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Interstellar Chef Raising a Baby – Chapter 139 Part 1

ICRAB – Chapter 139 Part 1

When the three soldiers were so embarrassed that they wanted to escape, a familiar figure appeared again.

There were a lot of customers in the store yesterday, and normal people couldn’t remember the looks of each customer. But this customer was too impressive.

"Sorry, I want to pack again today. I’ll have one set meal each. Can it be made slightly spicy? I it’s too spicy, the child can't eat it." The woman's face was a bit tired today, but when she found Yuan Zongwei to say this, her face was flushing.

As long as everyone in the shop had been here yesterday and had witnessed the scene, they would have recognized this woman.

"Sister, you can't spoil your child like this." A middle-aged man on the side obviously couldn't stand it. "I have three sons and they were all admitted to a key university with good prospects, but they don't even dare to talk to me like this. You can't spoil like this, If it was me, I would’ve slapped him already."

Some of the other customers didn't know the situation, so an inquiring voice rang from the narrow rope in the shop. Pass one by one, and soon everyone knew about the bear child yesterday.

The two grandmothers who had just molested Cheng Ligang in the shop had gray hair. They couldn't help sighing as they heard the story from the table next to them.

"This is not okay. I have raised a son and a grandson. This year they also want me to raise a great-grandson. None of the children I have brought is like this. Boys have to be raised at a low price, but they have to let them know the hardships of life. Know the suffering of their grandma."

"Right? When my son was young, I still took government subsidies, so I asked him to go to the garbage collection station with me. When he knew how difficult my work is to feed him, he stopped complaining. If he has the ability, he should pick it up by himself, I told him that at that time."

"Huft, being a mother is not easy."

The situation quickly made Wei Jingshu’s face blushed. Originally, she already came under pressure, but now she was even more embarrassed. She thought that the people that eat in the restaurant yesterday and today would not be the same, however, she thought too simply. Even if only one person recognized her, the gossip would spread throughout the shop. And the people who came to the store yesterday to have some good food also queued up more and more every day.

"Now the child is under a lot of pressure and his schoolwork is very heavy. Yesterday he was in a bad mood. I, I went home and educate him..." Wei Jingshu couldn't lift her head at all.

"Do you still have to make excuses for him? You will be the one who will suffer in the future, so you have to wake up!"

"Didn’t the kid come here yesterday saying that he was embarrassed eating at this store? Then why did you come again today? You don't have to pack it back, he wouldn’t want to eat it!"

"That's right, I have an elementary school student in my family and I let him go out with the robot to buy things. Since he wants to eat, you should have let him buy it himself!"

"Yes, what are you queuing for? Let him do it himself!"

Everyone in the shop either had experience with children, or had already given birth to children. They had their own logic for educating children. And they also liked to be nosy when they were eating and drinking. Everyone was arguing for Wei Jingshu, whose head was still unclear, and wanted to give her advice.

The excitement ahead quickly attracted the attention of Xu Hui, who was not very busy today.

Xu Hui was a mother of two children. After hearing about the incident yesterday, she became more and more angry when she went home at night. Today, she saw the live version again. Especially when she heard that this mother was still making excuses for the child's faults, she was directly angry. She rushed out from the back kitchen. Because she was too anxious, she was still holding an uncracked egg in her hand. As soon as she came out, she grabbed Wei Jingshu and held on her.

"Was the meal you bought today and yesterday all left for him?"

"How about you? Have you eaten some yourself yesterday?"

After queuing for so many hours, if all was saved for the child to eat in the end, while the mother was that severely criticized and demanded, Xu Hui felt that she could vomit out old blood. They were both mothers, so she knew what a mother thought too well. Comparing heart to heart, she felt that she was going to faint.

"Is it true?"

"Didn't you buy two copies? It should be one for each person."

"Oh my God, is it possible that she packed two, one for the child’s dinner and another one for supper?"

"If I had a sensible son, I might do the same. But if his son is so bearish, I would rather eat them myself!"

Wei Jingshu broke free of Xu Hui's hand, very embarrassed, "No, I have eaten. I have eaten one!"

Xu Hui has a strong temper. She gritted her teeth when she heard this, "Okay, then tell me, what did you eat yesterday and how did it taste?"

"Why should I say?! What are you doing in this shop? Can't I eat a bit of both?"

Xu Hui nodded, "Then what do you think of the fish-flavored eggplant? Is the fish taste very heavy? Fresh or fishy? Give us some advice."

Wei Jingshu raised her head with difficulty.

"Talk about it."

"That's right. Give the boss a little feedback."

"I think the taste of fish is quite strong, what do you think?"

"I was also told by the brother waiters that I could leave testimonial after eating."

"I'm the Master here. If you give a comment, I will give you a half-price discount today." Liu Weiwei also stuck her head out, obviously there was a lot of trouble today, and she heard it too.

Wei Jingshu swallowed her saliva, "I, I think it's delicious, the fish taste is very strong and fresh, I have never eaten such a delicious thing." After she finished speaking, she found a strange silence in the hall. Everyone looked at her with weird eyes.

Liu Weiwei sighed and retracted her head to the back kitchen, "Mother Wei, I'll give you a waiver. I hope you come here at 8pm and talk to me. Sister Xu Hui, serve the mother and let her eat in the store. If there is no seat in front, disinfection can be done in the back kitchen."

Xu Hui nodded, watching Wei Jingshu's gaze make her feel hairy.

"No, I have to go back after I buy the food. I'm in a hurry. I will go home to eat. Thank you..." Wei Jingshu got stuck when she refused.

Xu Hui clicked, her expression was very scary. She actually crushed the egg in her hand, and the egg liquid came out. "If a mother lied, the child will also learn to lie. You should have heard about this, right?"

Wei Jingshu took a step back and ran directly into the table behind. 

The uncle who was almost hit, instead of being angry, shook his head and sighed. "Although I don't know where the name of the dish came from, but the taste of fish-flavored eggplant only consist of meat, coriander, caraway, and so on. It really doesn't have the taste of fish at all, you know."

Wei Jingshu's face instantly turned pale. She would never have thought that the people in the whole shop just cooperated and set a trap for her.

Xu Hui hated the situation to the extreme. "If your son later kill someone or commit arson and he was sentenced to life or even the death penalty, you have to bear a lot of responsibility. That could happen because you never told him that he was wrong, where it was wrong, and what will be the punishment if he is wrong."

When Wei Jingshu heard the words, she swept away her weak expression. She was a bit fierce, "No, Zhang Zhang is not such a kid! He just has a bad personality, and he likes to pretend to be strong!"

Xu Hui glanced at Wei Jiangshu sympathetically. She walked into the kitchen without saying anything, but soon brought out two set meals in person. "Sit at the cash register and eat. Although it sounds hegemonic, I am very embarrassed. The meals will be on the house, please be sure to finish your meal before leaving."

Xu Hui gave Cheng Ligang, who was almost crying by the grandmothers a look, and he immediately ran over.

"Sister-in-law, promise to complete the task!" Cheng Ligang put his hands on the middle line of the two army trouser legs, stood upright, and raised his head, chest and abdomen. He stood up standardly, blocking all Wei Jingshu's way out.

Wei Jingshu's hands were shaking.

"After eating, you can take another one back for the child, also free of charge."

This was the last straw that crushed all Wei Jiangshu’s dignity. Her eyes were red, but she picked up the spoon and fork from the plate. Free mean that her child could eat more meals, while useless dignity couldn’t be exchanged for money for food. With shook hands, she first took a bite of the egg custard with a spoon. Against everyone's gaze, she closed her eyes and tremblingly sent the spoon into her mouth.

As a result, the tender and slippery eggs melted at the base of Wei Jiangshu’s tongue in an instant. The fragrant and warm taste made her eyes shocked. She was exhausted from working continuously for 18 hours a day, but even the dazzling eyes around her seemed to melt with the soft custard. The softness and deliciousness mixed with the scent of eggs slid into her throat and immediately smoothed the already rough pores on her whole body. The wrinkles on her hands and face seemed to be reduced by more than half at this moment. Her frowning eyebrows were also completely loose...

Wei Jiangshu’s son was not very good at spicy food, but she moved her fork to the stir-fried cauliflower that had some peppers without hesitation. The cauliflowers cooked at high temperature seemed to have evaporated a lot of water. The winding flower branches were a bit dry and thin, but they still maintained a light color. Its small and round lovely petals were bright yellow at the top. The fresh and strong aroma, accompanied by a slightly pungent taste, poured into the tip of her nose, evoking the hunger that had been buried for a long time. 

Human were born without fire. However, with the evolution, they slowly mastered fire, and no longer dominated by raw food. Flame was an indispensable thing for mankind and Wei Jingshu realized this when a small cauliflower entered the tip of her tongue. Humans should eat foods that have been cooked, instead of cold, non-smoky, boring nutrient solutions.

The cauliflower was tender and contained a strong impact of heat, which made the tip of Wei Jiangshu’s tongue slightly spicy. But again, the aftertaste was slightly sweet, tender and luscious, and somewhat crispy. With just a mouthful, she felt a sense of fulfillment from the soul. The vacant part of her body seemed to have been filled at this time.

"Is it delicious?" Xu Hui's voice rang again, "The first time I ate food made by Clerk Liu, I almost shed tears with excitement. I also always want to keep such delicious food for my children. Even my husband brings back his food from the cafeteria for me and my children. But do you know? My youngest three-year-old son always takes his favorite meat, put it in my mouth, and said his mother needs to eat first. Think about it yourself, what kind of child have you raised? Whose fault is it that made him come to this point?"

After Wei Jingshu's fork went down, tears also slipped down. There were many things that once she thought about it in depth, they became scary. She had never dared to communicate with other mothers. She probably had the answer subconsciously, but she dared not face it.

However, life was very cruel.

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