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Interstellar Chef Raising a Baby – Chapter 136 Part 2

ICRAB – Chapter 136 Part 2

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This big bowl of soup, like a vortex, sucked Saibandes whole person in. The powerful vortex force was not something he could resist at all, making him sank completely. He was unable to extricate himself, but... he didn't want to be saved either. He sighed and put down the spoon reluctantly after he ate up half of the bowl of delicious fresh tofu plus soup one by one. Now it was time to eat the fish head inside.

Saibandes solemnly picked up his chopsticks. In all his memories of eating Chinese food, all the ingredients in a soup tasted very ordinary. After a long time of stewing, whether it was chicken, duck or fish, it would gradually overdraw its essence into the soup, so it would become tough and tasteless over time. He didn't want the ultimate peak experience of beautiful taste ended in the failure of the fish, so he stopped drinking soup and switched to eating the fish halfway. In case it didn't taste good, he could continue to drink the soup, eat tofu, and find the pleasure of his tongue again.

Saibandes thinks he was wise, he could eat Chinese food and used chopsticks. From the soup, he easily picked up a trembling transparent meat that adhered to the fish head. It was soft and clear. Even for a while, his heart was tightly contracted. It was crystal clear and soft... He didn't know why, his heartbeat quickened. After he put the meat into his mouth, he trembled, thunderously. The transparent and soft taste was extremely plump, tender and contained moisture. It was silky and smooth like top molecular cuisine taste. It had the unique treasure of the original and delicious fish head... fish brain!

Saibandes' breathing became thick and heavy. Heat came out thinly from his nose. Silver carp head, he didn't know this fish very well. He was used to eating high-grade lobster and top-quality sea bream, etc. He didn't even know that this little-known ordinary fish head was so delicious! Such a soft taste undoubtedly made him extremely fascinated, as if he was slightly drunk after drinking low-alcohol wine.

Next to the chopsticks, Saibandes accurately clamped a large piece of tender fish meat and put it in the vinegar dish, dipping it lightly like a dragonfly. The slightly sour smell of the vinegar made his nose that was accustomed to all kinds of spices suddenly shrink... his body suddenly lightened uncontrollably, and the beast lurking in his body suddenly jumped out and roared!


Very hungry.

Saibandes went on a hunger strike for many days and never felt such a clear and violent hunger in his body. Saliva secreted involuntarily, and his entire stomach, including the esophagus, was expressing his hunger crazily. He stuffed the fish into his mouth without hesitation, and the sour and refreshing odor suddenly poured into the cells of the tip of his tongue, and his entire mind became clear instantly!

Saibandes clearly felt the sweetness and tenderness of the fish, and after the faint sour taste, it rushed to the tip of his tongue one after another. His chopsticks couldn't stop anymore! There was only one fish head, only one... He wanted to eat a whole fish, even more.

At this moment, Saibandes truly experienced the terrible human appetite. At this moment, he could only be led forward by his desire to eat more, to eat nonstop, unable to resist this kind of body's most primitive eating instinct. His hunger strikes and suicide attempt were extremely stupid.

Why did he bother? Saibandes suddenly felt that he was a big fool.

"I can eat such... delicacies every day?" Saibandes voice was shaking. In fact his whole body was shaking. Suddenly there was a sense of fear, crawling up from his spine. If he was not rescued, if he was not sent to this military area, maybe he would be dead now, no, he had to be dead. He could never eat such delicious food, he wouldn’t even know the existence of such delicious food.

How terrible!

No wonder, Anna once looked at Saibandes with sympathy and pity. He hadn't experienced it before, but now he finally understood. She always thought he was self-righteous, and she must have thought that he was funny, but she never told him that civilian food was so interesting. She must have secretly laughed at him behind his back. Eating only 100,000 credits dishes, eating only food made by top chefs, and stupidly thinking that he had eaten the entire universe.

Saibandes' expression seemed to be smiling but not smiling. It was very weird for a while.

Liu Weiwei was watching on the side, suddenly a little creepy. She quickly put away Saibandes’ clean bowl, but when she touched the untouched white rice, she was stopped by the chopsticks stretched out.

"I'm going to finish this bowl of rice."


The soup was gone, only rice was left, eat it plainly? Liu Weiwei looked at Saibandes in surprise.

But Saibandes didn't seem to feel that this was weird at all. He actually ate a whole bowl of rice without any condiments one bite at a time, not even a single grain of rice was left.

Liu Weiwei was stunned at by this vicious and vicious look of eating. When she took away the empty bowl this time, the billionaire wiped his mouth gracefully with a tissue.

"I will answer your question, an excellent and beautiful female chef."

Liu Weiwei was taken aback, and couldn't help but looked at the man expectantly.

"Of course, I don't care about those low-grade poor bugs who depend on others." Saibandes grinned, showing his white teeth, "Beauty, what will we have for lunch?"


Liu Weiwei glared, turned around, and walked out. Since Saibandes stopped drinking porridge, his three meals would follow the cafeteria menu. She wouldn't make special operations just because he had money. However, after this conversation, she also discovered the shining point of the rich man. Although what he said did not directly help teach the bear child, it also gave her some insights. If she wanted a bear child to grow up, she had to let him realize the precious meaning of labor. He needed to experience getting everything only by his own hard work. Only when he knew the hardship of the process would he know how to cherish it. Perhaps by that time, he would be more aware of his own shortcomings first rather than blaming others.

Liu Weiwei did not leave the clinic immediately. Instead, she took advantage of Bu Zhongxin's time to borrow some books on youth psychology. She was going to look at some cases, study the theoretical knowledge, and then thought about how to carefully deal with the bear child.

In the evening, Qin Mo saw his child's mother working very hard. But after a closer look, I found that the book she was reading to be strange.

[How to Deal With a Son in the Rebellious Period]

[Why Are Boys Always Less Sensible Than Girls]

[Adolescent Mental Health]

[Psychological Counseling in Early Childhood]

[Being a Mom, Things You Should Know]

[You Only Need To Accompany Your Son to Do Ten Small Things]

Qin Mo fell into deep contemplation, even a hint of apology. Their Meat Bun was still so small, and his outstretched arms were as white and tender as lotus roots. He couldn’t even grasp a small sword yet, but the child's mother already started worrying about the problems of his youth in the future?

Yesterday Qin Mo thought that his acts on letting the rabbit take care of the child was discovered, but now he knew that she was really worried about education. At that time when she was pregnant, he kept saying that he wanted a girl. But when he realized that it had caused her pressure, he immediately changed his mind. Could it be that the bad effects still existed after giving birth, and it even intensified?

Qin Mo had studied postpartum depression. After giving birth to a baby, women might fall into a low mood. Once trapped, it was difficult to get out, and many of them had developed into chronic diseases. A son was not as good as a daughter, and a son might be more rebellious than a daughter. All of this was obviously caused by him.

Qin Mo's eyes narrowed slightly, his whole body tense, and his deep guilt tormented his nerves. He should have realized yesterday that Liu Weiwei’s condition was not right. He looked at the light pink long dress pajamas printed with the kitten in front of him. The tie on the chest was slightly loosened due to the posture of focusing on reading, revealing a faint whiteness, and the two arms, which were as tender as the Meat Bun’s, look slender. The white, smooth and curly black long hair was scattered on the round shoulders, and the cheeks that became more and more crystal clear were a little thinner.

Qin Mo glanced at the Meat Bun gnawing at his feet on the small bed on the side, and then at the little white rabbit lying beside him sleeping with its belly turned upside down. The Meat Bun, the rabbit, and the krypton beast on the ground were all fat, very in contrast with his thin wife, his chest felt sour inexplicably. Recently, he really neglected his child's mother too much, now she became thinner and thinner.

Liu Weiwei was very immersed in reading. She only raised her head when a shadow cast on the screen of her light brain. Before she had time to exclaim, she fell into a hot and generous embrace.

"The Meat Bun is good."

"Although I would like to return him previously, Meat Bun is enough."

"We will raise him well and he will not grow crooked."

Liu Weiwei was confused. But when she struggled, she was pushed down by the tall man.

"If you feel sad, just say it. Otherwise, I will... punish you."

Liu Weiwei was inexplicably thrown onto the big pillow on the bed. Before she could figure out the situation, she was touched on the thigh by the big man in front of her…


Obviously, Liu Weiwei also needed to study Old Man’s psychology. There was a misunderstanding, but she didn't even have time to speak. When her back was sore and she was held tightly on the hot water jacuzzi, she finally recovered the sound of her throat. "I'm not sad."

Qin Mo lowered his head, with a trace of distress on his firm face. He gently pushed away the broken hair sticking to Liu Weiwei’s ears, and lightly kissed her pink cheeks, "En."

Liu Weiwei: "..." En what en!

"It's ok."

"...!?" It’s not okay!

Liu Weiwei got up the next morning and wanted to tell Qin Mo about the bear child while she was refreshed. When she woke up, she found that he had already gone to work and wrote an old antique note. He bought breakfast from the cafeteria for her.

Liu Weiwei could only get up and get dressed, but she welcomed a rare guest.

"Clerk Liu." The smiling Li Sanpang was at the door and moved a bunch of things out of his personal space. "This is a jet plane model made by Xiao Lin, Xiao Gao's mini robot toy, Lele's children's movie glasses,… and a talking magic stone made by me. They are for your son, hehe,…" Standing outside, he rubbed his hands trivially, "I'm on vacation today, can I have a meal you make now?"

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