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Interstellar Chef Raising a Baby – Chapter 135 Part 1

ICRAB – Chapter 135 Part 1

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The most wonderful thing about meat stuffed gluten was that the gluten skin stayed crispy and not mushy. The texture was full elasticity, and it was softly saturated with the fresh meat flavor mobilized by the sauce.

The stir-fried green vegetables on the plate not only increase the fullness of the color in the set meal, but also add the crispness and freshness of the taste. It complemented the softness of the gluten, and made people plunge into eating frenzy with a rhythm.

The clear and golden egg flower soup looked like golden rapeseed flower field spreading out to the distance. With a slight stroke of the spoon, it was like a gentle breeze that swayed the golden flower field shyly from side to side, revealing a clear and moist soup underneath. Regardless of the taste or appearance, although it was a set meal, there was no cutting corner at all.

From the soft and waxy rice, to the exquisite and rich main course, the meticulous preparation of the auxiliary dishes and soup, all these allowed the diners to experience high quality from start to finish. 

The other group of customers who ordered the fish-flavored eggplant pot in the store kept breathing in and out. Even when prompted by the military uniform brothers that they should be careful and eat slowly, to be careful not to touch the hot outer wall of the clay pot, still from time to time someone screamed after being scalded excitedly. Burned but happy.

The material of the stone pot not only made the food more heavy and unexpected, but also added an essential heat preservation effect. The weight of the entire pot was not something people like Xu Hui who never exercise could hold securely. Only soldiers with full muscles could easily hold one with one hand, and it was not difficult even to stack a few on top.

The clay pot was served on the diners’ table. The peeled and sliced eggplant in the pot was still bubbling hot, showing their degree of hotness. But the tangy fragrance made the diners felt unbearable. 

Anxiously, one man forked up a few eggplants that didn't seem to have any tricks. But when they were placed in his mouth, it was instantly scalded and he grabbed his cheeks. However, at this time, the taste of bean paste mixed with garlic, the umami flavor of oyster sauce and sesame oil, and the stir-fried flavor of minced pork, the soft and waxy eggplant meat almost instantly played a spicy and delicious taste on the tip of his tongue!

This was not just a dish, not just a vegetable. After being cooked at a high temperature, the eggplant had reached its peak. It was said to be fish flavored, but it tasted meaty, beany, spicy, salty, and sweet. There were thousands of aromas of eggplant in one dish!

The people who were scalded were not angry at all, instead, their faces were greasy and ruddy. The hot eggplant could also bring the tight temperature of the clay pot into the body. People in the constant temperature restaurant dining hall could feel the feeling of sitting in a sauna. Their whole body was hot and sweaty.

And those diners who didn't pay attention, didn't cool the dish first but put them directly into their mouths had wonderful expressions. Under the extreme high temperature, their entire mouth and esophagus were scalded into goose bumps, but soon the extreme heavy hotness rushed past like a wolf. This extreme superposition of extreme feelings was very exciting, making them couldn’t help but yell cool!

Fortunately the waiters in the shop were all soldiers, even then, these men who could stand calmly even in the face of death still gradually produced some fascinated looks affected by the smell. If changed to an ordinary person, it was estimated that they would swallow their drools looking at the meals of the diners.

"Weiwei, you are so amazing!" Xu Hui, who went outside and watched for a while, looked proud when she came back, as if she was the one that made the dish.

"Well, I'm really looking forward to what kind of dish we will serve tomorrow." Tang Yingqian was very skilled in stuffing meat, but from time to time, the strong fragrance emitted by the back kitchen also attracted the greedy insects on her stomach.

But in the lively dining hall, there was a double table closest to the kitchen, which was occupied by a woman who had queued up early in the morning, but there was no movement. Her delay in ordering aroused the dissatisfaction of many people in the queue.

But Yuan Zongwei and the others didn't urge her to order. They were soldiers themselves and their purpose was to serve the people. Before the shop open, Liu Weiwei had repeatedly told them that customers were God and they were people who serve God. As long as they were in the shop, they had to do their best to serve these Gods. Urging was obviously not an act that should be done in serving God.

Yuan Zongwei had been paying attention to the woman, and even the tea she drank had been refilled three times. At the end, it was obvious that she was a little fidgeting and kept watching the time on her light brain.

"I'm waiting for my son, he will come right away, right away." She really couldn't stand the needle like eyes of the whole shop gathered on her.

"Okay. Do I need to refill your tea?"

"No, no need, or let me..." As soon as she finished speaking, there was a teenage boy who ran into the shop on a rampage.

"Oh, how did you walk?"

"How come you hit someone!"

He rushed in like a cannonball, harming many people queueing at the door.

Zhang Haoran, who was arranging the number of guests at the door, frowned, "Kid, are you here to eat too? You have to line up."

The boy looked up at him, then turned his head without saying a word.

"It took 12 minutes to get here from school, and there is no car in the middle. If this shop is not good, I will lose my temper." The boy walked up to the anxious woman who had drunk three glasses of tea and sat down directly. What he said, although not very loud, but the store was small so many people around heard it. Those who had been following him could hear clearly.

The woman was already a little cramped, but now she blushed even more. "You ate the tea eggs last time. You said they were delicious, so Mom came to queue today."

"Huh! Then you should have bought it back like last time, right? I have to do homework when I go back, memorize texts, and do manual work. I'm busy, okay?"

The woman had a degree of stiffness. The people around were all embarrassed.

Yuan Zongwei took the handmade menu specially made by Tang Yingqian, walked over, smiled, and handed it to the boy.

"What! There are only two dishes? This can also open a shop? My classmate said that the restaurants she went to had dozens of dishes." The boy threw the menu on the table with disgust, "Come to this place to eat, how can I tell my classmates, isn’t it embarrassing?" With that, he was about to stand up.

"Everyone says it's delicious. Mom already seated. You can try first Zhang Zhang. You see there are still many people queuing outside, and if you smell the air, the dishes on the next table look delicious!"

"No! This menu is even hand-written. This must have been the only old-fashioned restaurant that doesn’t even have a robot. If I eat in this kind of restaurant, I won’t even be able to write a composition. Mom, you don't understand anything. You judge based on fragrance, what's the use of fragrance! Sit here to eat, won’t this just telling everyone that you are poor and have no money!?"

The customers who enjoyed eating in the shop and the people still in line at the entrance all looked at the boy with amazement, sympathizing with the woman who was educated by her son. There were not many seats in the shop. Just now everyone despised her for occupying a seat and not making order, but now it was all one-sided pity.

"I queued for half an hour. She was the first batch, so she must have queued for at least an hour, right? She also sat in the shop for so long and waited."

"Creating sin, this kind of thing should be flushed out in the smart toilet since the beginning."

"Ckck, he is here to collect debts."

"So bitter, it will take a lifetime."

"Too spoiled. This kind of thing can’t even be stuffed back and changed into something cleaner."

The boy stood up with a snap. He brought the chair behind him to the ground. His face was embarrassed.

"Why are you still sitting?" He just yelled at his mother.

The poor woman who had been sitting was blushing so much that she couldn't lift her head in the shop, but she still said in a low voice, "Then Mom will buy some for take away. You go back first." She couldn't buy such low-cost food in another restaurant. Everyone knew very well that it was impossible. The store issued only 500 queuing numbers every day, which meant that she wouldn’t be able to eat if she came late.

For the working class, to be able to eat high-end cuisine in a restaurant for a few hundred credits, it was like falling from the sky! Under the pressure, the woman ordered a set meal each with the uniformed brother.

It didn't take long for Liu Weiwei in the back to hear about this. The back kitchen was very close to the lobby, but the cooking sound was noisy and it was as rushed as a marching battle. With all her concentration, she had no time to pay attention to the situation in the dining hall. However, the system told her.

[Beep, we found a young rebellious diner who were rare in a century, in need of beatings, vain, selfish, bad-tempered, and bad attitudes!]

[Great food master, of course, can solve all problems with her cooking.]

[A new task released: Let this nasty child learn a lesson, and make him apologize to his mother.]

[Task Reward: You will have one additional child labor, would you be unhappy?]

When Liu Weiwei saw the task, she was making an eggplant clay pot and almost twisted the eggplant into seventeen or eighteen segments. Would she be unhappy?! This system started again.

Liu Weiwei had headache every time she saw bear child. A colleague used to bring her elementary school child to the company. She told the child not to use her computer casually. As a result, when they left the seat for a meeting, the child pressed the key to return the computer to factory settings. Thinking of this kind of thing, she wished she could beat up all bear children.

The task was really difficult. Good food could even make dying person wake up, but it was only tried on adults. Could minors too? Bear child just liked to work against people.

"Huft…." The task was simply the most difficult task so far.

Tang Yingqian just finished filling a plate of meat, "What's the matter?"

Liu Weiwei was bitter but couldn’t tell anyone. So she put the clay pot eggplant on the cooking conveyor belt. She beckoned, and from Yuan Zongwei's explanation, she understood the whole story.

Tang Yingqian and Xu Hui in the kitchen were all dumbfounded.

Liu Weiwei rubbed her painful temple, "Xiao Yuan, tell the lady to wait a while. I'll prepare the dishes for takeout and talk to her for ten minutes."

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