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Interstellar Chef Raising a Baby – Chapter 137

ICRAB – Chapter 137

The corners of Liu Weiwei's mouth twitched. She didn't expect Li Sanpang to come here like this.

The guy was still very polite. Before stepping in, he asked decently, "Can I come in? Is Brother Qin not at home? If yes then we can go to the Scientific Research Bureau."

A man and a woman alone was actually nothing in Interstellar era, but Li Sanpang knew to give women respect and gave Liu Weiwei the right to choose.

Liu Weiwei sighed and looked at the various boxes Li Sanpang was holding. "Go in first and put things away."

"Okay!" After Li Sanpang walked in, he asked to see Qin Bei. But when he saw the giant rabbit hugging the little bun, his fat face instantly stiffened.

"What's the matter?" Liu Weiwei glanced at Li Sanpang strangely. She took the Bun and held up the fat little hands that were tightly held together and shook it towards the fat man. "This is Uncle Li, he brings you presents, say thank you Uncle~"

Although the Little Bun was not yet sensible, education from childhood was still very necessary. Liu Weiwei teased her son as she said this, wanting the Bun to give Li Sanpang a smile.

But Li Sanpang had an embarrassed expression and was completely unhappy. His hands that were holding the gifts shook.

Seeing that two or three boxes were about to fall down, the big rabbit came up very naturally and directly stretched out its furry paws to straighten them.

Li Sanpang: "..."

"Just put the gifts on the ground." Liu Weiwei held her baby and pat him casually. "The butler robot will clean it up."

Li Sanpang swallowed his saliva with a dark expression. He waited until the giant rabbit in front of him pouted its ass and swung around to leave. He breathed a sigh of relief and almost slumped on the ground. If he saw this rabbit at the beginning, he would not have the courage to say anything to invite Liu Weiwei to eat. "Is that the little bunny? The white one? The one who has always been following you?"

It took a long time for Li Sanpang to calm his goose bumps back.

Liu Weiwei glanced at Li Sanpang, "That's a robot, bought by the baby’s father. It has a baby-sitting function."

"Baby sitting, this is..." Li Sanpang took a deep breath, "Forget it, I won’t ask. But you have to add vegetables to heal my injured heart."


The two went to the Scientific Research Bureau. Liu Weiwei went to also take a look at the beasts by the way. After all, she couldn't favor one over the other and only cook food for Li Sanpang. In the hot pot research, more than a dozen scientists had been tossing all night, and the originally thin ones were almost no longer in human form. They made so many high-tech gifts for Little Meat Bun, so she would like to thank them personally.

"I heard that you opened a second shop outside?" Li Sanpang chuckled, obviously unable to control his gluttony.

Liu Weiwei hummed, "Thank you for the seasoning you made. Now there is a lot of things that is easier to do in the cafeteria."

Li Sanpang sucked his drool, and when he arrived in the laboratory, he was surrounded by a group of scientists with green eyes.

"I made a report to go to the maintenance shop for a day. I will go out to eat at my own expense if I couldn't eat in the cafeteria."

"You are insidious. Fortunately, I also reported. Clerk Liu, when will the second shop open for three meals? I heard now you open for dinner."

"You selfish ghosts, Captain Li was still selfless. He brought Clerk Liu directly!"

"Haha, thank Captain Li indeed!"

Li Sanpang who originally just wanted to eat alone, blushed instantly, "Clerk Liu, you can do it here today. If you are missing any condiments, tell us, we have all ingredients!" He gave Liu Weiwei a pleading look.

Liu Weiwei didn't embarrass Li Sanpang, she was indeed there to cook. The laboratory had a special table, which was usually used to experiment with the results of condiments. She could just use it to cook today.

Scientists were not greedy, they were easily satisfied. They were poor ghosts who were not qualified to enter the cafeteria. Even after completing one project after another, staying up late and working overtime, there was no reward from the cafeteria. So today, even if it was only simple two dishes, Liu Weiwei could easily send them to the cloud of happiness.

From the beginning to the end of the cooking process, the scientists looked at Liu Weiwei with full attention, almost intently. Even the experiments in their hands could only be suspended, they were completely unable to focus. But fortunately, they were all working overtime today, so they could work flexibly and took a break for now.

As a result, under the leadership of Li Sanpang, everyone seemed to appreciate a masterpiece. Appreciating Liu Weiwei's handsome cutting, spooning, and pot-stirring. They admired her efficient and fast cooking actions. It was pleasing to the eye.

What Liu Weiwei was going to do today was a very down-to-earth dish. When she was in college, she often ate some street food on the roadside at night. In addition to fried rice, she loved all kinds of fried noodles, fried flat rice noodles, and fried vermicelli. The seasonings, auxiliary materials, and even cooking techniques were exactly the same. However, the inherently different production methods of noodles, vermicelli, and flat rice noodles were destined to have different temperaments.

Fried Noodles (Wheat noodles)

Fried Flat rice noodles

Fried Vermicelli

After being stir-fried in sauces, the chewy noodles were a simple-minded and muscular man. The slightly soft and easy-tasting flat rice noodles were a gentle, elegant, and sword-dancing boy. Last, the vermicelli became a quirky pepper like female disciples who just came out of the mountain.

"You can choose what you like." Liu Weiwei first made three samples for everyone to taste. "Which type of noodles, spicy or not spicy, one egg or two eggs, sausage or beef? Tell me what you want."

After being quickly stir-fried using high temperature in a big iron pan, plus the condiments people loved, these fried noodles could warm people’s heart directly when they eat it, filling up their empty stomach.

This was a taste that belonged to home, but it also seemed to have a strong street atmosphere, and the lively flavor could drive away all troubles.

"So much attention to detail?" Li Sanpang's drool was about to drain. He touched his stomach and sniffed hard, "It smells so good!" There were three different dishes in front of him, and it seemed that he could solve them in two or three mouthfuls. But when he was stunned and hesitated about which one to eat first, the people next to him had already rushed up and squeezed out all his fat.

"Oh oh oh, this is fried noodles... wow, it's so hot and spicy, it feels like I'm going to breathe fire, but it's so delicious!"

"This beef is incredibly fragrant. Why do I think it tastes better than the meat in the hot pot? When I chewed a piece of beef in the stir-fried flat rice noodles. I really want to cry."

"Wait, vermicelli are king. Each one can give different firework, it is more spicy and exciting than fried noodles and fried flat rice noodles. It was hot and spicy, accompanied by the aroma of beef. I almost bit my tongue!"

"I think fried noodles are better, they are chewy. The flat rice noodles are too soft."

"You are all stupid. Flat rice noodles are the best. It's not as hard as fried noodles, and not as soft as vermicelli. It's just right, with a great taste."

Scientists would not let anyone go, and no one can convince anyone.

Liu Weiwei knew this would happen a long time ago. Everyone had different tastes, so everyone had the right to choose. She smiled and continued to stir-fry another portion of fried noodles in the pan, "Everyone can report which one they want. Everyone will get one portion per person. If you have a big appetite, you can request more noodles."

The scientists' mouths were almost crooked.

"I want fried noodles, sausage, two eggs, slightly spicy."

"Flat rice noodles with beef, add more noodles, two eggs, very spicy."

"Fried vermicelli, not spicy, add beef."

"Fried vermicelli, can I have both sausage and beef? Don't use eggs. Spicy, but not numbing."

Everyone was familiar with it quickly and the orders were very neat. Until there was a voice that broke the order on the scene.

"I want all!" Li Sanpang finally squeezed in from the outside, waving his arms and shouting, "I want fried noodles, fried vermicelli, fried flat rice noodles, I want them all! Also add beef, sausage, and egg, medium spicy and medium numbness, plus a little more soy sauce!" As soon as his words fell, everyone was silent.

In the eyes of everyone, blushing Li Sanpang hummed his chest, "Only children do multiple-choice questions. Adults choose them all."

Everyone: "..."

Liu Weiwei said with a stunned face, "Can you it them all? Don't waste it." She glanced at Li Sanpang who was obviously thinner.

As a result, Li Sanpang patted his stomach, "It's okay, I can stretch it out. I have not eaten anything since dinner last night!" As he spoke, he looked at the pot eagerly.

Because everyone had different requirements, Liu Weiwei basically cooked the order one by one. But even if she moved fast, it took a lot of time for Li Sanpang’s orders to be made. But this wait was worth it.

When he got the hot simple lunch box, Li Sanpang almost burst into tears. "I used to have a meal in front of me, but unfortunately I didn't cherish it." He obviously remembered the tragic Mapo tofu rice that was snatched away. "If there is another chance, I will definitely reform and improve every day, Be more like a man."

Liu Weiwei gave him the second portion of fried flat rice noodles.

Li Sanpang had already made the same eating sound as the krypton beast on the ground, even rougher than it. "This is the best noodle I have ever eaten. It feels like a flame energy stone burst in my mouth. Every noodle seems to be hiding flame. The moment I bite them down, they instantly ignites a raging flame. My mouth is burning... It's simply, it's impossible to describe it in words!" He was so hot, if it was not in the laboratory, he would have liked to take off his white coat immediately and ran three times on the ground, applauding for such an explosive delicacy. He ate in three big mouthfuls and fished all the fried noodles in the lunch box into his mouth. His face was greasy, his lips were extremely red, and his forehead was sweaty.

Finally, Li Sanpang stopped, took out a bottle of nutrient solution and took a sip, "Aw, cool! Ice and fire are dancing in my mouth." 

The noodles that just came out of the pot were steaming hot and wrapped in medium spicy and medium numbness. Li Sanpang ate them all so hurriedly while saying that it was a burning flame. Liu Weiwei couldn't help but smile.

But Li Sanpang suddenly said something for no reason. "If it wasn't for your delicious foods, now I still..." 

Li Sanpang didn't go on, but Liu Weiwei understood in seconds. If they didn’t met, he would still be selling stones on the Skynet. Food probably could really change a person's trajectory.

Liu Weiwei couldn't help looking at the bear child task quietly.


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