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Interstellar Chef Raising a Baby – Chapter 128

ICRAB – Chapter 128

Three days later, after being tested by Marshal Li Er and other top managements, the instant hot pot was approved and entered the training equipment list. The seasoning formula provided by the cafeteria plus supervised production, long-term preservation, and nutritional optimization by the Scientific Research Bureau, the grandly launched new military rations had finally been put on the stage of military operations.

A total of 50 soldiers participated in the cruel survival training this time, which was once regarded as a terrible training, but now it had become an enviable dining opportunity for everyone. Since the news came out, various training grounds and dormitories had been yelling in an endless stream. Many teams even voluntarily signed up for the next survival training.

There were still many soldiers who couldn’t enter the cafeteria by their strength only and some even wanted to retire, but now they saw new benefit of staying in the army – a new type of gourmet rations!

The 50 soldiers took the small boxes of incubators one by one. Their faces were serious, their heads upright, and their ears seemed to be focused. For a bite of delicious food, no danger should be feared! On everyone's face was written such a grandiose feeling.

This survival training was a bit special. These fifty people would be thrown on a strange and deserted planet that was not mapped yet. They would live alone in the wild for 30 days and work together to complete a topographic map of the barren planet. Every soldier would be equipped with food and weapons. However, no one knew what would happen or what they would encounter on the strange planet. But everyone would be closely watched by the command center. Once an emergency situation that threatened personal life occur, a spacecraft that stayed stand by 5 km away would immediately come to rescue.

This was a survival in the wild training, but also a competition with other legions. The unit that successfully drew the entire planet map during the shortest time would receive a victory honor medal and special rewards.

The expedition of these 50 soldiers would be broadcasted live on the military district channel. Violation of the rules, decreased vital signs, and the need of being rescued would cause elimination…

The TV screens of each base were broadcasting the exploration progress of twelve different barren planets in the universe. This was a grand event that took place in the military district every year.

Liu Weiwei, who was so busy that she couldn't stop moving her hands, also became a hardcore fan of this live-action survival training. She watched while cooking in the cafeteria, when she went to the Research Bureau to feed the little cuties, she also listened to a streamlined report in real time. When she returned to her warm nest, she hugged the little bun, and squatted on the ground with Xiao Bai and Xiao Hei. She was fascinated. She sweated for some soldiers, and applauded for the discovery of a mine.

In the end, Major Qin Mo couldn't stand it anymore. He didn't expect the need to teach his wife how to quit internet or TV before teaching his children. He had to set house rules. Like his soldiers, Liu Weiwei was only allowed to watch TV for one hour every day after dinner from 7 to 8. At other times, she should work hard and train, or take a break. Whoever violated the rule would be punished.

Liu Weiwei cried in silence. Even if she wanted to watch a TV secretly while Qin Mo was not at home, the housekeeper robot would come to educate her, and would also inform him at the same time.

Liu Weiwei was forced to be obedient.

But even if everyone watched for only one hour a day, it still failed to prevent the drool of the whole army from almost submerging the entire base. Because after a day of exhausting training, everyone watched the broadcast at night, which made them feel hungry! When the soldier in the screen took out a small lunch box from his space and when he put the flaming red hot pot seasoning cube into the lunch box, almost everyone swallowed their drool.

The fifteen minutes of waiting for the ingredients to be fully cooked not only made the soldiers on the barren planet difficult, but also made the soldiers watching in front of the screen in First Army Regiment feel extremely painful. Why? Because they didn't get to eat after waiting! They felt like being hit by 10,000 critical strikes!

When the soldier in the screen gently opened the box, billowing steam quickly emerged in the slightly dim night, but quickly annihilated by the isolation hood prepared by the soldier. The lunch box in his hands was boiling. The soup was bright and attractive, and the floating vegetables, seaweed, vermicelli, etc., all looked very delicious. The guys who were sweating profusely and were almost screaming in the wild now smiled happily like falling into heaven.


The people in First Army Regiment who went to the cafeteria today were more fortunate, but the guys who failed to enter the cafeteria and only drink nutrient solutions all had their stomachs roaring from hunger. One by one, like the abandoned babies, they squatted pitifully in front of the screen.

"Why should I watch this?"

"I seem to feel malice from afar!"

"Why am I not one of these fifty people?"

"F*ck, I only have one word difference from this guy's name…"

Everyone was envious when watching the video. They almost cried and didn't even pay attention to the task progress ranking of their military districts.

At this time, apart from the First Army Regiment, the other 21 group belonged to different military districts. Soldiers from other bases were also sitting together to watch the live broadcast. Everyone generally paid attention to their own people, and for other troops, they just checked the briefing to understand the progress. They would not focus on other troops for a long time.

From the first day to the tenth day, everyone was cheering for their own troops, and even brushed a few comments. However, on the eleventh day, when the First Army Regiment was placed first in the progress ranking, and was far ahead of the other troops, the leaders of the other army groups were shocked.

As early as the first day, the First Army Regiment progress was insignificant. On the third day, they had the slowest progress, so they fell to the last place. On the ninth day, the First Army Regiment just climbed to the middle position. But now, it became the number one?

Everyone was in disbelief, thinking that the data was wrong.

The generals all began to review the ten-day operation of First Army Regiment. But the more they studied them, the more frightened they became.

"After a closer look, among these fifty soldiers, there are at least 30 people with outstanding personal abilities. The lineup is very strong, I was blinded at first… "

"Huh? They were thrown into an unfamiliar environment and they didn't have a communicator, but they found their comrades in just an hour?"

"They spent three days ignoring the progress of the exploration, but spread out in a radial pattern. The entire team confirmed each other's positions within three hours and determined the division of labor."

"The second lieutenant who led the team has rich command and combat experience. He is skilled in all aspects, and also has a strong reserve of knowledge about the various formation principles of the natural environment, including geography, climate, and astronomy."

"Tsk… I actually missed it before."

"This dark horse is not easy!"

"That Li Er, sly old man!"

The leaders scolded, but also giving praises., obviously seeing a lot of shining points in the video. However, soon they all stared.

"Wait, what is that little box?"

"What's the matter with the rations of the First Army Regiment? Is it a new type of nutrient?"

"The soldier clearly fell below the cliff and was probably seriously injured. His body temperature was dropping. But why did his condition suddenly return to above critical point of elimination after eating this thing?"

"Their eating expressions a bit strange, it seems a bit painful, but I also enjoyable…?"

Soon, Marshal Li Er's communicator was blown up. Except for the Marshal of the Western District who hated his Eastern District and refused to communicate with him, a dozen leaders of the other group army sent him congratulatory words, while at the same time questioned the mysterious lunch box in his soldiers' hands.

[Sorry, no comment.]

Marshal Li Er replied in a simple and clear way.

This made the other leaders exploded, but they were helpless.

"I'm not stupid." Marshal Li Er sat on his desk. He put the fried tofu and some rice noodles into his mouth with his chopstick, then chewed boldly. "I won't say it!"

The two adjutants in front of Marshal Li Er had dark faces. There were also instant hot pot in front of them, and they both were already sweating. In terms of facial expressions, it was indeed painful but happy. It was so spicy that it burned the mouth, but they were still reluctant to put down their chopsticks, so I could only speed up the eating speed. After they finished, they poured a cup of iced nutrient solution and their whole world became peaceful again.

"Marshal," One adjutant wiped his mouth with a tissue, "Comrade Zhang has been back for a few days. It is estimated that someone will be sent from above soon to follow up and investigate our beasts and our cafeteria food. Even if you hide it from other military regions today, you will still expose it in the future."

Marshal Li Er put down his chopsticks and waved nonchalantly, "You think too much. Have you seen any experiments that are promoted throughout the district? We are now in the early stages of the experiment only, even if someone from the Military and Administrative Department comes, they will ask us to keep it secret first. They won’t rush to let other military districts know before they confirm that the experiment is a success! Okay, don't say anymore. You send a letter to the office of the three worst old guys in the Western District, tell them that the First Army Regiment’s training is a success, let them send their elites to our military area to spar!"

Marshal Li Er hugged his chest and sneered. "They dared to rob me? Those who were so arrogant, how many people have they robbed from me in the past ten years! I want them to vomit a hundred times this time! See if that can't kill them!"

The two adjutants were speechless, but immediately stood up and accepted the order.

While Liu Weiwei was watching the live broadcast with relish, she heard the system prompt that was quiet for a while.

[Latest news: Planet Ladab’s billionaire, vice president of the Human Civilization Development Research Association attempted suicide. He was out of danger, but after investigation, he was diagnosed with long-term mental depression.]

[Food can bring happiness and make people feel the happiness of being alive. Please use delicacies to let this promising young man who has lost the enthusiasm for life fully realize and appreciate the preciousness of the rising sun every day!]

[A new task released: Food can't be eaten in a lifetime!]

[Task requirements: It only takes 14 days to form a good habit. Wake him up with a different meal every day! Current status 0/14.]

[Task Reward: Disciples’ talent point +3; The opportunity to enter the rich circle; Friendship from the billionaire!]

Liu Weiwei wanted to protest, but suddenly received an emergency notice from Marshal Li Er.

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