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Interstellar Chef Raising a Baby – Chapter 145

ICRAB – Chapter 145

When Liu Weiwei saw the live video, she didn't expect that the bear kid who was crusaded by many people would have a very high IQ. He still sounded annoying, especially when he said that he helped the little girl just to earn points.

However, Liu Weiwei couldn't help sighing when she saw this. In the end, he only ate the first dish of shrimp eggs. He never touched the food on the table later, instead drank the nutrient solution. The rest of his dishes were given to the four girls on the next table. Was it really for points?

Liu Weiwei observed for several days and found that the boy was really miserable. If there was difficult task, the instructor would definitely name him. When she went to feed a gold-winged bird at the entrance of the Scientific Research Bureau, she was slapped on the shoulder abruptly.

"How is it, did it work?"

Before Liu Weiwei could turn her head, multi-flavored peanut bag in her hand moved into a fat hand.

"Ho! This is delicious!" The fat hand stretched out quickly again. The Level 3 gold-winged bird in the cage was so anxious that it screamed. Its huge wings spread out in the cage and it flopped up and down hard. His the sharp beak slammed into the gap in the cage.

Liu Weiwei was speechless and patted the fat hands away, "This is the bird’s feed. Don't grab it!" She didn’t need to look back to know who it was. Behind her, Li Sanpang was wearing a white lab coat. He had become a lot more bloated within the past few days. He was studying spices and military rations in the Scientific Research Bureau.

Liu Weiwei gave Li Sanpang an angry look. She stuffed the peanuts in her hand into the long beak of the golden-winged bird, and it swallowed them as soon as she raised her head.

"Hey, too violent! Why it swallowed them like that?" Li Sanpang sighed, "This bird, it doesn't know how to eat!"

"Don't underestimate it." Liu Weiwei said. She fed nearly ten peanuts per batch again and again before putting the sealed small jar back into her space. She wiped the oil stains on her hands and inserted two fingers into the cage wire. Her fingers touched the furry head of the golden-winged bird. It cleverly rubbed under her fingertips, tweeted softly twice, and its black eyes looked intoxicated. 

But as soon as it turned its head and saw Li Sanpang next to Liu Weiwei, it spread its wings and showed a fierce look. Its bird face showed an expression that seemed humane. Immediately under the gaze of Li Sanpang, the bird puffed out a dozen peanuts from its mouth into the feed trough next to it. It turned out that the peanuts were just in its mouth before. The bird actually vomited the peanuts back to taste slowly.

"Tweet~" The golden-winged bird put up its foot towards Li Sanpang, jumped on one foot in a majestic manner, and then crouched on its side beside the peanut haystack. It had its head comfortably resting on the soft concave wood of the feed bar. When it tilted its head, it also rolled up its tongue. With a lick, a peanut entered its mouth.

The bird’s black bean-like eyes narrowed with enjoyment, and its two feet trembled.

Li Sanpang's fat hands trembled, "Is it irritating me? It's flaunting power?! Who is in charge of this dead bird?"

Liu Weiwei shook her head at the man, "Don't grab their food next time. Tell me what you want to eat." Li Sanpang was her stall’s first and only takeaway customer. However, she looked at the body of the other person and gave advice very pertinently, "It is better to eat less and keep in shape. It will be good for health and in getting partner."

Li Sanpang's mouth twitched. His chest and head raised. "I will conquer the world with my personality and charm. I don't need to lose weight."

Liu Weiwei couldn't decide to laugh or cry.

"It’s just that peanut..." Li Sanpang swallowed his saliva as he said, "Clerk Liu, I think it's quite suitable for military rations and I'm not talking nonsense. Would you like to try it for everyone? It is easy to carry and dry, so will be safe to store at room temperature. Also, peanuts are rich in vitamins, important fats, and proteins. This is simply the best choice for military rations." As he said this, he looked back. He closed his small eyes at the golden-winged bird. He couldn't help but licked his lips, as if he was reminiscing the taste that remained in his mouth. But his look of envy and jealousy couldn't be concealed at all.

Liu Weiwei was really convinced by Li Sanpang. Peanuts were indeed rich in nutrients, but this was just a snack, not a meal. She had eaten a small packet of fragrant peanuts on an airplane meal, but it was only as an after-dinner snack. "It's definitely not good to eat alone for a long time. People still have to eat carbohydrates and staple food."

Unlike birds that could live on eating insects, nuts, and fruits, human was totally different.

"That's definitely not long-term. Just to occasionally change the taste." Li Sanpang put his hands in his pockets, his eyes drifting everywhere.

Liu Weiwei understood this greedy ghost after a while. But before entering the laboratory, she remembered, "You just asked me if what worked?"

"The bear kid you said before." the fat man laughed, "No need to thank me. I just wrote a report to my old man to increase the experimental samples range to include children group. But if you are really grateful... you can just give me a pack of your peanuts. The fragrant peanut is crispy and delicious! You seem to have added a lot of ingredients, it is crispy, salty, and fragrant, it is simply extraordinary peanuts~"

Liu Weiwei really didn't know whether to thank Li Sanpang for his praise, or to be surprised by the sensitivity of his tongue. But she was mainly attracted by the previous sentence, "The youth training camp, is it because of your report?"

"Well, exchanged with a pack of peanuts, isn't it a good deal?"

"..." Liu Weiwei couldn't decide to laugh or cry, "There are so many schools here, how do you know if the correct kid will participate in the end?" She thought it was a Qin Mo that had used public rations for personal gain.

"Hmm, you might not know, but this military base is my site, the whole planet is. I studied here during elementary school. Within a radius of several hundred kilometers, there is no school fat guy I am unfamiliar with. Just ask some brothers and I will have any information." Li Sanpang patted his chest with a complacent expression. "Don't worry. There are no cubs that the instructors can't reform." As he said this, his fat hand stretched out in front of Liu Weiwei.

Liu Weiwei silently took out the few multi-flavored peanuts left in her space and gave them to Li Sanpang. 

Li Sanpang immediately hugged the nuts in his arms and studied them closely. He threw five or six nuts into his mouth in a row. He copied the appearance of the golded-winged bird on the cage. He was shaking his legs and squinting, "Hmph, how can a bear and a bird fight me?" He ate and made noises without any regret or shame for taking a bird's ration. Especially when he was eating, his posture was no different from that of birds and poultry.

"It's amazing. There is a layer of crispy skin on the outside of this peanut, which tightly lock the taste inside. After the layer break, the peanuts inside are so fragrant! This small snack is really interesting and connotative! hmm~" Li Sanpang shook his head soon after eating. Even when he thought he had eaten a lot of delicacies before, now that he met Liu Weiwei, he find everything to be new and fresh. He wanted to take a bite at everything.

"But Clerk Liu, these peanuts amount is a bit small to be used as experimental samples. Let's wait for the research funding to come down and then you can give some more peanuts."

Liu Weiwei glanced obliquely at the fake self-serving fellow.

Li Sanpang was particularly not afraid of shadows. He called the entire research team over. "Come come, everyone come taste the new nutritious rations."

Li Sanpang also knew how to pull accomplices and let the power of the masses defeat the minority.

Liu Weiwei was really shocked. The scientists were knowledgeable people, but most of them were lacking in life experience.

"Huh, what is this?"

"It looks round and the skin is bumpy."

"It's less than a centimeter in diameter, but it smells delicious."

"Like a jelly bean for children."

"It looks a bit like the poop of the golden-winged bird downstairs..."

The last speaker was quickly beaten up by the crowd. Only Li Sanpang's expression was weird. He took a step back silently.

Liu Weiwei smiled secretly.

Soon there were rattling noises one after another in the room as well as the harmonious voices that everyone praised.

"I seem to have a clear mind now."

"I am more energetic."

"Well, I can stay up for another night."

The scientists were also pitiful. Liu Weiwei thought for some time but still decide not to tell them that it was bird feed.

The peanuts were not the authentic Multi-flavored Peanuts, she had made some improvisations. Because she was afraid that the golden-winged bird would get angry stomach, she removed the original chili powder on the recipe. Now the taste was sweeter and also suitable for children.

"Clerk Liu, Team Leader Li, this is really good for military rations."

"The feasibility is very high."

"There is no need for reheating do it eliminates the need for fire. This can effectively prevent the enemy from discovering the location of the soldiers."

"Yes, high concealment."

The scientists finished a can and finally came to a conclusion.

Li Sanpang smiled triumphantly, "Didn’t I say so? By the way, beautiful Clerk Liu, I want you to try our latest results today." When he said this, the scientists all calmed down. They had faint expectation on their faces. The expression was like a pupil showing his homework and waiting for the teacher to correct it.

"The fried noodles you made for us before, we changed it a little bit and used it as Army Food Test No. 3. Please check." As Li Sanpang said this, he opened a sealed temperature keeping box.

"We freeze the remaining noodles last time and then put it into an upgraded version of the hot lunch box that has the same design as the instant hot pot. And then we bake it at a high temperature. The temperature of the upgraded version is 50% higher than before. The temperature is also uniform, which can last for half an hour."

Li Sanpang opened the plastic lunch box he took out and tore the film apart. "The taste after reheating is not as good as the one freshly cooked, but after high-temperature roasting, the outer part becomes crunchy while the inside still retains a soft taste." As soon as he opened the box, the contents inside were exposed.

Perhaps it was because the fried noodles in soy sauce that were originally freezed overnight were all stuck together, they looked like a clump of neatly arranged noodles.

"We actually did three sets of tests, on fried wheat noodles, fried wide rice noodles, and vermicelli. However, after research, only fried wheat noodles tasted the best. The wide rice noodles were too soft, and the vermicelli’s texture was a bit too dry after being reheated."

Liu Weiwei had to say that Li Sanpang was a well-researched foodie. Even when studying military rations, he paid great attention to taste and texture.

Liu Weiwei only glanced at the test product and then looked up in surprise, "Big brother, you are actually a chef who was delayed by project research."


"This is the basic version of the famous Northeast grilled cold noodles!"

The power of eating gods was really endless. Scientists were even more powerful.

"Add an egg, sausage, rub barbecue sauce and a bit of fragrant hot sauce, roll it up and eat it, it's more fragrant than ordinary omelets." As Liu Weiwei said this, her saliva was about to flow down.

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