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Interstellar Chef Raising a Baby – Chapter 130 Part 2

ICRAB – Chapter 130 Part 2

Liu Weiwei next door smiled and handed out a golden roasted sweet potato to the little nurse next to her. Ha ha ha, the famous street food in China, would a top rich Western man ever eat it?

Had eaten all food? Too naive, too ignorant.

Chinese food had a long history. It had vast land and rich resources, also its customs were very varied. Even Liu Weiwei, a native foodie, dare not say that she had tasted all snacks and dishes of China. Sichuan cuisines alone had around five thousand dishes, not to mention the other eight major cuisines. These even didn’t include other cuisines like Jianghu cuisine innovative dishes.

If a person wanted to eat them all, they would probably be like the Emperor in ancient times. They would only eat three bites per meal, and even with this they might still spend one hundred, no, two hundred years without finishing them. Because the wisdom of foodies always continue! When people were eating one thing, there would be thousands of changes and new dishes appearing. To eat all Chinese dishes, eat all dishes in the world, and for this era eat all dishes in the universe, if there was a way to live for five hundred years, only then it might be possible!

Liu Weiwei clapped her hands and took the last batch of roasted sweet potatoes out of the oven. She wanted to give the rich man next door a tease. "I'll come back at noon. Eating too much sweet potato will cause bloating. Don't eat it if you are 80% full." 

Liu Weiwei reminded the little nurses. After all, they were in service positions. For the other patients, based on the physical conditions given by Bu Zhongxin, she basically allocated one or half a portion each. It took a full hour after she left for the sweet smell of roasted sweet potatoes to slowly faded.

Saibandes didn't come out this time, because he couldn’t put out 100 million anymore. But he finally got the good news that his address book was 100% recovered. He sat up directly and contacted his former secretary. Three days ago, he fired the female secretary who had accompanied him for ten years. He asked her to find another job. "Anna, it's me. I'm sorry to bother you at this time. I need to purchase an option right away. I'm very optimistic, so help me borrow 100 million from Riker Bank. After this is done, I will pay you 10 million as a reward for extra work." 

Saibandes has always had a cool head. He was vigorous and resolute. He was also generous to his subordinates. Soon, he heard the familiar and gentle voice from the other end of the communicator.

"Sir, did you find the wrong person?"


"Your communication number belongs to a dead, arrogant, and stupid man!"

"Anna, I'm not dead, I’m… Wait, arrogant? Stupid?"

"Sir, I'm very busy. I have to do a job with an annual salary of one million. I have no time to talk nonsense with you."

"Nonsense? What? I'll give you 10 million, if you think it's not enough, then 20 million?"

"No need. A man once said that money is just a number, it is extremely boring. Only a fool will fight for money all his life. I am not a fool, Sir."


After being hit by what he had said before, Saibandes glared at the communicator that was cut off by the other party. He quickly called his other subordinates, but many people who were tempted by money and willing to help quickly told him that the bank needed his fingerprints to issue loans.

Saibandes took a heavy breath and slumped on the pillow of the hospital bed. Of course he would not give in like this. As the whole morning was so wasted, he rested for another hour, got up and dressed neatly. He went to go through the discharge formalities. However, what awaited him was another fragrance attack!

The soldier in the next room was bandaged and was chewing on a large pig's trotter. The color was crystal clear as if it was rubies, and when looked closely, it looked like the color that could only be accumulated by aged red wine.

Saibandes opened his eyes wide and stood in the corridor for a moment. He forgot what he was going to do. The meat scent was very different from yesterday's fierce chicken scent. It was a fresh and tender scent that could only be produced by the finest pigs. No, it's even more fragrant than that!

The soldier grabbed the honey-colored pig's trotter with one hand and boldly bit out a large piece of plump meat dripping with thick sauce.

Protein. The highest quality protein. Almost the moment it was bitten, it melted in the mouth instantly, there was no need for people to chew.

Saibandes' lips moved. The delicacy in his memory swarmed out. He even had an inexplicable hunch that this pork meat would be far tenderer than the one made by a super chef he once hired. This pig's trotters seemed to have been smeared with honey to achieve such a delicate color. The transparent texture of the tendons, soft and elastic taste that was rich in collagen, and then the thick layer of sweet and delicious sauce…

Good meat was not just for filling stomach, it was a bite-by-bite process that could give people top satisfaction. Mental, soul, as long as people eat, they could fill all the vacancies in their person!

Saibandes turned his head stiffly and walked straight forward without blinking his eyes.

"Hey, I intentionally didn’t eat the sweet potato in the morning. Now I tasted it with the big trotters at noon, the taste is so refreshing that I sweat!"

"I will go to the military doctor to confirm that my injury will need to be observed for two more days. I feel that my chest still hurts."

"Nurse, can you pass me a bowl of millet porridge? Thanks~"

Saibandes staggered, almost closed his breath, and found Bu Zhongxin's office. He squinted. "I want to eat." He grabbed the door frame. "Charge first."

Bu Zhongxin raised his head from behind the screen of his light brain. He had sauce on his fingers and chuckled, "Huh? Mr. Sai, what are you talking about? I didn't hear clearly, can you speak a little louder?"

Saibandes: "!!!"

After making another promise of a check of 100 million credits, Saibandes, who was rarely against his heart, returned to his ward with an angry face. It wasn't until he saw the two soldiers standing guard at the door that he collapsed and slammed his fist against the wall. So hateful! It had to be a sequelae from the last time he swallowed gold. He was being delirious. If not, why were his actions completely different from the result of his brain thinking? He obviously wanted to ask to be discharged from the hospital, and then go to the bank to get a loan, but how could it change into hum begging for… food?

Saibandes returned to his room angrily and threw himself back on the hospital bed. Well, yes, it must have been his excellent pedigree that inspired him to calm down. Eat first, and then he would have enough energy to go out to work. An Aldwych man would never give up and compromise easily! He would eat to replenish energy, it would be all for the sake of his next step.

Saibandes found a reason for himself and his handsome complexion finally eased. He even lay on the pillow in a good mood, and the braised pig's trotters appeared in his mind involuntarily. His mouth started drooling, and he even thought of the best food he had ever eaten, the Australian lobster.

Well, after eating this meal and being discharged from the hospital, Saibandes would go to find Chef Mill to have a big meal. As he thought about it, there was a slight smile on his lips and he fell asleep quickly.

Until the fragrant braised meat scent woke him up again. Saibandes opened his eyes and saw his younger brother who hadn't been visiting all day.

"Yo, awake."

Saibandes' mouth was smiling. He was in a rare good mood. Thinking of his brother having to rely on himself, he also felt a little breeze in his heart. He felt a sense of pride and responsibility as an older brother. His rebellious younger brother wore a military uniform and was sitting next to his bed at this moment. He held a box of braised pig's trotters with rice. He was opening the lid, as if to feed him, so sweet!

"Why did you come in person? Didn't you say you will be busy training?" Saibandes felt that his younger brother was also cute at this time, "I want to eat, but you don't have to bring it to me personally. Although I don't have money now, I… "

"Well, on credit, I know." The corner of Mu Ming's mouth was turned up. He evoked a handsome smile like his older brother. He did not hesitate to pick up the pig's trotters in the lunch box and took one bite. His right hand cooperated and scooped a large spoonful of rich soaked with sauce. The rice also entered his mouth. He ate quickly, but his movements were still very elegant.

Saibandes opened his mouth and couldn't close it. "This…" Wasn't this his lunch? His pig trotter?!

"This little Bu is too indifferent. How can he make it on credit?" Mu Ming swallowed two bites of rice, and then bit half of the pig's trotters. The corners of his mouth were all reflecting in the glossy sauce. "You are preparing to die anyway, so why should you eat? I’m alive, so I’ll ate it for you. It so happened that I was very hungry after training today."


Saibandes felt a mouthful of blood came up immediately.

Mu Ming snapped his mouth, handed the upper half of the pig's trotter meat to Saibandes’s face, and shook it. His green eyes flashed, "Big brother, do you think the color of this pig's feet is as gorgeous as the roses blooming in our garden? Well, it smells like sweet nectar. Do you remember? I hated eating pig's feet when I was a kid. It's looked dirty and hard to bite. There is also less meat. But you see, this pig's feet have beautiful lines, transparent gloss, and so soft that it was melting in my hands…"

"Ah, Yes, this is what I said in the message I sent to you last time. The artwork I found in the barracks~ Can you feel it? The abundant power in the sauce gently wraps the tight and beautiful trotter meat. It is like the flower bones of a delicate rose that slowly blooms into the most beautiful art… Oh, the most perfect thing is actually not meat. It is the rice. They were originally humble, silent, and low-level ingredients, but now, they seem to be touched by the gentle and noble hands of the goddess, turning into a full sweetness that… melt in the mouth."

Saibandes gritted his teeth. He looked at his intoxicated younger brother, wishing to get up and beat  his ass as he did when they were children.

"Oh right, brother. When will you commit suicide again?" Mu Ming swept the last grain of rice into his mouth, and then beautifully took out a brown-gray thing. He snapped the brown thing from the middle, revealing a soft but charming flesh the color of topaz. "This is my dessert. Because of you, my brother, who committed suicide, I can eat the dessert that I haven't had before."

Mu Ming took a bite, and his smile instantly solidified. He closed his eyes without a trace of pretend, and let out a mouthful of sweet heat with emotion, "Um… delicious. My mental power seems to be sublimated again."


Saibandes' face was more mature than his younger brother and the lines on his face were tougher, but his expression was completely frozen now. "Sublimated? Ascension?"

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