is so plump and firm... and so crispy~"

"Eat a spoonful of custard, my god, I feel like my baby's mouth was touched by a handsome guy, it feels like a kiss~"

"Yeah, as soon as you bite it down, there is a strong and powerful taste in your cheeks~"

Yuan Zongwei stood there shaking, he was terrified. He then glanced at his other two comrades. In a blink of an eye, he almost fell while holding the dinner plate.

Zhang Haoran was held back by a modern unrestrained girl. After a photo was taken together, his military buttons were all pulled loose by the girls.

"Brother waiter, don't go, I want to order more~ I can eat well~~"

"Brother Haoran? Oh, can you pour me a glass of water~"

Cheng Ligang was even more miserable. He was a tough guy, but now he almost knelt down in front of two grandmothers.

"Oh, this little boy is strong. He feels much better to touch than my old man."

"Yes, my old man is like yesterday's meat stuffed gluten, very soft, but this little boy is today's big duck leg, the meat is still tight!"

Yuan Zongwei: ... He had better flee!

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