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Interstellar Chef Raising a Baby – Chapter 134 Part 1

ICRAB – Chapter 134 Part 1

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Liang Kai'an knew that his teacher was very powerful, but he didn't know that she was so powerful that she was not at the same level as his dad. He could tell the depth from just one egg. Ordinary ingredients, on the contrary, could reflect the level of a chef’s skills. His dad also usually added marinated eggs in his noodles. He often ate them when he was a child, but it was far less flavorful than the tea egg on his hands now, whether it was the tender egg white with the fragrance of tea on the outside, or the taste of sauce locked inside the yolk, this egg surpassed that of his dad a few times over.

After Liang Kai'an had eaten the egg, he remembered that he was there to help. But obviously he was a step late, the tea eggs were sold out already, and his teacher didn't need his help at all. "Master, let me help you clean the bucket."

"No, you go back to practice, isn't there a cleaning robot? How is your father's health?" Liu Weiwei put the bucket away.

"The doctor said that he is recovering, but there is still some time before he will wake up." Liang Kai'an said this in a low voice.

Liu Weiwei patted Liang Kai'an on the shoulder, "Go back, I'm fine here. If there is a shortage of treatment fees, you tell me and I will lend it to you first."

Liang Kai'an took a deep breath, "Thank you, Master. I don't need it for the time being, I can still hold on now, so I won't trouble you."

The atmosphere on their side was a bit heavy, and Liu Weiwei didn't know how to comfort Liang Kai'an. There was also birth, old age, sickness, and death in the interstellar era. No matter how advanced medical technology was, it would not be able to change the general laws of nature. 

But fortunately, Liang Kai'an was not knocked down by despair. Now there was even more glimmer of hope than before. He grinned and said, "Is this Master's pet? Last time I wanted to study what kind of pet dog this is." He took the initiative to change the subject, not wanting his sad atmosphere to affect everyone's emotions. But obviously he didn't mind paying attention to pets, even if the pet dog on the ground seemed to understand human words and rolled his eyes at him, he didn't care.

"Okay, then we will go back to the base."

Xu Hui ate three eggs by herself. If Liu Weiwei hadn't stopped her, she would have to eat at least five or six before stopping. 

Even Tang Yingqian, who was holding Xiao Bai, ate one and a half, and the other one and a half all fed to the furry rabbit in her arms. When she finished eating, she exclaimed, "Will Xiao Bai have a problem after eating too many eggs? Did I feed it too much? It seems to like to eat it and has been licking my hands."

Liu Weiwei helplessly patted Xiao Bai’s small forehead, "It's okay. When I go back I’ll let it exercise to lose weight."

Xiao Bai suddenly covered her chubby eyes with a paw.

Everyone was amused.

The passers-by also slowly turned from suspicion to willingness to approach.

"When will this shop open? Will it open every day?"

"Will the food still be so cheap in the future?"

"Really from the military?"

Liu Weiwei answered one by one. She saw that many passersby who bought tea eggs did not eat on the side of the road, but carefully put them into their personal space. This situation was almost completely different from that of Skynet.

When everyone on Skynet bought anything from her stall, they almost immediately stood aside to eat, old customers always looked too eager to wait, while new customers quickly wanted to try.

But Liu Weiwei found that the passers-by here today had a little bit reluctant expression on their faces.

"It looks really delicious, I will take it back for my child."

"I bought three. When I go back to the house, I will give one for each person."

"I heard that the little brother just said it was very good, I am going to leave it to my parents."

"My sister probably hasn't eaten yet, I will take it back to her now."

"Will you sell it tomorrow? Will you be here at this time?"

Liu Weiwei was a little bit sour in her heart, "Well, tomorrow will be the same place at the same time, and the restaurant will be officially open next Monday. Everyone is welcome to eat. The price will never be higher than other stores, so you can rest assured." 
When the people gradually dispersed, even Xu Hui, who was the most nervous, was silent for a while. She didn't look up until they returned to the barracks and walked to the door of Liu Weiwei's dormitory. "Weiwei, you are right to open a shop. I won't eat anymore tomorrow. You sell them all."

A military area with a cafeteria was like holy land, but many ordinary people in other places couldn't afford restaurant food. Even if it was such a cheap tea egg that everyone could afford, but because it was in short supply, everyone could only buy a few, and almost everyone was reluctant to eat it easily. Only a few of the customers were there to eat directly after buying.

Liu Weiwei took the dancing Little Bun with her hand and smiled, "I was thinking about it when I was on the road, so I am going to make a report when I come back. I don't plan to use robots for the waiters in this small restaurant. I hope that only humans will be there. Humans can understand humans, the joys, sorrows, pain, and all kinds of emotions."

Xu Hui was startled and raised her hand weakly, "Waiter, I sign up."

"I also sign up!" Tang Yingqian also raised her hand immediately, "I will also report!"

Liu Weiwei was not confident that the military would approve it. However, the final result was unexpected. The Military Administration Office quickly approved the request. In addition to the military wives, she was also given three soldiers to work as waiters during regular business hours every day.

The three soldiers would be free to register by everyone, and the administrative office would make the final decision.

As soon as the news was announced, almost everyone in the military region made a sensation. People at General level had no face to fight with the soldiers. But almost everyone from lieutenant to ordinary privates fought on the training ground. The fifty lucky ones who originally went to explore the barren planet instantly became the most unlucky guys in the entire army. It was because they missed the news of this long-term part-time job that included three meals a day.

"Haha, missing the rarest registration in a century, what is this called? Conservation of character!"

"When they come back, they will definitely cry. What instant hot pot, would it ever be better than having three meals in a restaurant? Haha."

"Happy, good luck at last, I am also happy to be rid of those fifty guys!"

The atmosphere was completely heated, but all of this had nothing to do with Saibandes, who was retreating in the clinic. However, he also heard about it.

Several consecutive injured soldiers or wounded soldiers that came back for check up talked about this topic everywhere. The loud voice made the whole clinic hear about it.

"Clerk Liu wants to open a small restaurant, right at the gate of the military area, and they are hiring long term waiters!"

"Three meals a day? Of course included."

"This is not like the job rotation in the cafeteria. If you apply for the job, you can eat for at least a whole year."

"Her craftsmanship is much better than Yang Likun. I can taste it as soon as I eat."

"I signed up. Although I suffered a broken bone, I can still serve people with crutches."

Saibandes was in his ward, his ears erected. After eating congee and noodles for a few days, his mental power was very full, and his perennial shackles had been loosened and broken gradually. Now he was steadily climbing towards the middle of the 8 Stars. As long as he wanted, he could hear the conversation in the entire corridor clearly.

Saibandes listened to the movement outside, twisting the pure white bed sheet in his hand, and his mood fluctuated. "She is going to open a restaurant? Then if I leave this damn military area, I will be able to eat her food in the future? Waiter, three meals a day, this welfare..." D*mn it.

With a loud sound, the white sheets in Saibandes' hands were cut into two. His face suddenly became as red as fire. Was he being jealous of a restaurant waiter?


After wiping the suspicious liquid at the corner of his mouth, Saibandes irritably rubbed his blond hair and took a deep breath before looking at the lunch box on the table again. The white porridge that didn’t change every day, the taste he even remembered in his sleep; there was also a box of velvety yellowish dry meat crisps that exuded a delicious smell. When he poured these into the white porridge, the velvety meat instantly piled up into a small brown mountain.

However, after stirring, the fragrance hits, and every spoonful was almost like falling gold leaf, but the entrance was salty and sweet, and the umami could melt in the mouth little by little from the white rice porridge, inspiring the enjoyment of the whole taste buds. Saibandes looked at the electronic bill.

[1,000 credits for one serving of pork floss]

Saibandes' thin lips soaked in white porridge closed tightly. He couldn't say a word and even his brain went blank. Why? Why did the female chef cook so much food that he had never eaten before? It made him angry... from the deliciousness! Just like what his brother said, they were work of arts!

Saibandes' eyes fell on the unremarkable white porridge again. Before, no chef dared to give him white porridge. However, the female chef could make so many changes on the white porridge. When each different ingredient was paired with the white porridge, the flavor and even the appearance would be completely different. It's like this pork floss, it's like a masterpiece created by God.

The dry and crispy taste melted into a delicious fragrance in the mouth within seconds. Only the tongue with the aftertaste could prove that it was there... The pork floss looked like tiny fluff on a carpet, and it also looked like wood chips, but who would have thought it would be so delicious?

On the first day, Saibandes was still reminded by the sweet porridge. On the second day, he fell in love with the fermented bean curd. On the third day, he became one heart with pickled mustard… every day changes were never interrupted or repeated.

Saibandes closed his eyes, his throat tightened. The female chef was mocking him. Even if he didn't notice it at first, he could feel it now. Even the most basic white rice with water and simply cooked porridge would have thousands of changes. He was just stupid and self-proclaimed. A stupid man who had never seen the world!

Saibandes took a deep breath, finally closed the lunch box after eating. He stood up, and walked out the door.


 "Marshal, our People’s Benefit project has never set foot in food, nor have other military regions set a precedent." Lieutenant Colonel Liu of the Logistics Department expressed concern.

Marshal Li Er squeezed out a cigarette with a relaxed expression, "Precedent, isn't it just waiting to be broken?"

Lieutenant Colonel Liu: …

"This year, how many applications for retirement do you receive?" Li Er raised his head, reached out and clicked on his temple, "Liu Zhongchang, use your brain. No one wants to retire this year. The base is fully loaded, how can I recruit new soldiers?"

"This, opening a shop..." Lieutenant Colonel Liu didn't say anything more. He understood in seconds. Everyone didn’t want to leave the army because of the cafeteria. Where could there be free high-level chef meals outside? Those were not affordable for ordinary people at all.

"Now, if these b*stards know that there is food at the entrance of the base, it is the same as the cafeteria and it is not expensive, we can let them get out and work hard to make money to support the family. They have to spend their own money to eat! Everyone with old arms and legs won’t even retire, so they want to continue to chew the blood of citizens? Are they still a man?" Marshal Li Er snorted badly.

"This shop will not only open, but will open a lot! Who said that in the non-beast wave period, the army just sucked blood and ate rice from the citizens? Think who said it!"

Lieutenant Colonel Liu almost shouted. The Marshal, who didn't care about things and only made trouble normally, finally paid attention to strategy this time.

"Liu Zhongchang, you can choose a good waiter for me! Let them all give a correct attitude and put on military uniforms one by one. This is a task! Whoever can't do it well, come back for punishment!"

"Yes, Sir!"

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