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Interstellar Chef Raising a Baby – Chapter 127

ICRAB – Chapter 127

Liu Weiwei's voice was not loud, but it made everyone present refreshed. Make everyone know about food. It's simple to say, but it might not even be realized within three to five years. This required a lot of manpower and material resources.

"Okay, I understand. The price of pickled chicken feet will be determined by Mrs. Liu." A man like Zhao Minggen was also inevitably moved.

After Liu Weiwei talked about some time arrangements and the initial sales strategy, she took out two large packages of chopped pepper chicken feet that had been plastic-wrapped and handed them to Zhao Minggen and his daughter. "Take it back as a snack. If you have any suggestions after tasting them more, we can communicate at any time."

Zhao Linshuang's eyes were full of golden light. Her eyes fell on the large bag of chicken feet. She couldn't help herself. The fear and nausea had long since disappeared. Now she was in love with the smell instead. Although after gnawing a piece, her lips were now a little red and swollen, but it didn’t affect her greed over the large package of new snacks.

"How embarrassing is this. You gave us such a big bag." Zhao Minggen, the middle-aged uncle, also had an uncontrollable smile on his face. He had already grabbed the snack but still pretend to push off with his other hand.

An Hao and Zhen Nuli on the side were completely accustomed to this fallen appearance. This was not a new thing at the Happy Restaurant. They didn’t know how many diners surrendered under the crafts of their teacher. They felt uncomfortable if they didn't come up to eat a meal every day, and they wanted them to open a new restaurant that open 24 hours.

Liu Weiwei and Boss Zhao left exchanged other's contact information. Zhao Minggen even said that he would continue to visit the army and would meet with her again when that time comes.

When Zhao Linshuang said goodbye, her previous embarrassment changed and she looked at Liu Weiwei with admiration, "Boss Liu, this chicken feet is delicious, I will definitely help you promote it!"

At this time, Liu Weiwei thought it was a polite remark, so she didn't think much about it.

After parting with the father and daughter, Liu Weiwei was not in a hurry to go offline. She worked in the kitchen for a while, and when the shop officially opened, she was surrounded by old customers who hadn't seen her for a long time.

"Boss, when can we go back to the limitless food in the past?" A diner with a beer belly cried while biting his chopsticks.

Liu Weiwei smiled bitterly, "Now that there is not enough manpower, I am already thinking of a way."

"My wife asked me yesterday, why do I have to go online every day? Do I chat and date with other woman? Boss, can you consider opening a physical store offline? Otherwise, I guess I will encounter a family crisis."

Liu Weiwei was stunned and then started laughing, "Then you bring her to here too."

"Boss, that’s not the case! My girlfriend also asked yesterday, but I firmly said I can’t bring her up for dinner. It already limited supply, what if she eats my meat? What should I do? I’m desperate!"

"Yes. Since the last time I saw the elder brother at the table next door was asked by his wife is the braised pork important or her important,  I really felt bitter for that elder brother. In the end, half of the braised pork in his bowl was eaten by his wife. So, I won’t take my wife here even if it I kill me. I would rather she thought I am cheating!"

Liu Weiwei: …

"Boss, for our happiness, please open a physical store quickly. If you are short of money, we will gather funds for you! Women have to eat less offline for the sake of their figure, so they won't grab our bowl!"

"Yes, that's true! It just so happens that I'm thinking about moving recently. Boss, where the physical store is going to be opened later, must inform me first. I will live next to it."

Liu Weiwei didn't expect that the diners wanted her to open an offline restaurant. The urgency they felt because of their women was quite amusing. She gave the female compatriots some sympathy. As a woman, she could understand. Imagining Qin Mo went online at a fixed time every day, and was gone for several hours at a time. Before going online he looked tired and anxious, but after going online he had a refreshed expression. Even just once or twice, she would definitely be worried and her thoughts would be everywhere. But thinking about it from another perspective, if she encountered something delicious and Qin Mo ate it all by himself, she would definitely feel a little disappointed. A so-called good man needed to understand what his woman liked to eat, and then held himself not to eat so that she could eat more.

Liu Weiwei had been in love in her previous life, and in this life she was married and also had a baby. Just thinking about it, she knew that these good men only exist in TV series, who wouldn't want his significant other to be a peerless good man?

Liu Weiwei thought about it carefully, and felt that the feedback from these diners was very practical, and it was really a big problem. But at the same time, she felt happy in her heart. At the beginning, when Qin Mo didn't know that she was the cafeteria chef, he didn’t eat his three meals portion and saved them for her while he only drank nutrient solutions. In such a comparison, she felt a little touched, he was too sweet. The Ice cube Major was no fun on the surface, but in fact he was very good at coaxing girls.

"Boss, why are you blushing? Do you have a fever?" The sharp-eyed diners saw it right away.

"No," Liu Weiwei was immediately embarrassed and quickly changed the subject, "How about this way? We will have an event. In the future, if husband and wife or couples come to dine, we will give away a children's set meal for free, or get a 30% discount."

The physical shop had always been Liu Weiwei’s plan. Now it was not a question of funding, but a race against time. She didn't have enough time. When the Scientific Research Bureau finished most of the condiments, and the cooking skills of her apprentices were tempered enough, she could consider putting the physical shop on the agenda.

"Children's meal, can you give it away to people without children?"

"Wait a minute! Wouldn’t that be another mouth grabbing a bite from me?"

"Hiks T-T, Boss, There are also single dogs here~ Shouldn’t you also take care of our feelings?"

Liu Weiwei couldn't decide to laugh or cry. "There will be physical shop in the future, but it will take some time. I will definitely notify you before it opens." Finally, when food was served, she escaped from the diners. But as soon as she entered the glass kitchen, she saw her two thigh pendants looking at her with extremely expectant eyes. Obviously, it was also their dream to open a physical shop.

"Okay, when you mastered 50 recipes, we will open an offline shop." Liu Weiwei couldn't help laughing.

"Master~" An Hao excitedly wanted to give her a hug, but stopped at a distance of 5cm because the robot next to him was already staring with a fierce glare.

"Ah, I dreamed of wearing a chef's uniform in reality! Master, if you open an offline shop, I will immediately buy an enhanced mental nutrient. With that I can stay awake for 100 hours and work hard to practice cooking!" Zhen Nuli held the rag excitedly, "I can be responsible for the shop design and decoration. Even the site selection and application procedures can also be handed over to me! Teacher, from today, I will be your servant!"

Liu Weiwei couldn't stop smiling. With such a group of lovely helpers, she felt that the ultimate mission was not too difficult. She was in a good mood, so every diner in the shop got a sample of a new product.

When he heard that Liu Weiwei went online, Grete, the senior Wester Food Chef hurried over. But he missed her perfectly. He came when Liu Weiwei just went offline.

Zhen Nuli: "Oh, Old Bro, do you want to help clean the dishes today? Or wipe the floor?"

Grete almost vomited at the door.

Liu Weiwei went offline because she had been summoned by Li Sanpang. The hot pot soup base development had achieved remarkable results. She hurried to the research institute, and soon smelled a charming and familiar fragrance at the door.

"Come on! Little girl, come and try it." Li Sanpang changed her name now.

As soon as Liu Weiwei entered the office, she saw the entire two-meter-long laboratory table filled with nearly 30 boxes with different colors and labels. There were various soups with strong smell in the box, and some common hot pot ingredients could also be seen, such as mushrooms, fried tofu, beef slices, meatballs, lettuce… She was a little shocked. Wasn't this the instant hot pot that was a smash hit in ancient time?

"Would you like to try it yourself? Tear open the hot pot bottom material package we developed, put it on the upper layer of the box, and pour in water. Both cold water and hot water are ok. Meanwhile, put the portable heat bag into the box below and add cold water. Assemble the upper and lower boxes, close the lid, and within 15 minutes it will become a personal hot pot ration for march training!"

Li Sanpang's entire face was very proud. "This solves the problem that the soldiers have. It is convenient to carry, supplement various vitamins, dietary fiber and protein, and meet their ultimate needs for varied tastes!"

Li Sanpang quickly picked up a pair of chopsticks and started eating. "The taste… tsk, after many experiments, we divided them into 30 comparison groups and found the most suitable ingredients for the package. These are what you see, mainly vegetables."

Li Sanpang himself took a bite of lettuce first, his face was instantly intoxicated, his eyes narrowed and he said, "Delicious~ I'm a genius!"

Liu Weiwei did admire their speed in doing research. Basically, every scientist had dark circles under their eyes, and the corners of their mouths were chapped. It could be seen that they had tried their own research results these few days. People who were not accustomed to eating spicy food would definitely get side effects after eating heavy taste every day.

"Recently, there is a team that is going to the wild to participate in a 30-day survival training." A scientist wearing glasses on the side touched his chin. "If Clerk Liu thinks that there is no problem, we will prepare a report and apply to propose this instant hot pot as part of their supply."

Liu Weiwei blinked, "Hot pot smell is heavy, won’t it affect the operation? If the soldier's position is exposed, it will be dangerous, right?" She knew that carrying hot pot was not suitable in secret missions.

"Don't worry." Another scientist held a 75×75cm three-dimensional transparent mask. "For this reason, we designed a protective cover to isolate the smell. This cover can protect and isolate from the head to the stomach."

"Yes," Li Sanpang nodded his head, "I also found an energy stone. If we put it in the hot pot box, the smell can be absorbed by 95%. With the addition of Dr. Zheng's protective cover, there will be absolutely no possibility of leakage."

"Of course, it is still in the testing stage. We will continue to strengthen the odor processing, and strive to be foolproof." The scientists were very strict.

Liu Weiwei was very impressed. She took a bite of the finished product, which turned out to be quite good. It's not as refreshing as freshly made hot pot, but it tasted almost the same as the portable self heating hot pot in the past.

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