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Interstellar Chef Raising a Baby – Chapter 142

ICRAB – Chapter 142

Anna was a little stunned. She was amazed on her discovery. The man was once known as the most talented young interior designer in the circle, but he later withdrew from the circle. Because of her eccentric boss's taste, she also had contact with this designer that had an unusual temper. At that time, she invited him to decorate the office of a general manager at the top of the company. She saw the face and heard the voice now. Although it had been many years, she still vaguely recognized it.


Anna frowned. She looked at the delicate woman who came out of the kitchen and was clearly wearing a chef uniform. She did hear the rumors, but today she was surprised when she heard that Zhen Nuli called a female chef Master. The rumor was true that he left the industry to learn how to cook? Abandoning great achievements and resources in the circle, and even giving up his innate talent, he really became a chef...

Anna was shocked that she wanted to contact her boss who had the same eccentric brain. He said before that he wanted to renovate the office and add some embossed designs, but he was unwilling to let other people come, saying that it would destroy the original style, so he wanted this mysterious genius designer to come. But she had searched for a long time and could not find him. Because this designer had changed everything from past communication QR code, most people couldn't get in touch with him all.

"Designer Zhen!" Anna couldn't help standing up and walked in front of them a few steps. But soon she patted her forehead. What was she doing? It didn't matter who the boss’s office was to be designed now and whether she could find a designer, it was obviously not her job anymore. This was what the new secretary should do.

"Sorry, it's nothing. Sorry for bothering you." Anna quickly frowned and backed away.

But Zhen Nuli, who was opened by Yuan Zongwei, recognized Anna. "Are you... that secretary?" He had a good memory and was naturally sensitive to all shapes and colors of human faces.

Liu Weiwei smiled, "You know her? Well Nuli, you can relive your old times, I'm going back to look after the kitchen."

Zhen Nuli wanted to continue rushing in and held Liu Weiwei’s thighs, but the waiter brother behind him was also very annoying. "Well, Master, then I'll come to you later."

Anna was a little cramped, she actually had nothing to talk to Zhen Nuli. "Have you eaten? If you don't mind, you can sit in the empty seat opposite me."

Zhen Nuli's eyes lit up, "Okay." The queuing customer behind didn't need single seat for the time being, so it didn't matter if he sits down. But there was a limited supply of 500 queue numbers in the store and he didn't get one, so the fierce soldiers didn't even give him the menu.

"Um...Would you like to try mine? Sorry, If you don't mind, I will give you some."

Zhen Nuli didn't dislike it at all. He was so happy that he was almost helpless. "Of course, I have never tasted what Master cooks in reality."

"Huh?" Anna was a little surprised, but out of politeness she didn't ask much.

Zhen Nuli took a serving chopstick and a small clean bowl. He picked up some of each dish and also a little rice.

When Liu Weiwei finished her work, she came out to see her apprentice and saw a tearful Zhen Nuli.

"It's too hot, Master... it's so spicy that I can't stop it! My nose and tears all flowed out. I still have a slight cold these days, but I feel that after eating this spicy boiled pork slices my nose is now clear!"

"I knew that I should come to find you in reality in advance. You simply have Godhand, and what you cook is not human food at all, it is heavenly! I thought I would be on your level soon, but now I know it is just wishful thinking. I am still far from Master’s height!"

Seeing Zhen Nuli so emotional, Liu Weiwei couldn't decide to laugh or cry, "Is it so exaggerated? I'll give other dishes for you later."

Zhen Nuli cried excitedly, "Hmm!"

But there was a jingle at the door, and the brother soldiers shouted in unison.

As soon as Liu Weiwei looked up, she saw An Hao and Liang Kai'an had arrived one after another.

"Master, I bring noodles." 

During Liang Kaian's usual practice, Liu Weiwei asked him to send the remaining hand-made noodles. They couldn’t be used in the military cafeteria but can be used in the second outside one, so food should not be wasted. She discussed with the Logistics Department and noted that it could be purchased at a cost price plus 10%, which could be considered as giving Liang Kai'an some extra income.

As a result, Liang Kai'an happened to meet An Hao on the road.

Liu Weiwei sent a message to them before, but she didn't expect them to arrive one after another.

"Little brother, didn’t you arrive too fast? I set off a week earlier than you but I just sat down!" Zhen Nuli had a dark face.

An Hao was also taken aback when he saw Zhen Nuli in the store, "It took you a week? It should only take four days when I checked the distance for you."

"Ah, that's not important!" Zhen Nuli's ears were red.

An Hao nodded and rolled up his sleeves, "Master, I will help you."

The military region temporarily disagrees with them working in the shop and he also knew the rule. But if the civilians wanted to help soldiers’ work for free, they would never be ruthlessly rejected.

"It's free." An Hao added.

Zhen Nuli felt his ass burning immediately. He hurriedly jumped up from the chair, "I'm coming too!"

Three handsome boys of different ages, all with different types, followed Liu Weiwei to the kitchen.

The diners outside, especially the women, were upset.

"Isn’t this military cafeteria a bit too much? There are muscular men in the front and tender faces in the back. I can't stand it."

"I decided to come every day from now on. No one can stop me!"

"I want to take a photo with those three tender brothers~"

The look in the eyes of the women was like a wolf and a tiger madly staring at the men walking toward the back kitchen.

The three men in the back kitchen shivered instantly.

Liang Kai'an quickly introduced himself and talked about his experience of apprenticeship. The other two people were engrossed in hearing it and they felt it was terribly thrilling.

Zhen Nuli pat Liang Kai'an’s shoulder, "You will be our little brother in the future, don't worry, brother will cover you. You and the little brother's name are connected with one sillable, this is the fate of the family!"

"Hey, from now on, when the master calls Xiao An, is it me or the new little junior brother?"

"Ha, then An Hao name is Xiao An, and your name is An'an~"

The three people laughed, and soon Zhen Nuli thought of something. He squeezed to Liu Weiwei's side.

"Master, do you remember the high-level western chef who came to compete at that time? He cried and shouted on the Internet saying that he wanted to see you and wanted to taste the food you made in reality."

Liu Weiwei was taken aback, "Is he the one who worked for us on Skynet?"

"Yes, I think I can get him here and let him wipe the floor and the table."

"...Then you tell him the address. You can let him do whatever he want. Just one rule, he have to line up and pay."


When the business was about to end, Liu Weiwei cooked the staff meal again. Every day, she would mix the remaining ingredients together, stew them together, and pair it with rice. This was enough to make the tired waiter comrades’ stomachs full and made them energetic. Today, because there were three more apprentices who were very happy to chat and had not left after closing, she took out all the big pots in her space.

The boiled pork slices still left a lot of spicy gravy on the pot. Liu Weiwei poured the remaining slices of pork, lettuce, and celery together, and then added vegetables, greens, baby vegetables, and even some frozen chicken thighs. She then added some mung bean noodles. When all were cooked, they were taken out and she put in the semi-finished deep-fried crispy pork that was not used up. Finally, she drizzle the finished product with chili peppers.

A plate of boiled hodgepodge was done. In other words, it was another form of simple Boiled Spicy Hot Pot.

The three soldiers including Yuan Zongwei were extremely hungry at this point because of their high physical energy consumption and fast metabolism. When they smelled such a scent, they couldn't control themselves. They looked at Liu Weiwei's movements like three big huskies. They looked at Liu Weiwei's movements without moving.

The three male apprentices also kept drooling. They had sensitive noses and had some talent for cooking. They immediately discovered that the dish in the pot after being boiled was not only spicy, but it exuded an unusual fragrance, which severely irritated their intestines and stomach.

The expressions of the military sisters-in-law Xu Hui and Tang Yingqian's were exactly the same as everyone's expectations. They were not afraid of getting pimples after eating too much spicy and stared at the cauldron eagerly.

After Liu Weiwei said that everyone could eat, they couldn't wait to sit down.

Although there were a lot of people, everyone squeezed and sat in a circle. They were surrounding a big iron pot with in the middle. You look at me, I look at you, their faces were uncontrollably excited.

The soldiers were not familiar with the newly arrived Zhen Nuli and this was the first time they would eat at the same table. But when Zhen Nuli took out a bunch of lemon-flavored nutrient solutions and distributed them to everyone, they quickly became brothers. They even told story of bedwetting as a child and shared them together.

The atmosphere was warmer than ever!

"This meat is great. Master, this is crispy meat? It is crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. It is very chewy and delicious when it is soaked in this spicy soup."

"The noodles... Um! There is such a food! It is very refreshing! Brother Yuan, Brother Haoran, Brother Gang, I toast you a cup!~"

"Good good~ Your bubble nutrient is really a perfect match for this spicy slice of pork. Oh, I feel like I have known you long ago!"

"Brothers, brothers, I also toast you! I make mediocre noodles, but if you want to eat noodles in the future, you can come to Liang's noodle restaurant to eat for free!"

Liu Weiwei smiled as she heard Liang Kai'an, "I forgot to throw in the noodles you brought and cook it together."

"It's okay. Sister-in-law, let's eat first. Let’s talk about it if this is not enough later."

"Yeah, Master has us here so I will cook the noodles later. After put some of your chili peppers, it will be perfect."

Everyone was eating and they were all sweating soon. When the big pot was wiped out, almost everyone stood up against the wall. They tried to walk took two laps to digest all the food.

Liu Weiwei decided when she went back she would hold the Little Bun in order to exercise more. But when she walked to the intersection, she was startled by the sudden emergence of a dark shadow.

Cheng Ligang, who was tall, stood in front of Liu Weiwei immediately. But soon, it was discovered that it was a false alarm. It turned out to be the bear child’s mother. She had her head down and her back hunched.

"I, I'm not malicious. I come to ask for one thing. I will leave after I say it."

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