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Interstellar Chef Raising a Baby – Chapter 136 Part 1

ICRAB – Chapter 136 Part 1

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"Oh forget, you are also a problematic youth."

The corners of Saibandes' mouth twitched and his elegant handsome face was stiff. He was speechless because he still had a guilty conscience. "It's different, I'm now better." He worked hard to earn a bit of face, "I am reflecting on it now."

Liu Weiwei nodded, "Why do you have to work hard while you have wealth? For example, study hard, work, and fight?"

Whether it was the achievements of Saibandes in business, or the respect that Major Mu Ming had gained in the military region, it was obvious that they had worked hard, not relying on any family background. If people already had everything at birth, they could easily fall into decadence and lived a life of rice worms. For anyone who knew that they didn't need to work hard, that they could easily live the life of a princess or prince, and many people would probably enjoy it lying down.

There was no doubt about this, so Liu Weiwei admired the brothers very much. If she knew the secret, maybe she could find a way to rectify the bear child. But when she asked sincerely, she ended up with a chuckle from the elegant man on the hospital bed.

"You are so funny, cute." A gentleman would always see the advantages of a lady, and praised without hesitation.

"Huh?" Liu Weiwei looked at Saibandes inexplicably, feeling her goose bumps were all up.

"I thought Anna was one of the few lovely women in the world. I didn't expect to meet such a funny lady like you."

Liu Weiwei felt that her forehead was beating. She turned around, brought the food box, and walked to the door, "Let's keep you hungry for a few more meals."

Saibandes: "..."

"Beautiful and cute female chef, I don’t mean to offend you. It seems that no matter how many thousands of years have passed, Oriental women are still very shy and cute creatures. Oh, don’t be so angry, if my praise brings you trouble, then I apologize now, but don’t take back the food, is it okay?" Under the bright blond hair were extremely sincere blue eyes. They were shining brightly, and it was obvious that the nutrition intake had been very good recently.

Liu Weiwei had used a lot of beauty points. Her major was a straight man of steel, so it was the first time someone said she was beautiful and cute. She had to say that this guy was likely to be of French descent. He was very good at teasing girls just like the legend. 

As a woman, Liu Weiwei still liked to be praised. Hearing the other's apology, she walked back again, but put the insulation box on the small table next to the bed. She reached out and touched the wedding ring on her left ring finger.

Saibandes froze for a moment. He noticed her movements and immediately understood Liu Weiwei’s intentions. He raised both hands innocently. "In our family, direct men may be the heirs, however, after going to school at the age of seven, everything depends on oneself. The resources of the family will not be provided to anyone free of charge." He looked at Liu Weiwei blankly. Holding the insulation box, he confessed sincerely, "Except for eating and drinking at home, we have to fight for everything on our own."

Liu Weiwei frowned.

"For example, my brother has liked all kinds of gems since he was a child, and I like all kinds of ancient works of art such as murals or sculptures. He has been able to buy gems by himself since he was ten years old. He is younger, so by the time he has his first ruby, my collection of frescoes has filled a whole room." Saibandes pressed his chin to recall, and he shrugged.

It's easy to say, but Liu Weiwei's eyebrows frowned even deeper.

"Only God knows that making money is probably the easiest thing." Saibandes slapped his messy blonde hair, "As long as you want it and take the first step."

Liu Weiwei pursed her lips, "Then what if there is no way to become the heir in the end? Will you feel resentment towards the family in your heart?"

The current situation of the bear child was created by his mother at the best condition she could, but he was still not satisfied and felt worse than other children. He blamed everything to his mother's incompetence.

Saibandes chuckled again, "Being a heir, who want to do it?"

"…Have you ever met this kind of relative? For example, if he feel that you are obliged to give him alms, if you don't help him, he will resent you. Obviously he doesn’t work hard, but he will blame you for the final failure, because you didn’t give him money or anything like that."

Saibandes gave her a deep look, "What is today's breakfast?"

Liu Weiwei: "..."

"I am more interested in the content of today's menu than I am concerned with what others think."

Liu Weiwei opened the food box angrily. In an instant, a wonderful scent, like silky silk, gently drifting past the tip of the Buddha's nose, filled the entire ward.

"Oh~" The blond man on the hospital bed instantly fell on the pillow and covered his nose, as if he had received an irresistible shock.

Liu Weiwei looked at the billionaire, and finally knew why she always felt that Major Mu Ming had something abnormal. The men raised by this family might all be good actors. When they were young, they were probably all bear kids with weird personalities.

"It's so fragrant, my God… an angel was sent when I was so desperate!" Saibandes was lying on the bed religiously, his blue eyes staring at the box. "What's that? Tell me, and I'll tell you how to deal with those relatives." Businessmen were shrewd by nature.

Liu Weiwei sighed and took out all the lunch boxes inside. "You've been drinking white porridge for many days, so your stomach and intestines should be well now."

Saibandes nodded fiercely in agreement.

"Today, I stewed you fish soup, silver carp tofu soup. This fish soup is good for a patient. Although you did not have any surgery, after all, you have lied down for so many days." As Liu Weiwei spoke, she opened the lid of the box, revealing the milky white fish soup inside. The only difference was that there were some oily stars floating on the surface of the soup.

Saibandes' calm expression was instantly crushed by these oil stars! He drank too much white porridge, even with delicious and novel side dishes, but he was still a person who had not eaten any meat or fat for way too many days. As soon as he smelled the savory fish, he began to secrete saliva frantically. His entire stomach began to grumble and make embarrassing noises. Some part of his brains that hadn't entered the state began to operate instantly.

And now that Saibandes saw the oil star, he was like a hungry wolf leaning over. His blue eyes flashing no different from the wild wolves that had been hungry for several days in the jungle, feeling that he was so hungry that he could eat a whole sheep! He swallowed his saliva. He rarely did this kind of stupid movement, but he still carried out such a physiological reaction uncontrollably.

Liu Weiwei took out the soup spoon and white rice and put them on the small table. She poured the man a small dish of vinegar. "The fish head can be dipped in a little vinegar, or it can be eaten as it is."

This fish head was cut from fresh silver carp, marinated in cooking wine, green onion, and ginger, fried in a pan, and then put in high-quality white wine for the final deodorization. There would be no fishy smell in this bowl of soup, so there was nothing wrong with eating it directly. Liu Weiwei was very confident.

But eating it in vinegar could bring up the umami taste of the whole fish; Second, the taste eaten by Saibandes had been light for a long time, so the vinegar could stimulate his appetite more.

"Well, then I will try them all." This rich diner was obviously very good at listening to opinions, but he had his own ideas and loved different attempts.

Saibandes was not interested in white rice. He picked up the spoon and took a mouthful of milky clear soup to try, but as the bottom of the spoon pressed down the soup, a small square piece of tofu was gently squeezed into the spoon by the surrounding pressure.

Saibandes was an aristocrat who had undergone strict etiquette training. He raised his eyebrows and did not throw away the piece of tofu impolitely, but put it to his mouth together. After blowing a little, he took a mouthful of soup first in accordance with his wishes.

The dull thin lips that had not been exposed to the sun for many days and did not exercise suddenly tightened, becoming moist and shiny!

Saibandes finally saw the female chef today, and made up his mind to praise her cooking skills face to face. He wanted to take her away as a private chef after gaining a good impression. However, his idea of opening his mouth to praise was completely defeated by his completely uncontrolled brain and limbs. He was speechless!

Saibandes took a small sip of milky white soup, maybe less than three milliliters, but he had a magical feeling of inhaling a whole expanse of blue sea! He felt the salt and the essence of intense sunlight shining down on this charming ocean. He also felt the savory taste, like the deliciousness of thousands of sea creatures gathered together hidden in the endless ocean. In a sip of the soup, so much energy and so much vitality!

Saibandes shook his hand holding the spoon. The tofu slices on the iron spoon were white, soft and smooth, shaking gently with the movement of his wrist, just like top rated milk pudding. He took a deep breath and looked at the tofu carefully. He admired the texture and luster of this tofu slice. This was not a work of art. Work of art was man-made wisdom. However, this tofu was like a masterpiece of God. It was natural. It was born so beautiful and charming, which made him deeply intoxicated.


Eat it directly!

Use it to fill the void in your body!

Saibandes’ body yelled frantically. He looked complicated, and finally put the spoon into his mouth. There was still some unfinished delicious fish soup in the spoon, which slide into his mouth together. Both rolled over the tip of his tongue, flows through each tooth, and finally rolled into his throat... The soft tofu melted when it rolled on the tongue…

Saibandes' curved back straightened instantly. It's like eating a big treasure! The softness of the tofu was beyond his expectation. It seemed to be full of juice, no, it was like a solidified fish essence, containing the deliciousness of all seafood and the unique lingering aroma of beans! Mixed with the charming and mild soup, with the smooth and tender tofu melting in the center of his mouth, he could no longer tell where he was. At the clinic? No, it's almost like being in a private superb restaurant!

Liu Weiwei didn't need praises, just from this expression, she knew that Saibandes was impressed by the deliciousness of the fish soup. What could be more blissful than being able to drink a bowl of delicious hot soup full of protein when you were weak and lonely?

Saibandes had fallen.

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