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Interstellar Chef Raising a Baby – Chapter 139 Part 2

ICRAB – Chapter 139 Part 2

Everyone who ate delicious food had nothing to do when they were full, all of them were poisonous.

"That's right! You give him things, but when he eats delicious food, why never think of you?"

"Yes! That's the truth! He really doesn't respect you saving the food for him that you didn’t even touch it?"

"He just doesn’t have a good personality? Already not filial and can’t even appreciate his mother’s intentions, what is this?! As a man, he would have to bear more in the future so there might not be a way to pay his mother other than now. If he can’t even give his mother, what about in the future? Will he give some to his wife? Give for his children, for the Alliance, for unrelated people?"

"No matter how good it is to be disciplined, it will all be ruined if you develop a waste. I am afraid that this child will hate the society someday!"

"Isn't it? He did look a little bit stubborn when I saw him yesterday!"

Wei Jingshu hated not being able to dig a hole and get in. She silently chewed a whole plate of stir-fried cauliflower, as if she could fall into the wonderful non-real world again for a short time, and couldn’t hear outside words. But the tears on her still couldn't be wiped dry at all. She did it wrong. She thought the best thing to do was to give the child everything, but obviously not.

If the children were having low self-esteem, arrogant, and weak, weren't these caused by their parents? Weren't these learned from their parents? Adults knew how to restrain, but children wouldn’t be able to control themselves. The child vented his dissatisfaction and deliberately wanted to regain his dignity, but in the end he became the one that everyone hated. But Wei Jiangshu didn't tell him it was wrong in the first place. Everyone was right. She had been doing it wrong.

Wei Jingshu felt that the fork in her hand was weighing a thousand pounds instantly. Finally, she took the packed meal and left the shop. No one knew what she would tell her child when she went back. Would the child change? No one even knew whether she would come again.

Until the shop closed, Xu Hui was not very happy. 

The three soldiers tried to ease the atmosphere. 

"If he could just come directly to the barracks, he will be better after a serious education."

"Yes, I was very rebellious before and I also hate my mother for forcing me do homework. But after joining the army, didn’t I get as obedient as a rabbit?"

"Sister-in-law, don't be sad. Next time that stinky boy comes to the shop, I will definitely teach him to respect his mother. If I don’t do this, I had better get punished."

Everyone talked a lot.

Liu Weiwei looked thoughtful until she slammed into a hard chest when walking. 

"Ah!" Liu Weiwei cried out in pain, clutching her forehead. 

"Look ahead when you walk. What are you thinking?"

"Major!" Everyone saluted and said hello.

"Well, what did you just say? Cheng Ligang, why do you still want to be punished?" Qin Mo just made a simple stop but give people a majestic aura.

Cheng Ligang, who had just slapped his chest bravely, immediately weakened.

"Yuan Zongwei, you tell me what happened."

Yuan Zongwei was also shaken instantly. There was no mistake, but his legs were soft. As one of the bottom ranked soldier who had been personally trained by Major Qin for more than a month, he knew things might get terrible. He hardly needed the urge and immediately made the whole thing clear.

Qin Mo's gaze immediately fell on his child's mother who was trying to hide in the shadows.

On the other side, Li Sanpang, who agreed to make an application report, did appear in the Marshal's office. When he put the report on the table, Marshal Li Er rolled his eyes.

"According to the survey, the mental power of Saibandes has increased by about 0.5% after eating, and the impact of each meal is basically 0.1-0.2%. If it is replaced with a meal produced by Yang Likun or the Scientific Research Bureau, there will be no effect. After three consecutive intervals, the increased spirit has fallen back."

"According to this observation, I have to say a conclusion. Continuous consumption of Clerk Liu's cooking can increase mental power and it is best not to stop more than three meals in between. But this can only be said to be a fallacy now."

Li Er snorted badly, "Too few experimented individuals?"

"Yes. If we can't increase the sample, then it's a fallacy."

"Oh, so you proposed to use the entire scientific research bureau as a sample? Do you think it is appropriate?" Marshal Li Er put his hands on the table, his entire back leaning on the chair, his face very serious.

Li Sanpang nodded without hesitation, pretending that he couldn't see the contempt in Li Er's eyes, "Appropriate. How can we let soldiers who threw their heads and shed blood during the period of the beast wave be tested as samples during this short peaceful period. This will be too cruel." He looked up in grief and squeezed his eyes hard, "It can't be done. We shouldn’t be give any possible dangers to soldiers that need to rush in front. The instant hot pot caused the first batch of personnel to get angry stomach, and it is really our department’s fault. This mistake will be borne by our scientific research bureau, so we will take the lead in the subsequent experiments!"

Li Er said twice, "Do you still have face? You don't even blush when you say this?"

"Face? For the soldiers, I can abandon it!" Li Sanpang said without hesitation.

"Huh, it's impossible! I won’t approve." The Marshal said boldly and dismissed the application.

Li Sanpang's face twitched, "If there are not enough samples, then we can't research further."

"There is only one Clerk Liu. It is impossible for her to cook for everyone in your research bureau." Li Er knew clearly, "Don't even try to change my mind. You have to start with Yang Likun's food."


"The investigation of mental power should be put on hold while the military rations continued to be developed. The cafeteria menu voting is a good idea."

"Huh, eccentric old man!" Li Sanpang wiped his nose in annoyance, "Then let’s take a step back and add samples of different latitudes. I need to sample different groups of children, teenagers, middle-aged, and old people. From this dimension, we will be able to further investigate the effects of food on mental power."

Li Er's big hand who wanted to drive Li Sanpang out suddenly stopped, "Varying age?"

"Well," Li Sanpang squinted, "Mu Ming and Saibandes are both over 30 years old, so how if we tested on young people whose mental power is still growing exponentially? If it can be proved that food really works, it will be very good for the next generation."

Li Er's face instantly became solemn. If there was a positive value for children, then it was bound to make human evolution broke through again! This was even more meaningful than increasing the mental power of adults. "What age range do you want?"

Li Sanpang squinted his eyes, "People that haven't entered their developmental period. Elementary school age is best."

"Well, let me think about it."

In a four-star hotel outside the military area, a brown-haired beauty finally returned to her room alone. With a tired face that was about to fall on the bed, she forced herself to open her personal space. Suddenly, the whole house was fragrant.

Her depressed face suddenly became bright, as if she was in a sea of flowers wandering around. She opened her light brain’s information bar and looked at the only chat record that had not been deleted, she read it silently again.

[Anna, I think I was really wrong before.]

[In my brother’s military district, I found the meaning of survival again. The food here is so delicious!]

[Anna, you never told me that ordinary people’s food is so delicious. It is not at all inferior to the expensive dishes made by the so-called top chefs.]

[You are right. I am probably one of the stupidest people. Darling, will you forgive me?]

Anna touched the light screen with her hand and let out a faint sigh. She glanced at the words Military Command 2nd Cafeteria written on the food packaging box in front of her. She took a deep breath before opening the lid.

Rice white with stir-fried pork slices in tomato sauce, oyster sauce garlic lettuce, and egg custard set meal, the price was only 600 credits. She as a commoner couldn't believe that such cheap cooking existed. Thinking of her arrogant boss, she couldn't even believe that man was eating such cheap dishes these days. Based on the information he had sent one after another in the past few days, she finally found the address of the military headquarters.

Having been around for many days, Anna had been hesitant to tell her bastard boss that she was here. But unexpectedly, she saw this shop this morning. She heard from the people in the queue that the food was delicious and cheap. It was a service specially launched by the military to benefit the people, the only one selling food.

Anna had looked at the queue that had circled three times, and she immediately wanted to retreat. But when she saw the photos of civilian food her boss said, that was delicious enough to let him realize that he was wrong, she force herself to line up. After lining up for almost three hours, it was already dark when she managed to buy the last portion.

That self-righteous bastard boss, with his picky taste buds, aesthetics, and taste, was full of praise. Usually his message wouldn’t even exceed five words and he only sent long sentences when his temper came up. Since even that man had used so many words to praise the food of a commoner, should the dish at least worth more than 100,000?

Anna couldn't believe the cheap price. But the lingering scent, a bit sour and a little sweet, quickly drifted into her perception. It was just like a high-end perfume, which women could not resist at all. She lowered her head and saw the food inside the package. Her eyes were shaking uncontrollably.

What a beautiful color.

The bright orange was similar to her favorite lipstick. This kind of beauty, full of lively vitality but not too mature, sweet and playful, made Anna couldn’t help but buy it every time. On the stir-fried pork slices in tomato sauce, the highly saturated orange-red color made her ignore the cute leafy vegetables and egg custard beside her. She directly reached out to grab a piece of meat with her chopsticks.

Usually, Anna had to wipe off her lipstick before meal, but she couldn't care anymore. She put the meat directly into her mouth, showing an expression of being immersed and moved admiration. The sweetness and sourness of the tomato sauce was just right. It was just like the memory of first love that was sour and sweet. It was not greasy at all and even the tender savory flavor in the meat slices had a shy feeling like the beginning of a young girl's love. It seemed ordinary and obscure, but once experienced it made people impressed and couldn’t stop.

The piece of meat retained the original firm taste of a meat. It was followed by the sweet and sour taste, slowly oozed out the umami flavor in between chewing. The dish was garnished with a gorgeous color and the taste was soft. It was full of moisture and refreshing. It was as fresh as seedlings born after rain. 

Before long, Anna looked at the dinner plate in shock. It was clean as if just being washed. "My God! I ate all the rice! Oh no, the calories, I need to go for a run..."

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