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Interstellar Chef Raising a Baby – Chapter 134 Part 2

ICRAB – Chapter 134 Part 2

Liu Weiwei did not participate in the selection of the three soldiers. It wasn't until the quota was decided that she heard that it was a real battle.

Some relied on boxing, some relied on wrestling, and some relied on shooting. In the end, only one-tenth of the people who wanted to go won the registration privilege, and the logistics office chose the last three. The selection conditions were not announced. But when the results came out, it was obvious, all of them were tall and handsome in appearance.

Liu Weiwei didn't expect the logistics office to be so powerful. Although she also thought that a waiter indeed have some requirements for appearance, but she didn't say anything in the end. As a result, they had the same criteria as her.

Of the three candidates, she knew two of them. One was Yuan Zongwei, who was the third last ranked soldier at that time. He had a close friendship with Yang Likun. One was from Tao Xing’s class that had gone to help in the cafeteria before, a shy recruit named Zhang Haoran. For the last one was the only one she didn't remember, named Cheng Ligang. He introduced himself as someone from the same batch as Zhang Haoran but different class.

The two military sisters-in-law also got to know these three.

By the next day, when everyone agreed to leave the base, Liu Weiwei saw the three soldiers standing upright at the door like a javelin from afar. When they saw her, they stood up and saluted. They were very respectful.

"Hello sister-in-law!"

Xu Hui squinted and smiled. The shop was not far from the camp. It was only five minutes away from the gate.

"We expect to only open for two hours a day, but there is a lot of preparation work to be done." Liu Weiwei actually didn't sleep well for several days and was very stressed. Except her, no one else could help in the back kitchen. In the previous report, she also included the application for hiring chefs from outside the military. She wanted to find An Hao and the others. However, this time it was rejected. During the trial operation period, outside troops was not allowed temporarily. Until the first business report was delivered, and then the management would see if they could turn on the green light.

After thinking about it, Liu Weiwei felt that it was normal to be rejected. If she wanted An Hao and the others to help, the only breakthrough point might be the freedom of reward in the system before. If so, then she had to complete the task of a thousand praises before she could get a kitchen helper.

Now she was the only cook, so Liu Weiwei was under great pressure. For the opening today, she had started drawing up to a week worth of menu. Many ingredients that could be prepared in advance, she had been preparing since last week.

Yang Likun wanted to help, but he was really caught in the cafeteria. He could only get over to help if he forfeited sleep, so Liu Weiwei declined his kindness.

"Today is only soft opening, we only open for dinner. A week later, we will gradually transition to also providing lunch." Liu Weiwei walked while explaining to everyone.

"It's also the first time I open a physical restaurant. We can only explore it together. First of all, There are eight tables in the store, with a row of one-person tables totaling five seats, five sets of double tables, and two sets of four-person tables. You need to assign the corresponding service table number for each of them."

It was one o'clock in the afternoon, and Liu Weiwei's estimated time to open the door was five o'clock. She only has two hours at most to assign work to the others. She would be going to the kitchen to cook the rest of the time.

"Yuan Zongwei, you temporarily act as the lobby foreman. You are responsible for coordinating all the services in the shop. It's up to you how you allocate it. Before opening, clean the lobby again."


Liu Weiwei nodded, "Today I only make two set meals, one is rice with meat stuffed gluten and the second is rice with fish-flavored eggplant. I will make a copy of the finished product for you to see, so that you can explain to the customers that don’t know what it is."

"Sister Tang, you will help me take pictures, print out, and write hand-made recipes based on the dishes later. Ten copies are enough. Fish-flavored eggplants are stewed with pepper, so it is slightly spicy. Elderly, children, and those with weak intestines should order carefully."


"After that, Sister Xu, Sister Tang, you will help me in the back kitchen. Both set meals are served with stir-fried seasonal vegetables and egg drop soup. You will become delivery port. In addition, as long as you have free time, you can do some simple assistance work, such cleaning the used plates. The waiters only need to send the plates to the back kitchen, so you are responsible for garbage disposal and cleaning. Just place them inside the dish washing machine…"

Everyone suddenly became nervous. No one else had done anything similar, and Liu Weiwei was also an amateur.

Skynet was too far apart from physical shop. Without the use of robots, almost everything from cutting ingredients to cooking to dish washing and disinfection had to be manually operated.

"In addition, the most important service post, you have to keep smiling." Liu Weiwei turned around and saw three handsome boys with dark expression as if they were facing the enemy. They took this as a task, and they all couldn't do it just casually. In addition, they were tanned, tall, and brave. So they looked very oppressive.

"Sit down. Sister Xu, you too."

"Sit down opposite each other in pairs. Okay, come on, smile."

Yuan Zongwei and Zhang Haoran were facing each other. The two boys looked at each other and almost twisted to death. They couldn't help but want to glare at each other.

"You have to have a smile with your eyes, to make the guests feel at home, not scared."

Liu Weiwei took a piece of paper and blocked Yuan Zongwei's face below his eyes. "You hold this paper to practice. The thing you are all doing now is not smiling. If you don't do it well, I have to apply for swap."

Yuan Zongwei: …

The three soldiers were a little bit shy, but none of them wanted to be swapped. Usually the three of them couldn't enter the cafeteria, so now they had to be a qualified waiter here even if they were killed.

"Comrade Haoran, if you smile like that, I will have nightmares at night."

"Comrade Yuan, you are not much better."

"Sister Xu, why don't you take a break and I will smile by myself for a while?"

"Wait, Cheng Ligang, itchy skin?!"

After escaping the catastrophe, Tang Yingqian hurriedly fled to the kitchen and began to prepare the menu.

Liu Weiwei chose these two dishes for a reason. The ingredients and cooking process were relatively simple. The pork stuffing was prepared long ago, and the fresh stuffing could be stored frozen for one to two months. Just take it out to thaw and season it before opening the store. She asked the first four waiters to continue practice smiling, and then she went to the back kitchen to start work.

After thawing the pork filling, Liu Weiwei put in an appropriate amount of chopped green onion, ginger, salt, light soy sauce, dark soy sauce, oyster sauce, and beaten eggs. She stirred the mixture quickly in one direction, and let them marinate. She then took out the gluten balls, poke holes one by one, and then stuffed the meat inside.

When Liu Weiwei made this dish for herself, she liked to add a little shepherd's purse, or add a little horseradish to increase the richness of the taste. It could also effectively relieve greasiness, increase fiber and vitamins, but today’s set meal was already equipped with vegetables, for convenience, she chose pure minced meat stuffing.

The fish-flavored eggplant dish was even simpler. After washing the eggplant, she would wait until a customer order before cooking.

Before business hours, Tang Yingqian finished making today's menu, and put it on the electronic screen at the door. There was already a long line at the door, blocking the traffic for a while.

Not because of taste, not because of the military, but because of cheapness.

[500 credits for meat stuffed gluten set meal; 200 credits for the eggplant set meal.]

At first, many people were only watching as those who had eaten tea eggs had came and waited early. But when the price came out, everyone was shocked again. This low price made the hesitating people queue up in a hurry. It was a very low price that they had never seen before!

At five o'clock in the evening, the store door finally opened, and the first girl in the line stepped into the store almost surprised. As soon as she entered, she blushed. A tall handsome guy in an ink-colored military uniform in front of her bent down and made an inviting posture. He also said with an unusually gentle voice, "Please come in, Miss, how many person do you have?"

The girl instantly raised one finger shyly. It could be embarrassing to eat in a restaurant alone. But the look of the little brother in the uniform was not strange at all, instead he was full of smiles. The girl could almost see little stars in his eyes. "Are you okay with single seat by the window?"

"… Eh? Yes."

"Please follow me."

The girl was exactly on the same foot with the other dozen or so customers who entered the store later. As soon as she sat down, she secretly turned on her light brain camera.

[I found a shop, not only cheap, but the waiters are all handsome men in military uniforms with full muscles but immature faces, live!]

[Just for these faces, I will eat here even if I get poisoned!]

[The handsome brother is coming here, maybe to take my order! Are you ready to lick the screen…]

Not just one person, but many individuals were doing this. Even a young woman who was married and already had a child couldn't resist the impact of tender fresh meat, masculine fresh meat, and tanned muscles. What's more, there were three fresh meats in one shot, equal to a series of shocks! (TN: Fresh meat is slang for handsome young man.)

"Miss, what do you want to eat? We have A and B set menus today."

Table one "Ah... anything is okay."


Table two "Brother, which one is delicious?"


Table three "I’ll listen to you, little handsome boy."


Yuan Zongwei never expected to encounter such a dilemma. It turned out that it was not terrible to be the bottom ranked in the base, but the terrible thing was to come out and meet the opposite sex!

"Then meat stuffed gluten." Men were naturally fond of eating meat, so this was his first choice. Soon, the order for three sets meals was placed.

The first girl who came in was sitting near the window with her hands on her chin, staring at the glass in a daze. It wasn't until a hot and gasping dinner plate was delivered that she was awakened from her daydream. The voice of preparing to say thanks was pressed back by the saliva evoked by the plate in front of her.

The meat stuffed gluten was a little wrinkled, like small leather balls. But the color of the thick oil red sauce was unexpectedly attractive when drizzled on the rice. There was also garlic stir-fried green and a bowl of soup almost covered with golden egg flowers. After being in the shop for some time, the oily smoke from the back kitchen, mixed with the lingering meat aroma, made people pick up the tableware almost without the control of their brain.

The girl didn't even know when she took a bite of the meal and how she put it in her mouth. However, the thick sauce rushed into her mouth instantly! The slightly sweet sauce perfectly penetrated every small molecule of the crystal grains of rice, making the taste of each grain of rice fresh and fragrant, as if the eruption was irresistible.

The girl squinted her eyes and ate more than half of the sauced white rice before finally carefully digging the spoon towards the meat stuffed gluten balls. Something delicious should always be kept till the end. It's like a holiday, looking forward to the day, waiting for the happiness of opening the gift box after a long wait!

The girl took a small bite, and the moment the soft gluten skin touched her teeth, the meat gravy burst out instantly. Pork, no, the essence of a pig's whole body seemed to spread out in her mouth...


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